Wife Taking It Really Deep in the Ass From a Large Boar


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Wife taking it really deep in the ass from a large boar, they seem to have built a table to rest the pig on as it flows into her. I believe the pig is really starting to cum inside her… he’s pushing really deep, wish i could see the pull out. really hot

Reviews from lary

Wow,…a woman bein fuckd in what looks like a breeding table,..good thing too, this protects her from hooves n teeth, but also gives piggy his ultimate screw, cuz she is there till he is finished, no bullshit here just deep penetration, passionate lust and a nice pussy ooozing with piggy sperm.

This looks like a nice fat boar cock…..must feel SOOOOOO NICE as it drills its way deep n fills her with loads of cum, about 2 cups as I hear. would love to see the full version. as piggy mounts and dismounts her,…I just love that twirly cock. cant wait to try one.

Reviews from Sonick

Damn so deep in her ass. I love it when you see the cum driping from her ass. I would have loved to have been there to see that and hear the beast grunt with pleasure, and clean up every drop Very hot! I had no idea that would be so hot, next time you want a fat one in the ass find your local boar. I hope they put more videos like this up very soon. I would love to see how much cum dumps from her pussy when the boar is done. I also bet that sexy asshole is gaping wide.



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