Wife Sucks Husband While Being Knotted


This is very unique masterpiece of real Animal Sex Video! Pity that only so short part of this scene is available…

Young wife on all-four is sucking his husband while being knotted by medium size dog.

They are in very sexy position, not very usual for such a sex-triangle: Young girl is tied with dog in ass-to-ass figure.

She must be very tight or maybe she is knotted in the asshole to keep her furry lover tied that way!
I have seen thousands of videos with dog sex, have seen dozens of real life dog-girl-man triangles, but never seen so hot configuration.

If anyone got rest of this fantastic scene, please upload it or give any hint where we can find it. I really do believe that before this particular scene must be very, very sexy humping maybe with some hot foreplay which can gave the hottest sex triangle ever seen in whole Animal Sex world.

This is also very important that we can see here 100% amateur video, home production without any commercial faults. In most simple words I must state that this is definitely AWSOME.

Thank You for sharing it and hoping to see whole video of this ultra hot couple with their doggy!

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9 thoughts on “Wife Sucks Husband While Being Knotted

  1. I had a dog one time and it hurt like hell and he knotted me for fifteen mints his not really hurt but the cum felt vood a d hot

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