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My grandmother has a dog that has got me to make zoofilia, is a very passionate animal that when I suck my pussy so tasty I have to let him fuck me

I have a very tasty sexual relationship with my grandmother’s dog, the animal is very affectionate, some will say more than I should, but I love how impulsive it is and especially how passionate and hot is the behavior of the animal, each since I’m going to visit my grandmother, the pooch wants to fuck me, and always gets me horny and wet my panties, so I always get penetrated by the dog.

Luckily my grandmother has not caught me yet, I have to be careful because I would be embarrassed, she loves her pet, and if she ever sees us doing zoophilia, she would think that I am raping her dog, she would be very angry with me and I do not want to think about it. On the other hand I can not avoid sleeping with the animal, is that I suck so rich the pussy that I can not deny me or resist to leave my pussy to penetrate as much as he want.


The dog fucks his owner ! My dog pumped me good pussy!


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Tantalizing amateur college babe tasting dog balls and ass sex with my grandmother’s dog! She’s always been a kinky slut, which is why its no surprise to see this trollop tonguing an animals genitals. Her boyfriend suggested that she try beastiality to see if it turned her on, and of course it did.

The dog fucks his owner ! My dog pumped me good pussy
The dog fucks his owner ! My dog pumped me good pussy

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