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Watch on dirty fat wife gets fucking wild horse as husband filming.  Every time I start thinking of the last weekend, I feel like taking a gun and shooting my wife.

I am going to divorce the kinky freak, in fact! I am not a maniac – the fact is that I witnessed animal sex and even filmed it with my wife starring and a horse fucking her! We were enjoying our holiday at my friend’s place.

They have a wonderful farm and a couple of ponies. When it was dinnertime I went looking for my wife and I spotted her by the stables. The bitch had no pants on! I took my mobile and started shooting the funny show – I considered her drunk but she was not!

The slut knew what she was doing! She was leaning against the coral bars inviting a stallion to climb and fuck her.
The beast became horny in a wink and started sticking its huge horse cock between the legs of my vicious wife! OMG Horny ponies cock fucking her wet pussy!!!

Soon he managed to squeeze its shlonk deep into her submissive ass and the slut started screaming with plain and pleasure. I hate her that is why I share this full-length horse sex video with you. I want the world know what dirty slut my wife is!


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My busty wife fucks with the horse because I tell her to

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Wife ass fucked by a horse dick on All men believe that I am a lucky guy because I am married to such a jaw-dropping beauty.

Yes, my wife is a sultry brunette doll with tight ass, wet pussy and perfect boobs, but she has a terrible drawback. The slut keeps asking me to buy her expensive things. When the naughty chick asked for a Ferrari, I had enough of it.

I told her I would buy her the car she wanted only if she fucked my stallion and let me film the whole process and upload the movies to let anyone see what a greedy bitch she was!

Dudes, I beg you – never ever tell such things to your vicious young wives! It is hard to believe it but the dirty babe brought me a camera and took me to the stables.
She picked up a young stallion, took off her clothes and grabbed a huge horse dick. In a wink I saw her squat to suck the perfect fuck-tool! The babe looked mesmerized by the size and the might of the horse cock.
She did not mind having animal sex! In fact, she began enjoying the process: her naughty fingers started rubbing her willing pussy and shafting the cock into her cunt! Now I have to give her the car she wants and upload the wicked video for you to watch!


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My young wife plays with the cock of the stallion that I bought for her

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Slutty wife take huge horse cock in pussy on I am a well-off man and I can afford spoiling my young curvy wife buying her jewelry and presents. A couple of months ago the dirty girl asked me to buy her a stallion.

When I asked her what she needed the horse for, the naughty slut swayed her gorgeous hips and told that she was going to fuck him because I spend too much time working! I had a good laugh and bought her a young pinto stallion for our second anniversary.

Can you imagine my wild surprise when my sultry baby handed me a camera and told me to follow her to the meadows? The playful babe took off every scrap of clothes she had on and started rubbing her hot body against the horse making the beast horny.

All of a sudden she grabbed the huge horse cock and bend down to fit it into her wet tight pussy. Of course, the incredible tool did not want to get in but my lady was not disappointed a bit.

She started sucking the throbbing cock that was as long and thick as my arm the way she sucks my own dick!
A stood there stunned and horny filming my first animal sex video. Having had enough fun with the horse my young wife milked me totally dry!

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My wife fucks with a pony in the middle of a wild party


My drunk slut wife take huge horse cock in pussy– watch on Never ever play ‘Truth or Dare’ when you are drunk! It seems to me now that I will never drink alcohol or fuck my wife again after that disastrous party. We had a wonderful time before all those awkward questions and silly tricks began.

When my wife was asked if she ever participated in a real sex orgy she shouted ‘DARE!’ and the guy told her to fuck a horse in front of the intoxicated crowd.

What I shame, it looked so funny then! We came to the stable; my drunk wife fancied a small ginger-and-white horse and started stroking him. The bitch did not seem to give a shit a stallion was going to climb her and stick his filthy cock right into her pussy!

She bend down inviting the beast and the pony started working like a real fucking machine THIS LITTLE HORSE TO FUCK MY WIFE- OMG SHE IS REAL WHORE!
I grabbed my camera, filmed the dirty Beastiality action and wondered what else my sick cunt of a wife is capable of doing! Well, she won and the crowd was totally ecstatic.

The following morning the bitch looked smashed. she remembered nothing and repeated that she was gooming!
I do not know what to do. I send you the full version of this horse sex video because I have to share it with someone to keep my sanity. If you upload it at your resource “ANIMAL SEX FUN”, cover the slut’s face because she is a schoolteacher – I do not want her do be disgraced!

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Blonde wife get huge horse cock blowjob

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Outrageous young girl rides stallion’s hard cock. An elderly man owning a small horse stable in the suburb and earning his living by horse tourism had no idea why his only stallion looks so hot and tired from time to time without ever leaving his stall!

The poor owner even called a vet but the doctor failed to give him a proper answer. One day the smart man decided to mount a tiny HD camera to see what happens to his favorite pet! The following day he could not believe his eyes; he had to grab his cock and jerk off! See exactly what the kinky man managed to behold!

A perfectly shaped young girl sneaked into his stallion’s stall and started seducing the horse! The wet pussy of the slut was too small for the monstrous cock of the stallion, but the girl did not seem upset at all!

She stroked and caressed the stallion until he showed his huge cock and than held it with her both lovely hands and sucked it with a vicious pleasure! Witness every second of this thrilling amateur animal sex adventure and follow the dirty-minded girl into the stable of her horse lover.

I sucked a dog and horses dicks before, their cum tastes better than human cum, and horses make sooooooo much, its a mouthful. I love giving my horse a blow job, and stroking it at the same time. at the end he jizzez buckets of cum all over my body and face.

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My skinny wife tries to conquer a huge horse cock


The only extreme animal sex video FULL HD VERSION 25 min

Watch on Rustic babe fucked by a horse dick, getting her first taste! My young wife is a skinny creature – you can see her ribs and spine, she has tiny tits and small butts. It gives you creeps when you fuck such a fragile creature.

I have always believed that my cock was too big for her because I could hardly squeeze every inch of it into her tiny twat.

Can you imagine my wild surprise when I spotted her fucking with a stallion? Well, by saying ‘stallion’ I mean a real horse! God forbid you from witnessing animal sex in your own back yard with your own wife starring!

I had to survive it and put up with it. But I wanted my revenge! I knew that if I continued watching my wife, I would soon catch her in the act again. So I did. I filmed her fucking with one of our stallions again and showed her the video.

The dirty slut got pale and disappeared without a trace without even asking for my money! Now it is time to share the dirty video with the world to let anyone see what wicked sluts can do to your life.
Watch the vicious slut swallowing a monstrous dick and sticking it into her tight cunt.

Wild naughty actions-My skinny wife tries to conquer a huge horse cock

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Wife Real Horse Penetration

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)This is a wonderful, well shot ANIMAL SEX movie. It is a clear, clean, well-lit video with no stupid soundtrack, and no looping or special effects. It has everything you need and want with nothing you don’t. Trim woman takes a horse dick (not her first rodeo either) and then drips dry.
The only thing that would make it better is move of the same. Well maybe her being topless would have helped, but this moves does what they all should. I am soooo glad I got to see this one now. It will be in the members only section very, very soon. I hope to see many more with her.

My god this is what I wanted to see. Best Horse Fucking Wife vid ever!
So fucking hot loved how we got to see the horse  cumming you can see his dick pulsing when he cums

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My young perverted wife fucks with her new dappled horse

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on My Perverted Wife Licking and Sucking A Huge Horse Dick.  I am a prosperous farmer in my mid-thirties. I have been a bachelor until I met this hot curvy babe at my neighbor’s place and made her my lawful wife last year.

I knew it would take the girl a while to get accustomed to her new ‘natural’ life and I did everything in the world to support her, I even presented her my best dapples stallion to make her happier.

One day I took my camera with me to film her grooming the horse because it was a very sexy spectacle for me. The babe felt a little shy in front of the cam at first but soon she started rubbing her hot body against mighty horse’s muscles and taking a particular interest in his huge fat cock.

Before I realized that I was filming horse sex instead of grooming, the kinky slut grabbed a monstrous horse dick and started sucking it hungrily. When I was ready to exclaim ‘What the hell are you doing’ the vicious girl bent in two and let the throbbing thing squeeze deep into her tight pink pussy.

The only thing I can do now to take my revenge is to share full version of this animal sex video as “horse blowjob cum in mouth my girl” with you.

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My young second wife rides a stallion cock

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)My young second wife sucking big horse cock for warm cum – watch on! It is a rare luck for a middle-aged farmer like me to find a young hot wife who looks like a picture in a magazine.
My first wife ran away with one of my cowboys, and I was sure I would never remarry.

But the Autumn fair two years ago brought me acquaintance with a hot blond doll with curvy body and dirty mind. The babe always kept my balls empty and I feared secretly that she might need more sex.

I week ago I realized I was right. I saw my gorgeous girl fucking with a chestnut stallion! It was a glorious day, bright summer caressed her perfect skin as the vicious slut sucked a huge horse cock and let it penetrate her hungry pussy.

Animal sex has always been too wicked even to think about saying nothing of watching it. I felt like taking a rifle and shooting the kinky bitch at first, but than I went home, took a camera and filmed everything that the bitchy babe did to my horse.

I share it with you to make you believe that things like that happen in real life. You cannot trust hot women – they will cheat you with a stallion if they fail to find a proper male dick! Horny wife with glasses sucking horse cock


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Animal Sex-A wife and horse when farmer is out

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-A wife and horse when farmer is outAnimal Sex-A wife and horse when farmer is out
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

Watch the AMATEUR Animal Sex click image
Animal Sex -Horse fucking with nasty bitch

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Animal Sex-A wife and horse when farmer is out

She held the cock firmly with her two hands as she tried to insert it into her wet cunt. She was extremely horny and wanted to have sex in an instant. She jacked off the horse, got its erect cock and started fucking herself. In a few minutes she was experiencing a smashing orgasm.

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Animal Sex-Wife Sucking Horse, Hubby Films

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-Wife Sucking Horse, Hubby FilmsAnimal Sex-Wife Sucking Horse, Hubby Films
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

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HomeMade Animal Sex –Horse Fucking Woman

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Animal Sex-Wife Fuck Horse, Hubby Films

Just imagine the state of high erection that you experience watching a lascivious female playing with herself and luring you to come closer and taste that watery pussy. Now imagin the kind of a boner the stallion had when the sexy blond stripped and grabbed his cock with throbbing hands. The bitch made a real homemade animal sex tape with a horse!

The slender legs got spread apart and the maid invited the enormous fuck tool to penetrate her love hole. Nothing has ever made her feel that kind of dirty delight. She fucking loved every moment of her first animal sex experience. The mighty horse cock entered her twat impatiently trying to get deeper as possible but the incredible size of it was not fitting the tight pussy of the whore so they both enjoyed the tough atmosphere of a stretching pussy that wrapped the horse schlong! Go enjoy now the wild fuck with a slutty girl sucking horse dick.

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HomeMade Animal Sex-Farmers wife gets fucked by horse

Farmers wife gets fucked by horse

HomeMade Animal Sex-Farmers wife gets fucked by horseHomeMade Animal Sex-Farmers wife gets fucked by horse
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

 Watch the  HOMEMADE Animal Sex click image

 HomeMade Animal Sex-Farmers wife gets fucked by horse


 HomeMade Animal Sex-Farmers wife gets fucked by horse

No porn can ever beat this homemade fuck tape of a sinful wife and a horny stallion poking her wet cavity with a huge boner. Her fibers couldn’t resist the wild ideas of being nailed by a real horse so she stripped and enjoyed the wicked animal sex experience with an awkward horny lover. This was her first experience so was a bit shy and a bit nervous but you definitely won’t call her a good girl after all the nasty horse fucking scenes she did!

Sucking that schlong made her feel real dirty but she liked that feeling and the taste of the cock excited her too much to stop and give the whole situation another consideration. The bitch suddenly takes it out of that bottomless throat and fits her cum pit to the horse’s fuck tool! It enters her cavity and the whore even moves making the stallion enjoy the frictions inside her tight twat! They both had all the pleasure and you can tell that by the joyful gaze in her slutty face all covered with thick layer of horse cum!

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Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Farmer wife fucked with horse

wife fucked with horse

Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Farmer wife fucked with horseAmateur Animal Sex Movie-Farmer wife fucked with horse
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

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Amateur Animal Sex-Farmer wife fucked with horse

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 Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Farmer wife fuck with horse 

Here is  fine example of what a fuck longing wife can do with her impotent hubby next to her dripping wet cunt. The bitch simply found the first boner that happened to be around and made it want to drill her cavities.

Luckily to us that lonesome whore grabbed a horse’s schlong with her throbbing hands.

The stallion was all for it so he showed the slutty bitch all his fuck tool which definitely amazed the busty maid. Wife sucked horse’s dick like am enormously huge lollipop and they both enjoyed the action while the cuckold guy was petting the animal.

Check out that insatiable babe fitting the animal’s wang to her soaking wet twat. She is out of her mind and we love the way she behaves. This is the most fascinating animal sex tape ever!

Anal Horse Sex With A Hot MILF

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