Becoming dog slut or Sue’s Awakening

Animal Sex-Viviana's Spring Break, or Girl fuck dogHi Guys,

This little is a very special friend’s REAL ANIMAL SEX STORY, I’ll leave it to her to reveal herself if she wants to.

So sit back and relax, suspend all your normal rules and, please, please leave me a comment.

Read more Animal Sex Story ass  The Dog Whore or I am a dog slut!:  The Dog Whore or I am a dog slut!
What was I doing I asked myself for the thousandth time this morning as I stood on his doorstep. I watched my hand seemingly of its own volition reached out and pressed the bell. From what felt like thousands of miles away I heard the dogs start to bark. I felt very much like a passenger on a train in my own body. The door opened and I looked away in shame.


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Wife Sucks Husband While Being Knotted


This is very unique masterpiece of real Animal Sex Video! Pity that only so short part of this scene is available…

Young wife on all-four is sucking his husband while being knotted by medium size dog.

They are in very sexy position, not very usual for such a sex-triangle: Young girl is tied with dog in ass-to-ass figure.

She must be very tight or maybe she is knotted in the asshole to keep her furry lover tied that way!
I have seen thousands of videos with dog sex, have seen dozens of real life dog-girl-man triangles, but never seen so hot configuration.

If anyone got rest of this fantastic scene, please upload it or give any hint where we can find it. I really do believe that before this particular scene must be very, very sexy humping maybe with some hot foreplay which can gave the hottest sex triangle ever seen in whole Animal Sex world.

This is also very important that we can see here 100% amateur video, home production without any commercial faults. In most simple words I must state that this is definitely AWSOME.

Thank You for sharing it and hoping to see whole video of this ultra hot couple with their doggy!

Animal Sex Review from DogFuxer

The only extreme animal sex video FULL HD VERSION


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My First Time, Fun with horse

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on Rustic babe fucked by a horse dick – My real animal sex story!

Hi everyone it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything so here it goes. I’ve been having trouble finding any work besides my dog sitting but that is mostly just for fun so my mom asked if i would be interested to work on her friends horse farm i didn’t want to sound to eager at the opportunity to finally have some fun.

So i started working just some cleaning and feeding the horses after my first week they asked if i could take care of them on my own on sundays while they were at church. I told them i think i could handle that.

So sunday rolled around and i was sooo excited that when i showed up i got the horses fed and cleaned in record time. So after i knew they were gone and not coming back anytime soon i made my move.

I took an arabian named tonto into his stable and started working horse cock until he was erect and I was amazed at the size of it. I got on my knees and slowly started to work the shaft while licking and sucking the tip horse cock until finally i deep throated that monster as far as i could and just started to suck him hard.

Stallion must of been getting excited because he started to try and push it in further. i don’t recall how long he lasted but he blew his load all down my throat and all over my face i tried to swallow horse cum as much as i could but i had to wash the rest off with a hose.

They have 6 horses and i’m working my way through the saving the big belgian for last. Im a little to nervous to try and take one horse cock in my pussy but i want to so bad.

Wild naughty actions-Bitch sucking a huge stallion dick

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HomeMade Animal Sex

Animal Sex

HomeMade AnimalSexHomeMade AnimalSex
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

Watch the AMATEUR Animal Sex click image
Animal Sex -Dog is Fucking In the Forest

More HOMEMADE Zoo Video

Huge dog cock fucking wet ass And Blow-up Dildo

Hey guys, thought i’d share “REAL ANIMAL SEX STORY”  what i’ve just been upto as it completely blew me away!

My bitch has been a good licker for a long time, she loves my cock and arsehole but i’ve never cum just from her tongue. Today i did at last and it was awesome.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
First I got all naked and let her just get on me and start licking my foreskin and round my balls, then i offered up my arse and she dug in deep with her tongue.

I lubed up my shaved arse and slipped in my big black inflatable vibrator which i slid in and out to get my hole really going. After a while i pumped it up enough so it was stuck fast and when i squeezed down i could feel the vibrations all the way through bum up to my cock.

I moved onto my knees with lots of cushions stuck behind me so i could properly ride the cock in my arse. My bitch was going crazy by this point and i let her just go for my cock, all around my head and up the shaft with her little tongue.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
While i was riding up and down my cock was flopping all over the place but she kept up with my strokes and the tongue stayed stuck to my cock. I could feel myself cumming for ages, my hands were above my head and i didn’t even touch my cock. And all of a sudden it just shot right from my bum up my shaft and cum gushed out the end of my cock all over my bitches mouth. Pure ecstasy!

As a little treat i let her lick my arsehole when i pulled the black cock out. I’ll be doing that again soon, probably in a couple of hours. Cant wait!

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Animal sex story- Payback On A Cheating Wife, Man seeks payback on his wife

Animal sex story

Payback On A Cheating Wife, Man seeks payback on his wife

Animal sex story- Payback On A Cheating Wife
This is my very first posting ever with stories, i have a trained walker hound here in story is real.

Hi this is my first story ever I hope you enjoy it….

Mike was a tall fit strong man who loved to explore new things in a sexual way. He had short well groomed brown hair, was a clean cut southern gentlemen. Kate had grown into a bombshell, about 5’8 petite body, with that same long blonde hair. She had very nice legs leading into a very small tight ass, narrow hips and very nice set of full firm tits. Overall for a woman her size she had everything in the right places. Kate and Mike met when they were young; she was beautiful with her long wavy blonde hair and her deep blue eyes. She was always a straight arrow, never wanting to do anything that would ever get her in any trouble. Mike was the opposite; always found him self getting into trouble and doing things he wasn’t supposed to be doing.

Kate for some reason would always be interested in talking to him although there was one year difference between them they were both very attracted to each other. Time grew and so did their relationship and soon they were always together, seemingly forever they would be found side by side. After dating for several years all through school Kate and Mike got married in a beautiful ceremony that was perfect for their perfect life they had started, soon they began to argue and their relationship began to get more distant, in fact they weren’t even having sex regular any more. Having not gotten along in sometime and with both of them not being happy they decided to separate, that’s when things started to get much worse. Through the separation Kate had transformed into a very self centered person, always talking down to Mike and trying to take him for everything he was worth. Mike was a mild tempered man and was working as hard as a man could at trying to make the division of their things as even as possible.
After several months of Kate being what can only be explained as a clear bitch to Mike he simply just let her take everything to just put and end to this. After a few weeks of neither of them talking, while Mike is having a few drinks with a friend he over hears some people he knew in a bar talking. He couldn’t really make out exactly what they were saying but he had an idea it was about him, then he hears clearly one of them say “he has no idea that she was running around on him does he”. At first he thought it’s a big world who knows who it is they are talking about and continued on enjoying his drinks. A few moments when bye and he could hear them say “well its enough talking about him, let’s slip over and tell him hi before we go”. Sure enough they arose from their seats and walked straight to him shaking his hand and giving him a warm welcome as they slipped past and out the door.

Mike finished his drink, feeling very odd almost as if he couldn’t believe it he drove home. After getting home the thought kept stirring in Mikes head about her sleeping with other men and then being so mean and selfish through the separation. Mike let these thoughts stir and stir and he became very angry and upset, she had made him look like a fool he thought. He decided as thoughts of killing her started to go through his head because of his anger perhaps he should get some sleep and see how he felt in this morning. Mike awoke the next morning feeling refreshed even with the thought and pain of what she had done still fresh on his mind he sat on the end of the bed with a slight grin on his face. He was thinking of how he was to deal with this hurt that she had left him with, he had thought about how much she thought of herself and how important her reputation was to her. He had decided that the only way for him to feel better was to get his revenge by destroying her self-respect and reputation, now he just had to figure out how. He thought for a little when he realized he had work to do, Mike was a member of a kennel where he kept a few of his hunting dogs and as a member every so often he was responsible for the watering and feeding of all the dogs there.

Mike was still watering the dogs when one of the old dogs there came up to him with the tip of his big red cock sticking out of his sheath, Mike could remember when he was younger how he used to love to watch bestiality on his computer at home, and he recalled having come to the kennel and having dreamed of meeting a woman that wanted to have one of those dogs fuck her. Mike had become a little aroused with his fresh thoughts and then it hit him. Kate used to hate those dogs; she used to say they stunk and were filthy Beastiality. Mike slowly started to devise his plans for Kate and thought he would execute as soon as he had his plan worked out.

Kate was sitting at home one night feeling kind of down and lonely and she got a text message from Mike saying that he had found some things of her at the house and telling her he was sorry they had not worked out but that he would love to possibly spend one more weekend together just to make sure that they were sure there was no more feelings between them, Kate thought for a moment and already she was feeling better. Thoughts of possibly getting him back were roaming through her head and they talked a bit more. When Kate went to bed that night she was excited about her opportunity to spend some time with Mike, perhaps she could convince him to get back together she thought. The date was set for Friday at 6, only three days away she was thinking.
Friday came and Kate arrived at Mike’s house wearing tight stone washed jeans and a very low cut shirt, she had put on her sexy thongs with the lace back bra she had bought. Mike opened the door and greeted him with a huge smile a big hung and a glass of wine. Kate was so excited she gulped down the wine and was all smiles.
Kate awoke it seemed like days later with her last memory being sitting on Mikes couch having just downed her wine, she felt very groggy and could not seem to get her head straight it seemed like everything was spinning, she was trying to figure out where she was because she knew she wasn’t on the couch anymore. Kate began to try and move and realized she could not, she noticed the sound of metal clanking every time she moved she was starting to be able to feel the restraints that had been placed around her feet and wrists.

She immediately began to scream and cry as loud as she could. Soon she heard a door open, seemed like a very big door and a slight amount of slight shown through. She peered at her surroundings with dirt walls supported with wooden beams and a dirt floor with some type of what appeared to be a rubber mat on it, there were clamps, restraints and other devices lying around she had never seen before. She was immobilized by her situation and stunned to the point she had stopped screaming, she had even stopped breathing. With a deep gasp she began breathing heavily again, by this time a figure was standing in front of her, as soon as he spoke she began to yell back at Mike, Mike giggled and began to walk back up the ladder to the door. Kate calmed herself as much as possible and asked where he was going.
Mike turned and came right up to her ear, she could smell his body wash and for just a second it took her back to their previous life, Mike whispered into her ear “you cheated on me with other men at your own leisure on your own time line, now you will cheat again at my leisure and on my timeline”. She immediately began to curse and yell at him, he turned around as she was still screaming and picked up some rope that was neatly placed next to a pair of scissors. He turned back to Kate and began cutting her low cut top off, completely helpless and scared Kate just whimpered out just

barley above a whisper “Mike why…What are you doing?” mike smiled once again to her and said “I have only just began Kate, you will be so ashamed of what you are going to become by the end of this weekend that I promise you wont even want to know why”! Fear swept through Kate as now her top had been completely cut off and her lace bra had been removed, there she was with mascara streaming down her face topless with only a thong and jeans on. She could not believe what was happening and was speechless, right as she realized that Mike grabbed her face squeezing his fingers on the nerve either side of each jaw and forced a small object in her mouth and sealed in with duct tape.
Kate was trying to figure out what this object was that had a small hose hooked to it that was in her mouth, she ran her tongue around, it felt like about 4 inches long it was just barley gagging her as she kept exploring it with her tongue, she notice it was slightly swollen on the end closest to her mouth, she just could not figure out what it was. Mike pulled out his phone and grinned as he lifted the phone for her to see, it was a sex toy page, with and inflatable dog cock dildo in it. She began to squirm realizing that this is exactly what was in her mouth. Mike laughed a bit saying “don’t get wound up yet this ones just plastic” Kate’s heart sank to her stomach and she felt ill but knew she could not vomit because of her mouth being sealed.
Mike reached down and grabbed the rope and slowly began to wrap it tighter and tighter around one of her tits and then to the other, she was now feeling a rather large amount of pain in her breast as it just kept getting tighter and tighter. When he had finished tying her breast op very tight he walked over to a dark corner and Kate heard a noise coming from above her, as she tried to look up very slowly a steel cable with a meat hook appeared into her vision right in front of her, Mike hooked the meat hook onto the nice loop he had woven into this tight noose that was causing both of Kate’s breast to bulge up and turn a slight purple.

Then he put hand cuffs on her wrist and feet and undid the restraints, Kate felt some relief as the restraints had began to cause pain themselves, she was feeling a sense of helplessness she had never ever felt before. A few moments if that had gone by and she heard that noise above her again and slowly the hook with the loop began to rise, as it did she could feel her breast start to feel as if they were going to be pulled off she tried to scream but only caused her to gag hard, her feet left the rubber mat as she began to rise higher and higher suspended only by her breast, she was in the most pain she had ever been in and now the noise stops and so does she. In her flailing and absolute pain she catches a glimpse of mike as he ascended the ladder and passed back through the door leaving her hanging there in this horrible pain for what seemed to be the rest of her life.

It seemed like days, but was really only an hour later Kate’s body just numb with pain she hears the door open and Mike coming back down the stairs, he walked to her feet, looked up at her and asked if she was done being hateful and if she wanted to play nice. Kate motioned and moaned as best she could to show that she would do what he wanted if she could just be let down.
Her breast at this time were a deep dark purple, her nipples were bulging out of them sticking out about a full inch each by now. Her washed jeans were damp from the sweat and tears that had drifted down her body as she was trying what ever she could to get off of this hook she had been suspended from. After hearing her moans mike walked back to the corner and Kate felt herself began to slowly fall back to the earth, as her feet hit the ground and the pressure was relieved from her tits she was lowered until her whole body was in the fetal position on the rubber mat that had been laid on the floor. Mike walked up to her and unhooked her, slowly picked her up

and placed her on a stool up against the wall, she could feel him hook her hand cuffs into a clasp and secure her hands tightly against the wall, then he grabbed her neck and easily placed her neck in a cradle with a metal iron strap securing her neck tightly into this cradle, she could not fight back and was scared to do so even if she could have. Once again Kate found herself bound and helpless unable to move anything; Mike had even secured her feet to the stool with leather straps.
Mike leaned down and told Kate to rest for a bit more, he told her that his next stage would be even more painful. He took a few steps away stopped and turned around, he leaned over and whispered “I hope you didn’t think I had forgot about your doggy dick gag baby, just then she felt the budge at the end of the dildo began to expand, with every pump of Mikes hand it got a little bigger and the cock went a little further down her throat. Finally the cock stopped growing; Kate was left gagging and just barely able to breathe through her nose.

Mike once again told her to get some rest as he went to climb to the door, Kate began to squirm and kick trying frantically to get away once more, hearing the commotion mike turned and saw her, he quickly climbed back down and walked up to her she could sense he was upset at her actions. He picked up some clamps that had small spikes on the tips with loops on them, he clamped one down on her nipple it immediately pierced the nipple and a little blood trickled out, he hung a weight through the loop and let it naturally fall snatching on the clamp sending a sharp pain down Kate’s spine, she cringed in pain. Just as the pain start the wear off a bit Mike did the other nipple the exact same way with the exact same result tears were pouring down Kate’s face and the crying was causing her to gag over and over and over with the dildo starting to force its way farther down her throat.

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Animal sex story-Girlfriend and two large danes -Rebecca Animal Sex

Animal sex story

Animal sex story-Girlfriend and two large danes -Rebecca Animal Sex
Animal sex story-Girlfriend and two large danes -Rebecca Animal Sex

I met Rebecca at a bar in town where she was working as a waitress. Rebecca is tall, and has the most unusually long midriff (waist) I have ever seen on a woman. I noticed it immediately, especially with her being dressed in short cutoffs and a halter top the first time I saw her. It was unusual, but somehow not out of proportion. Somehow it was alluringly sexy.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
My friends told me to stop staring at her, saying that she was never interested in patrons of the bar. I had to try, though, since there was just something unusual about her that drew me. I pursued her for several weeks until I got her to reluctantly agree to go out with me, and then we dated somewhat casually for several weeks. I have to admit, that it took forever to get her to let me touch her. It made me more determined to date her however, and although I was quite taken with her, she remained demure and little standoffish. After several months of “light” dating, although I thought she really liked me, she was reluctant about the idea of being my “girlfriend” or agreeing that we were going to only see each-other. This drove me crazy with jealousy, although try as I might, I could never figure out who, other than me, she might be seeing.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I’ve described a little bit about Rebecca. Let me tell you a bit more. She is part Hispanic with smooth olive skin, green eyes, and dark brown, shoulder length hair. She’s a tall 6’ 1”, slim, with a long shapely (but thin) legs, a flat tight stomach with a small pretty oval belly button, shapely tear drop shaped bottom, and that beautiful sinuous narrow waist (mentioned above). Her beautiful pouty lips always look wet with a thin sheen of lip gloss, but the lip gloss is all the makeup she ever wears. Her breasts are C-cup. She always smells like raspberries (I’m not sure why, probably a body spray or shampoo).
I consider myself a gentleman, and I’m ok with going slow on a relationship, but as you might imagine, as I sensed her interest in me, I eventually pressed her to find out why she wouldn’t let our relationship get more serious. When I did, she told me that she would think about it,.. but I had to agree to “share her” with her dogs (two large young twin male brindle great danes).

She said the dogs were her only family, and she couldn’t get serious with a guy who couldn’t “accept them”. I wasn’t put off a bit by this. I’ m a dog guy, having had several family dogs growing up. Besides, her dogs are young, playful, well trained, and immaculately groomed. Lots of people consider dogs “family”, so I couldn’t imagine what she might think the potential problem might be. I pressed her more, and she said we could discuss it more during our next date. I should come by at seven p.m. on Sunday (her day off at the bar).
I came over to her rental house at 7:00 p.m. on Sunday and found a note on the door that she was on the back deck and I should grab a beer in the kitchen and come on back. I did, and I found her smiling and laying on a chase lounge recliner enjoying the warm, humid summer night wearing a short black skirt and knit shirt. She was barefoot, and her large twin dogs were lying near her on the deck.

The deck is secluded, backing up on a wooded bayou with a cane thicket on all sides, and I’ve wondered a few times what it would be like to make love to her out there and always hoped to get a chance. I could tell from the empty beer bottles on the deck that she was ahead of me in getting a buzz. I briefly caught a glance of black lace panties under her short skirt. I thought the air smelled faintly of her arousal, although part of my mind couldn’t believe that she could already be turned on. I had no more than thought this when she stood up, slowly uncoiling her long sexy body, rubbing against me as she rose, and giving me a slow lingering kiss, that promised more to come. My arousal was immediate, and she quickly noticed, slowly taking off her shirt, revealing her firm breasts, erect nipples, that she had no bra, and wordlessly unbuttoning my shirt and kissing me from my neck to my naval. She groped down, unbuttoned my pants, pushing me to the recliner while sliding my pants and underwear down, and off. In one slow, soft fluid motion, she circled my cock with her tongue and took me in her warm mouth, moving her black lace panty clad quim over my face in a sixty nine position. As she moved over me, I could see her arousal as the moonlight shone through droplets of moisture that had pushed through the lace of her panties. She softly rubbed the panties against my nose and lips until I could slip them off and down her long legs, parting the pouting lips of her sex with my tongue. I licked her, tasting the wetness oozing between her lips, swirling my tongue in her cuntal channel and licking up to her erect clitoris. Without delay, she began to cum, pressing her quim tightly against my mouth.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Almost abruptly, she moved, urgently pushing me further up, towards the top of the long chase lounge, swiveling her body so she could concentrate on giving me fellatio. I closed my eyes, enjoying the warm sucking sensation… She seemed to be enjoying it too, her moans vibrated against my cock, driving me closer to orgasm, which I seldom have from oral sex, usually preferring being inside a woman’s vagina. But I was lost in my arousal, close to my orgasm. Amazingly the sexy sounds she was making sounded more and more like she was building towards another orgasm herself. That was strange. I opened my eyes, suddenly seeing that the danes were both behind her, dueling with each-other, and moving their heads sideways and in, to lick her open sex with their large rasping tongues. In my state of delirium, something about it seemed natural, and sexy, and I came with the power of weeks of pent up arousal topped off with the force of the sex scene in front of me. She was coming too, urgently thrusting back against the eager tongues of the large young danes.

Without a word, as I came, she slowly drank my seed, licking the remainder from my shaft and her lips. Silently, she got up and slid another chase lounge next to mine. She stood, pushing one of the dogs down so that he again lay on the deck. The other dane remained standing, as she whispered in his ear and then softly pulled, tugging him gently forward over her chase lounge as she lay on her side beneath him. He must have known what to do… as he straddled the chase lounge while she moved her hands across his lean stomach, running her finger tips lightly down and over his erect penis, which was growing with anticipation. She reached her head and pointed the long penis towards her open mouth and outstretched tongue. She moved her long, sinuous neck up wrapping her soft lips around his underside, and licking the length of his penis. She moved, up and down his length, wetly taking him into her beautiful pouting lips and down her throat as she softly nibbled and sucked.

She continued to lick and softly service him, eventually gripping his massive organ with both hands as she bobbed her beautiful head to and fro as he humped to meet the rhythm of her movements. I was mesmerized, leaning closer so that I could hear the soft wet sounds of her mouth and see his pre-come squirting over her lips and running down her long, beautiful neck in the moonlight. He soon shuddered against her, coming, with his seed spilling from the sides of her lips as she struggled to drink him in. Slowly, he turned and pulled away. Reluctantly, as though part of some secret ritual, he returned to lie spent on his former spot on the deck. I’d never seen an animal look so gentle, content, or satisfied. With a soft snap of her fingers his twin took his place. She again licked and softly sucked, taking the new dog in her mouth. As I leaned forward to see, I could tell his penis was slightly larger than the other dog. I sensed that Rebecca enjoyed what she was doing, I think as much as the dogs (and I) enjoyed it.

She must have needed more, however. She stopped, and with a few lingering licks, she positioned her body in the doggy position on the chase lounge underneath the massive dog, and reached back to gently take the dog’s long penis in her hand, guiding it to the open, pouting lips of her sex. He immediately reacted hunching forward and gripping his lover tightly with both legs as she moved back against him to meet his thrusts as his penis wetly splayed her. The sight of her with his pre-come running out of her sex and down her legs was amazing. He buried his long penis into her, and I could see that her shape – her uniquely long midriff was particularly well suited for the length of his penis as he serviced her with urgent eagerness, authority, and yet tenderness. I had to get closer… so I moved under her so I could see him moving in and out of her vagina. I strained upward… reaching out my tongue to lick her clit, surprising myself with my willingness to taste the beast’s cum. He thrust and thrust against her making the sounds of sex as she moaned and thrust back against him, warmly and tightly engulfing his knot. His knot grew inside of her and he hunched harder and came, trembling pressing against her with his massive length buried deep in her long waste, even to the point of bathing her womb with his hot ejaculate. Thicker white cum drooled out of her grasping vagina, over her erect clit and across and my parted lips.
This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Combined with her come, it tasted good… and crazily… somehow wholesome and natural (although I have never had any desire to drink any man’s come). She thrust her hips against me and somehow back engulfing his amazing length and girth as her cuntal lips spasmed, gripping his penis in a shuddering orgasm. Somewhere in the haze of my arousal, I suddenly knew what she meant in insisting that I “share her” and “accept” her large, beautiful dogs. As the dog slowly moved away, parting from her with a sexy sucking sound, she moved around over me, reaching for my cock and sank her hot, dog-cum filled cunt over me, I realized I was in for a long,… satisfying relationship.

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Real Animal sex story-Her Life Story, An elderly woman tells all

Real Animal sex story

Real Animal sex story-Her Life Story, An elderly woman tells all


In 2011 while doing research for a book on the sexual “revolution” that started in the 1960’s. I interviewed hundreds of people of that generation. With an assurance of their total anonymity. I believe I was truly able to get their honest sexual histories. Since this is a bestiality site, I feel this might be of some interest for many here.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
The following is a remarkable account from a sixty one year old woman who was active with several male dogs for most of her adult life. Although this was a formal interview. In the interest of time, I’ve taken out my remarks and questions. Leaving you with just this woman’s account in her own words.

Right before we began the interview. She reminded me that age catches up with us all. That she wasn’t always this grey haired grandmother I saw before me. She was once a young vibrant woman. So never judge a book by its cover. With that, she began telling me her story.

Well I was first exposed to bestiality when I was nineteen years old. You see it was the late 1960’s and yes. I was what they called a “hippie chick.” I really wanted to drop out of high school, but my parents were just too strict. So like a good girl, I even went to college just to please my parents.

However after about 3 weeks, I knew that college was the last place I wanted to be. I was old enough to make my own decisions. So I became a college drop out like so many others of my generation.

So me and a few of my friends, literally jumped into a van and traveled the countryside. In the summer we simply lived off the land as it were. Often sleeping in farm fields and/or parks. Although we were occasionally chased by off local law enforcement. Things were a lot more open than today and we pretty much had a great time.

At one point we actually came across what today would be known as a hippy commune.
It had around 20 people and was located on a small farmstead. The owners of the property were an older married couple who were also hippies. I say older, but Allen and Jessica were just in their mid thirties or so. Still they were sought of gurus to this little group of younger adults.

However they welcomed my friend Becca, Rob and myself with open arms. Now keep in mind this was the late 1960’s. It was the era of “sex drugs and rock N roll.” So sex wasn’t seen as anything dirty or shameful. It was openly talked about and practiced by all.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Despite all this, I was still a virgin. I wasn’t a prude or anything. I was just raised by strict parents and being sexually active just wasn’t something I could ever get away with. Now that I was liberated from my parents as it were. I was ready to explore all that life had to offer. Of course I had no idea that bestiality and lesbian sex would become my first sexual experiences.

I don’t remember exactly, but I’d say just a few days after settling in with this group. I got my first exposure to k9 sex. One night, most of us were sitting around a fire. Everyone was talking, passing around joints and drinking beer. I had seen, but taken little notice of a male collie that was also living with us.

However I noticed how he suddenly started pestering several the girls. After being pushed along by several of the girls and couples. One girl it seems was a bit more receptive to him. He kept circling her like the others. Wagging his tail and crying as if trying to get her to go with her somewhere. Sure enough the girl stood up and started walking back towards our living area, with the dog following right behind her.

Our living area was located in an old barn. We all had our own areas separated only by sheets hung on a line. Crude conditions, but to us it was all perfectly acceptable. After about 10 minutes, her boyfriend got up and also walked back towards the barn.

Perhaps 5 min after that, they all emerged and things went on like normal. However I did notice that the dog was no longer as active and just plumped down on the ground. I realize now the dog was looking for sex from one of the girls. However at the time, I thought the girl disappearing into the barn with the dog was rather strange, but I didn’t make anything of i more than that.

However it was a few days after this that I actually witnessed k9 sex in person for the first time. Besides the barn, there was the main house owned by our “guru” couple as it were. Its also where we all crowed into if the weather turned nasty or anything. However it was mainly where we did our washing, and more importantly, our main source of water.

There was a huge old style sink in the mud room. That’s where we all got our water. We’d use old milk bottles and/or soda bottles, fill them with water to take back to our shelter. I was filling up some bottles with water when I heard what sounded like some commotion coming from just inside the house.

Just then another girl walked in and as she waited for me to finish. I asked if she was hearing that too. I was surprised when after listening for a few seconds, she simply said, “oh that’s probably just Jessica getting laid by Lassie.” “Are you serious, Lassie is the dog right?” “Oh yeah that’s right, your new here she replied. “Yeah Lassie gets it on with several of the females here, Jessica included.”

“Remember a few nights back, when Barbara went back to the barn with Lassie? Well what do you think they were doing?” ” She then unexpectedly actually opened the door to the main house and said, “C’mom, she won’t mind, I promise.” So I followed her to a room just past the kitchen. There I clearly saw Lassie and Jessica in the classic “doggy style” position. However he wasn’t humping. He was just laying still on her back.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Jessica was breathing heavily while resting her head on her forearms which were folded on the floor. Her long hair was draped over her head and was also touching the floor. When she realized that we had come into the room. She lifted her head and threw back her hair and smiled at us. As if nothing out of the ordinary was going on.

A surreal scene unfolded. With both of them talking about other things, as Lassie just laid there on top of Jessica. Then to my utter amazement. Jessica simply blurted, “Oh god, he’s gonna pull out.” She then let out a scream followed by a distinctly heard suction type sound.

Neither Jessica or the other girl seemed phased by what had just happened. Clearly things had been going on here. Things that until then, I had knew nothing about. When Jessica learned from the other girl that I didn’t know about anything about k9 sex. It seemed that Jessica then took a special interest in me.

Realizing that I was rather naive despite my being part of the hippie scene and all. We had several private talks and when I told her that I was still in fact a virgin. She actually suggested that perhaps I was a lesbian. No, I told her, “I was just raised by strict parents and I was always too afraid to have sex with any of my boyfriends.”

She just found it amazing that a girl my age, in those times was still a virgin. So she seemed determined to deflower me. She started coming on to me. Although lots of guys tried to get into my pants while I was traveling around. It actually felt right with Jessica, so it wasn’t long before I submitted to her advances. From then on I knew I liked the female touch. Jessica certainly knew how to please a girl. So I eagerly let her teach me the joys of being with another female.

At first though, we didn’t include k9 in our relationship. However I kept seeing glimpses of one girl or another either disappearing or emerging from the barn with lassie right behind. Although I was now well aware what they were doing. It was one particular event that finally made me want to try.

I was alone in my little area reading a book. When the girl who lived to my immediate left walked in with lassie. Without trying to hide anything from me. I saw her unbutton her jeans. However they were so tight. She was actually struggling just to get them past her panties. The dog clearly knew why he was there, and was excitedly jumping around and whimpering with obvious anticipation.

The sight of her struggling to remove her while the dog impatiently pranced around her really struck me. What put me over the edge though. Was how after just barely getting her jeans past below her panties. She just got down on all fours and let the dog have her, without even trying to fully remove her jeans.

I then walked around and watched him royally screw this girl. That’s when I decided to try this for myself. So I asked Jessica if she would help me. So With Jessica’s help, I then earned all about having sex with a dog. Although I enjoyed the k9 stuff. I was still too caught up in my lesbian realationship with Jessica. So much so, that I actually thought I was in fact, a lesbian.

But then after about 4 months, my friend Becca and Rob felt it was time to move on. So despite my sexual relationship with Jessica, I reluctantly agreed to leave with them. So when I left the “commune,” I was firmly convinced that I was a lesbian. However I actually learned rather quickly, that this really wasn’t the case at all.

A lesbian wouldn’t fall in love with a guy just by sight. But that’s exactly what happened to me. Mike was a slightly older man, (twenty eight). He was a biker, who with a bunch of other bikers were hanging out with other hippies at a local bar in town. Mike noticed me starring at him and we stuck up a conversation. He was a gorgeous, blue eyed blond with long hair. To me he looked like he could star in a Hollywood movie, that’s how good looking I felt he was.

Maybe another girl would see him differently, but to me he was simply the “cat’s meow”. We hit it off so well that after just a few hours. I agreed to travel around with him. Becca and Rob were shocked by this and strongly objected. They wanted us to stay together. However I was totally enamored with Mike and I actually parted with my friends to be with Mike. Something I was unwilling to do over Jessica.

At first everything went well. After having sex that very first night after we met. We and his biker friends traveled on to his groups clubhouse. Every biker lived with his woman near or around their clubhouse. The place were everyone hung out and partied amongst themselves.

Now back then, many simply looked upon bikers as hippies who rode motorcycles. I didn’t realize that Mike was actually part of a criminal biker gang. Still Mike seemed like a respectful man who treated me like an equal partner. At least privately. Publicly was another matter. Publicly I was just the slut who belonged to Mike. Although this revelation disturbed me.

I was so head over heals in love with Mike, I didn’t really care. As long as he respected me when we were alone. I was wiling to put up with the condescending and callous way he treated me and the other girls in public. After all they were macho guys and the females that were there. Including me were all clearly attracted to them for it.

Although Mike and I were having great sex. I definately took notice of two dogs that belonged to the club. One a bull dog, the other a rottweiler. Mostly used as security, they were always on the property. So one day when Mike wasn’t going to be around for most of the day. I brought the smaller bull dog to our place.

Not knowing if this dog had ever had sex with a woman. I didn’t know what to expect from him. However I didn’t realize that Bulldogs were known for their sexual aggressiveness. So he immediately understood what I wanted and he humped me really good. Only problem was his smallish size. This made it was hard for him easily mount me doggy style. So the time it took for him to successfully mount me, made me think twice about him as a sex partner. Yes he humped well, but the time and effort wasn’t really worth it. Not to me at least.

It wasn’t trying to hide this from Mike or anybody else for that matter. I just liked having k9 sex when Mike was away. So the effort it took to get it on with the bulldog was actually a bit off a turn off. So that’s when I decided to give the Rottweiler a go.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Although the rottweiler was a large enough dog to easily mount me. I didn’t like how rough he got during sex. I was pushed around, scratched and even bruised during sex. So after just a few sessions, I ruled out the Rotti as a sex partner.

Most of the other girls didn’t seem to like me. However I did manage to get along rather well with one of the older women. Turns out her hubby was in prison and in the middle of an eight year sentence. So she was in the unenviable position of being without her man. This was tough on biker chicks because they could never even look at another guy, no less become involved with one.

Yeah bikers believed in sex drugs and rock and roll. But the sex part was only for the guys. The guys could whore around with every slut around, but the not the women. A biker chick risked a severe beating or worse if ever caught so much as looking at another guy. I quickly learned all this, and it really did piss me off. I knew we were treated like shit our men. Still I really thought I loved Mike. Love is truly blind, so I chose to turn a blind eye towards all this.

I strongly suspected that Cindy was probably sexually frustrated. So one night when we were both a bit high. Just out of curiosity, I asked what she did for sex.

To this, she simply left the room and came back with a dildo in one hand and a strap on in the other. “This is what I do for sex.” Of course the strap on told me that she was into clearly playing with other women. I immediately pointed to the strap on and told her that I had never used one before. This despite having been in a prior lesbian relationship before hooking up with Mike. I told her about Jessica and how she was strictly tongue and fingers, no toys

At this poiint, I decided to ask her about k9 sex. When I told her how good sex with a dog could be. She actually admitted to thinking about that a few times, but never acted upon it. However once I told her that I had already been with both of the club dogs. She certainly took interest and wanted me to show her.

However it wasn’t the best time for any k9 stuff. So the conversation went back towards lesbain sex. Cindy then told me that she normally wasn’t into other women. But not being able to have sex with a man drove her towards it. Some of the other girls were more than willing to step in and help. So that was the night I finally got to play with a strap on.

Next, I introduced her to k9 sex. With help, the bull dog was easily able to mount us both. We just let his natural sexual aggressiveness take over and we simply enjoyed the ride. He also loved to lick and would literally lick us dry if we let him. Yet despite this, Cindy seemed especially keen on fucking the Rottweiler. Like me, she thought he just “looked” like he’d be a great fuck.

I warned her about this, but she was clearly intent on doing him. She actually liked it more than I and he qyuckly became her dog of choice. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until one of the other girls who Cindy was playing around with on the side. Some how discovered what Cindy was doing with the Rottie.

Then while drunk, or high openly told others about it. However just like at the “commune” this wasn’t looked upon with horror or disgust. Bikers were themselves rebels and part of a sub culture of there own. So social taboos of this sought wasn’t seen as that big of a deal.

That being said, everything changed after this..It changed because the other bikers demanded to be shown. Suddenly what I felt was a harmless, fun activity, became nothing more than a freak show. Cindy and I were literally forced to give sex shows for the guys.

To me k9 was just something I did when Mike wasn’t around. I also liked giving Cindy the chance to have enjoy k9 sex with her hubby doing time. If any of the other women wanted to try, then it should be up to them. Now it was open season. Others wanted their women to do it. Some girls felt clearly felt threatened by our new found popularity, and felt they needed to join in to impress their men own
men and to show they could do it too.

The worst part was when other bikers from other chapters and clubs came around with their own “studs” for us to copulate with in front of them. All of them usually high or drunk. Seemingly over night, things became really ugly and simply unbearable.

Still it took a while before I had enough. Angered when I finally refused to give any more public shows. Mike beat me for the first and only time. It was the only time because I decided to leave him next chance I got. Still bruised, I finally slipped away one night when everyone was out cold. I hitched a couple of rides, before finally boarding a train back to the “commune” I had left about 2 years prior.

Thankfully Jessica took me in and helped nurse me while I recuperated from the beating Mike gave me a few days prior. I was afraid that Mike might track me back there. So Jessica and Allen reluctantly gave me a few bucks and I was on my way back home.

However shortly after moving back in with my parents. I found out that I was actually pregnant with Mikes baby. This horrified my parents and I was literally thrown out of the house. Homeless, pregnant and with no money. With nowhere else to go or turn. I once again made my way back to Jessica and Allen.

They literally saved my life, and I’m eternally in their debt. Earlier, Jessica had developed more than just a sexual interest towards me. Although I could never fully return her emotional feelings for me. She still helped me with my pregnancy and let me live rent free in the house with them.

Strange as it may seem. Jessica and Allen literally became my second parents. I ended up staying for over 4 years. With them acting like grandparents to my then infant daughter. Fortunately I actually had good grades in high school. So I easily got into a a local community college and started my training as a registered nurse. I did well and continued on to a local college. Jessica and Allen not only provided for me and my daughter while I attended school. They paid for my entire educatiion.

I didn’t feel bad or guilty about this because I was actually giving them something in return. Sex, I was having sex with both of them. But it wasn’t some dirty, seedy arrangement either. Jessica clearly had strong lesbian tendencies, and Allen was a just like any guy. He liked having regular sex with a younger woman. I wasn’t forcing them to support me, they were doing so freely.

While attending college, I did mangae to find jobs. So despite them being “Part-time.” Since I had no expenses. I managed to save a little money. Though never noeugh to support me or my daughter on my own. So I would have never made it without Jessica and Allen. Sorry, sorry about getting emotuional there, but I’ll never be able to thank them enough for what they did for me.

During those years with them, I didn’t have any sex with Lassie. In fact early on, all those “hippies” who were there before had moved on themselves. Jessica was still active, but I never participated. I still felt uneasy about it after all that had happened with Mike. Besides between Jessica and Allen, I had little need for any k9 companionship.

However I did resume my k9 activities later, once I got a place of my own. After graduating with a nursing degree. I was able to get a job at a hospital in another area. The job didn’t that pay well, but it was a full time nursing position. So along with my savings I was finally able to rent my own place. A converted basement in a suburban home.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I had originally brought my daughter, Jessica who I named in honor of Jessica. With me, so I could start raising her myself. However the profession came with horrendous working hours. So I wasn’t able to find daycare which in my case. Due to the fact that I often had to work late night/early morning shifts at the hospital. Actually meant, all night and early morning care. So I was forced to leave again leave her with Jessica and Allen for the time being.

My landlords were a nice couple, and we got along well. They had a “family dog,” a brown lab who they mostly kept in the backyard. So I naturally ran across him daily. With no boyfriend or girlfriend. It wasn’t long before I found myself eyeing the lab.

By then the earlier trauma with Mike had long passed. So the Lab soon turned out to be irresistible temptation for me. I obviously knew how good k9 sex was, and here was yet another dog. Perhaps perfectly willing to get it on with me. So I just had to find out if he was interested. Now I realized that things might be different with him.

He wasn’t a bull dog, or a rottweiler. So I didn’t get the feeling that he was just waiting to get the chance to fuck anything that walked like I did with those other dogs. I also realized that the Lab was a family pet. Exposing him to k9 sex could be dangerous for the both of us. So initially I tried to push aside thoughts of starting in with him. Of course circumstances just wouldn’t allow this.

You have to realize that this was a different time. Owners often let their dogs roam the neighborhood. My landlords were no different. So the Lab was basically free to come and go as he pleased during the day.

Since I was often working nights and AM shifts. I was often went to sleep around 4 or 5 am and was up aroond ten or eleven am. So I was always up and about during the afternoons, while the homeowners and their kids were out. So finally after weeks of just watching him in the yard from my small apartment.

I finally decided to bring him in to see if he wanted to do anything else with me. So I enticed him in with a couple of cookies. Once inside, I gave him a bowl of water and as he drank I knelt down next to him and began rubbing his chest and lower stomach. I then started to gently caress his sheath.

He clearly took notice of this and stopped drinking and actually watched as I continued to caress his sheath with my hand. Yet I didn’t feel him react sexually. Again this was the 1970’s and spaying and neutering wasn’t the norm back then. So I was sure he was a fully functional male. Inexperienced, but fully capable if given the chance.

So I removed my pants, then dangled my panties in front of his nose. He took a few sniffs, so I sat down at the kitchen table and spread my legs. I then slapped my thigh to get his attention.

After watching me as I touched myself for a bit. He came forward and just stuck his nose right between my legs and after a few sniffs, began aggressive licking my pussy. If nothing else, at least he was a natural licker.

This actually turned out to be an understatement. He simply loved eating my pussy. He licked long and really got in deep. Unfortunately thought he also had the bad habit of actually chewing on my lips. Which could often hurt quite a bit.

However he did such an enthusiastic and expert job at eating me out, the chewing was just something I had to endure if I wanted the full experience of his tongue. I also realized that he wasn’t doing it out of malice, he just liked the taste so much he probably thought my pussy was actually edible.

But I learned all about this in time. So there I was sitting at the kitchen table and he was licking me. However just as my clit began to realy buzz from his tongue. He suddenly lifted himself up onto the chair, and was literally standing in front of me. “Bingo!” I thought to myself, because clearly he wanted to fuck.

That’s also when I finally saw that the tip of his cock was stciking out of his sheath. But before I could touch it. He leaned foward and rested his chest against me. So I could feel his now warm, wet and now fully erect cock rubbing and hitting against my upper thighs amd lower abdomen. That’s when I realized that we perhaps could have missionary sex. Something I had never tried before with a dog. So I quickly stood up and walked over to the sofa. I sat down and again spread my legs. This time he immediately places his front paws up on the sofa and laid on top of me again.

I then lifted up both of my feet and placed the souls of my feet on edge of the sofa. I then grasped the base of his sheath and guided his half protruding cock into me. He slid right into me and I immediately felt him swell to full size inside me. So without seeing it, I knew he had a nice long, thick cock.

Then without any further assistance from me, he started humping away. New to this position when doing a dog, I instinctively closed my legs around him, then placed the soles of my feet on his back as he humped. I was struck at how human like this position felt.

The angle of his cock was such that it wasn’t long before I reached orgasm. Almost immediately after I came, he too reached his own orgasm and started cumming inside me. At this point we were both panting heavily and just laid there together for a few min. Then like most dogs, he then suddenly and quickly dismounted.

Although I had thoroughly enjoyed missionary. I was just more used to doggy style. So I wanted him take me in that more traditional way. After giving him some time to recover. I began circling around and rubbing my self provocatively against him. Just like a female in heat might do to entice him to mate. Sure enough he got the message and mounted me.

Turns out, he was every bit as aggressive a lover as any Rottweiler or bull dog.
Come to think of it. This lab and Jessica’s Collie were just as good sexually as those others. So don’t judge a book by its cover when it comes to k9 sex either.

Luckily for me, everything worked out perfectly. I was usually home alone with him during the day and was at work when his owners were home. So our sexual encounters rarely, if ever intruded into his owners daily lives. At least as far as I could tell.

The only slightly stressful times were when the family had outdoor parties or a family together during a holiday. They often invited me to these events and I always worried about any unsightly displays of behavior from the dog towards me. Thankfully he was always kept too busy playing with the kids and looking for scraps of food to pay any special attention to me.

I ended up living there for 2 years. However k9 sex wasn’t what kept me there. I wanted to establish myself as a nurse by putting in the long hours and paying my dues as it were. So that when I looked for another nursing position perhaps in the private sector or private practice I could show that I could do what it took be a top notch nurse. The k9 sex was just a great side benefit as it were.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
However I won’t lie about how much I really did enjoy copulating with that Lab. We were literally going at it like rabbits the entire time. What made sex with the Lab so enjoyable was the unique way he liked to fuck. Not only would he hump aggressively. Once he was finished, he’d pull out as usual, but this didn’t mean that he was done mating.

He’d stay on top of me, but not inside me panting heavily. After a few min rest, he would once again mount me and start fucking again. Just as hard and fast as before. Incredibly he would sometimes do this for a third time before finally ending the mating session.

This happened almost every time, so I usually got it twice or even three times per session. Needless to say sex with him was an exhausting experience for the both of us. Which made it a tiny bit harder to then put in a 12 hour shift at the hospital. blink.gif

I probably would’ve stayed another year. But then a crises of epic proportion had suddenly arose. I learned that my mother was demanding to get custody of my daughter. Jessica and Allen called me telling me that my parents had finally tracked me down and threatened them with legal action if they didn’t turn Jessica over to them.

This was unacceptable to me. I had earned a college degree and was gainfully employed as a registered nurse. Jessica and Allen were simply acting as care givers. While I established myself and could take care of her myself. Jessica was a school teacher and Allen was a college professor. By this time, the hippy movement was over. They were now, once again normal “respectable” members of the community.

Jessica and Allen were providing a home for my daughter and had paid for my entire college education. However I knew that the unusual sexual relationship we had all shared, wouldn’t be well recieved by any child welfare agency. So we all decided it was best not to fight my parents on this.

My parents agreed not to make any legal claims for Jessica as long as my mother could take her granddaughter home.I reluctantly submitted and instructed Jessica and Allen to give her to my mom.

But I was angry. Where was my mom and dad when I needed them most? They had thrown me into the street when I told them I was pregnant. Now they were so concerned with my daughters welfare? But blood is thicker than water, and in the end my mom just couldn’t stand not being with her granddaughter. For that I couldn’t really blame her. My mom simply wanted to be with her granddaughter.

Of course I wasn’t going to take this laying down. So I packed up my bags and moved back to my home town. I was able to get a job working in a doctors office instead of a hospital. This allowed me to work a normal 9 to 5 work day. So I was now at leaste able to leave Jessica with my parents during the day, and take her home in the evenings. So after everything, I was finally able to start taking better care of my own daughter.

Philip was the next major even in my life Philip was the son of the doctor I was working for. Philip was also a doctor and would continue the family practice when his father eventually retired. Like me, Philip had initially rejected his families plans for him. He rebelled by marrying his high school sweetheart. They were soon divorced and Philip ended up going to medical school after all.

The first time I Met Philip he actually gave me quite a scare. For years the sound of a nearby motorcycle always scared me. Philip rode a motorcycle and my heart sank when I heard one right outside the office. You see I always feared that Mike would one day somehow show up out of the blue. Of course it was Philip and not Mike, that alone made me like Philip from the start laugh.gif

Anyway we started dating and after about a year, we were married. Of course this thrilled my parents to no end. As they saw it, their one time hippy daughter, a college drop out and unwed mother. Was now married to a successful and respected doctor.

So rather surprisingly, at just twenty eight years of age, I was now living the privileged life of a “well to do” doctor. During my return home and subsequent marriage to Philip, I didn’t own a dog, nor was I involved in any sought of k9 activities. I gave birth to our only child, Robert shortly after we were married.

Unfortunately we ended up getting divorced after just 7 years. Philip wasn’t a bad man or anything, we just weren’t right for each other. Our divorce was amicable and we agreed on joint custody of Robert.

All this time I still secretly kept in contact with Jessica and Allen. I never rekindle our relationship or anything, just talked and wrote to them. After all, in my eyes. They were more like my real parents. Our prior sexual relationship not withstanding.

Unbeknownst to me, my divorce would once again open the door to yet another k9 relationship. Join custody of course meant that we took turns taking care of Robert. I’d have him for 6 months or so, then Philip would take him.

This was OK with Philip because he soon remarried and started another family his current wife. Jessica and Robert got along well and we were one happy family. Jessica even asked to go along with Robert to stay with Philip for a few months every year.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Then to my surprise. Jessica informed me that Robert had been asking Philip if he could have a dog. So when Philip returned with Jessica and Robert after one of their extended visits. They had a 8 month old German Shepard Puppy with them. Although it was supposedly “Roberts dog” I was obviously the one who was going to be raising him.

nitially I had no thought whatsoever in getting sexually involved with him. Especially since he was to be our family dog. Besides being a puppy, I didn’t see him yet in any sexual way. Of course I was aware that he was just a few months away from no longer being a puppy. But for now I didn’t really dwell on that.

Then about a month later, a curious thing happened. Buddy seemed liked being around me more than Robert or Jessica. Most likely because as the only adult, I was the only one truly raising him. So he must have sensed this. So anyway, he liked to sleep in my room at night. I often let him stay on my bed next to me as I watched TV in bed.

In those days, I often walked around the house naked, wearing just my bathrobe or satin robe. Buddy was still a puppy so I didn’t think twice about being mostly naked around him. That was until he started taking interest in what was between my legs.

I don’t know what attracted him to my pussy, but suddenly out of the blue, he started nosing around down there. At first, I dismissed it, thinking it was simply a puppy being a puppy. Finally just out of curiosity, I didn’t stop him and let him smell me.

Of course smelling quickly turned to licking. This scared me as I suddenly had thoughts about a possible future sexual relationship. If he was already licking quite well at this age, what would happen in the future?

However his first tentative licks had yet again awoken my sexual urges. I actually realized that with a failing marriage and subsequent divorce. I hadn’t had sex in well over a year. Yet at this stage of my life, the thought of going out again onto the dating scene wasn’t very appealing.

Still Buddy was our own family dog, so I tried really hard to shut off any sexual thoughts about him. I did however let him sniff around and even lick me for a bit. I figured that licking was natural for a dog and it wasn’t like we were fully copulating or anything. Besides I was limiting these occasional licking sessions to late nights when the kids were fast asleep.

What changed things however was is own growing sexual maturity. a few months or so later. It finally all came to a head for me. I suddenly noticed something when he was licking me one night. The tip of his cock was showing and I saw a clearly distinguishable drop precum on the tip pf his cock.

Almost without realizing it, I reached out and wiped the drop of precum away with thumb and pointer finger. When I saw another drop of precum forming and taking its place. I gently pulled back his sheath and exposed a fully erect cock.

This actually scared me, and I quickly got up and abruptly ended things right there. I knew that Buddy’s erect cock signified that he was sexually mature and would most likely mate with me if I let him.

This was something that even I wasn’t really prepared for. Unfortunately I now no longer looked at him as a puppy, but rather as a male stud to be enjoyed. Just like I fully enjoyed 4 other dogs before him. I actually managed to remain celibate with him for about a month before the urge to have sex with him was just too much.

It just so happened that both Jessica and Robert were about to leave for a few weeks to visit with Philip. I realized this was a perfect chance to see if Buddy would be a stud like the others.

I’m a bit ashamed to admit this. I actually found myself getting annoyed with my own kids when I felt they were taking too long getting ready to leave. I just couldn’t wait until they all left. That’s how badly I wanted to start in with Buddy.

Then no sooner had the car disappeared down the street. I had brought Buddy into my room. even thought we were now totally alone, I interactively closed the door behind us. When I realized that I was about to initiate sexual relations with Buddy. I actually experienced what felt like an electric charge run through my entire body.

I quickly disrobed and just sat down on the edge of the bed. I opened my legs wide and he immediately took the hint. I must have been really wet because without hesitation he simply stuck his head right between my legs and began aggressively licking me.

Although I was definitely enjoying his tongue, I had already experienced this from him. I wanted to be fucked not licked. So I reached down and started to cup his cock with my hand which was still in its sheath. After a few gently rubs, his cock quickly began to swell.

So I immediately dropped to the floor onto my hands and knees. I simply presented myself for him. Then surprisingly without any hesitation, he mounted me. I remember being so thrilled at his obvious eagerness to mate.

Of course he didn’t enter me immediately and had trouble finding his mark. That was totally understandable. so I started maneuvering myself into the best position for him to gain access to me. Likewise he seemed to be actively trying to get into position along with me.

Finally we got aligned correctly, and he was able to get in to me. Then to my utter amazement, Buddy proceeded to hump me like no dog had before. Perhaps it was the circumstances, or my not having sex for over a year. But I experienced the quickest and most intense orgasm I had previously with man or beast.

Previously only the brown Lab had fucked better I thought. However although I had already achieved orgasm. Buddy hadn’t and kept humping away. So Buddy gave me once again gave me something I had rarely every experienced, a multiple orgasm.

Once Buddy was done, rug was wet and stains were clearly seen all over. Then as many dogs do, he licked me clean of our juices. Needless to say, we copulated many times over those two weeks.

Of course I realized that I opened a whole can of worms here. How was I going to keep this a secret? There was no way this was only going to be a once in a while occurrence. So despite enjoying the sex, it was very stressful having to keep it a secret.

Thankfully Buddy didn’t act out to badly towards be when around others. After a while he finally actually understood my body language and signals enough to know when I wanted him to mate with me.

We kept up our sexual relationship right up to the point where Buddy simply got too old to fuck. When he passed, I couldn’t quite morn him as a family pet. I think you can understand why that was.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

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Animal Sex Stories-A Good Licking, female dog have a good timeAnimal Sex Stories-A Good Licking, female dog have a good time
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I’ve been interested in bestiality for a while now…have fantasized about it often and have seen it on video, but have never had the courage to do anything about it.

That changed a few weeks ago. I adopted a beautiful new dog, a lab, who is just as sweet as can be. I had noticed her tendency to go right for my crotch when I’d get home from work, but never really thought about it.

One night, I was feeling particularly horny so I decided to hop on my computer and look at some of my favorite porn sites. Since I live alone, I am free to do this as often as I like, with the volume turned up and sitting naked on the couch. I don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on me – although that has ALSO been a fantasy of mine…

Anyway, I got naked and laid on the couch with my laptop balanced on my stomach, clicking through sites and finding myself getting more and more excited. I should probably mention that I’m a lesbian, but for some reason watching male on male sex drives me absolutely wild. I just think it’s so hot!

I was watching videos from one of my favorite guy sites, my hand playing with my pussy, when I felt my dog jump up on the couch by my feet. I couldn’t really see her because of the laptop, but suddenly I felt her cold nose on my inner thigh and felt her tongue licking my hand.

It’s funny how often I read about people who experience something like this, and it seems their first reaction is always to shove the dog away…not me!! I felt a bolt of heat go right through my groin, and my clit throbbed when I realized what she was about to do.

I reached down with both hands and opened up my pussy lips, and felt the exquisite joy of her long, slightly rough tongue lapping at me. She grazed my hard little clit, making me moan out loud, then she seemed to concentrate on sliding her tongue deep inside me. I had been licked before but NEVER like this, with such determination!

I probably don’t have to tell you that it didn’t take me long to cum, and when I did, I came so hard my ears were ringing. I couldn’t move, I was so worn out. She wanted to keep going, but by then I was so sensitive I had to sit up and move her away.

It did give me encouragement for the future, though. More on that later…
Last Night…, Another licking story
I’ve been interested in bestiality for a while now…have fantasized about it often and have seen it on video, but have never had the courage to do anything about it.

That changed a few weeks ago. I adopted a beautiful new dog, a lab, who is just as sweet as can be. I had noticed her tendency to go right for my crotch when I’d get home from work, but never really thought about it.

One night, I was feeling particularly horny so I decided to hop on my computer and look at some of my favorite porn sites. Since I live alone, I am free to do this as often as I like, with the volume turned up and sitting naked on the couch. I don’t have to worry about anyone walking in on me – although that has ALSO been a fantasy of mine…

Anyway, I got naked and laid on the couch with my laptop balanced on my stomach, clicking through sites and finding myself getting more and more excited. I should probably mention that I’m a lesbian, but for some reason watching male on male sex drives me absolutely wild. I just think it’s so hot!

I was watching videos from one of my favorite guy sites, my hand playing with my pussy, when I felt my dog jump up on the couch by my feet. I couldn’t really see her because of the laptop, but suddenly I felt her cold nose on my inner thigh and felt her tongue licking my hand.

It’s funny how often I read about people who experience something like this, and it seems their first reaction is always to shove the dog away…not me!! I felt a bolt of heat go right through my groin, and my clit throbbed when I realized what she was about to do.

I reached down with both hands and opened up my pussy lips, and felt the exquisite joy of her long, slightly rough tongue lapping at me. She grazed my hard little clit, making me moan out loud, then she seemed to concentrate on sliding her tongue deep inside me. I had been licked before but NEVER like this, with such determination!

I probably don’t have to tell you that it didn’t take me long to cum, and when I did, I came so hard my ears were ringing. I couldn’t move, I was so worn out. She wanted to keep going, but by then I was so sensitive I had to sit up and move her away.

It did give me encouragement for the future, though. More on that later…
I’ve been feeling particularly horny this past week. I’m sure it has something to do with hormones during “that” time of the month…

Whatever the reason, I could NOT get my mind off of sex. I’d pretty much been masturbating every day of the week and couldn’t seem to get enough. I had been watching the usual guy-on-guy porn, but also several of the videos here on this site. It seemed like nothing could satisfy me…

I went upstairs to bed and got undressed, thinking about a video I’d seen on another site. The video was of a woman lying naked on a bed, asleep on her stomach. A dog entered the frame and began nosing at her hip, getting her to turn over, then began licking her…the camera closed in on the look on her face and it was obvious she was in ecstasy…made me incredibly wet every time I watched it…

When I laid on my bed, my female lab jumped up to lay down with me. I was wearing nothing but the loose shorts I sleep in, and could feel myself begin to tingle. I looked at my dog…wondering…should I dare?

I decided to see what would happen. I took my shorts off and got out the vibrator I keep next to the bed. I laid back down and spread my legs wide, then held my pussy lips open with my fingers while I placed the knob of the vibrator right on my clit.

Mmmmmmm it felt good…I looked over at my dog to see if she was interested, but she had her back to me.

My heart was pounding. I wanted so badly to feel that tongue on my clit, but I wanted it to be comfortable for both of us. I laid there for a minute then got up and crawled over to where she was, my pussy right above her head. She looked up at me kneeling over her and tentatively sniffed at my pussy. A shock wave went through me, but I held still and let her explore. Finally, she turned to get better access and her tongue found my slit.

HEAVEN! I knelt there for a while but my legs were getting shaky, so I decided to lie on my back and see what happened. The minute I got into position, legs spread and pussy lips held wide open, she came over and buried her head between my legs. I was so excited I was quivering and moaning…

Her tongue lapped my clit, then she started licking from my asshole up to the base of my clit, really working to get inside me. I couldn’t believe how incredible it felt. Suddenly I found myself wishing I had a camera so I could have been filming it.

She moved away from me and I felt that moment of loss, but when I turned on my side to turn off the bedside light I felt her licking me from behind. I have NEVER had anyone lick my ass before, and it felt INCREDIBLE!!

I decided to get up on my hands and knees and offer my ass to her…and she started licking me so hard I thought she was going to knock me over. It felt so amazing! I didn’t want her to stop.

Eventually I had to lie on my back again, wanting to cum so badly but not wanting this to be over. She followed me, her tongue lashing me everywhere, and when I laid down and positioned myself she started licking my nipples, then worked her way back down to my pussy.

I raised my hips just enough for her to be able to reach all of me, and reach me she did. Her tongue was lapping hard from my asshole to my clit, sliding in and out of my pussy and driving me wild. I brought the knob of my vibrator to my clit and let it do its work while her tongue was sliding in and out of me, and found myself cumming once, twice, three times in gigantic spasms.

I was worn out. I’m glad I live in a house with thick walls, because if I’d lived in an apartment I’m sure the neighbors would’ve heard me moaning as I came.

As you can tell, I’m all about the licking. Reading about and watching videos of women getting licked – and loving it – turn me on more than almost anything else.

More stories coming soon…and maybe, if I can keep my wits about me, I’ll get some video of these encounters and post them on this site.

Thanks for reading! :)

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Animal Sex Stories-My First Time Animal Sex Part 2

Animal Sex Stories

Animal Sex Stories-My First Time Animal Sex Part 2

Animal Sex Stories-My First Time Animal Sex Part 2

This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
After that first time of him licking my cunt till I exploded all over his tongue and the floor. I had to get more I needed more. I couldn’t wait until I was alone so I could have him all to myself. Take my panties off. Spread my cunt lips wide for him and wait for his tongue to take me over. For him to fuck my pussy with his hot long red tongue, for him to lick my cunt of it’s juices to almost lick me dry. He had such an aggressive tongue. But it felt good. So good. I could cum over and over from him licking. I didn’t even have to touch my clit to cum. He was that good at licking me. There were even times it felt like his tongue was so deep inside me that he was touching my g-spot. I’m not sure that he was but there were those times that it felt like it.

This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
He could make my clit swell up like a little cock. So thick and hard like.
So I decided it was only fair if I would jack him off since he was getting me off so often and so good. I reached down between his legs … this after he had made me cum several times … I touched the skin containing his big cock. It started getting hard … peeking out at me … just a little … making me want more of it and him. The more I stroked the more of his cock came out and was getting harder, thicker and dripping a bit. I reached my head under his belly so that I could lick the tip and see just what his cum tasted like. It was very warm, a little thin and salty. But nice I wanted and needed more. I stroked him more and more … out came his cock … nice thick, veiny and very red and getting harder … making me wetter than I already was from his tongue bath of my cunt earlier. I opened my mouth and took more of him into my wet mouth. He started humping my mouth enjoying his first blow job. So did I. I reached between my legs and fingered my very hard erect clit … rubbing it harder and faster wanting to cum again as I blew his big red cock.
This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
He humped up and jammed his cock deep in my throat gagging me a bit … but I didn’t stop … I wanted all of him NOW and I knew he wanted me to keep sucking so I did … as I deep throated him his knot started banging at my mouth … I knew I couldn’t take that in my mouth also. Just to much cock for my mouth and throat … lol … but I wanted to … just wouldn’t fit …
He was so hard and fucking my mouth like a cunt. Shooting cum which I drank like water from him. I couldn’t get over how big and thick his cock was. I guessed 8 ½” with a knot about the size of a small apple? Very round pointy tip that I loved licking and tickling with my tongue. Not sure about the diameter … maybe like a banana thickness? Loved it … Loved Animal Sex …
This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for

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Animal Sex-Getting Hammered On A Hot Summer Day

Animal Sex Stories

Animal Sex-Getting Hammered On A Hot Summer Day

 This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for

After weeks of cold weather and rain, today was finally a gorgeous day! Temperatures reached above 80 degrees, and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. Since I had the day off I decided to spend my afternoon in the park, reading and taking in the sounds and smells of summer on a park bench.
I sat there for about 30 minutes when all of a sudden I heard a female voice enthusiastically scream my name from a distance. I looked up from my book and was pleasantly surprised to see that the girl calling my name turned out to be an old friend of mine, Danielle, from High School who I hadn’t seen in years. As she got closer I noticed how much she changed since parting ways after our graduation.
Danielle blossomed from a shy and awkward teenager to a very beautiful, classy looking young woman. She wore black satin heels and a white short sleeved button up blouse paired with a black skirt that fits her smooth and shapely body with tenacity. Her blonde hair was in a bun.

This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
After exchanging hugs and kisses she introduced me to her dog, a big and powerful looking rottweiler named Kimbo. After some small talk I invited Danielle to my apartment which is only a few blocks from the park, to catch up, and the three of us started walking. As we got closer to our destination I noticed that Kimbo was still intact, and couldn’t help but think of how he would taste and feel…I quickly came to my senses however and realized that would probably never happen.

We used the short walk to reminisce about the good old days and it didn’t take long before we reached my apartment. I opened the front door to let Danielle and Kimbo in, when all of a sudden her phone rang. It turned out that she and her husband own a sun & nail studio on the other side of town and they were having some kind of emergency. I could tell from the look on her face that Danielle was stressed, so I quickly chimed in by saying she could take my Vespa scooter and go there while I looked after Kimbo. ”Are you sure”, she asked me with a worried tone to her voice. ”Yeah I’m sure, I love dogs! Now go and save the day”, I answered while throwing her the keys to my Vespa. A couple of seconds later she slammed the door and sped off…I was all alone with her beautiful dog.

I took a couple of seconds to look at Kimbo, and he just reminded me of a tank. He stood strong and firm and exuberated confidence. His chest was broad like a bodybuilder. Almost immediately I felt that familiar tingly feeling I always get just before having sex, though I knew I shouldn’t do anything I’d regret.
After all I had no idea when Danielle would return. After a couple of minutes I went back into the kitchen to get a cold drink when I noticed Kimbo following me around. I stood leaning against the kitchen counter when all of a sudden he decided to inspect what was under my skirt ( I wore the exact same outfit as in my profile pic) and began licking my thighs and sniffing my crotch. Now you guys have to know that I stood dry for almost 7 months and I’m sure you can understand how my sex meter skyrocketed from 1 to 10. I was longing for a big red dog cock! I rolled up my skirt and pulled my panties to one side to allow Kimbo easier access to my most secret areas and gasped when he eagerly began to lick my spread pussy.

This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
This was too much! I wanted more, I wanted him in me! I don’t own a dog myself and this was an oppertunity I couldn’t afford to pass up. I kneeled infront of Kimbo and stroked his head. He licked my face and I let him, then I opened my mouth. His tongue slipped in between my lips and we started to french kiss. I had no idea when Danielle would return, but at that moment I just didn’t care. I quickly removed my top exposing my breasts and took of my panties, then I got on all fours and presented Kimbo my swollen, moist, pink cunt in all it’s glory.

At first he seemed to just want to lick me, so I let him continue while closing my eyes to imagine what his dick would feel like. Once in a while I reached back and jerked his cock to give him an idea what I wanted to happen. Finally I felt his weight on my back, which is alot more than any of the previous dogs I did! He was desperately looking for a warm hole to bury his cock in, but he had no idea what he was doing. It was quite obvious to me that Kimbo had no experience whatsoever. He kept poking around my ass and pussy and repeatedly jumped on and off my back. All of a sudden he pushed himself forward and the tip of his dick briefly entered my ass, which hurt like a son of a bitch! I let out a scream and jumped up from underneath him. He clearly needed some help. I got on all fours again and Kimbo mounted me. I reached back, grabbed his penis and positioned it at the entrance of my pussy.

He lunged forward and it slipped straight in. I couldn’t stop moaning ”Oh yeah fuck me, oh yeah fuck me”, again and again. Kimbo immediately began pounding away at my pussy, and the warmness of his cock filled my insides. I love that feeling of a dog swelling up inside my tight human vagina. I was getting more and more stretched when all of a sudden his movements came to a stop. I felt the pulsing of his dick inside my throbbing pussy and knew at that point he was trying to impregnate me, pumping me full of his cum. I was Kimbo’s personal cum dump for the next 10 to 20 minutes and knew that I had a problem if Danielle would suddenly ring my doorbell. The sensation of a dog ejaculating inside me however was too good to worry about anything, so I just closed my eyes and rested my head on my hands to enjoy this experience.

This REAL Animal story was exclusively written for
Kimbo making me his bitch felt like heaven to me but I desperately wanted to cum myself. I began grinding his cock by rocking my hips back and forth while rubbing my clit, and it didn’t take long for me to reach a very intense and mind blowing orgasm. After about 15 minutes I felt Kimbo starting to shrink somewhat, and he suddenly ”plopped” out of me. I felt his cum leaking out my cunt and ran down the inside of my legs, so I quickly got up ran to the bathroom and sat on the toilet pushing all his cum out (which was alot, trust me). I was just finished and got up to collect the rest of my clothes from the kitchen when all of a sudden I heard someone knocking on my front door….

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HomeMade Animal Sex Movie -Real Wife Fuck Dog

Dog Fucks Girl- Dog Fucks My Wife

 Real Wife Fuck Dogwife fuck and sucks dog cock
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

Watch the  HOMEMADE Animal Sex click image
ANIMAL SEX- Real Wife Fuck Dog

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My Real HomeMade Video, My Real Animal Sex Story for

My dirty minded husband has been dreaming for a long time to see his wife fucked by a dog. I refused all the time but that night I drank too much and on hearing my man saying – “I want to see my honey fucked by a dog” agreed to be a bitch for our fluffy dog.

Kneeling me he asked if I were scared I nodded. He blindfolded me and offered a glass full of whiskey. I felt warms spreading through my body. I stopped shivering and lustful juices flowed from my cunt. The dirty thought of me, the faithful wife, to be nailed by a horny dog made me soaking wet and wild with desire to feel the boner penetrating into me.

All of a sudden I felt quick tongue licking my pussy and I realized it was our pet. First moves were a bit curious I should say but then he got it that he was on the right way and I felt it enjoying the juices that were dripping from the cunt lips. His coarse and warm tongue was driving me crazy. It was devilish awesome!

Now I felt its feet on my shoulders and something hot hitting my buttocks. What I was definite in is that it was a hard dog’s cock. Trying to grab his cock I was stopped by my hubby who insisted that the dog would do all himself including fucking the hell out of me.

Having missed several times the boner finally and the very first penetration was deep enough to make me feel like as if it was reaching my chin from inside. I didn’t even have the chance to cry out when it started to move like a fucking hammer drilling my cum pit with all the power. A moan of pleasure slipped u lips alongside with tears but in a moment the pain was gone leaving the unbelievably awesome emotional charge.

The words of my dirty male “My wife is fucking a dog” kept on attacking my head and it was filthy if you think about it but from the other side I am telling you – You are not going to feel this fucking great in other form of copulations! So I gave in to the passion of my body and enjoyed the hard hammering of the dog’s wang. It was exciting me too much and there was nothing else that I could think of but a nice powerful orgasm. Trying to catch the lustful moment of incredible pleasure I missed the spot when the animal started to pour its white juice in me. He stopped all of a sudden and I felt all my cavity being filled with his dick. It was very pleasant. I tried to move a bit but I had no chance as it was holding me tight. It was a splendid scene with me, the loyal housewife, on my knees with a dog at my cunt and I can’t stop cumming.

I looked at my man with my lackluster eyes and saw him shooting all the process on camera with a satisfied smile on a raunchy face. He was holding his throbbing dick with the other hand and kept on jerking as the dog was fucking his wife. I could not utter a word but moan with delight. Then he came up to me and shoved his hard boner to my throat. Rough motions stuffed my mouth with horny meat and he was fucking my head even better than the dog did it from behind. The head of the cock was reaching my neck and it felt good. I enjoyed the brutal blowjob for some time when he took it out and cumshoted my face with powerful portions of hot sticky cum. My head, my face, my tits and hair were all covered with his sperm. The dog finally took his dick out of my vagina and I fell on the floor exhausted and satisfied like a dirty whore.

My man’s words kept on drilling my brain in a distant echo repeating “Fuck me, My wife is fucking a dog!”.

I love Animal Sex !
Boys, I am waiting on your commentaries! My pussy is becoming wet while I’m reading your comments. What video should I prepare for YOU next time? Don’t be shy! Tell me how you want it without beating about the bush. I am a dirty slut who wants to fuck! 😳

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HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Ooo yes, fuck me dog, don’t stop!

fuck me dog-Real  HomeMade video, Real Animal Sex Story

HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Ooo yes, fuck me dog, don’t stopfuck me dog, don’t stop-I’m a whore dog
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

Watch the  HOMEMADE Animal Sex click image
Ooo yes, fuck me dog, don’t stop!

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Real  HomeMade video, Real Animal Sex Story for

I am 42 years old. You can tell that I am a sexy mama with fine meaty boobs and a pair of kids. Unfortunately my hubby is a no macho man so I suffer serious temptation from time to time driving me wild. I started looking for all kinds of carnal satisfaction ad the first thing I did was experimenting with our dog. Boy, he’s got a good one. I was not totally giving in to the hound but those moment of copulation with a horny dog at my ass made me feel weird and delighted. I know I am a whore but a woman must be pleased once in a while for fuck’s sake!

To make my man jealous and horny at last to ram my flesh I speak dirty revealing the filthy fuck dreams to him but he is not interested in hardcore madness with me all wet and exhausted covered in sticky cum. I’ve got all the sexual power so the my homy dick has got no option but obey my fantasies and this time I invited a male whore to play with my cock hungry twat while my throat is busy sucking dog.

My man is right here recording all this indescribable fucking o camera for you to enjoy the raunchy action. Here are the rare moments of my happiness with a huge black guy fucking my cum pit and a fluffy lover at my face feeding its erected tool to my mouth. I can’t resist the boys so I call out my second name which is Whore. The sound of it makes me feel more excited. I know I am a bad ass girl but I love this group fucking with my cuckold man at the camera with a cock in his hand. I am sorry for the low video quality, my hubby must have been stroking his little wang too hard. Enjoy!

 HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Ooo yes, fuck me dog, don’t stop!

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