I Caught My Mom Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-I Caught My Mom Fucking With DogI remember that day as it was yesterday. There’s two days before my 19th birthday; I don’t know why but that morning I woke up and I feel horny as hell.

I can’t take my mind off “Zeus” fucking the hell out of me. As you all know a few months earlier I had my first k9 experience with “Zeus”, I’ve been practicing a lot with him since that day, now I have more experience I can approach him more easily. I’m now practicing “oral sex” and trying to do the “missionary position” that’s the more difficult part but he’s was learning fast, at that moment I wasn’t doing “anal sex”. That was one of my deepest desires for those days.

Going back to the story, when I woke up, my panties were all wet from my pussy juices. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower I took off my panties and I rush to wash them so my mom won’t notice anything strange.

Then I turn on the shower faucet and jump into the shower I remember that hot water running down my body, I took the soap and start to rub it on my chest and belly; at that moment I started to feel horny again. I began to rub my teats and pinch my nipples and then slowly run down my hand to reach my pink bald pussy.

When I reach my pussy, I started to rub my clit and with the other hand I spread my pussy lips and then I began to fuck my pussy with my fingers.

I took off the shower head and put it between my legs and that does the trick the running water does magic in my pussy, suddenly, I started to feel electric shocks running all my body the familiar cramps that I had every time I have an orgasm I start to come my knees where trembling. Wooow whaaat a rushhh! I love it! What a great thing to start the day.

Suddenly! My mom knocks the door: Honey, it’s getting late hurry up girl! She scares the hell out of me, I told her back: Ok, mom just one more minute and Ill finished! I took the towel and dry all my body, then put on my bath robe.

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And then when I was brushing my teeth’s I look at myself in the mirror and a devilish idea suddenly came to my mind, why not to stay at home and play with dog’s. I’ll be alone at home my mom had to work and my father, as usual, is in a business trip; what a wonderful idea!

My mom gives me my breakfast and she was talking to me a lot about my birthday party and what she plans to celebrate it, but my mind was in the fun that ill have today with my “lover”.

My mom gives me a ride to the college, in the way up se said to me: Honey what’s happened to you today? You look strange and distracted; do you have a problem? Is this all about your father not coming to your party?

No mom, I’m fine. I’m just a little tired that’s all. But in my mind I was battling with the urges to fuck with dog. The mere idea of that just started to make me horny and I feel my pussy juices running down.

She left me at the college gates; I remember said to her:
-“Bye mom had a good day, don’t worried about me I’ll be fine.
” My mom looked at me and said:
-“Are you sure honey.”

I looked at her and smile.

“Ok! (my mom said); see you later alligator!”

I walk out the car and she left. I watch her and wave my hand. And when she goes around the corner, I turned back home, thinking of the day of pleasure I’ll have ahead.

“I’m going to fuck your brains out dog’s.” I said.

I remember taking the bus, and on the way down home my mind was hooked in the events that I’ll experience that day with my “lover”. I’m getting very anxious and nervous when I was getting closer to home. Then something nasty hit me again I remember that in my last birthday my father gave me a video camera and I think that is a good idea to take a video of my lover and me; that’s makes me hornier.

I want to be a porn star (Animal Sex) for a day, a little souvenir to remember that special day in my life. At the bus stop I jump down and ran home. I look everywhere so the neighbors can’t see me going home. I go to the backyard door looking for dog and I can’t find him.

Oh, my God he ran out, it’s not the first time he does that! I think: “What a waste of time.” I was really mad I and start to cry I enter true the kitchen door so no one sees me. When I heard something familiar it’s the jacuzzi. “It’s on!” I said.

Then I walk up the stairs grab my father’s baseball bat and carefully walk down the hallway and I saw that my parent’s bedroom door partially open I take a brief look inside, when I heard my mom in my parent’s bath room talking with someone.

She said:


“Shit! my mom is having an affair.” I think. At that moment a heard a loud bark coming from the bathroom. For a moment I was in shock, she was talking to dog’s. “No way, my mom is with my lover.” I talk to myself. At that moment I felt jealous, she stole my lover.

My mom enters the room wearing a bathrobe followed by dog wagging his tail and sniffing her body. My mom said to him:

“Let’s see how well trained you are”. Those words hit me hard “Zeus” is trained for what?

I’m getting nervous. She blows my mind, those words turning inside my brain.

She walks to her bead and drop in the floor her bathrobe; she was completely naked. I never saw my mom naked, for her age (38 years), has a beautiful athletic body (that’s because she spend most of her free time in the gym), she’s a brunette, 5 foot 8 inches tall, her hair touches her shoulders. I saw her reflection on the closet mirror like doors, I envy her breast a double D size bubs she has a perfectly tan body, has a big round pair of cheeks and a bald, bulky pink pussy that looks just like mine. I was in shock “Dam I want to look like her”.

As soon as she drop her bathrobe dog plunge his nose between my mom legs, “Heyy, boy! You have a cold nose, stop boy don’t be so anxious. Sit! I know that the sound of the jacuzzi excites you” she said.

(“What, the sound of the jacuzzi excites him”. I think. “Now I get it he was trained to fuck my mother.” Now I understand why my father doesn’t want me to be alone in the house with the dog and he forbids me to use the jacuzzi when they are out.)

“Zeus” sits and he’s so excited that starts barking and moves his front paws up and down. She turns around and looks under the bed mattress and open a secret compartment in the bed frame and grabs a huge 10 inches long dildo and a bottle of lubricant.

My mom sits on the edge of the bed and pour some lubricant on the dildo and rubs some on her pussy, and then she laid back and spread her legs wide open and said: “Common boy, do your job.”

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Dog’s jumps into action and starts licking my mom’s pussy. While my mom sucks that big dildo like crazy and rubs her breast with the other hand, at every stroke of his tong my mom started to moan first it’s a faint cry and then louder and louder.

As I watch the scene I felt my pussy hotter and hotter and its getting wet my pussy juices start running down my legs I took off my skirt and began to rub my pussy as my mom and I started climaxing I rub my pussy faster and faster my panties are soaking wet I saw my mom face turning red a vein in her forehead started to came up and she began to arch her back and then her legs and her feet’s and toes.

She drops the dildo and starts to moan louder while she grabs “Zeus” head and then BUMMM!! she explodes in a shower of cum wetting the dog’s face, as she comes I started to cum too we both are gasping for air, my knees fail and I drop on the floor.

I saw dog approaching to the door and start barking I hesitate for a moment and hide; my mom call him back “Silly dog, why you are barking for. We are alone common and finish your job.” I take a moment to regain my senses back, when I was completely recovered I sneak back to the door and see my mom kneel down with her face and arms on the edge of the bead
and “Zeus” liking her pussy clean.

She grabs the dildo and shoved in her vagina and starts to stroke it in and out while the dog tong licks her ass.

She turned around and grabs the dog’s dick and started to stroke with each stroke its starts to grow bigger and bigger and “Zeus” starts to hump back in her hand saying precum all over her hand.

Then she said: “Now you are ready, boy.” She rubs her cum covered hand and rubs it in her ass fingering her butthole; then she turns back to the edge of the bead and slaps her left buttock and said: “Common boy fuck my ass.” “Common dog fuck my ass”

I can’t believe what I’m seen, my mom is going to get fuck in the ass, I said: “Watch and learn you are next.” I look aside for a moment, when suddenly dog’s mount her, in an instant he start to hump searching for her butthole but he can’t find “it” and starts to hump in her buttocks. Then mom open her legs a little bit and lift dog dick hips up and that does the trick he enters her with a big hump.

My mom cries in pain for a moment and said: “Easy boy, easy. That’s your master’s slave, our master will be pleased to know who well you treat her slave.

While I see that scene my pussy starts to drip again my breath start to go faster and faster I put my hand in my panties and rub my clit and with my other hand my boobs pinching my nipples.

I saw true the mirror the end point of the dildo inside my mom’s pussy, and the huge dock dick entering in and out her butthole. My mom starts to moan in pleasure the love juices are running down from her asshole true her pussy and dripping on the floor.

I look at the end of dog’s cock and saw his knot growing in size as a baseball, he trust faster and faster he’s knot is burying inside my mom’s asshole, she gasp for air and moan:


With that scream the knot goes all the way in she grabs the bed sheets and starts to bite them furiously, again her face turns red and the vein in her fore head began to pop up.

I manage the way to cum too. Dog’s stopped humping and I saw my mom grabbing both dog’s legs, she stand still for about 20 min. when “Zeus” stars to move and unmounts her and began to pull her out I heard a pop and he pulls his knot out and a rush of cum flows from my mom’s but, she drop to the floor and let the dog lick her up.

I stood up and ran to my room grab my skirt a new pair of panties and walk away trying not to get noticed. I exit the house true the kitchen door and came back home one hour later.

I enter through the backdoor again and notice that dog’s was in his kennel, I walk to pet him and said in his ear: “I know what you and mom are doing today, next time it’s my turn. I love you boooyy!”

And that’s what I see, my mom didn’t know at this time that I catch her with
our pet.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Mom Sucking Dog CockAnimal Sex-Mom Sucking Dog Cock
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Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic

Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnicAmateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic
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