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Watch on Nice girl suck dog dick for cum.  Wild dogs can be tamed, and one of the best ways to tame them would be to make them feel really good. Of course that means letting them have hot, dirty sex.

With no female dogs around, it’s up to this kinky zookeeper to get the job done by herself.
It’s more dangerous to have them hump her from behind, where she can’t watch them, so she’s going the oral sex route.

First, she lets them smell her between her legs so that they can see that she’s not a threat and that she’s in heat.
Then sucking their dog dicks leaves them relaxed and panting with pleasure.

And when they finally squirt their load of dogcum in her mouth, she can see that they’re definitely starting to bond with her. After all, she’s their bitch now.The dog finishes cumming in her mouth then she starts sucking the dog dick again.

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Girl Sucking Big Dog Cock, Female Human vs Male German Shepard

Animal Sex

Cute teen asian sucks red dog dick
Duke Becomes My Endurance Exercise Partner, Female Human/Male German Shepard

Today it makes me sad to report that I have zero canine sperm inside my vagina. They are all in my stomach.

Here is how those sperm all got into my stomach.

As I mentioned in a recent e-mail to my mailing list members, I’ve begun using Duke as a method of increasing my blowjob endurance, so I can give blowjobs for a longer period of time if a guy is taking a little longer than normal to come.

As most of you should know, I strongly dislike giving Duke blowjobs because there’s no sexual gain for me and the positioning required to take a dog in the mouth is just too damn awkward. None of these have changed lol.

I’m going to just suck it up (heh) and deal with it the way most people deal with things that don’t give them an immediate pay off. I’m going to remember the long term benefit of being able to really pleasure a guy with my mouth.

This Animal sex story as Sexy teen sucking a dog cock was exclusively written for

I decided to take the day off from school since the week after Spring Break is usually pretty damn chill and everything I’m missing I’ll still have a few days to turn in anyways.

After doing some home workouts in my living room, I was dying for some release. I hadn’t fucked dog’s since Thursday and wasn’t with any human person since Saturday.

I took him to the bedroom already knowing I was going to be practicing my blowjob endurance with him today.

We start off like normal, I’m naked on my bed, legs spread. He gives my pussy some licks, but it’s not necessary, I’m as wet and horny as possible. I cut the licking short and just get on my hands and knees and tell him to get on the bed. He jumps up with me and immediately begins trying to mount me.

His furry paws on my hips and his furry stomach on my back. The back of my thighs feel the soft fur on his legs. What I feel most though is his sheath poking into my butt cheeks and thighs, trying desperately to find my vagina.

Duke is an experienced alpha male and doesn’t take long to find where my pussy opens up for his seven inch dick. Once the tip of doggy dick feels a slight give in resistance, he pushes it harder. And because of his experience, he already knows the lack of resistance means he’s right where he needs to be. My pussy lips easily spread open as dog dick gets pushed further and further inside my body.

I lift my head up in pleasure as I feel dog’s dick sliding inside me. Then I lower my head as he very forcefully begins to thrust his hips backwards and forwards. Sliding dog’s dick in and out of his bitches pussy. I feel him breathing hard on the back of my neck as he energetically fucks my pussy like he feels is his right as the alpha male, no doubt.

This Animal sex story as Nice girl suck dog dick for cum was exclusively written for

It feels so good to have dog dick so far inside me, pounding me hard. I have to remember though to stop him from knotting with me. Luckily I do remember this.

He stops his hip thrusting and I quickly react and use my right hand to gently hold doggy dick in place as I move my body and pussy off him.

I tell him to stay and quickly lay down next to him and start taking dog dick in my mouth. I purse my lips tightly together and let dog’s dick part these lips as I move my forward and slightly upwards along dog’s dick. He stands perfectly still, letting dog bitch continue to please him.
Normally when I suck dog’s dick, which is not often, I just leave his dick in my mouth and let him shoot dog’s semen and just swallow when necessary. Now though since I’m using this as blowjob practice, I make a concerted effort to use my mouth to stroke dog dick. Move my head back and forth with one hand gently holding dog’s dick at a good angle as my lips easily slide along his red seven incher.

My mouth starts to get a little full of his sperm, so I have to stop for a short bit while I swallow up his semen, but I go back to it and continue moving my head and lips back and forth. I do this for about 20 minutes straight: Move my lips back and forth along dog dick, stopping only for a few seconds to swallow dog’s sperm, then continuing.

By the time dog’s knot finally started to recede and he stopping producing semen, my neck, back and shoulders were all killing me. He happily jumped off the bed and cleaned himself up, whereas I laid flat on my back on my bed, letting my muscles rest.
This Animal sex story as Sexy teen sucking dogcock was exclusively written for

I know that in the coming days his knots will not be lasting a full 20 minutes. The only reason he lasted so long today was because as mentioned earlier, he hadn’t gotten any action for three full days.

When we went at it again half an hour later, he was almost back to normal and only took about 15 minutes. And we’re about to go at it again for our third time today and I’m expecting him to last only about 10 minutes.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY

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My kinky wife adopts a big black dog to fuck with him

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Hot amateur cunt fucked by dog on I never told I was a perfect husband, but even with all the drawbacks I have I did not deserve to be treated like that!
I upload this vicious animal sex video featuring my wife fucking with a big black dog to make the dirty bitch just as unhappy as she made me!

I have always considered my wife to be as good as gold. When she decided too adopt a dog from an animal shelter, I was sure I am married to an angel. Imagine my shock and disgust when I came back home one afternoon to see my wife fucking with her pet!

I stood there frozen with horror and did not know what to do. Then I shouted out the slut’s name scaring her to death, grabbed my camera and made her continue fucking with the dog and sucking his big purple cock.

I placed this animal sex video for everyone online to see the slut’s vicious face. I divorced her to following day. I want to warn all men who have big dogs at home – make sure your wife does not fuck your dog when you are away.

I am sure you will not be happy to shaft the same pussy where an odd-looking canine tool has been working a couple of hours ago!

Nice ANIMAL SEX VIDEO!!! Great wish we could see the hole thing when he explodes in her mouth

Animal Sex Review from Bigger

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Young Girl Sucking Dog Cock On Webcam

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on A beautiful masquerade masked girl sucks her dog’s cock on webcam and  getting her first dog cum taste.

This young girl been waiting for this day for some time now.  It’s her first dog cock oral andthough she knows what to do, she’s still hesitating a bit.

But she really wants to do it.   It’ll make her pet really happy, and it’s so kinky that she’s sure it’ll bring her a lot of pleasure too.

When she finally gets some of that dog cock in her mouth, she can’t believe the pleasure she’s feeling.

The warmth from between her legs is spreading all over her body as she shows just what a good zoophile she is. She’s  Zoophile Dogcock Sucking

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Two dirty-minded sluts share the dick of a dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Two pretty lesbians have a sex dog on ANIMALSEXFUN.COM.  People like big clever dogs for many reasons – a question of prestige, their grace and beauty, incredible loyalty, protection qualities, participation in different competitions, etc.

But only the most perverted ones risk using larger dogs for their kinky animal sex games.
Even if you had seen many stories where vicious babes went to far and fucked with dogs and even horses, this thrilling sex adventure will definitely take you by surprise.

As you know, people use their back yards for arranging picnics and open-air parties, but these two lustful sluts install a large sofa there to make a comfortable place where their kind huge dog can fuck their hairy hungry pussies far away from curious eyes of their relatives and neighbors.

See the naughty horny babes taking their panties off and getting hold of an impressive canine cock.
See them sucking the throbbing dog’s dick and riding it in turns until the poor beast becomes totally exhausted. Behold dirty smiles of delight on their faces and broaden your horizons of animal sex perception.

These amazing cocklovers have a real passion for animals. These beautiful lesbian girls like sucking hard dog cocks together.

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Dog Wakes Girl or Jacking Off Some Dog Dick

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Nice girl asleep in bed. Her dog jumps up on to the bed. He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention. Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch. She moves her hand away and starts to stroke the dogs head. She jacking off dog dic.

She has a naughty look on her face, you can see what she is thinking (should I touch him again?). She looks sheepish but her hand goes down again, but this time she is rubbing it the little red end is coming out. She seems to be shocked and pulls back her hand. She looks so surprised after a couple of seconds she finds herself feeling between her legs she is dripping wet. Now she knows she liked what had just happened.

She offers her wet hand to the dog and murmurs would you like to taste me? The dog is licking her hand and she is feeling so naughty but she is not going to stop that long tongue is cleaning every drop of her off her hand; she has the other hand up her love hole she swops hands and the dog is loving it. Girl has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it. Girl brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand. She is panting her chest feels like it is going to burst wow what a feeling.

The dog is licking her cunt and it feels out of this world. The tongue is going deep she cannot believe the sensation she is out of control and starts to play with the dogs cock he is about six inches, the dog starts to fuck her hand she is struggling to keep a hold of his doggy cock before girl can do anything the dog is squirting all over her she cannot stop him his doggy cum is over her neck and chin she is trying to push his cock away but he is to strong and thrusts forward and dog cock touches her lips.
She jumps back and leaves go of the dog, not believing what she has just done but it felt brilliant. Let’s see if she goes further the next time

She goes down stairs to make a cup of coffee, the dog does not leave her side. The dog goes into his bed and has that puppy dog look.

She sits down and starts to dream about what has just happend (did it really happen) yes was the thought as she was wet again just thinking about it. The dog cum on her neck and chin.
Stop I must stop this she told herself. I need to get some air so she got the lead and set off to her normal walk with the dog.
She lived close to a wood were there were picnic areas for people to sit as the dogs ran round the woods.

She normally walked to the picnic tables and back to her house (she could sit and the dog would wonder off and keep coming back. Nothing changed this morning as she sat watching the dog her mind started to go back to the event in the bed. She was wet again she could feel the cool of the air between her legs.

She did not know how but her hand was playing with her private parts (she did not remember thinking I would like to play with my self).
There were people around what was she doing all she could think of was the doggy cum on her neck and chin.
She starting to think about the red cock touching her lips and the taste of the dog cum, it was a bit salty but she thought it had like a metallic taste not a bad taste just hard to explain.

She looked around and there was no one there she shouted for her dog. He came back and went under the table and was licking between her legs.
The feeling was so strong she was breathing heavy her lungs were exploding. She had moved her knickers to one side and the dog was licking her love hole and her fingers.
God this was so naughty but what a great felling she opened her lips more to let the dog in, he did not wait his tongue was in as far as he could get it. She was still thinking I must be dreaming “I cannot be doing this”.

Then it happened a wave of pleasure that she had not experienced before. She yelped like a puppy, what a shock she looked around lucky there was no one there. She thought that was good she did not want to stop and she did not she opened her legs as wide as she could and give one big shout “goooooood boyyyyyyy” she could not believe what she had just done.

Just then a couple came to the area she thought had they heard or had they been watching. She put herself right got the dog out of under the table and walked away quickly. She rushed home did they see her she did not know “ I will not be able to go back there”.

She was home and feeling safe; wow this is feeling so naughty she lay down on the sofa the dog lay down beside her and she just stroked him gently. She started thinking how exciting it had been.
If they had seen her it must have turned them on because they came close to her, did they try to see more.
She had stopped feeling guilty, her thoughts turning to how she had give them something incredible to chat about when they got home. I bet they will try it with their dog. She started to dream what would have happened if she had let them catch her.

ANIMAL SEX The day dream

The couple comes close to the table; the dog is still between her legs. She is feeling nervous the woman (she looks about 35 yrs young) ask; could she sit beside her while her husband walks the dog. The girl (is 23yrs young) says yes not knowing what to do (the dog is still licking her love lips under the table). She quickly pulled he skirt down her legs (the dog was still not moving she covered his head with her skirt).

They must have been watching her. The woman sits beside the girl and swings her legs under the table. Wow she says that’s a nice dog he looks like he likes pussy. Yes I have been trying to stop him but he will not stop.

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The woman stoops down let me help you she pulls the girls skirt up and pulls the dogs head towards her. She opens her legs she has no knickers on the dog starts to lick the woman. “there he is a good dog you were right when you shouted”. You and your husband have been watching me! yes we could see everything. Just then the woman gave off a sigh he is good.
Do you fancy going into the bushes? We have a super spot just up there were my husband and I have sex. No one can see but we can see people passing us very close. It is very exciting.
The girl says yes she is spell bound. They don’t walk far when the woman says in here. There does not seem a way into the bushes but the woman pulls away the bush and there is enough room to go behind the bush.

How I Became A Doggie Bitch Whore

When they get behind there is a nice bit of green grass not big but big enough to lay down. She could see the path through the bushes but the woman said they cannot see us in here. The lay down and the woman lifted her the girls skirt up and took her knickers off.

The girl was shaking with anticipation (what was she going to do to her). She got the dog and started to patting the girls pussy, come on you know you want this. The dog was there like a shot the girl could not get her legs open any further. The woman pulled the dog round so it was in 69 position she was kneel down in full control, the woman was playing with the dogs cock right over the girls face.
The girl was enjoying every second of it. (The girl paused she did not know where these thoughts were coming from.

This morning was the first time she had touched her dog let alone have sex with him. She carried on stroking the dog as she lay on the sofa and carried on with her day dream). The woman was making sure the girls lips were open and the dogs tongue was going deep.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

She was telling the girl you are his bitch as she was wanking the dog. The girl was looking up at this big red hard cock being played with by the woman and feeling her dog licking her love socket wow. She was told to kiss the cock which she did without question.
She was told that looked good you bitch, put him in your mouth. This again she did without question the dog gave her a squirt she pulled back. The woman said what you doing he is given you his doggy cum open your mouth and drink. Her mouth was soon full and she had to swallow (the woman was telling her drink you bitch love your dog) she was in ecstasy doing what she was told.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

WOW she came out of her fantasy her body was in the middle of waves of pleasure she was jerking. Her muscles in her love socket were going wild and she was not touching herself (it was just one wave after another with no control). She was feeling sensations all over her body and she could not stop them this went on for a long time she was soaking.
She needed to go to bed. As she walked up the stairs she could feel her lips rubbing and she was still cummmmmmming. She got into bed and just thought what a day the dog jumped on to the bed and lay beside her.

How I got into K9 sex, 20 years ago

Her thoughts just kept going over the day and that fantasy where did that come from how did I cum without touching myself? One thing after another then she fell asleep.

What will happen the next day its Sunday and she will have all day with her dog.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

This dog is loving to be jurked this way. dog can probably go for hours like this also she is holding it from the right spot behind the knot. Really sexy, her nipples are sexy and so is his sexy cock

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Hot woman uses her dog’s enormous cock

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)You know that sultry babes always feel lonely while their husbands are away making money for them. When a young hot brunette was begging her strict husband to buy her a dog she had no idea what kind of true friend she would get!
As a tiny puppy was growing, it became clear that something is wrong with him. He had a kind of swelling in his crutch. When the worried girl took the pup to the vet, the doctor said that the dog has a rare animal anomaly – hyperpenis.  A vicious idea was forming in the chick’s sex-obsessed brain! And when finally the dog’s cock became larger than her husband’s lawful member, the kinky babe made up her mind and seduced the dog!

Sultry amateur slut liked big and hot dog dick deep in her mouth and pussy so much than her wicked-minded games with the pet became regular! Watch the most mind-blowing animal sex scenes featuring dirty adventures of the vicious babe and her pet in every thrilling detail. See the naughty lady sucking the dog’s cock and letting it deep inside her willing pussy!

This is a great ANIMAL SEX clip on What makes it so good is that you can tell this slutty woman really enjoys sucking dog cock. Plus the cock on this dog is very nice. I am a young girl and I do not like oral sex but watching this makes me want to suck a dog dick.

Animal Sex Review from Adonia

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Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog
I have to admit, I have been a member of this site for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories, seeing the videos and am very jealous because I don’t have a dog or any plans of getting one in the future. I work all day and travel a great deal. It is a lifestyle that would be fair to the kind of dog I would like to have.

Thus said, I have lived out my fantasies vicariously through your stories in the hopes of meeting someone local, (Southeast coast of Virginia) and establishing a “playtime” relationship.

I was complaining to one of my male friends about 3 months ago about my lack of sex play, and he offered, (as any good friend would), to help me out, all for therapeutic purposes, of course.  :)

So I headed over to his house one evening, slightly nervous, with an offering of a case of Corona, a couple of limes and the hopes of ending the evening with a bit of the tension I had been living with escaping me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

He greeted me at the door, and we sat down in his very well appointed living room. His entire waterfront home had been decorated professionally and was just beautiful.
We chatted about work for a few minutes, sipping the beers, and he smiled and brought up what was on both of our minds. We had been friends for years and he was right about it being silly for me to be nervous about the evening.

The beer was helping me to relax and I did admit that I was very excited and curious about what would happen. He asked me if I trusted him, said that of course I did, and he nodded and told me to follow him.

We walked up to the second floor master bedroom, a large luxurious room with a large four poster antique bed and a large set of glass French doors that looked out over the water. He turned to me and told me in a very gentle tone of voice to remove all of my clothes and lie down on the bed. I did so, feeling less than confident, but felt better when he commented on my figure.

I have always been uncomfortable with my 40d breasts, they seem too large to go with my size 8 figure, but I can’t really do anything about heredity. I walked over to his bed and laid out on the soft comforter.

He sat down next to me and we talked about my desires. He had known that I enjoyed being tied up and restrained for a long time. He gently suggested tying up my wrists to the head posts of the bed for a start, and then pushed my knees up so that my completely shaved pussy was exposed.

He then wrapped my ankles with soft furry cuffs and tied them to 2 long straps that came up from the side of the bed. I was still very comfortable and getting wetter by the moment. He walked over to a large chest and took out a massaging vibrating unit, the kind you buy at any corner drug store. He plugged it in and turned it on. A low comforting hum filled the room, he started to slowly move it down my legs and it felt really good. He then slowly moved it up my inner thighs and my lower stomach, it kind of took my breath away.

He slowly moved it gently across my pussy and I gasped at the incredible sensations it was causing. He smiled and slowly moved it around my pussy area, not ever touching my clit, I was panting and moaning. He knew exactly what he was doing, he would bring me up to a level and then move it away, in this way he kept me hovered on the edge of an incredible orgasm for several minutes before stopping it completely.

I gulped and sputtered, begging him to continue, now all pretenses at any kind of maidenly modesty out the window, I needed to cum and I needed to cum hard!
He smiled and said that now it was time for honesty, he had borrowed my laptop about 6 months ago and had stumbled across my collection of videos I had downloaded from the site.

I was still breathing hard and hovering on the edge, but this was quite a bit of a shock! I had no idea that anyone had any idea of my secret desires and their canine direction.

He turned the vibrator back on and laid it on the side of my clit,
He told me to tell him what I wanted to do with a dog, I hesitated, I wanted that orgasm SO bad, maybe if I delayed him just a few moments more……

He pulled it away…..

“YES!”, I exclaimed, “Yes, I will tell you! Just please let me cum!”

He turned the vibrator off, saying he would tell me as soon as I told him everything. After all, I was rather immobilized, wasn’t I?

I figure I really didn’t have anything to lose, and he knew already, so, why not? I knew he had a 3 year old male black dog who had not been neutered, so maybe he had more in mind then what he was saying.

I gasped out that I had been watching the videos, joining a few websites and reading some letters, and really wanted to be licked to an orgasm by a dog and then maybe, if I didn’t get scratched I might be up for getting fucked by a large dog. It looked so good in all the videos, just hard pounding action, and all of the women looked as if they were really into it, not faking it at all.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

He smiled and told me that I should have told him this a long time ago…..he had been looking for a friend to enjoy his black dog with him…….I gulped……what do you mean, I asked, already knowing the answer.

He stood up and went to the bedroom door. He called for Jeb, a friendly, good natured, black Labrador retriever whom I have always had a lot of affection for.
I laughed nervously and asked him what he had in mind, he laughed and said just wait and see.

He led Jeb up to the bed and patted the comforter, Jeb took a large bound and landed on the edge of the king sized bed. His tail was wagging furiously, at his master’s command, he dropped to all fours and slowly crawled up to my thigh, giving it a quick lick.

Sensing that I would go along with it, he licked my thigh a few more times, each time getting closer and closer to my pussy. I was dripping wet, and I knew he could smell the essence of a bitch in heat just a few inches away from his nose.

Then it happened, he took a long lick from my pussy down to my ass, OH, God it felt soooooo good, he didn’t stop for a reaction, he knew he was home free and he was tasting and licking for all he was worth.

His rough tongue rubbed my clit and the entire vulva area ten times better than any vibrator and he kept doing it over and over, I felt the first of several orgasms sweep over me and was glad I was restrained or else I couldn’t possibly have stayed in that position. I started to moan,

“Good Dogggy”, “Oh God, Jeb, you feel so good, please don’t stop, Jeb, please don’t stop”,

and he didn’t, I was pouring out juices and he was licking them up as fast as I was producing them.

His long tongue was forcing itself up into my wet hole and I would start to cum again.

This went on for maybe 5-10 minutes, until I begged my friend to give me a rest….. He once again laughed and commented that it had to have been the sexiest sight he had ever had the privilege to watch. He untied my legs so I could extend them and rest.

I was amazed! I had never imagined that it could be anywhere near this good, I looked up at my friend and gasped that I had never felt like this before. He smiled again and said that it was the combination of all the sensations at once that had created the euphoria I was now feeling.

I gave a kittenish look and said, “so whats next?’ He laughed and said, I think you are ready now. Jeb was over in the corner and at the sound of his master’s whistle once again jumped up on the bed. I could see his doggy cock sticking out of his sheath.

Rob leaned over and began to rub dog’s cock coaxing more of it out of its sheath. Jeb stood near my head this time and Rob guided the large pink spear to my lips, Jeb hunched down a bit as my lips and tongue began their exploration of the new toy. Jeb stepped over my head so I was completely under dog cock and started to insert it into my mouth, filling it.

The taste dog dick was sweet and it felt so good and warm. I felt another sensation, a mouth on my pussy. I looked down and could see Rob looking up at me as he was licking my stressed and swollen clit.

Here I was, a so-called prude, with a black dog’s cock fucking my mouth and being eaten out by his owner. I was in seventh heaven, I felt another orgasm sweep over me and it felt incredible.

Jed pulled out and whined a bit in Rob’s direction, I was still lying there panting as Rob positioned Jeb between my legs and guided that huge weapon in to my very well lubricated pussy.

Shouls I continue 😉

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Woman sucks her dog’s cock and swallowing cum

Animal Sex

Woman sucks her dog's cock and swallowing cum
When I emerged from the bathroom Randall was clad in a long soft robe, and he was holding one for me as well. I slipped into it and we embraced again.
“Shall we have a bite to eat?” he offered.
“Sounds wonderful. I’m famished.”
Even though it was nearly dinner time Randall whipped up an omelet filled with peppers, mushrooms and some ham that was out of this world. We gobbled it down together, sitting there at his table, with Benson, Keeler and Hilton lying quietly at attention against the wall.
“May we talk about tomorrow for a moment?” he asked. “What time must you be up and gone?”
“I need to be on my way before ten. Out the door and ready. What about you?”
“About the same, actually. Should work out perfectly.”
“I’m looking forward to sleeping in your bed tonight,” I said pointedly.
He smiled. “Me too.”
“But the evening is still young,” I added cautiously. “And I’m wondering what my man has in mind for me next…”
He smiled again.
I looked over at the three dogs.
“You have two boys left now. And one opening that has not been visited so far. At least by them,” I added with a sly look.
That brought a third and bigger smile.
“Rebecca, you are an amazing girl. Your instincts are so well tuned.”
“Thank you. I’d say you are teaching me well,” I replied.
He just shook his head. “Well, you are one heluva student.”
“Thank you, sir.”
He paused a moment then said, “I thought we would take care of Keeler next, and I’d like to get some close-up footage I’ve been thinking of.”
“All right. What about Hilton?”
“Well, I was thinking perhaps tomorrow morning for Hilton. We’ll probably be in bed early.”
That should be interesting, I thought. I would start my work day off with a doggie fuck. I smiled at him.
“That sounds ideal,” I agreed.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I knew what was coming next and once again I reflected on the enormity of my thoughts and now my actions since I had met this handsome and interesting man. Nearly all my life I had looked at dogs as pets, man’s best friend, and not thought of them in any other way. Certainly never had I thought of sex and a dog together in any way.
But Randall had changed my life now. Mating with his dog had brought me to feelings I had never imagined. The pure physical lust. The erotic and taboo nature that was now leading my pathway was too enticing for me to resist at this point. I was over the brink. I was hooked now. Wherever this magnetic man was leading me I wanted to follow. It just seemed natural. One of his dogs had just finished coming inside me. Now I was going to take another dog in my mouth. I had almost no doubt that Randall would want Keeler to come in my mouth. Could I do this? I quickly suppressed all thoughts against it. It did not matter what the world might think. This was private. I could do this, and I WOULD.

He wanted the next scene filmed down in the living room, so I helped him carry the cameras and tripods down and set them up where Benson had taken me. I wondered if Randall would want me restrained this time. I got my answer when he slid the restraint apparatus aside and under the couch. It fit nicely under there.
So in addition to the other surveillance, he set up three cameras with lights behind them.
I knelt there on the floor, my robe still on, while Randall went upstairs and released Keeler, the big Rhodesian.
He was definitely the biggest of the three dogs, with short smooth fur that was light brown in color. His height was such that it would be easier for me to get underneath him and I would have more room to move as well.
Randall brought him right up to me and commanded him to sit, which he did.
“Keeler, this is my friend Rebecca,” he said. “Shake.”
He lifted his right paw.
“Hello, Keeler,” I said in friendship as I took his paw in my left hand.
Cameras were running now.
“Keeler is a very good kisser, my dear. If you pet his ears he will know that you want him to kiss you.”
I wasn’t quite expecting this, but it seemed appropriate, so I released his paw and went for his ears.
“Thaaaaaat’s the boy Keeler. Would you like to kiss me?” I asked.
Saying this as I rubbed his ears, I opened my mouth and extended my tongue. To my surprise I was met immediately with his, which was long and pink and incredibly large.
As our tongues met I was instantly amazed. The surface of his tongue was like nothing I had ever touched before, at least not with my own tongue. It was like a softened sandpaper that pulled you to it and made you want to stay connected with it as it sent a warm buzz right from the tip of my tongue to the toes on my feet. It was amazing!

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My tip touched the open flat of his and he let me feel along the willing top of it, sliding along the valley toward his mouth while I explored from side to side at the same time. It was wonderful. It was warm and wet and sensuous. It was almost as if he knew exactly what I wanted, and he let me go on until I reversed direction, backing slowly along the curve until I was near the tip again.

Then his tongue curled around mine as he wrapped my much smaller muscle in his own, gripping it firmly, then sliding back to the tip where our two tips played with one another. Then he repeated the motion. I was nearly stunned.
“That’s perfect, just perfect,” Randall said softly as he took a hand-held camera and moved it in for a closeup.

My tongue tip continued touching Keeler’s for a long lingering moment then I leaned forward again, wanting more of him. Seeming to understand he stretched out his tongue again, lowering it and offering its broad top surface to me.
I moved in closer, bending forward and letting my tongue extend out and downward, touching his with the top surface of mine. My nose and tongue both connected with his tongue and my forhead almost reached his nose as I lapped his tongue with mine. I moved my head up slightly, lapping his tongue again as he caught on and we lapped each other, pink to pink, head to head, his warm breath on my face as we continued our wet kiss.

“Beauuuuutiful,” went Randall.

“Umm HMMM,” I responded.
Pulling back slowly I said, “My God, his tongue is marvelous. Wow.”
“I thought you would think so. How about just a little more…this time without your robe.”

“Fine with me,” I agreed.

I slipped off my robe, kneeling before Keeler completely naked. Then it was one of the highest compliments I have ever been paid.
Keeler looked at me. We both saw it. The cameras caught it. There was no doubt. Keeler, the dog, looked me up and down, taking inventory of my naked body, even though I was not even of his species. I just knew that this acknowledgement was a special thumbs up for what I had to offer him. He didn’t stare or ogle, but he noticed. It was a remarkable moment.
Randall commented first.

“He likes what he sees.”
I smiled and nodded gratefully. “I’m humbled by the compliment.”
“It is extraordinary, but I’m not surprised,” said my friend.
“I’M surprised. And I’m touched.”
“AND, you’ve gotten the right reaction.”
I quickly looked down and sure enough, Keeler’s cock had emerged, at least partly, from its furry covering, pointing up at me.
“Ohhhh,” I said gently, warmed by the sight of it. It was bright red, almost pink. It was thicker than Benson’s, and I was sure it would be longer. It wasn’t quite as pointed, and I could see the piss-slit in the tip where his load would emerge. Into my mouth.
“It’s beautiful, Randall. Has it been long for him?”
“Over a month. He will have plenty for you.”
I looked at the dog. “Oh, you poor baby,” I said moving back up to him. “I’m here to help you tonight.”
Randall smiled at my statement.
He lifted the camera.
Then I moved back in and we started again, tongue tips touching first, exploring and wrapping, and then lapping, which we both did more aggressively the second time. Randall filmed up very close, then backed up a little and panned down my naked body, then back up again to where Keeler’s tongue and mine were lapping once more.
By the time we moved apart I was so turned on I could hardly wait to satisfy this dog.

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As we slowly eased apart now, Randall knelt before me.
“That was wonderful, my dear, just wonderful,” he said.
I noticed that there was a camera aimed at both of us as he spoke to me.
“Are you ready for the next part of our adventure, my sweet?”
“I think so,” I said softly.
As I spoke his right hand rose and the forefinger touched my bottom lip.
“Your mouth is so beautiful.”
“Thank you,” I said calmly.
“Are you ready to try something new in there?”
I could tell he was leading me, so I responded in kind.
“Yes, sir. I’m ready to try something new in my mouth.”
“And do you know what I have in mind?”
“Yes, Mr. Mears, I believe you would like to see a dog’s cock in my mouth. This dog.”
“And he’s a beautiful dog, Rebecca, and you’re right. I WOULD like to see dog’s cock in your lovely mouth.”
“I must tell you, sir, that my lips have never touched a doggie’s cock.”
He smiled gratefully. “I’m very happy to hear that, Reba. And we want to keep the doggie’s cock in your mouth long enough for him to come…to come in your mouth.”
My eyes closed at the words.
“Are you……willing……?”
I opened my eyes, forcing them to look into his steadily.
“Yes………I am willing.”
“And what will happen when Keeler comes in your mouth, my dear?” he pressed.
I closed my eyes and said, “I will swallow, sir. I will swallow.” Then I added, “All of it.”
“That’s lovely, my sweet.”
That said, he turned to Keeler and commanded him to heel.
The big dog stood before us, facing Randall with me on his left.
“Good boy. Now stay!”
He then held up a small glass bottle and removed the top, letting the scent escape from the liquid inside.
I immediately looked down at Keeler’s cock, which was still partly emerged. As Randall handed the little bottle across to me I could see that the dog had caught the scent already. He made a soft doggie sound and the pink shaft started to grow in length, rising like a Phoenix from its furry home.
I kept my eyes glued to it while I applied a dab of the liquid to my chest, then my belly and then reached around to the small of my back. By this time Keeler was fully erect and he had to be at least eight inches before the pink bulb at the base, which was also now evident.
“My God,” I gasped. “He is beautifully endowed, isn’t he.”
“Yes, he is. He certainly is.”

We were both kneeling straight up and Randall moved to Keeler’s right, opposite me, and adjusted a camera.
“All right, my dear, I want to film from this angle mainly, and from this side.”
I rested my hand on Keeler’s back.
“You want me under him from here?” I asked.
“Yes, I think so.”
I lowered to the carpet then, putting my left forearm down as I lowered my head, moving it under Keeler’s chest.
Randall was kneeling at the same level on the other side, Keeler’s right, holding a camera steady with another one next to him on a tripod.
dog’s big red cock was right there before me.
I looked at it, then at the camera, then at Randall.
Randall spoke: “Is that comfortable for you, my dear?”
I turned my face toward the point of the shaft. My right hand was free, but it was a little awkward.
“I think I should be…..” I turned and put my left hip down onto the soft carpet, still resting on my left forearm. “That’s better,” I said. My right arm was still free and I could move more easily.

“Looks good from here.” Then he added, “Stay, Keeler.”
“You’re all set then?” I asked.
“All set.”
I nodded, then turned my attention toward the pink point that was before me. My right hand came up, hesitated for just a moment, then my palm cradled the shaft gently from underneath.
I was instantly rewarded by a pulse of stiffness as Keeler felt my fingers touch him the first time.
Mesmerized by the sight of the stiff muscle before me, I slowly let my fingers encircle it, coming up from below. The skin was very soft, in contrast to the stiffness underneath it, and naturally very sensitive to my touch. It was slightly moist and warm and I moved my fingers back toward the swelling bulb, wanting to feel that.
Just then a small stream of liquid slipped out of the tip and fell to the carpet below us. It just missed my left hand.
“Pre-come,” whispered Randall in explanation.
I moved the fingers of my right hand to the tip and moved my left hand hoping to catch the next stream if there was one.
I gently caressed the head of Keeler’s rod, trying to coax some more pre-come from him.
I was soon rewarded and another sliver came forth, missing my right fingers but landing squarely in my left hand.
I dipped my right fingers into the small pool in my left hand and felt the slippery liquid, then lifted it up to help lubricate Keeler’s shaft as my fingers encircled it once again.
Again I felt him stiffen.
Again a small drabble of pre-come fell into my hand.
I felt the massive stiff shaft and then the bulb below it, feeling the pulsing through my fingertips. It was fully engorged, ready and waiting to find satisfaction as I saw it before my face. It was time.
I turned my head slightly, then moved it forward, my lips about an inch from the cockhead.
I parted my lips just a little, moistening them with my tongue.
Pursing them then, I leaned in and kissed the point of pink.
I leaned back and kissed it again.
Randall was filming two inches from our point of contact.
I kissed it a third time and just as I did I was rewarded with another small sliver of pre-come. It caught my lips, moistening them. At first my head jerked back instinctively. But then my tongue came out and found the wetness on my lips.
I moved back in, this time placing my lips solidly around the tip of Keeler’s erection. Then slowly, slowly, slowly, I eased forward, letting my lips open and spread, as I took the first dog cock of my life into my mouth.
With the camera right next to my head I kept moving forward.
I felt the pink shaft throbbing again with stiffness as my lips curved around its width, while the tip went past my teeth, into the cradle of my tongue and reached toward the back of my mouth.
I kept going with the same slow determination as the cocktip touched the roof of my mouth and my tongue supported the massive thickness that was now filling me.
My mouth was now fully open as I felt the pink point slide along the top of my palate moving toward my throat. I kept leaning into it, determined to go as far as I possibly could.
I felt another small cascade of pre-come, but I had to ignore that for now.
Feeling the cockhead begin to press into the opening of my throat I tilted my head back a little more, opening the canal for its first canine visitor. My right hand was now cradling the bulbous knot at the base of his shaft.
Deeper and further went the shaft, disappearing more and more from view as Randall watched and filmed with amazed excitement.
I pushed my head forward now, feeling the hardness of the muscle as it seated firmly in the back of my throat closing off my windpipe.
“My God,” I heard Randall whisper.
I pushed still further, feeling the pole actually going down my throat a little, and still determined to take more. I would go until I gagged.
My lips were within an inch of Keeler’s knot, so I gave one final thrust forward, trying to reach it and touch it with my lips.
I just made it! My lips touched the beginning just as my gag reflex took over.
“ULLLLPPP!!” I went as I was forced backward along the shaft with my gag.
I took a deep breath, then another, closing my eyes.
I swallowed, taking Keeler’s pre-come.
“Brav-OHH, my dear. That was soooo beautiful.”
I smiled with my eyes and tried to nod, then backed up and swallowed again.
I slipped off and said, “Thank you,” in a gasp, not looking but easing my mouth back around the shaft immediately.
Keeler had been perfect up to this point and I was amazed at how well-behaved he was. He hadn’t really moved at all while I deep-throated him. What a dog!
But now I started to move my head, sliding his shaft in and out of my mouth.
I moved slowly at first, not taking him so deep, but making sure he got dog cockhead well back in with each forward movement of my head.
After a few strokes of this Keeler started to move, his hips thrusting fast and hard, as he attempted to sort of… fuck my mouth. I held still when he did this, trying to let him set the rhythm, hoping he wouldn’t hurt me.
But the dog wasn’t used to this position, since he would normally be mounting, with his front legs up and gripping his mate. Since this wasn’t the case, he paused in his pumping. When he did this I took over again, this time rocking my whole upper body back and forth as my lips sucked his cock, encouraging him.
He got the idea, and started pumping again, making another small puppy noise.
I stopped, making my face stable for him, again letting him bang my face at his own pace.
It lasted a little longer this time, and I felt the eager shaft pounding quickly and steadily toward my open throat as I tipped my head back to accommodate him. I moved my right hand from his knot for a moment, putting it on his hip as a sign of encouragement as he jack-hammered me.
He paused still again, and I started moving right away, my rhythm slower, but steady, keeping him going, showing him that I wanted his sperm.
I think Randall could sense that my neck was tiring a little, because he reached under and cradled the side of my head with one hand, supporting me. I closed my eyes and made a slight nod of thanks, then picked up my pace a little.
Up and down, up and down, I slid my lips, my tongue and my throat along the pulsing pink shaft of Keeler the dog, feeling his massive power with the sensitivity of my mouth. It felt like I was in another world. Could this possibly be real? It could and it was.
I lifted my left hand upward and could just reach the shaft with my fingertips. At the same time I brought my right hand back down and once more surrounded the massive red knot at his base. I could tell that it had grown in size now and I had a quick thought as to how it would feel inside me. Big, for sure.
As this thought came and went I could now feel that Keeler’s pole was approaching rock-hard. Indeed, as he started to rock his hips again dog cock and his knot were both iron-hard.
I stopped again, letting him take me, bracing for his load.
Randall’s hand left my cheek.
I heard another doggie yelp from Keeler.
My face looking serious, I held still.
Then I felt the knot begin pulsing in my right hand! It actually throbbed against my palm, contracting and growing, contracting and growing.
Then suddenly, with a force I was certainly NOT expecting, the first full jet of Keeler’s come rocketed into my throat, more than half filling it with just this first, and very long spurt.
My head jerked with surprise.
My eyes flew wide open.
“ULLLLLLHHHHHHH!!!!” I reacted.
I was forced to pull my lips back toward the head of his shaft, and as I did, some of his spunk burst out between my lips.
“Jesus!” gasped Randall.
“’—E’th ‘oming!” I enunciated. “’—E’th…ULLLP,” I went as I had to swallow to keep from losing any more.
“Jesus!” Randall gasped again as the first of Keeler’s come found my tummy.
“ULLLP!” I had to swallow again quickly, as his second spurt arrived, nearly as much as the first and some of that escaping from the side of my mouth.
I closed my eyes, concentrating now, starting to swallow repeatedly, desperate to keep up with the enormous load I was being given. My tongue pushed the white jiz back steadily as my throat muscles bobbed up and down, sending it home.
“ULLLP……..ULLLP……..ULLLP,” I went. At first I hadn’t thought about the taste, but now I could feel the slippery texture as the doggie’s jism slid smoothly down my throat. It felt absolutely wonderful going down, coating the inside of my palate, slipping down the base of my neck, and right to the end, tasting slightly bland at first, and then very enjoyable. Never mind that this was a dog’s sperm that I was swallowing. It felt SO GOOD!
dog’s cock came forth with spurt after spurt of my liquid prize and I must have swallowed ten times before I even thought about it. I had certainly gotten most of it when the cascade began to diminish.
Randall had disappeared now, leaving a camera running, while I swallowed one last time before pulling off to take a much needed breath.
I had just sucked in my second lungfull when I felt Randall’s hands on my hips. His grip was firm.
He lifted me upwards and to the right, trying obviously to get me back on my knees. I rose with him, helping by sliding my left knee out again to support myself while my right elbow joined my left on the carpet below my head.
That’s when I felt Randall’s cockhead probing against me, trying to find my opening.
“Ohh, Randall!!” I cried. He was going to fuck me! I was sure of it!
At that perfect moment his knob found its target. I was already so well-lubed he had no trouble sliding it inside me. In one bold stroke his shaft penetrated me, filling my empty sheath and slamming right up to the very end of my tunnel.

“OHHHHHH!!!!” I cried out.

“Jesus! I’m inside you!” cried Randall with excitement.
“Oh, Randall, I’m going to come!!!” I realized.
The thought of Randall being inside my vagina the first time put me over the edge hopelessly. The core of my body tensed, then I shivered all over as the contractions came. My head came up and my mouth opened as my thighs both went into convulsions at the same time.

“OHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!,” I went in a long drawn out explosion of ecstasy as Randall began to pump me in a frenzy.

My head shook back and forth as my cunt went into its throbbing state, gripping its invader with unshamed welcome as I was filled to the end again and again.
“I’m going to come, baby! I’m going to come inside you!!!” Randall warned.

“Ohh, Randall!!!!” I cried.

“I hope you’re safe! I have to come inside you!!!!”

“Yes! Yes, Randall, YES!!!! It’s OKAY!!!! IT’S OKAY!!! FUCK ME!!!”

He was now pounding desperately, his hips smacking against my buttocks as he drove his shaft deep inside me.

“UNH!! UNH!! UNH!!” he went as I cried.

I rose up onto my hands from my elbows. I braced myself. Then I felt it again. The wave came on so suddenly I was barely ready for it.

“UNNNNNNNHHH!!!!” came the sound from above.

I felt the hot spurts immediately.



His spunk ejaculated into me, spurt after spurt, filling me with his warm white seed as I received his sperm for the first time. Our harmony was perfect. We had come together. We had fulfilled each other more completely than we could have ever hoped for.

Randall held me tightly against him, his loins to my buttocks, locking us together like dogs, holding his load inside me for a very long moment.
Keeler very cautiously moved, stepping around to his master’s left side, looking for direction.

Randall’s left hand reached out for him.
The two of us said nothing for a long moment as we panted deeply, catching our breath. Finally, I raised my head. We were still locked together.
“Oh, Randall. Thank you,” I said breathlessly.
“Oh my dear, my love. You are truly amazing….”

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