Mary Learns A Lesson she is dog slut, my nes slut needs to be punished

Don't Worry, She's Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog CockMary learns a lesson! Cunnilingus and blowjob between a slut mistress and her dog

I drove home feeling wet, no panties as usual, the traffic stopped giving me a chance to put my hand up my short skirt to rob my clit and finger myself for a minute.
A horn made me look up, a lorry driver was looking down at me smiling, I smiled back at him but carried on fingering my cunt.
The traffic moved and I pulled my fingers out and sucked them looking up at the driver who gave me the thumbs up.

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Shocking My Brother Caught Me Fucking Our Dog

Animal Sex

Brother Caught Me Fucking Our Dog
Brother Caught Me Fucking Our Dog

I was laying on the end of my bed working my clit and loving the feeling, indulging in my passion and desire, when my dog Rayze padded into my room. I didn’t know he was there until I felt his tongue on my thighs, searching for my pussy. I gasped, not knowing what to do. I went to stop him but as his tongue found my pussy I convulsed with pleasure.

I lay back and accepted his tongue, oh god did it feel good. Next thing I know he stands up on his hind legs, and tries to thrust into me with his red cock. I take it in my hand and guide it to my pussy. Rayze immediately starts pumping away and I moan in ecstasy, I had never felt anything like it. Waves of pleasure surged through me and I could not fight it.

My door was still open, and I heard the front door open and close. I knew it had to be my brother, my parents were away for the weekend. I tried to force myself to stop dog, but I couldn’t move, my body was no longer in my control.


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My First K9 Experience or Pretty Girl Fucked By Black Doggy

Animal Sex

Nice girl suck dog dick for cumIm Jessica, Im a young female college student in South Carolina. I have been a member on a swinger site in order to meet guys/girls now for a few years. Its a great way to meet people if you just looking to have some fun with no strings attached. Well about 2 months ago a older guy emailed me wanting to meet up. Im not picky when it comes to guys so I went to his house.

We had a few drinks and I ended up giving him head within the hour. It doesn’t take long for me lol. Normally I don’t stay the night with somone i just met but i wasn’t able to drive so I figured it was for the best.

We drank some more and then ended up fucking, which of course I had planned since I met him on a swinger site. As I was laying in bed he asked me if I had any “limits” . I said no which i really couldn’t imagine anything I wouldn’t at least try. He sat silent for a bit before explaining to me he had a fantasy of seeing a young girl like myself with his lab.

I had never been asked that at before and was kinda shocked. After laying there listening to this I figured why the hell not try it? I was still completely buzzed but thought, who else was going to find out? I saw him instantly get hard again from excitement and get out of bed to go get “Felix” his dog. When he brought him in I got nervous as hell.

I didnt know what to do or where to go from there. I just sat on the edge of the bed as they approached me. He took my hand and guided it down to dog’s cock.I started rubbing it and noticed his red tip starting to appear out of his doggie foreskin. The guy told me to suck on it.

This Animal sex story as Sexy girl fucking her big horny dog   was exclusively written for

When I put my head down toward it it smelled and i kinda hesitated. I felt the guys hand push the back of my head forward till my lips were on his dogs now fully erect cock.

I began to suck it and started to rather enjoy it. It didnt taste bad and I could see how of the corner of my eye the guy jacking off to me while watching. I kept doing it for a minuet or two before he pulled my head off and ask me to get on my hands and knees. He tried to get Felix on me but he kept falling off and the one time he tried to get doggy cock in he just humped my ass.

He turned felix around so that we were ass to ass and the manually guided dogcock into my awaiting pussy. Immediately i gasped when it went in. It was warm and definitely thicker than a boys. The man proceeded to help the dog thrust. The longer this went on the better it felt.

I could feel dog’s cock continue to grow. After another minuet of this I felt a throbbing sensation. I could tell Felix had just cummed inside me. I was close to cumming myself but have trouble getting off that quick. The guy also was close to cumming as he had been jacking off during this and shoved doggy dick in my mouth and shot streams of jizz down my throat.

I swallowed and continued to wiggle my ass to try to work out the dogs cock out of my pussy. I had expected the dog just to pull out but the thrusting picked up again and continued. I just went with it not saying anything. I could still feel his cock bulging inside me.

It grew more and more intense as it went on. Finally I could feel my orgasm build and then explode. I came all over dog’s cock in me and started yelling. It started to hurt a little and burn inside me. I flet I had had enough and tried to get up but as i tried to pull away doggy cock wouldn’t come out of me. The guy explained I would have to wait till doggy cock went down.

He continued to help the dog fuck me and I could still feel burst of cum coming from my K9 lover. We where stuck together ass to ass for almost 20 minuets until finally he came loose and a huge flow of doggie cum and my own juices flowed out of me onto the floor.

This Animal sex story as Whore gets orgasm from dog cock was exclusively written for

He told me to lick it up and as I started to Felix did as well. It didnt taste bad. In fact I think I would prefer dog cum over that of a persons which is saltier. As i watched Felix help with the mess I began to think. I couldn’t believe I had just become a dogs bitch! I was sore, and sticky from the ordeal but also felt amazing inside.

We ended up not fucking anymore and I drove home when I sobered up. I masterbated to the new experience I had just discovered all the following week and opened my eyes to a new chapter of my life of having sex with animals.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY

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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Snowed in with only a dog for company

Animal Sex

Wild doggy fucking teen wet pussyWhen I was 25 years old I was at a point in my life where everything was starting to become easier and my life was on track with my ambitions. Being a single mom meant that if I wasn’t busy at work then I was busy at home but I was managing just fine and my son and I were very happy. Thankfully, my parents lived close by so they would often look after my son if I needed a break or made plans with some friends, this happened about once a month. I still lived my life and enjoyed going out or doing adventurous things like skydiving, hiking, skiing, etc.

That winter my friends (Amber, Melissa and Vanessa) and I got invited to a ski resort for a week. The resort wouldn’t officially be open for the season but the owners invited special guests every year before opening and this year Melissa got the invite after getting to know them the year before and keeping in touch with them.


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K9 Sex Club Girl Sucks Dog Cock, Shelly’s Confession

Animal Sex

Sexy girl fucking her big horny dog

Note from Jen: this next confession was given to me by Lisa. It was emailed to by Shelly after the reunited at their high school reunion and eventually shared their K9 encounters with each other. Shelly is not in our K9 Sex Club, but she gave us permission to post her story.

Shelly is 5’8”, 135 lbs, has blonde hair, green eyes and 34B breasts. She’s a cutie, I’ve seen pics from Lisa’s high school reunion.

I was 19 and studying a distance learning diploma hard at home, so I was in my room most of the time. My father converted the attic into a bedroom for me with its own entrance so I had a lot of space and freedom.

There was no way I could spend an entire day studying so I would take a 30 minute break every 2 or 3 hours, I was very dedicated and quite far ahead of schedule with my studies so I didn’t have too much pressure and the marks I had achieved so far were very good for the assignments I had already handed in.

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My father insisted that I take a day off once a week and leave the studies on the weekend as he was concerned I would burn myself out, this meant I had enough free time to do what I please, get bored or get up to mischief. I was quite content and excited about the future.

On one of my scheduled off days, I was in no mood to leave my room but I was incredibly bored. I lay on my bed, switched on the TV and started flipping through channels. I could find nothing to watch that I was in the mood for so I switched the TV off and logged onto my PC. After browsing the net aimlessly, I came across a few chat rooms and decided to try one.

I found a discussion that peaked my interest and entered, there were about 30 people chatting. As I read and added opinions, myself and a girl who called herself Meg57 began to chat directly with each other and eventually entered a private chat. We discussed quite a few different topics and then started getting more personal.

After that, Meg57 and I would chat regularly, usually in the evenings, then she asked if we could video chat over Skype and she sent me her Skype name. We had become comfortable enough with each other by now that I had no problem with her idea.

Within minutes we were finally face-to-face. I was surprised to see her, I was expecting a nerd on the other side but she was really beautiful and she laughed when I told her. We had regular video chats after that, it got to a point where we chatted every day this way.

As time went by, I learned that she was a cheerleader, dated the jock and had superficial friends like you see in the movies. She started chatting online to try build a real friendship with someone who couldn’t judge her for her looks and get to know the real her before they saw her. Her IQ was very high so her friendships had huge gaps in them that was completely unsatisfying. She told me I was the first real friend she had.

One evening I Skyped her as usual. She had set her software to automatically answer when I call and when her video stream came up, she wasn’t in her room. Just as I was about to end the call, she came in wearing only a towel

“Hey Meg, it’s me”

She didn’t respond. I called out to her a few times but she obviously couldn’t hear me. I checked my equipment, tested my mic and all was working fine. When I looked at her video stream again, she had dropped he towel. For a moment I froze and just stared at her amazing body.

She told me that she was also 5’8” but what I was looking at showed me a lot more. She had the most stunning body, perfect C-cup breasts and a clean shaven pussy. I decided to end the call to give her privacy and wait a few minutes. After 10 minutes, she was calling me, so I answered

“Hi, Meg. What’s up?”

“I see you called a few minutes ago, sorry I missed it, I had my speakers turned off”

“That’s okay, but I think you should change that setting to answer my calls automatically, I caught you just after your shower”

“No biggie, you’ve got the same equipment as I do, unless it made you uncomfortable”

“I’m okay thanks. You have an amazing body you know”

“Thanks Shelly, I work really hard to keep it this way. Do you work out?”

“Yip, I cycle every day and go to the gym twice a week”

Our conversation carried on like that for a while until we got to speaking about sex. At first it was quite general stuff but it progressed into very detailed descriptions of what, who and how we’ve done it. At this point I was quite turned on by her stories, she was quite a naughty girl. Meg went quiet for a sec then said

“I am so turned on right now, we need to end this conversation so I can get myself off. I hope you don’t mind?”

“That’s okay, I feel the same. Talk to you later”

Before I could end the call she added

“You know, we could keep the call going and do it together if you like”

I wasn’t expecting that at all but it was an intriguing idea.

“I don’t know if I could do that”

“Okay, I’ll start and if it makes you uncomfortable just end the call and we’ll talk again tomorrow”

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for

I didn’t say anything, I just sat there and watched for her next move. She rolled her chair back and put her hands in her pants and started rubbing her clit slowly with her eyes for the first few moments. She then looked back at her screen and said

“Still there I see. So you gonna join in or what?”

My heart started pounding, I had already decided I wanted to but actually doing it is entirely different. I pushed my chair back, slowly slid my hand into my shorts and started masturbating while she watched and continued to rub herself. For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.

“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”

With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again. With her chair raised I had a full view of her pussy and she continued to rub her clit.

“Come on, get naked, don’t leave me hanging here”

I stood up, held my breath and then took of my clothes with my back to her. Nervously I turned around slowly and adjusted my chair as she did. I sat down and looked at the screen again. She had her feet up on the desk on either side of her keyboard which spread her legs open completely, so I positioned myself in the same way and started masturbating again.

“Perfect Shelly, you have a beautiful pussy”

We watched each other masturbate and when I could see her orgasm building up I climaxed immediately and she followed directly after. When she stopped touching herself, I watched her body spasm and twitch with aftershocks, as did mine, and we finally put our legs down and looked at each other’s faces again.

“Thanks Shelly, I really enjoyed that”

“I must admit, so did I”

We spoke for a few more minutes about it and then she added

“So, what are we going to do to top this next time?”

“Top this? How far do you want to take it?”

We discussed it a little further and she finally decided that when one of us is about to start something again that we would Skype the other to watch or join. She also implied that this would be somewhat of a competition to see who could outdo or shock the other the most. After that we felt closer than ever, we continued to talk every day and became best cyber buds to the point that we discussed a meet up.

Before we finalised any arrangements though, I got a Skype call from her in the middle of my study session one afternoon. I answered as I usually do but saw that she was opening her door to let someone in. A guy came in and they stood and chatted for a few minutes, still standing so all I saw was from their waists down to their feet, then they put their arms around each other and must have been kissing.

A minute or so later they flopped onto her bed together and she started undoing his buckle and eventually pulled his pants down to his ankles. He was already hard and I had butterflies in my stomach and I was really enjoying the show.

Meg kneeled in front of him while he sat on her bed and she proceeded to give him a very skilful blowjob. It only lasted 3 or 4 minutes before he blew his load and as he did she took his cock out of her mouth so I could see his cum spray up and all over his legs. Meg had obviously muted her computer speakers but I could hear them clearly. She told him to get cleaned up and “Get the fuck out of here, I have urgent things to get done”. He got cleaned up, gave her a kiss and left.

As soon as he left Meg sat in front of her computer and turned on her speakers and screen.

“Oh good, you are there. Wasn’t sure you were watching”

“Holy shit Meg, I can’t believe you, dirty whore. Who was he?”

Meg told me a little about him and he was basically a friend with benefits (fuck-buddy), nothing serious, it was his birthday and she forgot to get him a gift so she invited him over to get a special present from her.

We masturbated together again and then she told me I had to start the next one. The rest of the day was a loss where studying was concerned as my mind was on what I should do to give her a show.

The following day I went into town and bought a huge, vibrating, double penetration dildo and lubrication from an adult store. I hurried home and prepared myself to give Meg a show. Before I even got started I was completely turned on at the idea of bearing myself to her in that way. I lubed up the monstrous dildo and shoved it into my cunt a few time to make sure it would fit properly and when I was ready, I called Meg. As usual, here software automatically accepted my call. She was on her bed but I made sure she was alone.

“Oh hi Shelly”

I said nothing, I made my way to my bed and sat down with my legs wide open so she could clearly see my pussy.

“Okay, I’ve seen that before” she said

I took the huge dildo out from beneath the blanket, to which she responded


I slowly inserted that monstrosity into my cunt and began to increase the pumping rhythm until I achieved a comfortable pace.

“You go girl” she added

Then I turned on the vibration and almost lost it from shock at the intensity it produced. Meg was very pleased. When I could feel an orgasm approaching I removed the dildo and changed position so that I was on my hands and knees with my rear facing the camera. I had to lay my chest on the bed so I could use both hands to guide the dildo into my cunt again and get the other, smaller part into my ass.

I was loving every moment of it, knowing she was watching. This time I set the dildo to vibrate and rotate so it moved on its own in my holes and I just had to hold on. Within a couple of minutes I was moaning like a well-paid whore from the orgasm I had while Meg cheered me on. When it was all over, I slid the device out of my holes and sat down in front of my computer, still weak from the experience.

“Now that was a good show Shelly, great job”

We chatted for another half hour and giggled about what we had started and then Meg said she’d find a way to top that. Over the next few days we watched each other masturbate and fuck guys but Meg was obsessed with outdoing me.

“I’m willing to bet that you won’t be able to top the next time I call” she told me

The next time Meg contacted me was on my mid-week off day.

“So, are you ready to be blown away?” she asked

“Okay, let’s see what you got”

Meg did a sultry strip tease for me then headed for her door. She called out to someone but the way she did it was weird

“Here boy, come on. Here boy”

The first thought in my mind was that she planned some sort of domination session with some poor guy and that she was going to be freaky with him. I was totally stunned when a Border-Collie entered the room.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for

“Ha, you got me. You totally freaked me out for a second. For a moment I thought you were actually going to do something with him”

Meg said nothing as she sat on the edge of her bed with her legs wide-spread. She began to masturbate and then called the dog over to between her legs. I sat in stunned silence as I watched in anticipation, my heart beating so hard and my stomach feeling very nervous. That dog began to lick her pussy, they had clearly done this before.

Meg tilted her head back while her dog licked every inch of her pussy and she was clearly enjoying it. I thought this was so wrong but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen and I was soaked between my legs.

Meg rubbed her clit with determination while her dog continued to lick her, her dog was relentless and didn’t stop licking her for a second for the next 10 minutes until she orgasmed. By this time I was also naked, masturbating while I watched and had my own orgasm only moments later. When we both finally calmed down and caught our breath, we spoke again.

“You are the most fucked up bitch I know… I love it” I told her “What the hell possessed you to ever try such a thin?”

She reminded me of the shallow relationships she had in the past and how she got to a point where she cut almost every one out of her life, but that left her with no one to fuck and masturbating was becoming boring, so she decided to get her faithful pet to go down on her one day and masturbated that way ever since until she met me. I asked if she had ever taken it any further with the dog and she replied

“I’ll show you”

With that she hopped back onto the bed and got her dog up there with her. She got him to lay down and started playing with dog’s cock until it came out in all its red glory. She looked at the camera, gave me a wicked smile and then lowered her head and started giving him a blowjob. She sucked doggy cock until she received his love seed in her mouth and, to my surprise, swallowed it.

“I can’t believe you Meg, you just sucked a dog’s cock”

“I told you I’ve been creative when it comes to sex. He’s male, he has a cock so he’s just like any guy accept he’s more loyal and will never brag to his friends”

“I suppose… but have you ever let him fuck you?”

“No… but I have considered it more than once”

“Go for it Meg, I’d love to see that… Well, I guess I’m also fucked up then”

“I tell you what, if you can go as far as I have gone with your dog, I’ll take it to the next level with mine”

We discussed it further for a few more minutes but she finally convinced me and I went downstairs to find Hoover (Siberian Husky – we named him Hoover because he hangs around the dinner table and sucks up anything that we give him or if there is a mess since he was just a pup). When I returned to my room with Hoover Meg was very excited

“What a stunning animal, he’s so cute”

I was more nervous at this point than I’ve ever been, I took off my clothes again and sat on the bed’s edge the way Meg did before. My pussy was soaked in anticipation, as fucked up as it was I couldn’t wait to feel Hoover’s tongue on my pussy. Hoover already had a bad habit of shoving his snout between my legs when he greets me, so getting him there again proved to be easy. He wasted no time at all to start licking my pussy which made me squeal the moment I felt his tongue for the first time.

“OH MY GOD! This is amazing”

I was amazed at the roughness of his tongue and how he liked every inch of my ass, pussy and clit, but most of all I was amazed at how awesome it felt. Hoover licked me to orgasm within just a few minutes and it was brilliant.

“You’re not done Shelly, you still gotta suck dog’s cock you know”

I was in seventh heaven so it was the least I could do to repay him for his efforts. His cock was all the way out already but he wouldn’t lay down so I decided to get my head in under him and suck his cock that way.

This was the first time I ever saw a dog’s cock let alone touched one, but it was the most natural feeling at that moment to take it in my hand and slide it into my mouth. The moment his salty cock was inside the warmth of my mouth, he started humping. All I had to do was keep my head still and make sure doggy cock didn’t slip out. This went on for about 10 minute, which according to Meg was quite a while for a dog, and then he came and unbelievable amount in my mouth.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for

“Don’t let go till he’s done” Meg added

I kept dog’s cock in my mouth until he was done and Meg congratulated me

“You’re still not done, I swallowed”

With my mouth filled to its limits with semen I looked at Meg and swallowed every drop and then gave her a smile.

We were both excited about what had happened, Meg for finally having someone to share this with and me for discovering this wonderful way of getting off without a guy.

“Now it’s time for you to do as promised. Get your dog’s cock inside you right now bitch”

Meg laughed and got onto her bed again where her boy was still laying down after their previous session. She rolled him onto his back again and got him hard, she then kneeled over him and aimed doggy cock at her pussy entrance and looked at me again.

“If I do this are you going to?”

“Hell yes, but you have to go first”

Meg looked at the rather large red dog’s cock in her hand again and slowly lowered herself onto it until it was all the way in.

“Fuck… this feels soooo good”

Meg started rocking back and forth, riding dog cock so deep inside her, she appeared to get lost in the sensation and zoned out, giving in to the feeling. What I saw convinced me that I would definitely be doing it after she was done. Meg was rubbing her breasts when her orgasm started building until she let out a long, load, satisfied moan and collapsed onto the bed with the cock still in her cunt. She slowly slid it out and rolled onto her back.

She lay there for a while to collect herself and recover. I couldn’t wait so I got thing started with Hoover. Just as before, he wouldn’t lay down, so I sat on the edge of my bed with him between my legs. I had to play with dog’s cock a little to convince him to jump up and start humping at my pussy. I took his cock in my hand and eagerly shoved it into my cunt, it knocked the breath right out of me. Hoover fucked me harder, faster and with a bigger cock than I had before and brought me to my best orgasm ever.

Evan after that he didn’t stop fucking me until he shoved his huge knot inside me and tied with me. Normally I would have been concerned to be stuck to a dog like this but all I could experience was pure pleasure and another great orgasm. Hoover turned around with his cock still firmly wedged in my cunt.

“That was incredible” said Meg and then she quickly explained what she had read about the tie so I wouldn’t start worrying.

We waited for 20 minute before dog’s cock came out and we both marvelled at the amount of semen that poured out of me. Hoover tried to lick me clean but my pussy was far too sensitive for that.

Since then Meg and I explore Beastiality over Skype and eventually face to face in reality. We fucked each other’s dogs and each, other of course. Since then K9 lovin has always been a part of my life.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young teen sucking deeply dog dick

Animal Sex

Girls Sucking Dog Cock

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock Part I

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock Part II

Stephanie’s pussy ached from the size of the dogs cock. She had never been penetrated by something so large, and had only been truly fucked once. She smiled leaning back and closing her eyes.

She still saw small shots of fluid shooting from the dogs cock. She leaned foward and took the smooth skin in her mouth; drinking the fluid like she would lemonade on a hot day. Licking her lips once. she pulled back she decided to clean up a little bit for Sarah.

Skipping to the bathroom she leaned her ass over the side and pushed the muscles in her pussy watching all of the cum run out. As she sat there and watched the cum wash down the drain she felt her clit begin to swell with the thoughts of how much the two girls could do together. Turning on the water she splashed warm water onto her pussy cleaning it a little before tugging her clothing back on.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for

Just then she heard the door-bell. Walking to the door she didn’t attempt to hide how sweaty she was. Answering the door she saw a smirk on her friends face. “You rang?” She asked.

Stephanie looked at the full lips she fully intended on devouring. “There is something I desperately need from you Sarah…” She whispered and spun the girl against the wall roughly closing the door with her foot. She began to kiss her, pressing their lips together so hard they were bruised. Sarah struggled slightly her eyes widening until they were huge. When the small blonde pulled back the brunette was panting and beet red.

“You should have told me about the dog.” Stephanie said leaning her sweaty face against her friends, their lips only a breath apart. “I-I’m sorry…” Despite the size difference the small blonde had always been the seme when they were dating. Stephanie looked at the curves of the girls body biting her lower lip. “K-Kyle’s waiting in the car…”

Sarah muttered blushing and looking away. “Well, good things come to those who wait.” Stephanie smirked and bit the girls lip roughly. Sarah moaned softly her voice turning heated. Stephanie pulled the girl to her bedroom and tackled her to the bed.

“Someone missed this, didn’t they?” Stephanie asked looking at the girl with a heated gaze. Her submissive partner blushed heavily and avoided eye contact. Stephanie only let out a small giggle as she slid her hand under her skirt and rubbed against the fabric of her panties.

Sarah moaned, “Y-You always new just what spot to hit.” Her plump lips were open in excasty. Stephanie watched her and slid one finger under her panties rubbing her large clit with one finger. She reached down with her middle finger and began to tease her entrance as well.

Sarah let out several moans of pleasure. Max sat at the bottom of the bed, and once again Stephanie felt a weight on the bed. She was too sore to be knotted again, but she knew someone would would be just fine taking the knot. “Looks like it’s your tun to be the bitch.” Stephanie whispered and crawled off of her friend. Dog sniffed at the girls pussy and began to lick it making the brunette squirm.

“Mmmm… you kinky little slut.” Stephanie muttered and chuckled slightly before turning and putting her pussy right above Sarah’s face. “Lick.” She said, it wasn’t a question at all. She felt the females careful tongue begin to lick the folds of her pussy teasing her clit.

She knew exactly where doggy got his talent from. “Mmm…” Stephanie bent down and began to lick her clit moving out of the way as the Sheppard mix slid dogs cock into her. “Does he ever get tired?” Stephanie asked panting slightly. She felt the tongue burried in her pussy wiggle slightly. Stephanie began to lick her friends clit. She pulled the swollen skin into her mouth and began to suck on it, nibbling ever so lightly.

She could feel moans against her own pussy, and smirked as Max pounded the girl. She noticed that Sarah was a little bit looser than she had been, no doubt because of Kyle. “Hows that dog cock feel?” Stephanie smirked as she felt vibrations against her pussy. She then began to lick her clit again nibbling it like she knew her friend loved.

Her soft tongue worked around the inside of her friends lips as she could feel the dog knot. The outside of her pussy was pressed and she could feel her clit move slightly from the sheer size of the knott. Once again she could feel large moans against her pussy and her eyes watched as the dogs veins struggled to pump all of his cum into her.

“S-Sorry I took te cream of the crop~” She moaned as she reached out and touched the dogs cock. She could feel it pulsing just beneathe her tongue.

‘What’s taking them so long?’ Kyle thought his green eyes darting around. He got bored easily, and at this point even the beatles weren’t helping. He heard a loud thump from inside of the house and glanced in that direction. “Come on…” He growled his low voice sounding deep and sexy as usual.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for

“What the hell are they doing?” He muttered as he got out of the car and walked to the door. Then he heard something he couldn’t mistake, his girlfriends moans. He busted through the door expecting to find his girl-friend with another male, but the scene he saw was much much more surprising.

His eyes widened as he felt his member begin to throb in his pants. The handjob he had recieved on the way there was making him painfully hard. There in all her glory was his girlfriend being fucked by a massive dog. Above the dog was the tight blonde school girl, Stephanie Loveless.

“What the fuck?” He asked and just then he saw Sarah glance up and her eyes widened in shock. His erection was painfully obvious. “Kyle!” Sarah said shoving the dog back as best she could, and pulling it’s knott painfully from her entrance. Her soaked pussy was shining.

“Holy shit babe… you look amazing…” he muttered. The girls eyes widened. “W-What?” He looked at her smirking and grabbed her making out with her. Stephanie watched from the bed smirking slightly. “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?” he whispered against her lips.

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock

Animal Sex

dog fuck girl

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock Part I

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock Part II

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young teen sucking deeply dog dick Part III

Stephanie screamed out as she was entered, it had been so long. The mutts cock was the largest she had ever had and she could feel it’s thick member swelling inside of her.

It slammed into her as it’s claws dug slightly into her flesh. She loved the feeling of the claws against her skin as it fucked her sensless. Her entire body seemed to be heating up from the hot dog’s cock inside of her. Shaking slightly from the feeling she let out several moans and whimpers.

What was she doing?! Her mind screamed at her, but her body had other ideas. She began to move with the dog moaning as her pussy contracted from pleasure. Then without warning she felt the panting dog slam as hard as it could in her and she felt it’s knot begin to swell. Her body jerked and her legs began to shake like a leaf as it continued to swell and pull her up.

She felt hot squirts of liquid enter her and as the pressure built she couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oh fuck Doggy! Your cock feels so good, i-it’s filling me up!!!” She screamed out in complete excasty as she came as well. The pressure built as the dog turned around and finally slipped out.

Cum dripped on he bed her’s mixed with the dogs. She slowly touched her swollen clitoris and closed her eyes before looking back at the dog who was finally flacid. “Well I hope you’re happy, apparently you have a new bitch.” She shook her head panting.

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Her entire body was shaking slighly and she was covered in sweat. Trails of sweat ran down her back and into her ass crack, she blushed. Her asshole was wet as well. She finally stood her pussy and inner thighs sore. She slid the other pants leg on her and walked on all fours to the edge of the bed. Seeing a tank-top in her friends drawer she grabbed it and slid it on.

Just then a thought came to her mind, what had her friend meant when she said, “You two have fun.” Just then her eyes widened and she pulled out her cellphone. Her friend answered in a cherry voice, “Hello?” Stephanie didn’t even pause. “Are you fucking your dog?” There was a long pause and then a small giggle. “So I guess you two did have fun?” Stephanie blushed.

“No way!” Her friend was smirking she could tell my her tone. “He eats pussy really good doesn’t he? He watched us do it when we were younger I think.” Stephanie’s eyes widened. “Does Kyle know?” She asked. Her friend laughed, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, now I have to go I skipped into the bathroom for you! So feel special~” Stephanies mouth hung open for a moment before the automated voice snapped her out of it and she shut the phone.

“What a slut~” She smirked. Sarah and Stephanie had a running joke, and always called each other sluts for fun. She then moved walking to the kitchen grabbing a glass of grape juice and drinking it.

She put her knee up just in case the dog decided to jump on her again. He laid at her feet wagging his tail. “Yeah yeah, quit the cute act.” She said and he stood up rubbing his black and brown coat against her leg. He was only a few years old, and was obviously in his prime. “Who’s a good fuck…” She said petting him and smirking. “But this stays between you and me, got it?” The dog let a bark go and she couldn’t help but smile.

Finishing the drink she walked over to the couch sitting down. The dog curled itself onto her lap, despite his massive size he could curl up quite well. She flipped the channel watching one of her favorite shows, ‘cribz’. Just then she felt a wet tongue lapping at her chin and then her lips.

She opened her mouth a little flicking her tongue against the large one of the dogs. He pressed closer and so did she tasting her pussy on his breath. She then pulled back blushing and laid her head on his side. She could feel his heart beat and him panting.

“Wore you out huh? Servers you right.” She smirked but then noticed something. The dogs red cock was poking out once again. She blushed and reached foward with her hand rubbing dog’s cock and watching it slide further up from it’s sheathe. She could feel him sliding closer and doggy cock pressed against her lips. She smirked and teased the mutt by running her tongue over the very end of it but not allowing access to her mouth.

The dog growled, but it was a horny sound, not one of malice of aggresion. She smirked and slowly took a lilttle bit more into her mouth, each time he tried to thrust she would slide back a little. Finally defeated the dog stayed still as dog’s cock grew.

She could feel the base swelling as he prepared to knot and she pulled back all together. “Nope.” She smirked and turned back to the television. Just then she felt a nip at her ass and she jumped. “Hey! No fair.” She smirked a little bit as she got on her hands and knees. She felt the dog mount her and begin to dry hump her.

She moaned loving the feeling of it’s cock, but she could tell he wasn’t satisfied. She undid the button on her pants and slipped her pants down as well as her underwear. She felt the dog poke her asshole and it slid in. The pointed tip was so intense inside of her.

She moaned spreading her ass cheeks slightly as it began to pound in and out of her. Her eyes watered with pleasure as it fucked her sensless. Feeling her entire body tense she felt it swell even more. “A-Ahn~ Yes good boy, good Dog.” She moaned out incredibly horny. As it continued to fuck her it grew more and more intense as the cock continued to swell.

She felt him begin to knot and screamed as he shoved the baseball sized knot inside of her, and it was still swelling. She felt like her ass was about to explode as it pumped more and more fluid inside of her. She hadn’t had her asshole stretched this much ever. “M-Max!!” She screamed out as it’s dog’s cock slipped out of her asshole along with a ton of cum.

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She heard the dog howl in pleasure as it came. Then she felt a warm large tongue probing her asshole as it cleaned her up. More and more cum continued to leak out of her ass. Then it’s tongue moved to her pussy and she moaned even more her clit throbbing. “P-Please fuck my pussy…” She pulled her pussy lips open and she heard the dog lick it’s chops.

Just then she felt the dog mount her and rest it’s paws on the arm of the couch. She felt him begin to pound harder than he had before doggy pointed cock splitting her womb. She screamed out in both pain and pleasure as he continued to fuck her. “G-Good boy.  fuck my pussy. Doggy Please fuck my pussy” She moaned.

Her entire body grew very hot as dog cock inflated in her now stretched pussy. The dog began to girate it’s hips and it’s cock wiggled inside of her. She screamed out in pleasure as she climaxed over and over her pussy contracting around the mutt’s cock. The dog let out howls as it knotted her pussy and thrusted it all inside of her before cumming again.

She couldn’t help but wonder how many times Sarah had been Knotted, and her mouth began to water as she opened up her phone. She sent Sarah a text message, “Come home, I need you here.” She got a text message back almost immediately. “Alright, on my way.” She smirked and closed her phone as the knott slipped out of her.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock

Animal Sex

Don't Worry, She's Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog CockThe morning air was cold and damp as Stephanie walked out of her home. The roar of the yellow school bus startled her. Was today a monday?! This was a disaster, the busty blonde usually took at least an hour to get ready. She placed her hair into a pony-tail and brushed on some makeup before driving herself to school. Stephanie Loveless, the name that would last in the halls of Montague Christian Academy throughout the ages.

She was famous for her plump ass and firey temper. Her first class was gym, at least she would see her best friend. She walked into the locker room seeing her best friend Sarah.

Sarah was a dark brunette with an hourglass figure and green eyes. “Hey!” She called waving her hand. “Damn bus snuck up on me this morning.” Stephanie said shaking her head. “I like you without makeup anyways, I have a favor to ask.” She poubted her full round lips that Stephanie loved.

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During her bi phase in middle school the two had dated, and her lips had been one feature that remained unforgetable. “Yeah, what is it?” Stephanie asked still distracted by the girls lips. “My parents are going out of town this weeked and i’m going to be staying with Kyle, would you mind watching Max for me?” She asked. Max was Sarah’s german sheppard mix.

No one was really sure what else max was mixed with, but Stephanie had always suspected a wolf. Stephanie sucked in a breath and sighed after a moment, “You owe me.” She muttered and Sarah hopped her breasts bouncing free of her bra. Her nipples showed slightly through the white tank-top. “Put those away girl.” Stephanie muttered and closed her eyes smirking.

“Nmmmph!!” Sarah said and she stuck her tongue out. Stephanie only laughed at her friends zeal and walked out to gym. Gym was the same as always, not very challenging, and a gawking show for the boys.

Stephanie was increibly flexible and had always been able to stirr up the boys with her signature full split. You could practically see them salavating as she went further down. She could only smirk and mutter something about no flash photography.

The rest of the day was mundane and boring, as school usually was. Stephanie boarded the same yellow monster that had scared her that morning and took a seat near the front. Thankfully her house was very close and Sarah lived right next door. “Just head to my house after school alright?” Stephanie remembered the girls words and they got off the bus together. “Alright, I’ll head to Kyles now. You too have fun.” She giggled and winked.

Stephanie arched an eyebrow as the girl hopped into the car with mr. tall dark and handsome. A pang of envy ran through the blonde, sure she had a boyfriend but she wasn’t that into him. Matthew was a sweet guy, but horrible in bed.

Stephanie walked up to the door opening it with the spare key she kept. She was greated by two enormus paws on her stomach she staggered back slightly. “Hey there Max.” She greeted the dog smiling in slight discomfort. He finally got off of her and she walked to the kitchen opening the fridge and grabbing some flavored water. Pulling the cap off she began to drink it leaning against the counter. Once again she felt large Paws on her stomach.

This time the liquid from her mouth spewed out as she gasped for breath and coated her and the mutt in water. Stephanie doubled over trying to catch her breath. This was just great, now she was going to have to change. She felt a warm tongue lap and her lips and she wiped her mouth. “Bad dog.” She scolded but only recieved happy eyes and a wagging tail.

She walked through the hall way heading to her best friends room. Max followed easily behind her. She smirked as she entered her friends room. It was famillair. Her favorite bands had posters hung everywhere. Taking a moment to drink in the nostalgia she finally pulled her shirt off and bent over to grab a silk tank-top. She slid her bra off and just then she felt a wet nose probing between her legs. She jumped slightly blushing. “No, no.

Down boy.” She shook her head laughing slightly. “Gym class all over again.” She smirked. She slipped the top over her head and this time slid down her skirt. A thin teal thong barely covered her pussy as she bent again this time to grab a pair of jeans. They were turned inside out and as she went to right them, she felt a warm tongue lapping at her pussy. Her eyes widened as she let out a small moan and her legs began to shake. “Stop.” She said and pushed the dog away, though this time she wasn’t as rough.

She slipped one leg into the pants and laid on the bed adjusting her panties. Just then she felt another weight land on the bed. She sighed as she saw Max. He bent sniffing her pussy and wasting no time she felt her thong snap. “E-Ehh?!” She squeaked as she felt a tongue lapping at her pussy. “N-No Max. Stop.” She whimpered but made no attempt to push the dog back. Her clit was throbbing and it had been so long since she had been penetrated.

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Just then she noticed the dog’s red cock slipping from it’s sheathe. She blushed scooting back slightly but the tongue followed her pussy. It was large and warm, and she had to admit it felt better than any human. “A-Ahn…” She moaned softly as she saw the dog’s hard cock slide out further. The taste and smell of her pussy had gotten the big boy very aroused.

“No, d-down…” she said again as she pushed the dog back weakly, but nothing could press it back now. Looking at her pussy the dog came closer, and then it’s eyes switched to her face. It walked past her pussy and pressed dog’s cock against her cheek.

“No way am I gonn–” She felt the warm dog’s cock slide past her lips. The texture was different then that of what she had been used to. It was slick and much warm. She moaned softly and didn’t move her head as the dog thrusted it’s pointed tip into her mouth. This wasn’t like a human at all, there was no concept of stop. She pulled back only to have he cock thrusted back between her lips.

She could feel it’s cock swelling in her mouth and the knott forming at the base. Her eyes widened as the knot invaded her mouth and she struggled not to gag as the dog came into her mouth. She swallowed it, not wanting to make a mess. Her pussy was throbbing as the dog pulled back. Dog’s cock was still hard! Her eyes widened as she muttered, “Oh hell no!” Though her body disagreed with her. Her clit was swollen and throbbing.

She closed her eyes and felt a tongue probing her clit and pussy once again. She moaned becoming more and more wet, and the dog continued to lick. She shrank back once again feeling her self control slipping as her back met the headboard. Just then she felt the dogs penis probing against her swollen clit and she blushed squirming, but it was no use as she felt the swollen cock enter her tight pussy

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Sara Meets Henry or Girl Sucks Dog Cock

Animal Sex

girl getting fucked by her dog

I was asked to do a favor of house sitting for some friends of my boss’s at the time while they were out of town for a few days. The couple had some property outside of town and raised their own cows for beef and a couple of pigs and some chickens.

They also had a dog named Henry. I had never been to their place before but agreed to watch over it while they were gone. I got to stay in the spare bedroom and the fridge and liquor cabinet were well stocked and I was to make myself at home in exchange of feeding and watering the animals for the time.

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I arrived out at their place after work on a friday and let myself in with the key they had given me. Ont he kitchen table I found the note left for me explaining my chores. Having read thru them I deposited my bag in my room and went back out to take care of the chores before calling it a night.

Having fed and watered the livestock I had one task left and that was to feed/water Henry and allow him to come into the house. I hadn’t seen him since I arrived so I didn’t know what kinda dog he was. I was expecting a lab or shepard since those are the most common dogs.

When I got out to the back yard to where the kennel was I called Henry’s name a couple of times. Out of the dog house comes the biggest dog I had ever seen. Later of which I learned he was a bull mastiff.
Now Henry was BIG. He was past my waist when he was standing and he was a stocky dog. His muscles were clearly defined under his dark coat of fur. I looked him over slowly noting that he was waggin his tail which I knew meant he was friendly anyways.

As my eyes looked on and took in his entire body I couldnt help but notice his very large sheath and large balls still attached.
Now I had been into K9 fun for awhile now and had been lucky enough to have been with 3 different dogs by this point but none of them were any where close to the size of Henry.

I honestly wasnt thinking about any sexual fun while I was house sitting, that is until I seen Henry. I was extremely curious now.

Anyways I called him to follow me into the house so that I could feed and water him. Once that was done I went to grab a shower after a long day. Slipping on a tee coming out of the shower (no panties as I usually didnt wear any while I was at home) I went back out to the kitchen and made myself some dinner and sat on the couch to watch some tv.

Henry had finished eating and came into the living room and laid on his bed on one side of the room. Watching tv I couldn’t help but have thoughts of what doggy was like as in the rest of him and was stealing glances in his direction. Finally I couldnt take it anymore and wanted to see for myself what his sheath was hiding so I got up and went over to him.

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As I approached he started wagging his tail. I knelt down beside him and started petting him and rubbing his ears.
My petting worked down his back and down his sides and which point he rolled over onto his back begging for a belly rub. More than happy to oblige him I began on his chest and slowly worked my way down his belly eventually finding my hand down around his sheath and balls.

I gently began to play with his sheath which I found to be bigger thaan any of the other dogs I had played with to that point. It didn’t take long until doggy started to respond to my rubbing and dog cock began to grown out of his sheath. I knew quickly he was very big.

It just kept growing and growing. By this point I was more than a lil excited and had become moist. Henry got whiff of that fact and moved to get better access to my scent. I automatically opened my legs a lil giving him more room while I still played with his growing doggy cock which by now was larger than any other I had been with .

Not only was it longer than my 2 hands together but it was also thicker than I had ever played with. His knot still had not swollen. I was excited but also nervous because of his size. I didnt know if I could play with anything that large. Doggy snapped me out of my trance like thoughts when he licked my pussy. MMMMM oh god his tongue felt amazing.

He seemed to enjoy my flavor and wanted more so I reluctantly let go of dog cock and moved to the couch and leaned back, spreading my legs for him. He didnt need much encouragement for he went to licking me intensely. I closed my eyes picturing doggy big cock while he pleasured me with his wide strong tongueI quickly was brought to a couple of delightful orgasm from his talented tongue. While enjoying the afterglow of the second orgasm dog stopped licking and jumped up onto the couch with his front paws on either side of me.

Walking forward with his hind legs he pushed my legs wide as he searched for what he desire with his engorged cock. I felt his hot member brush against me several times a he drew closer to me. I wanted this but at the same time I was slightly unsure of this because of Henry’s size.

Before I could think twice though dog’s cock had found its mark and he lunged forward. OH FUCK!!!!!!! I moaned as he drilled a large portion of dog’s cock into me. He was definitely thick….. drawing back a lil he slammed forward again and again. each thrust pushed him deeper into my sex.

He was by far the biggest for me. I tried to push against him to keep him from going any deeper but he had other ideas and grabbed me harder by my hips with his paws and I couldnt push away as he humped still deeper. With fast and powerful thrusts he opened me like I had never been before. Then I felt the beginning of his knot slipping in and out of my wet pussy.

It felt like he was going to pop out of my mouth he was so deep. With a final hard thrust he buried himself into me and I could feel his knot swelling with each heartbeat in his chest.

MY god he was huge Dog Cock !!!!!! Moving very lil I began to feel his squirts become more powerful as he started to cum so deep inside me. I could do nothing but let him finish and enjoy the time together. What felt like an eternity he pumped me full of his doggie cum.

During the same time I had several orgasm being tied with him.
doggy finally began to shrink and when his knot had gone down enough he began to tug for his release. With a mixture of pain and pleaasure he finally pulled out with a loud squishy pop.

I felt his cum flow from me onto the floor creating a huge puddle. I reached down with my hand and felt my now very open pussy, easily sinking 4 fingers in it. With that I looked to dog as he was licking his still very large cock and was both shocked and amazed by his size.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I couldnt believe I had taken him. Exhausted from my adventure with Henry I fell asleep on the couch without moving……..

maybe another part or two to this episode from my life to follow. I got to be with Henry many more times over the course of about a year and half, all while house sitting for his owners. Hope everyone enjoys it and lets me know yay or nay

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY…. As Girl Sucking Off Dog

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The First Night or first time girl sucking dog cock

Animal Sex


So, last night was finally the night. I took Axel to my bedroom and stripped down my clothes, starting with my shirt and ending with my panties; which were damp by the time I’d finished. He just sat there patiently, watching me undress, panting as if he knew what kind of treat that he was in for. I sat on the edge of my bed and called him up, so up he jumped.

Almost instantly, and in an excited gesture, he started to dig his maw between my crotch; sniffing inquisitively at my damp folds. It didn’t take him long to start licking up my juices, and while he did, I grabbed my wolf-tail butt plug from the side and slowly inserted it into my rear. I sighed in content. The feeling was heavenly, and what was about to come looped in my mind, over and over again. The way his long, wet tongue lashed against my slit was… wild. It was obvious that he was yearning for more, so more I gave him.

I started to pet him, and before I knew it, he was on his back begging for a belly rub. Following lead, I gave him what he wanted; my eyes not being able to draw away from his furry sheath and two large balls.

My hands slowly edged closer and closer, and when the tips of my soft fingers trailed down the length of his sheathe, the tip of his red husky shaft once again became visible. I licked my lips in anticipation and continued to tease him. He lay there, nice and still for me, letting me take care of my desires. And his, by the looks of things.

So my fingers continued to run down the length of his semi-hard sheathe, until finally… I reached his balls. I rubbed them gently, massaging them with my fingertips. Axel panted, furthering my enthusiasm; and by the time that I was done playing with his two furry balls, his long, hard husky shaft had become fully grown. I was surprised he was still laying there, but I didn’t complain.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

So, I took things further. I gently took a hold of his throbbing shaft and stroked him. He bucked into my hand, probably yearning for something a little more intimate.

Either way, it seemed like we were both enjoying ourselves. I could feel the strength of his bucks, and almost immediately, I had the impression that I was in for quite a rough (and sticky) treat. He was already shooting small bursts of pre-cum, but again, it only fuelled my lust. I stroked him some more, but this time I leaned down and let my tongue do some of the work. I slowly slid my tongue up the length of his throbbing shaft, and then softly suckled and played with his balls again. By then, I could feel my love-juices dripping down my thighs. It was time for my adorable and sexy husky to take care of his… problem.

Eagerly, I crawled to the centre of the bed and remained on all fours, with my rear positioned in a fashion that would allow Axel to see (and sniff) all that he wanted. He immediately followed my lead and began to sniff away at my exposed slit before lapping up the freelance juices that were dripping down my strong thighs. I could hear him panting in excitement.

He continued to tease me, emphasising the fact that he had always been a rather playful dog. Until finally, that wonderfully long tongue of his began to lick, lap and lash at my folds once again. This time it was rougher, and more bestial as if he was preparing me for something big. And by the gods, he was. It happened in an instant, giving me very little time to react. Before I could turn my head over my shoulder to praise him, he’d mounted me and tugged our bodies closer together.

I could feel the tip of his throbbing red shaft pound aimlessly against my rear multiple times. I could feel his paws digging into my sides and my back, and the hot, heated flurries of his breath brushing against the back of my neck. I reached towards him with my hand, took a hold of his throbbing red bulge and guided it to my wet folds. He instantly went to work and started to pound his huge shaft inside of me, all the way to the base.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

With each of his powerful thrusts, I matched his humping with moans and pants of my own. I remember his drool oozing it’s way down the small of my back as he continued to hump me senseless. It was possibly the most sensational feeling I’d ever felt, having a large husky take me like that.

My tight caverns ensured that his warm, throbbing length was welcome and pleasured; and to return the favour, his short, sticky bursts of pre-cum coated my cavern walls nicely. With one last moan, I felt his length tense up. His bulge grew larger and larger as he squirted a seemingly endless amount of sticky husky batter into me. His throbbing became stronger and stronger as he released all of what he’d built up inside of me. I was in heaven, and more-so when I realised he’d knotted me too.

So I remained on the bed, tied to the husky as he filled me up with his thick cum. And there I remained for a whole fifteen minutes before he finally let me go. After a short session of cleaning me up with his tongue, I returned the favour and clean up his shaft; praising him the whole time. I think I’ll be sure to try this again tomorrow night. A wonderful experience with a wonderful dog. My beloved Axel. I think it went well for a first date…

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….


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I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

OK this is my first story on here so be gentle I know punctuation will be terrible but I believe it’s the story content that is the main thing (names are changed to protect identity)
When I was around 22 me and my current girlfriend Marie were on a random Saturday night out, we must have drank our own body weight in alcohol before deciding that it was time for a taxi back home.

Now my girlfriend was never shy but whenever she had a few too many her inhibitions went out the window, so there we were sat in the taxi heading home when she decided the fun should start, her hand slowly slid down the front of my trousers to grasp my hardening cock.

Not soon enough the taxi pulled up outside the front of her house and we stumbled out onto the pavement, she crawled over to her door and unlocked it only to be greeted by Toby her black lab, I guess with all the noise we made getting inside woke him up and he wanted to come play.

Me and Marie stumbled into the pitch black living room closely followed by Toby I sat down on the sofa and Marie dropped on all fours between my legs, she reached behind and hitched her skirt up then pulled her thong down to her ankles.

I knew exactly what she was thinking and unzipped my trousers pulling them down to release my rock hard cock inches from her face, in a second she had me in her mouth slurping away as I received a fantastic blowjob that seemed to last forever I felt so close to cumming in her fantastic mouth when she suddenly stopped moving.

“What’s wrong babe” I asked trying to keep the frustration out of my voice, “its dog” she replied with an odd tone to her voice.

“He keeps trying to lick my pussy” she whined as she tried to shove him away.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

“Oh come on just ignore it babe keep your legs closed he won’t be able to reach”.

With a sigh she returned to sucking me and I tried to lose myself in the feeling again, it was hard going to enjoy myself when every few seconds she shifted, stopped and told the dog to sod off when all of a sudden she seemed to be bobbing her head faster and further onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yes babe that’s what I need” I groaned as she seemed to put more and more effort into the blowjob.

With what seemed like a great effort she raised her head off my cock panting “shit babe help me *pant pant* dogs jumped on my back something it in my pussy oh shit oh shit *pant pant* I think he’s fucking me *pant* oh my god my dog’s cock is jammed in my cunt he pounding the hell out of me babe help me get him the hell off me “pant pant”.

I completely froze as her words sunk in, I couldn’t believe it was the dog really fucking my girlfriend while she sucked my cock.

I slid across the sofa and onto the floor where I pulled my trousers up and fumbled for the light switch.

I can still see the image in my mind there was my girlfriend on all fours with her skirt hitched up round her waist her thong had fallen from round her ankles and lay in a ball at her feet, makeup smeared over her face and her hair looking as if she had spent a week living up a tree, but the strangest sight was her black lab with his front paws wrapped around her waist and his back end pumping towards her back end with a faint slopping sound.

I couldn’t move I just stood and stared at my girlfriend getting the shit fucked out of her by a dog, the sudden groan brought me out of my trance it was the unmistakeable sound of Marie’s orgasm starting and sure enough her moaning got faster and more high pitched until she let out a muffled squeal and started twitching and convulsing before looking over at me and whispering “you bastard get him off me I can’t believe I just came this is so gross” I could see tears well up in her eyes and I moved towards her and the pumping dog to try and separate them, before I took two steps dog’s seemed to lurch forward further into her and freeze.


I stepped forward only for dog’s to let out a warning growl.


” I could tell she was cumming again with the feeling of him moving inside her when suddenly with a slurping pop noise he pulled out of her causing another muffled scream from my well fucked girlfriend.

Again I stood frozen looking under dog at the largest odd shaped cock I had ever seen, it looked at least twice as thick as mine and about 10-11 inches in length but the strangest part about it was not that it was bright red and covered in veins but it had a large tennis ball sized lump near his balls.
I remember thinking to myself that this lump must have been the cause of Marie’s pain and probably her second orgasm too.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

She seemed to be barely conscious still on all fours with a river of thin white cum running out of the gaping hole that used to be a tight pussy, I stood there for what felt like hours before I decided to gently pick her up and carry her upstairs.

After carrying Marie up to bed and helping her wash and changed we headed for bed, needless to say there was no sex as her pussy was sore and gaping from her surprise encounter with Toby’s huge dog cock.

She was very quiet from the moment I picked her up and I put that down to embarrassment I mean not many girls would be fine with their faithful pet taking advantage of a situation and fucking them raw in front of their boyfriend (or so I thought).

I had trouble sleeping that night the thoughts of what had happened were running through my mind over and over, at around 2am I finally dozed off for a few hours but woke again while it was still pretty dark so I carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Marie and made my way to the bathroom.

As I got back into bed I felt something was not right and it took me a few seconds to realise that I was alone in the bed. I had no idea where Marie could be, I looked in the spare room thinking she might have felt uncomfortable sharing a bed after the night’s events.

I was wrong she was nowhere to be found upstairs so I quietly headed down to see if she went to the kitchen for a drink, as I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed the living room door was open a crack and a dim glow filled the room from what I guessed was the table lamp next to the sofa.

I couldn’t believe what I saw there she was my petite 21 year old girlfriend in the middle of the room on all fours naked as the day she was born with dog’s the black lab on her back furiously pumping away at her.

My mind was racing I was trying to rationalise the situation and work out how this accident could have happened a second time but as I watched I notice that apart from the moans and squeaks coming from her she was also muttering something, I strained to hear what it was she was saying and after a few minutes I could make out a few words

Oh god mmmm that’s so good, this is so dirty, dog fuck me, oh I love it, make me cum Toby, please, make me cum please dog’s”

This is crazy I thought to myself, she was disgusted by this a few hours ago and now here she was creeping downstairs in the early hours of the morning with the intention of fucking a dog.

I could tell by the pool of cum on the floor that they had been fucking for about an hour and showed no signs of stopping. Suddenly I saw her body tense as the lump on his cock sank easily into her signalling that they were both cumming at the same time.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I waited until Toby pulled free, I saw his huge red cock slip free and watched his puppy making seed gush out, she stood up kissed him on the nose and pushed her thong between her legs to stem the flow, realising they had finished I quickly and quietly went back up to bed with mixed emotions, yes it was hot to see her so free and kinky but also she was having sex behind my back I wouldn’t have classed it as cheating if she was open about it but this was not the case.

There is more to this animal sex story and again I will continue if people find it enjoyable but I’m very new to writing this way so I have no idea if I’m descriptive enough.

Compliments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated as both help me to improve for your enjoyment.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Dog Wakes Girl or Jacking Off Some Dog Dick

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Nice girl asleep in bed. Her dog jumps up on to the bed. He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention. Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch. She moves her hand away and starts to stroke the dogs head. She jacking off dog dic.

She has a naughty look on her face, you can see what she is thinking (should I touch him again?). She looks sheepish but her hand goes down again, but this time she is rubbing it the little red end is coming out. She seems to be shocked and pulls back her hand. She looks so surprised after a couple of seconds she finds herself feeling between her legs she is dripping wet. Now she knows she liked what had just happened.

She offers her wet hand to the dog and murmurs would you like to taste me? The dog is licking her hand and she is feeling so naughty but she is not going to stop that long tongue is cleaning every drop of her off her hand; she has the other hand up her love hole she swops hands and the dog is loving it. Girl has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it. Girl brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand. She is panting her chest feels like it is going to burst wow what a feeling.

The dog is licking her cunt and it feels out of this world. The tongue is going deep she cannot believe the sensation she is out of control and starts to play with the dogs cock he is about six inches, the dog starts to fuck her hand she is struggling to keep a hold of his doggy cock before girl can do anything the dog is squirting all over her she cannot stop him his doggy cum is over her neck and chin she is trying to push his cock away but he is to strong and thrusts forward and dog cock touches her lips.
She jumps back and leaves go of the dog, not believing what she has just done but it felt brilliant. Let’s see if she goes further the next time

She goes down stairs to make a cup of coffee, the dog does not leave her side. The dog goes into his bed and has that puppy dog look.

She sits down and starts to dream about what has just happend (did it really happen) yes was the thought as she was wet again just thinking about it. The dog cum on her neck and chin.
Stop I must stop this she told herself. I need to get some air so she got the lead and set off to her normal walk with the dog.
She lived close to a wood were there were picnic areas for people to sit as the dogs ran round the woods.

She normally walked to the picnic tables and back to her house (she could sit and the dog would wonder off and keep coming back. Nothing changed this morning as she sat watching the dog her mind started to go back to the event in the bed. She was wet again she could feel the cool of the air between her legs.

She did not know how but her hand was playing with her private parts (she did not remember thinking I would like to play with my self).
There were people around what was she doing all she could think of was the doggy cum on her neck and chin.
She starting to think about the red cock touching her lips and the taste of the dog cum, it was a bit salty but she thought it had like a metallic taste not a bad taste just hard to explain.

She looked around and there was no one there she shouted for her dog. He came back and went under the table and was licking between her legs.
The feeling was so strong she was breathing heavy her lungs were exploding. She had moved her knickers to one side and the dog was licking her love hole and her fingers.
God this was so naughty but what a great felling she opened her lips more to let the dog in, he did not wait his tongue was in as far as he could get it. She was still thinking I must be dreaming “I cannot be doing this”.

Then it happened a wave of pleasure that she had not experienced before. She yelped like a puppy, what a shock she looked around lucky there was no one there. She thought that was good she did not want to stop and she did not she opened her legs as wide as she could and give one big shout “goooooood boyyyyyyy” she could not believe what she had just done.

Just then a couple came to the area she thought had they heard or had they been watching. She put herself right got the dog out of under the table and walked away quickly. She rushed home did they see her she did not know “ I will not be able to go back there”.

She was home and feeling safe; wow this is feeling so naughty she lay down on the sofa the dog lay down beside her and she just stroked him gently. She started thinking how exciting it had been.
If they had seen her it must have turned them on because they came close to her, did they try to see more.
She had stopped feeling guilty, her thoughts turning to how she had give them something incredible to chat about when they got home. I bet they will try it with their dog. She started to dream what would have happened if she had let them catch her.

ANIMAL SEX The day dream

The couple comes close to the table; the dog is still between her legs. She is feeling nervous the woman (she looks about 35 yrs young) ask; could she sit beside her while her husband walks the dog. The girl (is 23yrs young) says yes not knowing what to do (the dog is still licking her love lips under the table). She quickly pulled he skirt down her legs (the dog was still not moving she covered his head with her skirt).

They must have been watching her. The woman sits beside the girl and swings her legs under the table. Wow she says that’s a nice dog he looks like he likes pussy. Yes I have been trying to stop him but he will not stop.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

The woman stoops down let me help you she pulls the girls skirt up and pulls the dogs head towards her. She opens her legs she has no knickers on the dog starts to lick the woman. “there he is a good dog you were right when you shouted”. You and your husband have been watching me! yes we could see everything. Just then the woman gave off a sigh he is good.
Do you fancy going into the bushes? We have a super spot just up there were my husband and I have sex. No one can see but we can see people passing us very close. It is very exciting.
The girl says yes she is spell bound. They don’t walk far when the woman says in here. There does not seem a way into the bushes but the woman pulls away the bush and there is enough room to go behind the bush.

How I Became A Doggie Bitch Whore

When they get behind there is a nice bit of green grass not big but big enough to lay down. She could see the path through the bushes but the woman said they cannot see us in here. The lay down and the woman lifted her the girls skirt up and took her knickers off.

The girl was shaking with anticipation (what was she going to do to her). She got the dog and started to patting the girls pussy, come on you know you want this. The dog was there like a shot the girl could not get her legs open any further. The woman pulled the dog round so it was in 69 position she was kneel down in full control, the woman was playing with the dogs cock right over the girls face.
The girl was enjoying every second of it. (The girl paused she did not know where these thoughts were coming from.

This morning was the first time she had touched her dog let alone have sex with him. She carried on stroking the dog as she lay on the sofa and carried on with her day dream). The woman was making sure the girls lips were open and the dogs tongue was going deep.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

She was telling the girl you are his bitch as she was wanking the dog. The girl was looking up at this big red hard cock being played with by the woman and feeling her dog licking her love socket wow. She was told to kiss the cock which she did without question.
She was told that looked good you bitch, put him in your mouth. This again she did without question the dog gave her a squirt she pulled back. The woman said what you doing he is given you his doggy cum open your mouth and drink. Her mouth was soon full and she had to swallow (the woman was telling her drink you bitch love your dog) she was in ecstasy doing what she was told.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

WOW she came out of her fantasy her body was in the middle of waves of pleasure she was jerking. Her muscles in her love socket were going wild and she was not touching herself (it was just one wave after another with no control). She was feeling sensations all over her body and she could not stop them this went on for a long time she was soaking.
She needed to go to bed. As she walked up the stairs she could feel her lips rubbing and she was still cummmmmmming. She got into bed and just thought what a day the dog jumped on to the bed and lay beside her.

How I got into K9 sex, 20 years ago

Her thoughts just kept going over the day and that fantasy where did that come from how did I cum without touching myself? One thing after another then she fell asleep.

What will happen the next day its Sunday and she will have all day with her dog.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

This dog is loving to be jurked this way. dog can probably go for hours like this also she is holding it from the right spot behind the knot. Really sexy, her nipples are sexy and so is his sexy cock

Animal Sex Review from Gilgood

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Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog
I have to admit, I have been a member of this site for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories, seeing the videos and am very jealous because I don’t have a dog or any plans of getting one in the future. I work all day and travel a great deal. It is a lifestyle that would be fair to the kind of dog I would like to have.

Thus said, I have lived out my fantasies vicariously through your stories in the hopes of meeting someone local, (Southeast coast of Virginia) and establishing a “playtime” relationship.

I was complaining to one of my male friends about 3 months ago about my lack of sex play, and he offered, (as any good friend would), to help me out, all for therapeutic purposes, of course.  :)

So I headed over to his house one evening, slightly nervous, with an offering of a case of Corona, a couple of limes and the hopes of ending the evening with a bit of the tension I had been living with escaping me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

He greeted me at the door, and we sat down in his very well appointed living room. His entire waterfront home had been decorated professionally and was just beautiful.
We chatted about work for a few minutes, sipping the beers, and he smiled and brought up what was on both of our minds. We had been friends for years and he was right about it being silly for me to be nervous about the evening.

The beer was helping me to relax and I did admit that I was very excited and curious about what would happen. He asked me if I trusted him, said that of course I did, and he nodded and told me to follow him.

We walked up to the second floor master bedroom, a large luxurious room with a large four poster antique bed and a large set of glass French doors that looked out over the water. He turned to me and told me in a very gentle tone of voice to remove all of my clothes and lie down on the bed. I did so, feeling less than confident, but felt better when he commented on my figure.

I have always been uncomfortable with my 40d breasts, they seem too large to go with my size 8 figure, but I can’t really do anything about heredity. I walked over to his bed and laid out on the soft comforter.

He sat down next to me and we talked about my desires. He had known that I enjoyed being tied up and restrained for a long time. He gently suggested tying up my wrists to the head posts of the bed for a start, and then pushed my knees up so that my completely shaved pussy was exposed.

He then wrapped my ankles with soft furry cuffs and tied them to 2 long straps that came up from the side of the bed. I was still very comfortable and getting wetter by the moment. He walked over to a large chest and took out a massaging vibrating unit, the kind you buy at any corner drug store. He plugged it in and turned it on. A low comforting hum filled the room, he started to slowly move it down my legs and it felt really good. He then slowly moved it up my inner thighs and my lower stomach, it kind of took my breath away.

He slowly moved it gently across my pussy and I gasped at the incredible sensations it was causing. He smiled and slowly moved it around my pussy area, not ever touching my clit, I was panting and moaning. He knew exactly what he was doing, he would bring me up to a level and then move it away, in this way he kept me hovered on the edge of an incredible orgasm for several minutes before stopping it completely.

I gulped and sputtered, begging him to continue, now all pretenses at any kind of maidenly modesty out the window, I needed to cum and I needed to cum hard!
He smiled and said that now it was time for honesty, he had borrowed my laptop about 6 months ago and had stumbled across my collection of videos I had downloaded from the site.

I was still breathing hard and hovering on the edge, but this was quite a bit of a shock! I had no idea that anyone had any idea of my secret desires and their canine direction.

He turned the vibrator back on and laid it on the side of my clit,
He told me to tell him what I wanted to do with a dog, I hesitated, I wanted that orgasm SO bad, maybe if I delayed him just a few moments more……

He pulled it away…..

“YES!”, I exclaimed, “Yes, I will tell you! Just please let me cum!”

He turned the vibrator off, saying he would tell me as soon as I told him everything. After all, I was rather immobilized, wasn’t I?

I figure I really didn’t have anything to lose, and he knew already, so, why not? I knew he had a 3 year old male black dog who had not been neutered, so maybe he had more in mind then what he was saying.

I gasped out that I had been watching the videos, joining a few websites and reading some letters, and really wanted to be licked to an orgasm by a dog and then maybe, if I didn’t get scratched I might be up for getting fucked by a large dog. It looked so good in all the videos, just hard pounding action, and all of the women looked as if they were really into it, not faking it at all.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

He smiled and told me that I should have told him this a long time ago…..he had been looking for a friend to enjoy his black dog with him…….I gulped……what do you mean, I asked, already knowing the answer.

He stood up and went to the bedroom door. He called for Jeb, a friendly, good natured, black Labrador retriever whom I have always had a lot of affection for.
I laughed nervously and asked him what he had in mind, he laughed and said just wait and see.

He led Jeb up to the bed and patted the comforter, Jeb took a large bound and landed on the edge of the king sized bed. His tail was wagging furiously, at his master’s command, he dropped to all fours and slowly crawled up to my thigh, giving it a quick lick.

Sensing that I would go along with it, he licked my thigh a few more times, each time getting closer and closer to my pussy. I was dripping wet, and I knew he could smell the essence of a bitch in heat just a few inches away from his nose.

Then it happened, he took a long lick from my pussy down to my ass, OH, God it felt soooooo good, he didn’t stop for a reaction, he knew he was home free and he was tasting and licking for all he was worth.

His rough tongue rubbed my clit and the entire vulva area ten times better than any vibrator and he kept doing it over and over, I felt the first of several orgasms sweep over me and was glad I was restrained or else I couldn’t possibly have stayed in that position. I started to moan,

“Good Dogggy”, “Oh God, Jeb, you feel so good, please don’t stop, Jeb, please don’t stop”,

and he didn’t, I was pouring out juices and he was licking them up as fast as I was producing them.

His long tongue was forcing itself up into my wet hole and I would start to cum again.

This went on for maybe 5-10 minutes, until I begged my friend to give me a rest….. He once again laughed and commented that it had to have been the sexiest sight he had ever had the privilege to watch. He untied my legs so I could extend them and rest.

I was amazed! I had never imagined that it could be anywhere near this good, I looked up at my friend and gasped that I had never felt like this before. He smiled again and said that it was the combination of all the sensations at once that had created the euphoria I was now feeling.

I gave a kittenish look and said, “so whats next?’ He laughed and said, I think you are ready now. Jeb was over in the corner and at the sound of his master’s whistle once again jumped up on the bed. I could see his doggy cock sticking out of his sheath.

Rob leaned over and began to rub dog’s cock coaxing more of it out of its sheath. Jeb stood near my head this time and Rob guided the large pink spear to my lips, Jeb hunched down a bit as my lips and tongue began their exploration of the new toy. Jeb stepped over my head so I was completely under dog cock and started to insert it into my mouth, filling it.

The taste dog dick was sweet and it felt so good and warm. I felt another sensation, a mouth on my pussy. I looked down and could see Rob looking up at me as he was licking my stressed and swollen clit.

Here I was, a so-called prude, with a black dog’s cock fucking my mouth and being eaten out by his owner. I was in seventh heaven, I felt another orgasm sweep over me and it felt incredible.

Jed pulled out and whined a bit in Rob’s direction, I was still lying there panting as Rob positioned Jeb between my legs and guided that huge weapon in to my very well lubricated pussy.

Shouls I continue 😉

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Beautiful girl fucks huge doggy cock

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Most thrilling dog fucking scenes ever! You might think that this is some ordinary zoo porn? Hell no! This is some really exclusive and totally exquisite shit that you would definitely love! Watch this brunette babe with small titties spreading her legs.

She feels lust juices streaming out of her cum pit and she can’t resist the desire to feel some hard stuff inside her twat. The moment dog’s cock enters her dripping wet love hole she moans with pleasure and keeps the dog closer to it to have all the pleasure deep in the slutty cunt.

This babe made us too hard to shoot her again! The casting ended once she made the animal cum.

Girl knoes how to make a big dog comes for sure. Look at the way girl’s performing the suck huge dog dick! She suck that dog cock and drink the cum. She love giving a blowjob to a dog.

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Animal Sex-K9 Deep Throat

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Chubby girls was hesitating a bit but she still gave the dog a sweet blow job. She loves giving deep throat blow job to her boyfriend and now she’s trying it on a horny dog. So far so good, whore is loving every inch of the K9 cock sliding in and out of her mouth, while her boyfriend holds the camera

What a beautiful dog dick sucker….she has such passion and is so hot, no wonder the dog just keeps on cuming

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