Her First Time, Fun with Dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on http://animalsexfun.com Hot girl fucking with big dogs cock!

I’ve been seeing this girl off and on for about a couple of years now, I tried to at first to get my dog involved in out sex life at first, she tried it and lost interest so I didn’t try anymore. But lately her sex drive increased by 10 times, she developed into a nymphomaniac.

Not only does she want to fuck every day or all day she loves to deep throat my cock, and I have no idea where this came from.
A couple of months ago she wanted to try anal sex and realized she loved it. Now I pound her ass as hard as her pussy, and literally fuck her face.

We’ve been talking about adding a second female to suck her pussy while I fucked her ass, until one day I was pounding her ass and left the bedroom door open, when my dog bosco came in ( bosco is an intact 6 year old lab) I could feel his cold nose on my balls and had a feeling that he was wildly licking her pussy, but didn’t say anything until her orgasms were so intense I asked is he doing what I think he’s doing, she said yes.

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I said I make him stop she said said NO I’m still cumming!!!! So I let him go at it licking her pussy and my cock and balls while I fucked her ass. I held my load back to see how much she could take and she was taking it well.
I gave her a break for a few minutes while we talked about what happened to get a feel about how much she loved it, and if she would make it a regular thing, and she said Hell Yes!!

We stayed naked and went into the living room and sat on the couch, my cock was still hard so she couldn’t resist to deep throat me again. We found that using baby oil when having anal sex also helps her slide my cock all the way down her throat, I lubed her pussy and ass again, while rubbing her pussy and fingering her ass I was spreading it open for dog to have his way with her.

As he was licking her ass and pussy he was dry humping the air, and his lipstick was poking out of the sheath. At this point she was going wild, I let her keep sucking my cock and told her to kneel on the floor, when she did dog mounted her and started to hump her like crazy, I then I heard her moan when boscos cock was entering her oiled pussy.

This Animal sex story as Horny bitch fucking that dog cock was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I asked how far he was in and she said she felt like there was a baseball inside her, at that point I knew she was tied with the dog. I then pulled my cock out of her mouth to check, and found he was. So I fucked her mouth while dog was knotted in her pussy.

About 5 minutes later I could see dog was trying to pull out so I made sure all his cum was drained from his balls. The knot came out with a gush of dog sperm, I asked her if she liked it and was told she loved it and wanted to do it again but in her ass the next time.


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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Young model’s first K9 encounter

Animal Sex

Girl pounded hard by a dog Note from Jen:

I posted Delia’s confession in November 2011 (click here to read it). Delia runs a modelling school so she is constantly surrounded by beautiful young girls. This story features a young woman new to modelling, her name is Morgan. Cindy (also in our K9 Sex Club) took an interest in photography quite a while ago and has done a few shoots for Delia’s models for their portfolios and she showed me a few pics of Morgan.

Morgan’s stats: 19 y/o, 5’9”, 122 lbs., long dark-brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, B-cup. Morgan is a striking natural beauty.


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Shocking My Brother Caught Me Fucking Our Dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

I was laying on the end of my bed working my clit and loving the feeling, indulging in my passion and desire, when my dog Rayze padded into my room. I didn’t know he was there until I felt his tongue on my thighs, searching for my pussy. I gasped, not knowing what to do. I went to stop him but as his tongue found my pussy I convulsed with pleasure.

I lay back and accepted his tongue, oh god did it feel good. Next thing I know he stands up on his hind legs, and tries to thrust into me with his red cock. I take it in my hand and guide it to my pussy. Rayze immediately starts pumping away and I moan in ecstasy, I had never felt anything like it. Waves of pleasure surged through me and I could not fight it.

My door was still open, and I heard the front door open and close. I knew it had to be my brother, my parents were away for the weekend. I tried to force myself to stop dog, but I couldn’t move, my body was no longer in my control.

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My brother heard my moans and walked in, a worried look on his face. When he saw Rayze thrusting into me his jaw dropped. ‘Lisa, what are you doing?’ he stammered.  Rayze didn’t let up, my dog only fucked me harder, and I knew I was going to cum. I cried out in pleasure as I came and I saw my brother’s cock harder.

‘Oh sis… this is so hot.’ He gasped and unzipped his jeans. Rayze was still pumping away in my pussy, causing me to cum again. My brother’s hand closed around his shaft and he began to stroke himself at a somewhat quick pace.

What happened next still shocks me when I remember. After wanking for only a few seconds my brother blew his load all over my floor. He gripped his cock tightly and tried to hold it back as stream after stream of cum squirted out. I could see that look of shame on his face. After he finished unloading he quickly and silently left my room, looking almost sick.

I tried to push Rayze away, to get up and go after him. Dog’s cock slipped from me and he unleashed a huge amount of cum all over my stomach and tits. I lay back, panting in exhaustion, with no idea what to do.

I knew I had to talk to my brother, but what could I say? I cleaned myself up and got dressed, all the while replaying the events that had just happened over in my mind. Rayze followed me as I headed to my brother’s room. I gave him a pat on the head and then approached my brother’s door.

I knocked and waited, but my brother gave no answer. I slowly opened the door, ‘Brother?’ I said, stepping inside. He was sitting on his bed, staring at the floor. I went over to him and sat down next to him. ‘Are you okay?’ I asked nervously.
He looked up, ‘You let dog fuck you!’ he said in disbelief.
‘I didn’t mean for it to happen,’ I urged. My brother looked to Rayze who had followed me into the room. I noticed his pants tighten as dog cock hardened from the memory.

My inner deviousness took over, ‘I know you liked it,’ I said, placing my hand on his leg. He didn’t answer. He looked away, I could see he was ashamed. ‘It felt wonderful,’ I told him, ‘I’ve never cum harder in my life.’
‘Don’t,’ he said, sounding scared.

Rayze padded over to me and nudged me with his head. I looked down at him and gave him a pat. He licked at my hand with his long tongue and I felt my pussy get wet as I felt the familiar feeling. I felt my desires possessing me as I got horny again. I grabbed my brother’s crotch and felt his hard-on.

I started to rub it over his pants, he looked at me as if I were insane, ‘Does it feel good?’ I asked.
‘Y-yes,’ he stammered, ‘stop sis. This is wrong, and I’m afraid of what I might do if you go too far…’

I did not stop. I unzipped his jeans and pulled out doggy cock and stroked gently with my hand. He began to harden and I saw in his face he was letting go of his inhibitions.

He let the beast within him take over and pushed me down onto the floor so I was kneeling on all fours. He pushed up my skirt and pulled down my panties and thrust dog’s cock deep inside me.

This Animal sex story as i caught my sister with the dog was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I gasped as it entered me. It felt so hot. Dog looked interested in what was happening. He walked over to me and licked my face. I reached out and began to rub between his legs. Before long I felt his cock poking out of its sheath.

My brother ran his hands up to my ass and gave it a squeeze, ‘You’re so tight inside sis,’ he moaned as he fucked me. He saw me fondling dog’s cock and I felt his pace quicken. He spanked my ass and I gave a soft yelp, not expecting it.

As Rayze hardened he started trying to mount me, thrusting out doggy cock. ‘Suck his cock sis,’ my brother breathed from behind me. I eagerly took dog’s cock into my mouth and began to suck. My brother barely had time to pull out before he was cumming, just as I knew he would. He couldn’t hold his load at the sight of me with Rayze.

He spilled his cum all over my ass and then watched, panting heavily as I eagerly worked dog’s cock with my hand and mouth. ‘Make him cum on your face sis,’ my brother said. I didn’t want to disappoint him, so I stroked dog faster until he squirted his spunk onto my lips and face.

It dripped down to my tits and I felt my brother’s dick entering me again, he had gotten hard instantly at the sight. He fucked me for a few more minutes and then pulled out. He told me to lie down on his bed and then he looked to Rayze. ‘I want to see him fuck you again,’ he said.

‘I’m not sure…’ I said, thinking it was too wrong.
‘It felt good last time didn’t it?’ my brother asked.
I almost drooled remembering, ‘Yes… so good.’
‘Please sis,’ my brother begged. I wasn’t sure what to do. I looked to Rayze and I remembered the waves of pleasure. I felt my own inhibitions slipping once more…

‘Okay,’ I said, agreeing to let Dog fuck me again. My brother brought him over to me and began rubbing my pussy to make my juices flow again. Dog sniffed at me curiously and then began to lick my pussy. I moaned, ‘Oh it feels so good brother.’
I lay back on the bed as he lapped at my swollen lips.

‘Are you gonna cum again sis?’ my brother asked. He was watching intently, doggy cock growing ever harder. I nodded, unable to speak, and threw my head back, moaning loudly as a huge orgasm swept through me. My brother started to stroke himself slowly as he watched me cum.

Dog licked me clean and then mounted me, probing with doggy cock to find my hole. After a few thrusts he found it, and pushed into me with the tip. I felt him starting to expand inside me and I gasped. ‘Oh fuck yeah,’ my brother moaned as Doggy started to fuck me. My brother had already cum twice today, but I noticed he had stopped stroking and was gripping the tip of his dick, trying not to cum.

I surrendered to dog’s cock and the pleasure he was giving me. My tongue lolled from my mouth and my eyes crossed and I yelped with each thrust. ‘Oh fuck me dog, fuck me with that doggy cock!’ I screamed.

My brother’s face contorted with agony as he struggled so hard not to cum. ‘Just let it cum baby brother,’ I told him.
‘Okay,’ he said, ‘but I want to cum in your mouth.’ I nodded and he struggled onto the bed, still holding the tip of his dick.

This Animal sex story as girl caught fucking her dog was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He brought dog cock to my lips and then moaned, ‘Oh fuck.’ A squirt of cum hit my lips, and then another splashed onto my cheek. I saw that look of shame on my brother’s face again as he hopelessly failed to hold back his load. Stream after stream squirted from his dick and my face was now covered in both my dog’s cum and my brother’s cum. I felt so naughty.

After he finished cumming on my face my bro pushed dog cock into my mouth and I sucked it eagerly for him. Rayze was still pumping away, I wasn’t sure if he would cum again today, but I continued to cum over and over as he fucked me.

‘Oh sis this is so wrong,’ my brother breathed as he hardened in my mouth. Suddenly I felt dog’s cum filling my womb. I released my brother’s cock and gasped loudly. ‘Oh god, he’s cumming,’ I moaned. My brother looked at dog and for a moment I thought he was almost going to cum again too, but he didn’t.

He started stroking himself hard and moaned with unabashed pleasure. Rayze slipped out of me and his cum spilled out of my pussy onto the bed. I lay back exhausted, panting like a dog, my tongue hanging out. Rayze lay down on the floor and looked up at me with his round eyes. I smiled at him and he barked happily.

My brother stepped over me, dog cock in his hand, a grin on his face. He pushed into me and I gasped, ‘No more,’ I begged. He didn’t listen, and started to fuck me as hard as he could. After only thirty seconds I knew he was going to cum again, after seeing dog fill me up there was no way he was going to hold back for long. ‘You can’t cum inside me!’ I groaned. But it was too late, my brother’s cum was filling my pussy.

‘Oh sis!’ he cried, still fucking me as he came. Afterwards he lay down on me and kissed me. ‘What did you do?’ I groaned, barely conscious at this point.
He ignored the question, ‘I want this everyday sis.’
‘Me too,’ I replied, and together we fell asleep.

This was the final part, I hope you enjoyed

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY

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My First K9 Experience or Pretty Girl Fucked By Black Doggy

Animal Sex

Nice girl suck dog dick for cumIm Jessica, Im a young female college student in South Carolina. I have been a member on a swinger site in order to meet guys/girls now for a few years. Its a great way to meet people if you just looking to have some fun with no strings attached. Well about 2 months ago a older guy emailed me wanting to meet up. Im not picky when it comes to guys so I went to his house.

We had a few drinks and I ended up giving him head within the hour. It doesn’t take long for me lol. Normally I don’t stay the night with somone i just met but i wasn’t able to drive so I figured it was for the best.

We drank some more and then ended up fucking, which of course I had planned since I met him on a swinger site. As I was laying in bed he asked me if I had any “limits” . I said no which i really couldn’t imagine anything I wouldn’t at least try. He sat silent for a bit before explaining to me he had a fantasy of seeing a young girl like myself with his lab.

I had never been asked that at before and was kinda shocked. After laying there listening to this I figured why the hell not try it? I was still completely buzzed but thought, who else was going to find out? I saw him instantly get hard again from excitement and get out of bed to go get “Felix” his dog. When he brought him in I got nervous as hell.

I didnt know what to do or where to go from there. I just sat on the edge of the bed as they approached me. He took my hand and guided it down to dog’s cock.I started rubbing it and noticed his red tip starting to appear out of his doggie foreskin. The guy told me to suck on it.

This Animal sex story as Sexy girl fucking her big horny dog   was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

When I put my head down toward it it smelled and i kinda hesitated. I felt the guys hand push the back of my head forward till my lips were on his dogs now fully erect cock.

I began to suck it and started to rather enjoy it. It didnt taste bad and I could see how of the corner of my eye the guy jacking off to me while watching. I kept doing it for a minuet or two before he pulled my head off and ask me to get on my hands and knees. He tried to get Felix on me but he kept falling off and the one time he tried to get doggy cock in he just humped my ass.

He turned felix around so that we were ass to ass and the manually guided dogcock into my awaiting pussy. Immediately i gasped when it went in. It was warm and definitely thicker than a boys. The man proceeded to help the dog thrust. The longer this went on the better it felt.

I could feel dog’s cock continue to grow. After another minuet of this I felt a throbbing sensation. I could tell Felix had just cummed inside me. I was close to cumming myself but have trouble getting off that quick. The guy also was close to cumming as he had been jacking off during this and shoved doggy dick in my mouth and shot streams of jizz down my throat.

I swallowed and continued to wiggle my ass to try to work out the dogs cock out of my pussy. I had expected the dog just to pull out but the thrusting picked up again and continued. I just went with it not saying anything. I could still feel his cock bulging inside me.

It grew more and more intense as it went on. Finally I could feel my orgasm build and then explode. I came all over dog’s cock in me and started yelling. It started to hurt a little and burn inside me. I flet I had had enough and tried to get up but as i tried to pull away doggy cock wouldn’t come out of me. The guy explained I would have to wait till doggy cock went down.

He continued to help the dog fuck me and I could still feel burst of cum coming from my K9 lover. We where stuck together ass to ass for almost 20 minuets until finally he came loose and a huge flow of doggie cum and my own juices flowed out of me onto the floor.

This Animal sex story as Whore gets orgasm from dog cock was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He told me to lick it up and as I started to Felix did as well. It didnt taste bad. In fact I think I would prefer dog cum over that of a persons which is saltier. As i watched Felix help with the mess I began to think. I couldn’t believe I had just become a dogs bitch! I was sore, and sticky from the ordeal but also felt amazing inside.

We ended up not fucking anymore and I drove home when I sobered up. I masterbated to the new experience I had just discovered all the following week and opened my eyes to a new chapter of my life of having sex with animals.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY

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Animal Sex-Dog fucking horny babe

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on http://animalsexfun.com Hot girl fucking with big dogs cock. We set up a free dog casting to find new models for the fresh exclusive animal sex porn. This gorgeous blonde came here just to experience what she has never done before.

Once we told her that the dog will inevitable fuck her if the cunt is wet she stripped and started teasing herself. We all had hard ones watching her preparing cunt for dog’s cock.

The dog smelled the scent of lust in the air and came up to lick her pussy. She liked that and spread her legs even wider to let the fluffy fucker closer.

The dog fucked the bitch with the red hot boner as if is was a casual thing to do. The new model enjoyed every motion and even begged the animal to go on and it behaved as if all the words and sounds she uttered were perceived and executed!

The whore cummed several time before the meaty dog’s cock left her dripping wet cum pit.

It was obvious that the pet was left unsatisfied so the babe kneeled to suck its wang. The grabbed the cock and embraced it with wet lips. The excitement was high so she teased her clit while blowing the dog and cummed again when the white dog’s cum splashed against her sweaty body.

Wild action, Wild doggy fucking girl wet pussy :???:

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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Snowed in with only a dog for company

Animal Sex

Wild doggy fucking teen wet pussyWhen I was 25 years old I was at a point in my life where everything was starting to become easier and my life was on track with my ambitions. Being a single mom meant that if I wasn’t busy at work then I was busy at home but I was managing just fine and my son and I were very happy. Thankfully, my parents lived close by so they would often look after my son if I needed a break or made plans with some friends, this happened about once a month. I still lived my life and enjoyed going out or doing adventurous things like skydiving, hiking, skiing, etc.

That winter my friends (Amber, Melissa and Vanessa) and I got invited to a ski resort for a week. The resort wouldn’t officially be open for the season but the owners invited special guests every year before opening and this year Melissa got the invite after getting to know them the year before and keeping in touch with them.


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Little Toy, For the dog

Animal Sex

Little Toy, For the dog
Jess looked around the darkened room, not seeing a way out–not that she was searching for one. There was no light, not even a yellow line sneaking from beneath a door. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to reveal the faint outline of her crate and the dirty blankets balled up beside its thin metal bars.

She had slept inside the cramped thing last night, just as her master had ordered. It had been a tight squeeze to fit her five foot frame inside the kennel, but there was something comforting to the sweat and fluid stained sheets he had provided.
She prowled around the corners of her room, sniffing at her discarded clothes. She wasn’t to wear them while she was collared. So, she crawled about naked, her bared breasts pointing to the floor.

Jess made her way to the far corner and noticed that the back wall was partially smooth glass. She cupped her hands around her eyes as she peered in. A two-way mirror, two red electronic lights barely visible on the other side.

A smile crept in. Master was filming ANIMAL SEX vids today.

A panel slid open from across the room, spinning her attention toward its sound. Still no light, but she could make out the new arrival.
It was Ross, her master’s faithful hound. Ross was a hulking mastiff, all muscle and mass. The old boy sniffed the air, turning straight for her.

Jess grinned wolfishly as she bounded over to her playmate. The two pawed and leapt at each other, excitedly. She loved this pet, knowing that she was his toy little dog slut.

After the initial energy was spent, Jess sat there panting. That familiar warmth in her chest already making her head swim. Playing with Ross always had this affect. She smiled as she watched his large tongue hang to the side. She reached under him and found his full sheathe.

Ross reacted immediately, lapping at her face as he stood. She licked him back, tongues scraping against each other, as she gripped his swelling manhood.

His hindquarters began humping on instinct, pushing his remarkably solid dog knot from his sheathe. She gripped him tighter and forced her way beneath him.
It found her open lips, her throat welcoming his fully erect shaft. As she guided him in and out, her own sex was dripping from arousal.

“I’m a slut. I’m such a filthy whore to be doing this!” “I’m a dog slut. I let dogs have sex with me and I enjoy it!”

The words raced through her mind as she continued sucking the animal. “Master better be getting this on tape.”
Ross overpowered her, breaking free from her hold. She instinctively got to all fours, grinning as she arched her back and spread her legs.

Ross wasn’t the awkward mount. He was trained, just as she was. His front legs gripped her sides with iron strength, putting his lower half in-line with her offered cunt. He hit home on the first thrust.

Jess coughed the scream of painful pleasure as his mass slammed into her. Her lubricated corridor gave way willingly, flooding with intense sensation.
Again he rammed into her, again she lurched forward from the impact. Her tits smacked together as her responsive nipples scratched the bald carpet flooring.
Ross huffed directly into her ear with each exertion. She watched him from the corner of her eye, tongue stretching to meet his.

The orgasm ripped through her as his hot spray shot into her. Her knees gave out and Ross’s weight shoved her shoulders to the ground. He filled her with his cum, every searing ounce. It absorbed into her fleshly folds, shocking her with tremendous ecstasy, a salacious wink for her master.

“I’m ready for take two.”

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I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

OK this is my first story on here so be gentle I know punctuation will be terrible but I believe it’s the story content that is the main thing (names are changed to protect identity)
When I was around 22 me and my current girlfriend Marie were on a random Saturday night out, we must have drank our own body weight in alcohol before deciding that it was time for a taxi back home.

Now my girlfriend was never shy but whenever she had a few too many her inhibitions went out the window, so there we were sat in the taxi heading home when she decided the fun should start, her hand slowly slid down the front of my trousers to grasp my hardening cock.

Not soon enough the taxi pulled up outside the front of her house and we stumbled out onto the pavement, she crawled over to her door and unlocked it only to be greeted by Toby her black lab, I guess with all the noise we made getting inside woke him up and he wanted to come play.

Me and Marie stumbled into the pitch black living room closely followed by Toby I sat down on the sofa and Marie dropped on all fours between my legs, she reached behind and hitched her skirt up then pulled her thong down to her ankles.

I knew exactly what she was thinking and unzipped my trousers pulling them down to release my rock hard cock inches from her face, in a second she had me in her mouth slurping away as I received a fantastic blowjob that seemed to last forever I felt so close to cumming in her fantastic mouth when she suddenly stopped moving.

“What’s wrong babe” I asked trying to keep the frustration out of my voice, “its dog” she replied with an odd tone to her voice.

“He keeps trying to lick my pussy” she whined as she tried to shove him away.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“Oh come on just ignore it babe keep your legs closed he won’t be able to reach”.

With a sigh she returned to sucking me and I tried to lose myself in the feeling again, it was hard going to enjoy myself when every few seconds she shifted, stopped and told the dog to sod off when all of a sudden she seemed to be bobbing her head faster and further onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yes babe that’s what I need” I groaned as she seemed to put more and more effort into the blowjob.

With what seemed like a great effort she raised her head off my cock panting “shit babe help me *pant pant* dogs jumped on my back something it in my pussy oh shit oh shit *pant pant* I think he’s fucking me *pant* oh my god my dog’s cock is jammed in my cunt he pounding the hell out of me babe help me get him the hell off me “pant pant”.

I completely froze as her words sunk in, I couldn’t believe it was the dog really fucking my girlfriend while she sucked my cock.

I slid across the sofa and onto the floor where I pulled my trousers up and fumbled for the light switch.

I can still see the image in my mind there was my girlfriend on all fours with her skirt hitched up round her waist her thong had fallen from round her ankles and lay in a ball at her feet, makeup smeared over her face and her hair looking as if she had spent a week living up a tree, but the strangest sight was her black lab with his front paws wrapped around her waist and his back end pumping towards her back end with a faint slopping sound.

I couldn’t move I just stood and stared at my girlfriend getting the shit fucked out of her by a dog, the sudden groan brought me out of my trance it was the unmistakeable sound of Marie’s orgasm starting and sure enough her moaning got faster and more high pitched until she let out a muffled squeal and started twitching and convulsing before looking over at me and whispering “you bastard get him off me I can’t believe I just came this is so gross” I could see tears well up in her eyes and I moved towards her and the pumping dog to try and separate them, before I took two steps dog’s seemed to lurch forward further into her and freeze.


I stepped forward only for dog’s to let out a warning growl.


” I could tell she was cumming again with the feeling of him moving inside her when suddenly with a slurping pop noise he pulled out of her causing another muffled scream from my well fucked girlfriend.

Again I stood frozen looking under dog at the largest odd shaped cock I had ever seen, it looked at least twice as thick as mine and about 10-11 inches in length but the strangest part about it was not that it was bright red and covered in veins but it had a large tennis ball sized lump near his balls.
I remember thinking to myself that this lump must have been the cause of Marie’s pain and probably her second orgasm too.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

She seemed to be barely conscious still on all fours with a river of thin white cum running out of the gaping hole that used to be a tight pussy, I stood there for what felt like hours before I decided to gently pick her up and carry her upstairs.

After carrying Marie up to bed and helping her wash and changed we headed for bed, needless to say there was no sex as her pussy was sore and gaping from her surprise encounter with Toby’s huge dog cock.

She was very quiet from the moment I picked her up and I put that down to embarrassment I mean not many girls would be fine with their faithful pet taking advantage of a situation and fucking them raw in front of their boyfriend (or so I thought).

I had trouble sleeping that night the thoughts of what had happened were running through my mind over and over, at around 2am I finally dozed off for a few hours but woke again while it was still pretty dark so I carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Marie and made my way to the bathroom.

As I got back into bed I felt something was not right and it took me a few seconds to realise that I was alone in the bed. I had no idea where Marie could be, I looked in the spare room thinking she might have felt uncomfortable sharing a bed after the night’s events.

I was wrong she was nowhere to be found upstairs so I quietly headed down to see if she went to the kitchen for a drink, as I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed the living room door was open a crack and a dim glow filled the room from what I guessed was the table lamp next to the sofa.

I couldn’t believe what I saw there she was my petite 21 year old girlfriend in the middle of the room on all fours naked as the day she was born with dog’s the black lab on her back furiously pumping away at her.

My mind was racing I was trying to rationalise the situation and work out how this accident could have happened a second time but as I watched I notice that apart from the moans and squeaks coming from her she was also muttering something, I strained to hear what it was she was saying and after a few minutes I could make out a few words

Oh god mmmm that’s so good, this is so dirty, dog fuck me, oh I love it, make me cum Toby, please, make me cum please dog’s”

This is crazy I thought to myself, she was disgusted by this a few hours ago and now here she was creeping downstairs in the early hours of the morning with the intention of fucking a dog.

I could tell by the pool of cum on the floor that they had been fucking for about an hour and showed no signs of stopping. Suddenly I saw her body tense as the lump on his cock sank easily into her signalling that they were both cumming at the same time.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I waited until Toby pulled free, I saw his huge red cock slip free and watched his puppy making seed gush out, she stood up kissed him on the nose and pushed her thong between her legs to stem the flow, realising they had finished I quickly and quietly went back up to bed with mixed emotions, yes it was hot to see her so free and kinky but also she was having sex behind my back I wouldn’t have classed it as cheating if she was open about it but this was not the case.

There is more to this animal sex story and again I will continue if people find it enjoyable but I’m very new to writing this way so I have no idea if I’m descriptive enough.

Compliments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated as both help me to improve for your enjoyment.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Chubby Teen Fuck Her Dog on WebCam

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Watch on http://animalsexfun.com Chubby girl fuck her dog on bed she is home alone. NO AUDIO :| Wow thought it was not going to be much of a ANIMAL SEX clip but then he got the idea and found his mark Awesome 10/10 many thanks for your post sad no sound but the picture tells a thousand words .

The young lady shows much enthusiasm wiggling her bottom to encourage him to mount her fully ….

May be he’s already had a slice of her Cake (Pussy) but a few more wiggles and he does what Most Males doggies do a nice Humping session …
Can not wait till more sessions are posted as I said 10/10 from me !

Shame there wasn’t any sound,I would have LOVED to hear her moans of pleasure that dog was really going for it once he got it in her pussy.

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Two dirty-minded sluts share the dick of a dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Two pretty lesbians have a sex dog on ANIMALSEXFUN.COM.  People like big clever dogs for many reasons – a question of prestige, their grace and beauty, incredible loyalty, protection qualities, participation in different competitions, etc.

But only the most perverted ones risk using larger dogs for their kinky animal sex games.
Even if you had seen many stories where vicious babes went to far and fucked with dogs and even horses, this thrilling sex adventure will definitely take you by surprise.

As you know, people use their back yards for arranging picnics and open-air parties, but these two lustful sluts install a large sofa there to make a comfortable place where their kind huge dog can fuck their hairy hungry pussies far away from curious eyes of their relatives and neighbors.

See the naughty horny babes taking their panties off and getting hold of an impressive canine cock.
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These amazing cocklovers have a real passion for animals. These beautiful lesbian girls like sucking hard dog cocks together.

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Horny Girl Alone With Her Dog on WebCam

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(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.) WOW and OH MY GOD this Animal Sex film is awsome. What a gorgeous, willing and keen and beautifull dog. He is obviously her beloved pet as well as her sex partner. I never thought I would catch myself envying a dog, but I sure envy that one. His mistress is unbelievably cute as well as sexy.

I bet she could have any man she wants. But with a dog like that why would she even want a man. I sure like the way she takes it missionary position with him right up in her face talking to him and encouraging him. Oh my god can that girl take a humping and she obviously loves it and loves her dog as well very possible the best video I have ever seen.
The dog definitely knows what to do with her pussy and she really likes it. I like it better when she is totally naked and the way the dog gets into it fast and she does not have to waste time getting him on her pussy.

This video is one of my favourites, the girl here really seemed to enjoy the day with her dog. The way she moaned with him inside her made me harder than I have ever been before in my life. The way she moans and encouraged her dog by saying “Good boy” really turned me on.

Please send us more this Animal Sex Video and how about giving him a nice blow job next time ? I know he would love it and he has sure earned it.  

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Chubby Girl Fuck With Dog

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(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Doggy fuck with big white girl on AnimalSexFun and big white dog, she is fucked on the floor and gets it doggystyle.

This was very good the dog may not have mounted her very long and did not get to knot insider her but they both were enjoying themselves.

And the girl differently like having sex with the dog and the feel of doggy cum on her as well a the feel of a hard dog cock. Even though they did not knot she finished him off by hand and did it with great tenderness and love.
I think if they had knotted we would have seen some real heat and a true cum lover in action.

She need a mounting deck that will set over her feet and along each side of her covered in shag carpet that the dog can stand on so he is tall enough to mount her properly and knot her good, the they would be going at it for 30 minutes to an hour!

Like if the woman was tied up naked,and then the dog came by and raped her.
I love the way she embraces him and gently fondles his cock encouraging it to dribble and squirt over her legs and tummy. Women getting wet with doggy cum mmmmmmmmmm delicious!

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The dog is too horny and fuck girl too hard.

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(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Beautiful girl fucks big doggy cock on ANIMALSEXFUN.COM. Ooh. The end of this video is by far the hottest part, and honestly probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen here on animal sex fun.

I keep replaying it over and over, watching the way she slams her legs shut and pulls herself down and tries to get away from him… amazing. Love it. So hot. Ooh.
The end of this video is by far the hottest part, and honestly probably one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen here.
I keep replaying it over and over, watching the way she slams her legs shut and pulls herself down and tries to get away from him… amazing. Love it. So hot Beastiality video.

She needs to relax and give him better access to that pussy! 😉

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This is an amazing video. It starts off with a beautiful mature woman wearing knee high boots, suspenders, nice lace panties, a bra and a see through peachy/pink top. she turns around to the camera and takes off her panties.

By this time the dog is already on the bed and raring to go, she put’s one leg on the bed and the dog immediately starts licking her nice trimmed pussy.

She bends over on the bed and the dog comes up behind her and starts fucking her hard with it’s erect penis. It occasionally stops to lick her nice pussy and ass.

She just lies there and takes it as he drills at her pussy. She must love the feeling of his wet tongue rubbing against her wet pussy and clit. I love the fact that the dog breathes heavily and grunts as he gets excited about fucking her. Great animal sex video 5/5.

Good dog. He is wasting his time with this prick teasing bitch. She should get over it and let this dog fuck her. She will love it.

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This is hot hot hot. That dog knows exactly what he wants and will not stop until he gets it. She could at least let him get more before she stops him but he is definitely persistent! I just want to watch this over and over.

You can tell he was trained for this and knows when bedtime is or just her taking off her clothes gives him the indication that is fun time.

This makes me want to get a bulldog. The only problem with this is it not long enough but it will definitely get you hot! Can’t wait for more of him.

She needs to bend down and let that dog fuck her like he wants to and make her his bitch lover.

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Watch on http://animalsexfun.com Pretty girl gets fucked with dog in doggy style. When we first saw this pretty chick we were stunned at her beauty, nevertheless she told us her big dream is to experience animal sex with a dog.

The maid masturbates quite often on zoo porn especially if a female is fucked by a dog from behind. Well her dream came true and her twat got rammed by a Dalmatian.

More than that we were all caught by surprise when the bitch let the huge animal cock inside her tight ass hole and the slut shamelessly enjoyed the action with her fluffy lover.

She got so excited that incredible orgasms made her tremble with delight a couple of time during the anal intercourse.

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