HomeMade Animal Sex-Big dog licking dirty wife pussy in outdoors

Animal Sex

 HomeMade Animal Sex-Big dog licking dirty wife pussy in outdoorsHomeMade Animal Sex-Big dog licking dirty wife pussy in outdoors
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Animal Sex -Dog is Lick Woman Pussy In the Forest

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Dog licking wife in outdoors
Everytime i start fucking my slut wife our big dog gets horny and goes directly to her wet pussy starting licking her. I can manage to fuck her only after he cums rubbing his red cock on her thighs. But she loves nice when dog licks his mistress

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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Skyler fuck her doberman

Animal Sex

Beautiful girl fucks big doggy cock K9 Sex Club Confessions, Jen & Emma help Skyler fuck her dog (doberman)

Note from Jen: The following story is quite unique. It belongs to Skyler (Sky) who wanted us to help her have her first K9 penetration experience. I won’t give any details away, you can read them in her confession, but I will tell you a bit about her. Sky is 26 years old, 5’2”, 98lbs, has long-blonde hair, brown eyes, a 33D bust and is now our newest K9 Sex Club member.

At the bottom of this post is a picture of her kneeling in front of her sofa just as her K9 lover was approaching her to rock her world. Emma took the Beastiality Photo.



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K9 Sex Club, Housewife enjoys guard dog

Animal Sex

Beautiful girl fucks big doggy cock

Note from Jen: This next story belongs to another beautiful lady who prefers that I don’t use her real name so she chose the name Carmen for this story. Carmen is a gorgeous blonde weighing 118 lbs, 5’6” tall, has green eyes and 34D breasts.

Carmen is a good friend of one of our members and doesn’t live in LA. She came to one of our meetings when she was visiting LA and joined our K9 orgy by the pool.

At the bottom of this post is a pic of Carmen waiting for her K9 lover to come please her. Cindy took the Beastiality Photo.



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A New Best Friend- Real Life Experiences

Animal Sex

Chick blowing big red dogpenis

This is a true ANIMAL SEX story and happened several years ago.

I answer my phone “Hello?”
“Hi! It’s your favorite aunt! How’ve you been?” Says a lively voice on the other end.
“Pretty good. Being able to relax this summer without classes has been really nice. I’m kind of dreading going back to college in the fall” I reply.
“Oh, well enjoy your free time while it lasts. So you heard we’re going on to the cabin next weekend, right? I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind watching Tony and house while we’re gone.”


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How I Got Into K9 sex, 2 girls, one dog

Animal Sex

Dog Licks Perfect PussyI’m new around here, and I wanted to share how I got started this Animal sex story as dog licking girls vagina. Sometime around last May, I started seeing a girl we’ll call Sarah. I met her at a popular local gay bar. She’s SO wonderful – and everything that complements my shy intellectual side. She’s the type of person that people just gravitate to. Warm, friendly, boisterous and energetic. Needless to say, I was smitten.

A few months later, she asked me to move in with her, which made me feel so complete. Now, I had known that she was unusually affectionate with her dog (who we’ll call George). After staying more than a couple of nights, and really settling into living with someone, you see their nuanced interactions. For instance, she would openly accept his tongue when he would lick her face, as if they were lovers.


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K9 Sex Club Confessions – Eva’s Story, Multiple fuck dogs.

Animal Sex

Sweet teen sucking a red dog cock

Note from Jen: During one of our K9 Sex Club meetings about 3 months ago, we discussed the surprisingly large number of people we know who have had or do have sexual encounters with dogs. We decided it would be nice if we could get their stories to share at our club meetings and to post on ANIMALSEXFUN. Yesterday morning Eva told me about her friend Lynn who was one of her friends in high school and who she still keeps contact with and gave me her story. After hearing it I knew it would be a great story to share at our meetings and on ANIMALSEXFUN  so Eva and I called her and asked her permission to which she agreed.

Lynn has long blond hair down to her waist, striking blue eyes, 36D breasts, stands 5’4” tall and weighs 130 lbs. Lynn emailed me a pic that an ex-boyfriend took of her body and gave me permission to include it in this post (at the end).



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My First Encounter, With My Dog He Lick My Pussy

Animal Sex

Dog Lick My PussyI was 16 when I had my first real sexual encounter. Ever since then, I’ve always had a high need for sexual pleasure. Whenever I am home alone I always find the time to satisfy my sexual needs. The thought of having my boyfriend’s dick inside my wet, warm, pussy turned me on so bad.

I achieved multiple orgasms every time I masturbate. The feeling is so great, I love the tingly sensation I get as my body tingles for more, and my pussy juices cannot control themselves. I am not afraid to admit that yes, I LOVE sex. But being that my boyfriend had recently moved to New York and I’m here stuck in Connecticut, he wasn’t able to satisfy me sexually.

I also, have a Beagle named Sammy. We had gotten him from a shelter so of course he had been neutered already. He would try to hump our guests once and a while and has had his fair share of stuffed teddy bears and blankets.

Watching him thrust against those innocent stuffed bears over and over again started to turn me on. I was so wet that I needed to satisfy myself right then and there. I got in to my room, shut the door, and started undressing myself. I hurried to my bed and laid back. I then opened my legs, and went to work. I couldn’t believe what happened next…

Sammy came walking into my room sniffing the air. I asked, “what’s wrong boy?” He then jumped on my bed, and out of nowhere, he stuck his cold we nose in between my legs.

I quickly pushed him away as I didn’t really think anything of it. I went back to work. This time I had closed my eyes, and I had started rubbing my clit a lot faster which made me cum hard.
I had then felt this rough, warm tongue, dog lick my already swollen pussy lips. I quickly opened my eyes and pushed Sammy away from me saying,
“NO! Bad dog! Get down!”
He jumped off of my bed and went to lay in his own. I had then thought about what just happened and thought, that kind of felt good. But then I had thought to myself, “No, this isn’t right, he is a he and It would just be wrong.” But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, his rough, warm tongue licking the outside of my pussy was just so great.

My sexual desires had gotten the best of me. I called Sammy back up on the bed, and gently guided his head towards my pussy, and then he began. Dog was licking me inside and out, like I had never been licked before. At first, I thought that I might regret this decision, but it had just felt so gooood. I had to let him continue. I started rubbing my clit hard and fast while dog was licking away.

My tight, swollen pussy was creating more juice which made Sammy lick me a lot harder. I had opened my legs and then, his sweet, rough tongue penetrated my pussy opening, dog’s started licking deeper and deeper inside me. “Good boyy” I moaned “Good boy”. I had this tingling sensation that was stronger than any before and it was making me wetter by the minute.

I couldn’t believe it, my dog was giving me more sexual pleasure than any man has ever done. Dog’s started to lick my clit and this made my legs start to shake and my pussy tingling with pleasure, I had finally reached an orgasm. After dog’s was finished licking my juices, I patted him on the head and said,
”Good boy, you made mommy very happy.”

He seemed pleased with himself too and went back to his bed and fell asleep.

Let me know what you think of this one :)

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Animal Sex- Behind The Door, What was going to happen

Animal Sex

 Animal Sex- Behind The Door, What was going to happenThe door opened the girl was feeling nervous what was she doing she did not know these people. She was nervous but excited her nipples felt like they were going to burst through her clothes.

She walked in the house, it was nice, the woman offered to take her coat and said you must relax I am thrilled you have decided to join us. Her husband asked if they would like a drink the girl said yes and the woman said they needed loosener get the wine down ‚you know what I am like with red wine, is that OK with you the girl nodded in approval.

The husband left the room and the woman put the TV on do you like watching porn she asked. I have only seen clips on the internet I find some of it fake but some I like. We have some we could put a one on if like to help the mood. The girl did not know really so she said yes have you got a one with a dog? (I cannot believe I have just said that).

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Yes I have a nice one with two girls and their dog my husband loves it. So she put the cd on, her husband came back in the room with two bottles of wine and glasses; he put them on the table and started to fill the glasses with healthy amounts. The woman and girl were sitting on the sofa he offered his glass up for a toast here‚ to a great friendship.
Just then he noticed what was on the TV my favourite this is so sexy. These two girls really make love to their dog not just have sex. ‚ They look like they are enjoying themselves already ‚ I am so nervous I only found out yesterday that I liked my dog that way‚ the woman replied we have only been into our dog this last year.

We have been watching animal porn for a number of years but never tried it until last year. They all had drank the wine fast and the husband was quick to top their glasses up. The girls on the TV were well into each other with the dog licking them both.
They were letting him do his own thing and they were enjoying letting the dog be in charge. The woman put her hand on the girls knee and slowly run her hand up her thigh, are you OK she asked; the girl nodded yes.

Her skirt was up past her knickers very quick the husband was getting a good view he could see his wife‚ and the girls knickers were wet, he started to rub dogs cock in is jeans.
The woman fell to her knees and pulled the girls knickers off, the girl just spread her legs and let the woman lick her love socket, she just moaned with pleasure as the woman‚ tongue went deep probing the girl could see the husband he had dogs cock out and was slowly stroking it.

She felt so naughty but what a feeling. The woman was sticking her fingers inside that nice wet love socket. The woman looked at her husband take my knickers off and bring in the dogs. She then carried on fingering the girl. The husband left the room and came back with the dogs.
They were all over the two of them licking pushing their noses into anything and everything. The woman moved her head to one side the girl‚ dog pushed in and started licking her cunt.
Ye you bitch, the woman was rubbing the girls cunt and the dog was licking like mad, the more the woman opened the girls cunt the more the dog was licking, the woman was licking the girls tit and playing with her own clit.

The girl was watching the dog and the woman, she could see the husband watching and playing with the other dog. He had got him hard his red cock was ready for action. The woman looked at the dog and got down on her knees again. The girl watched as the husband lead the dog to his wife he mounted her and started to pound he was not going to stop the woman was yelping and screaming he is good.

Yes he is right up, the girl could not believe the noises that was coming from the woman the husband was shouting just as loud fuck the bitch come on girl suck your dogs cock you bitch she did not hesitate she got down and started to lick that lovely red cock with great pleasure. She put it right into her mouth god it felt good she liked the idea that she was being called a bitch and shouted at she felt she had to do as she was told.
The woman was still screaming with pleasure the husband shouting come on make him knot you come on, you I want to see that doggy cum in that mouth good bitch. He moved over to the girl and burst out his cum all over her face while the dog was in her mouth.

The woman gave off a massive scream the dog had knotted her. Her husband was going wild you lovely woman well done my god I love you when you are joined. The girl did not really know what was going on but new they loveing every second.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

That made her go wild on her dog licking sucking swallowing dogs cock wow this was full on. The dog squirted into her mouth this time she swallowed it down like a pro. The husband came across and was pushing the dogs cock into her mouth while they watched the dog knotted to the woman.

She was shattered and laid back on the floor with the husband the dog licking her face all over.
The husband said we should have another glass of wine as it would be awhile before he would come out of his wife and she was not in any hurry. She was just saying it felt so good. Eventually he popped out and the woman gave one last scream of pleasure they all lay back just in time to see the two girls on the TV start drinking the doggy cum they had collected in a glass.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Dog Licking Pussy, Self Shot Video

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)Well it was many years since that happen to me, and I lived on a farm and would see horses and bulls mate.

Oh by the way (for those who claim to be hung like a bull best rephase that statement, cause the only hung animals that I seen on the farm was a donkey mule and horse.)

To see these animals mate made me wonder and got me so horny i wet in my panties, be wanting to have sex almost 24 /7.
How I wished I could have had someone to help me see if I could just feel a horse cock at my hot wet juicy pussy.
For me to see his cock start to grow and it was hanging out so hugh as it grew bigger and bigger it began to stick str8 out, damn it looked very nice, but it also scared me.
For the only cock I had was a mans cock in me. How was I ever going to let one the size of a beer can enter my hot throbbing wet horny pussy.
All I could do was just imagine it sliding into my hot wet cunt and pounding into me, as his strokes was slow but deep as I played with my pussy seeing the image,
this went on for years never to feel it.

Then thing had changed in my life and I no longer lived on the farm but I always had those sweet pictures of a horse cock in my head.
I got married and moved away, and my husband had gotten a dog. The dog grew up and was about 8 months old, every one left the house but me and the dog, I took off my shoe and socks last night and went to go get them in the living room.

I had only a t-shirt on, someone must have kick then under the sofa for I had to get on hands and knees.
To my surprize i felt this wet nose on my butt. Art first I was going to move but then I decided to see what this pup was up to, I was thinking of when i was 1st licked and how great his hot wet tongue felt to my cunt.

So I just stay how I was and let him sniff and then all of a sudden I felt a hot wet tongue lick my ass. The feeling I had when my family dog 1st licked me came rushing back, so i opened my legs to let him lick every inch of my ass and cunt. Damn it was feeling so good my clit grew hard.
Dog tongue was going into my opened pussy and it felt like it reach so far in it drew all my pussy juice out. He made my pussy cum so much i began to shake and i let him keep licking as i did my dog, I thought I was going to pass out until his tongue hit the right spot i squirted cum all into the dog.
As it squirted my dog he licked faster and harder, i was shakin from reaching my full cliamax, damn this dog knows how to treat a girl,  that day I was smiling at work all day long.
People thought i got me sum last night, but if they only knew the he wasnt my hubby.
When ever i had a day off I made sure I was looking for things under the sofa so our dog would see i invited him to lick me again.
Time and time again dog lick my hot wet pussy for a long time and his tongue would go so deep in me, he would make me cum so hard each and ever time we meet.
But then I got to thinking why didnt this dog try to mount me and if he did could I handle it.

Each day it never changed he never once mounted me, but i can surely tell u this his tongue did me just fine, but I still had this empty feeling i need a hot cock in me to complete my erg of a cock deep into my cunt.
Well one day the dog didnt come home, I went to look him, lord he had been hit and was killed, so never did I get to have his cock to enter my hot wet juice cunt that he would lick so great.
So now I was really set into wanting to feel more and find out more of how I could get a dog to lick me and then mount me.

But for now that is an other Animal Sex Story i will be sharing to all of u, I hope this is bring u to where i was brought from day one, to where I gone to and will be going again, hope this is as good as my 1st story or have I got better as I proceed to tell what happen to me. See My Self Shot Animal Sex Video

Didn’t know a dog could eat a pussy like that.

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Got Me Curious To Want More, or Dog Licks My Pussy

Animal Sex

Got Me Curious To Want More, or Dog Licks My Pussy

It all began when I was sitting on the floor looking over sum photos. My dog was laying there near me. As I was going throught the pictures I found sum of my family.

I sorted through them so I could put then in a book. My legs was spread open and my dog begun to sniff the air.
As I shuffled through the pictures my dog begin to lick my leg, his tongue felt rough but was warm and wet.
I started to get this funny feeling in my stomach as he kept licking. He went up my leg to my thigh, the feeling got stronger and I felt a wet spot in my panties.

I didnt make him stop cause I was curious as to how far he go he licked and he licked till he got to the crease of my leg near my panties, I could feel his breathe on me, as i felt his breathe my panties got a bit morre wet.

He sniff them and begin to lick the wetness of my panties, I was really getting to feel this nice warm feeling beteen my legs and I liked it but I knew it was wrong but it just felt to good to make him stop.
As he licked my panties I decided to slide them over to see if he would lick my pussy, sure enough he got to licking me even deeper his tongue went into my pussy hole and I felt it, damn I know I shouldnt let him be doing this but it felt so good i dint make him stop,the feeling he brought to me was so great I felt like I was going to pass out.

He made my clit get so hard and at the time I didnt know it but he made me cum so hard I think I squirted on his tongue, as I cum i noticed he lick faster and deeper into my pussy. that was the first time I felt this and I really liked it,I let him lick me as long as he wanted to, but then I heard the door,I knew I had to make him stop so I got off the floor and got into the chair.

Boy I hated family came home for I truely was enjoying his tongue. It was so very exciting to have this nice feeling and still be a virgin, I was looking forward to having him lick me again but it always seemed like some one was always home from then on.
It was like they knew what hapened and wasnt going to let it happen again, I truely love how he licked me and I wanted to have that feeling again.
But it never came about, but it still left me curious to wanting it more and seeing what other things could happen.

Well this is just a warm up of one of my stories. I hope u enjoy reading it. kindly let me know what u think I do have an other and I hope this one is liked.

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My blonde slutty wife shares a dildo with our dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)My Dog licking Pussy While Being Fucked Wth Toys on AnimalSexFun.com.  I realized that I am going to marry a kinky sex freak from the very start. The hot babe always asked me to do weird things to her including stuffing scary-looking toys into every fuckhole she had and inviting other guys and girls to our bed to spice up our sex life.

When she arranged another dirty photoset at home the other day I was ready for something dirty, but not damned animal sex, of course!
I have heard that some girls fuck with their dogs but I had no idea that my ginger bitch can become a part of hardcore action, too! It all started when my naughty wife stripped and started playing with her pussy inserting her favorite stiff dildo into it.

She did not mind when our dog approached her. The dirty slut let the bitch sniff and lick her vagina. In a minute I could not believe my eyes – the babe started fucking the god with her dildo and sharing the rubber dick with our dog!

I am still shocked that is why I want to share this vicious animal sex video with you to feel the same range of emotions.

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WebCam Girl’s Pees While Dog Licks Pussy

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)This horny girl was just taking a snooze without her panties when her dog walked inside her room. The dog apparently smelled the sweet scent of her wet pussy. Whore was surprised at first but eventually gave in. Girl let her dog lick her pussy until she came minutes after. The dog was so happy to pleasure the master and lick her dry.

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K9 Sex Club – Iris’ Confession, Voyeur, Les, FFDog

Animal Sex

K9 Sex Club - Iris' Confession, Voyeur, Les, FFDogNote from Jen:

This confession belongs to Iris. She is 5′ 8″, has short brown hair, green eyes and not an ounce of fat on her. She has very firm 34-A breasts and is extremely gorgeous.
She has a dominant presence when she enters a room, all us girls who are into girl-on-girl pleasure ask her regularly to consider sex with us, but up until Saturday, no one had the pleasure until she spent the night with Emma and I. We had a lot of fun with her and she is a great at eating pussy. She has been a member of our club for nine months already and has finally given the nod to post her first time experience.

It was during the summer holiday when I was 18 years old, my sister Anne and I were board out of our minds begging our parents to go somewhere for some fun. Finally my father couldn’t take it anymore and agreed to send us to my aunt’s farm for a two weeks. Anne and I were pleased, we both enjoyed the farm as my aunt had a beautiful house, a pool, horses and we enjoyed my cousin Jenny’s company, she was is a fun-loving adventurous girl who usually got us into trouble (the fun kind).

Just to paint the picture a little, Jenny was also 18 at the time, has brown eyes, is 5’4”, has long brown hair and 34-B bust and cup.

When we finally arrived, Anne and I were so relieved and settled in quickly. That evening we had a wonderful meal but my aunt was a bit sad from missing my uncle (her husband) who died less than a year before. We spent some time remembering and discussing uncle Frank until Jenny decided to go to bed. After Jenny left the room, my aunt told us that she was a bit concerned about Jenny as she had become a bit withdrawn and wasn’t interested in going out with her friends or boys and pretty much kept to herself lately. We told my aunt that we would try have some fun with her to get her out of her shell again.

The next morning I woke up before 8:30 but Jenny had already eaten breakfast and gone for a walk. My aunt told me that was the norm for her as she would take an early walk almost every day and only return hours later. I didn’t know where she went so I decided to catch up on some reading by the pool until she got back. At about 11:00, Jenny returned

“Hey Jen, where’d you go for so long?” I asked

“Oh, I’m sorry. I take a walk every morning and lose track of time. I’ll make sure not to take so long tomorrow”

For the rest of the day we enjoyed each other’s company and spoke for hours. Jenny promised to take Anne and I horse riding the next day but I could tell she was somewhere else in her mind. That night, as I lay in my bed falling asleep, I thought a lot about how much Jenny had changed and tried to figure out a way to help her. I decided to follow her the next morning to see where she went every day and maybe try to understand what she was going through.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

The next morning I woke up early as planned and was downstairs just in time to see Jenny leave. I paid attention to the direction she walked and left 2 minutes after in the same direction. For about 20 minutes I enjoyed the fresh air and scenery as I followed the footpath, it was so peaceful I felt as though I was the only person in the world, I could definitely see why Jenny went for a daily walk. Suddenly I could hear Jenny’s voice but couldn’t make out what she was saying. I followed the sound of her voice until I came to a small stable and could tell Jenny wasn’t alone, but who was she talking to? I slowly peered around the corner of the stable and saw jenny talking to one of the farm dogs, a Border collie named Conan. He was an energetic, fit, playful dog and was licking her face while she spoke to him. I was about to announce my presence when I thought I heard her say something about ‘licking pussy’. For a moment I thought I heard wrong so I stayed put and listened closer but was shocked at what I heard

“Let’s go lover boy, I don’t have as much time as usual, gotta get back to the house”

She sat on a bale of hay and leaned back onto one elbow as she spread her legs. She then pulled her skirt up, exposed her pussy to dog and smiled at him

“Here boy, have at it”

Dog went forward and started licking her pussy. I was stunned, I just stood there in silence, watching, making sure Jenny couldn’t see me. After a short while, Jenny started removing her top wile dog continued licking her pussy. I whispered to myself

“What the hell are you doing Jen? I hope you’re not gonna…”

Before I could finish the thought, Jenny turned around and kneeled in front of the bale of hay with her arms on top of it. Dog obviously did this before because he didn’t hesitate to mount her. I watched Jenny grab dog cock between her legs and guide it into her pussy. Dog started fucking her and she let go of his cock, it was obvious that they were both enjoying it. As I continued to watch dog pounddog cock in and out of her cunt, I realised that my nipples were hard, I was breathing heavily and my pussy was very moist

“What is wrong with me, how can this be turning me on?”

Before I knew it, my hand was in my pants rubbing away at my clit. I squeezed one breast while I masturbated and watched Jenny being fucked by a dog. Jenny began to moan loudly as her orgasm erupted, I covered my mouth as I had an orgasm of my own. Eventually Conan got off Jenny and I could see dog huge cock hanging beneath his belly, pulsing and still spewing streams of semen. Jenny, still kneeling in front of the bale of hay just lay there with her chest on it, motionless for a few minutes. I buttoned up my jeans and watched Jenny clean herself and get dressed. As I walked away hoping she wouldn’t see me I heard her thank Conan and tell him what a good boy he was. When I got back to the house I went to my room and closed the door. I sat on my bed and tried to get a grip on what I just saw. I decided to try act as if nothing happened so Jenny wouldn’t be embarrassed. The rest of the day was tough, we went horse riding as promised and had a good time with Jenny but I couldn’t get the image of dog fucking her out of my mind.

That evening after we all said good night, Jenny came into my room and sat on my bed

“What’s up Iris? You’ve been distracted all day”

I wasn’t sure how to respond

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just tired or I guess”

“Common Iris, you can talk to me about anything, tell me what’s on your mind”

After a lot of excuses and trying to avoid the subject, Jenny left me no choice but to tell her what I saw. I told her how concerned her mom was and how I decided to try be there for her and what I saw

“Oh my god… I… um…” was all she could say

“Don’t worry Jen, I won’t tell anyone”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“Once dog started licking you I was in shock, but when he started fucking you I couldn’t look away”

“You mean, it turned you on” she asked hoping I would say yes and not be disgusted

“Well… yes it… it turned me on okay”

Jenny was relieved but still very embarrassed so I eventually confessed to masturbating while I watched. Suddenly Jenny seemed like her old self again and told me how it all got started. To cut a long story short, one day she decided to masturbate by that old stable and when she saw dog watching her she called him over and let him lick her. After she had done that a few times she got him to fuck her

“So what’s it like? I mean, is it anything like fucking a guy?” I asked

“It’s very different, I actually prefer Conan to the two guys I’ve fucked”

“Just talking about it is getting me turned on, when you leave I’m gonna have to get myself off”

Jenny looked at me with that naughty smile she’s famous for

“You know, I’m also very hot right now. We could masturbate together”

Before I had a chance to respond, Jenny climbed under the covers with me and removed her shorts

“Well? You gonna join me or what?”

With that she started masturbating. I just watched her for a few seconds but then decided ‘what the hell’ and removed my shorts too. There we lay, side by side masturbating together and really enjoying it. Jenny put her leg over mine so she could spread her legs wider, so I spread mine wider as well. Then I felt Jenny’s hand on my belly, slowly making its way to my pussy so I did the same. Before long we were rubbing each other’s clits reminding each other to keep quiet

“This might seem weird but, can I go down on you?” she asked

I just nodded and watched her disappear beneath the sheets. She kissed my neck and chest as she made her way down. She stopped at my nipples and spent some time licking, sucking and nibbling them and then continued down kissing my belly until she finally got to my pussy. She slowly spread my pussy lips apart and gently licked my clit, my body was in seventh heaven. Gradually she sped up and increased her efforts until she was sucking and nibbling my clit while pumping two fingers in and out of my cunt. I had to put a pillow over my face when the orgasm hit, it was amasing and left my body limp and weak with the occasional spasm after she was done. After a few minutes to recover, Jenny said

“Okay, it’s my turn. You up for it?”

I just smiled at her and followed the same course of action as she did. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed eating her out. When it was all over, Jenny and I went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Jenny woke me up by sucking on my clit, it’s a great way to wake up. We took a shower together and headed to the kitchen for breakfast

“Are you going to join me for a walk this morning? I’ll show you where I go and what I do and then you can give it a try”

She spoke this way because her mom was close. I was afraid that if I responded I’d give her away so I just agreed. Then my aunt came over to me

“I am so glad you came, seems like she’s ready to finally get close to someone again”

I just smiled and nodded, if she knew what Jenny did on her ‘walks’ or what we got up to the night before I think she’d have a heart attack.

Jenny and I started walking to the old stable

“Jen, I don’t know if I could do something like that”

“That’s okay, if you don’t want to you can just watch me”

When we arrived, Conan was nowhere in sight

“Don’t worry, he usually shows up” said Jenny

She started getting undressed

“Aren’t you gonna get naked? You can sit on the bale of hay and I’ll go down on you again”

We both got naked and I placed my top on the bale of hay to make it more comfortable. I sat down and leaned back on both elbows. Jenny kneeled between my legs and spread them wide and then started licking my pussy as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do

“Ah, Jenny. Dog’s here”

Jenny could sense I was nervous

“It’s okay, he knows what to do”

Jenny wasn’t wrong, Conan came up behind her and started licking her pussy and ass. Jenny stopped licking me for a second and turned to dog. She slapped her butt and said

“Common boy, fuck me”

Dog mounted her and started fucking, Jenny turned back to be, gave me a wink and a smile and then continued licking my pussy. I decided to get a better look so I got up and then kneeled next to Jenny. I had to move my head under Jenny to see dog’s cock pounding in and out of her cunt. Jenny stopped dog and stood up. dog’s cock was so big I just started at it. Jenny took me by the hand and helped me up to talk to me and as I stood up dog started licking her pussy again

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“How would you like it if Dog fucked you?”

I looked down at dog licking her pussy and said nothing. Jenny slipped two fingers into my cunt and then presented them to Conan. I watched dog sniff and lick her fingers as she drew them closer to my pussy. Jenny then stood behind me and with one foot pushed one of mine to make me spread my legs a bit. She reached around with both hands and spread my pussy lips apart. I reached behind me and put on hand on her hip and the other on her pussy. Dog came forward and started licking my open pussy. I was so amasing; warm and rough. Jenny just held me like that for a while and then whispered in my ear

“Do you want his cock in this little pussy?”

My body had a mind of its own as I looked at her and nodded. Jenny slowly pushed me down on the bale of hay and I leaned back onto my elbows again. She spread my legs wide apart and got Conan between them. At first he licked me again but instinctively he jumped up and started humping the air between my legs. Jenny crouched down behind him and took hold of dog cock to guide it to my pussy. The moment his cock made contact his humping became more specific and the initial penetration gave me an immediate orgasm. dog fucked me faster and harder than I had ever been fucked before, his soft fur rubbed on my belly and breasts as I shook from his thrusting. I looked up at Jenny who stood watching with a huge smile on her face. Then I felt dog’s cock getting much bigger inside me and then the biggest surprise, his knot, when it slipped in I orgasmed again. Finally dog stopped humping but I could feel dog cock still spraying inside me. Then dog surprised me again by turning around with dog cock still stuck inside my cunt, it felt strange but I enjoyed it. I lay back while dog stood there, waiting for dog cock to shrink so we could untie. Jenny decided to take advantage of my position and straddled my face, so I stuck out my tongue and let her ride it to her own orgasm.

After dog’s cock released my cunt, Jenny and I went for a swim in the creek (still naked of course). Those two weeks on the farm were amasing and I have gone back every time I have had the opportunity. Jenny and I also tried fucking one of the horses, but dog cock is way too big to get into our cunts so we just play with his cock, rub it on out pussies and suck it until he drenches us in semen. We usually lick each other to orgasm in a 69 still covered in horse semen before going for a swim in the creek to clean off. Eventually Anne caught us in the act so she joined in the fun.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Mature Wife Getting Licked By Her Dog

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)
Ok this is my first time ever to submit a Animal Sex Story hope I can keep everyones interest.

It all started when I was at a ripe age of (CENSOR). I was playing on the floor with sume toys, my dog was laying next to me.
I always had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Guess it mist have been going into puberty and I was feeling these strange feeling in my tummy.

On that day I saw my dog pink cock peeping out and this butterfly feeling arose in my tummy. I felt a bit of warm feeling between my legs and I touch myself. As I did I felt a wet spot on my panties.
well I rub myself for a bit then stopped, but it apeared I got my dogs attention, he got to his feet and was sniffing i went back playing with my dools but still felt my wet panties.

As I was sitting with my legs opened I had on a dress my dog came up to me and licked my leg. he kept getting closer and closer up my thighs.
I can tell u i was getting those butterflies in my tummy again but this time i felt more happining to me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
My dog got right there up to my panties aas I watched to see what he was going to do, next thing i knew he was licking my panties to have him do this made those butterflies feel so stronge I didnt stop him but I was a bit scared. He licked me and licked me, I just had to slide my panties over. Boy to feel his hot wet tongue on my slightly hairy pussy was so thrilling to me.

This feeling made me get wet and hot, as he was tonguing me I hear some one walk in the front door. I had to get up and make my dog behave but the butterflies was still in my tummy and my panties felt wet and my pussy was so hot.

Never had I ever felt something to feel so wonderful as my dogs tongue when he licked my pussy. It felt nice on my panties but was so much more intense when I slide my panties to the side and let him touch my bare virgin cunt.

I truely wanted to experiance this again, but as it was ,it never came a time that I could be alone with the families dog.
After all there was 9 people in our house It was just a lucky day for me to have had that one day and if I had not had that day I never would be here sharing my time with all who is reading my story.

I do have a continue story to bring to u but I first want to see if this is good enough to tell u more for this experiance with my dog made me want to connect with dogs and have one to finally mount me.


I never did get to be alone with the family dog again. But I still remembered his tongue on my panties and then on my flesh licking my clit and making my tummy keep butterflies.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
Time had past and I got married and we got a dog for the kids.
One morning as I was looking for my socks. I was dressed in just a t-shirt, had no panties on at all I was home alone with our dog.
I was on all fours looking under the sofa for my socks, to my surprise i felt a wet nose at my butt.

I was waiting to see what this pup was going to do.
Well to my surprise he began to lick me. The feeling I got when I was (CENSOR) came back into my stomach I had butterflies big time, but with me being a full grown woman I knew what I was feeling.

He lick and licked and my clit got big and hard. His tongue felt so good, this time I wasnt interrupted by now one I let him keep licking my cunt, my clit got so hot so hard I felt myself becoming wet.

He made me reach to a point that I came and he still kept licking me, damn it felt so good I didnt want it to stop.
I was so horny that day and I guess he could smell my hot juices was why he come up and smelled me.

He was still licking me as he made me cum again and again he licked all my juices fromn my cunt seems the more I came the more he licked, I know he made me cum 4 times that day.

Days went by and I was alone home with a day off. I let the dog in I wear just a t-shirt to bed with no undies but this time I had undies on and he came uo to me as I ws sitting on the sofa.

He some how smelled my pussy juices again and pushed his nose between my legs, I knew what I was in forso I open my self up to his nose coming between my legs, he started licking my panties.

Damn the feeling came over me again I slide my butt closer to the edge of the sofa so he could lick more.
I finally took and slide my panties off so his tongue could penatrate my clit and sweet juicey hole.
Damn his tongue went deep in my hole and then up my clit.

I felt my pussy get hotter and wetter and my clit was rock hard. I was so happy he loved to lick me I would get so horny. His tongue would go back into my hole and lick me so deep it was almost like I had a small cock in me, I felt his tongue lick my clit and it was like he knew how to make me cum.

He licked and lick as I came on his tongue, each time I did he would lick my sweet hot honey hole juices.
We did this 4 times. that was the best cum I had in days. We did this on my days off as long as it was during hubbys work week and kids school days.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
I was so glad this dog love my pussy as he did, but one thing puzzled me, he never tryed to mount me, maybe it was because he was too young, after all he was only 8 months old.

He and I played like this for many months, till one day the hurricane came and that was the end of this dog venture.
So now that I got a really good taste of dog licking I was so much wanting to know what it would feel like for a dog to lick me then mount me and let me feel his doggy cock in my hot wet tight pussy.

Time had past and I still wanted this to become real. I wanted doggy cock to enter into my cunt, I wanted to know and feel his hot juices in me that would mix with my juices.
As time past I finally met someone who had the same interest as myself. But he live 2 hours away from me we talk about this for some time then that when we came to this sight and he asked was I really interested in a dog mounting me.

I told him yes so he made a post and got some responds finally we got someone who was real and wanted to meet. Now this leads me to an other part of my story so lets see if this one gets more attention.

Then I will bring to u the best part of my experiance with a dog my friend and the guy who own him.
please leave a statement on how u liked this one

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Husband Watching Slutty Wife Having Sex With Dog

Animal Sex

Husband Watching Slutty Wife Having Sex With
Well it all started some time ago I found a Beastiality vid on the AnimalSexFun.com of a woman taking a dog and it got me quite hot, knowing how wrong it was and how dirty it would be, being the sort of slut I am, it got me thinking I spoke to Michael (my husband) then we spoke again he then said about a friend of his at work who had a dog.

it then played on my mind for some weeks I then said could I meet his friend so he arranged it, one sat when they were not working we went over to his friends house, I sat and played with prince we played for over an hour he was sniffing at my pussy a lot I was not wearing any knickers as usual he gave me a real good licking I laid back and let him get on with it. Both Michael and john sat there and watched.

Dog licking my pussy it was a really wonderful feeling.

This went on for a few months then I started to give dog’s a wank, for a couple of months, then I went with giving dog’s a blowjob again this went on for a couple of months then I started to swallow dog cum but I would not let him mount me.

I then got chatting to a woman online about it who did fuck her dog regular, she told me to lie on my back so that way I could control how much of his cock I could let inside me without knotting me.

We did this a number of times, then one day I was there dog’s was licking me too my third orgasm when I knocked something off the couch, I pushed dog’s away got on the floor to pick it up then dog’s jumped up on my back and he hit his target first time, I felt him push his full length in to me.

I felt his knot start to swell by then it was too late, I had this immense orgasm as he fucked the life out of me left to his own devices he really was an animal it felt sooooooooooo good.

Afterwards I collapsed on the floor my legs ached my arms couldn’t hold me up any more, his cumm poured from my acheing sore and well batted pussy.

I rolled over on to my back with my legs shaking, I couldn’t even close them prince came over to me and licked my face, then went around to my pussy and started to lick his juices from my pussy.

I had to stop him as he was giving me another orgasm, john took him away so I could get myself together I laid there for ages I couldn’t move I had dog’s cum dribbling out of me, and two guys just looking at me, I asked john if I could use his bath, he ran it for me.

When we finally went home I just went to bed and slept till morning.

That was ages, ago, prince and I see each other once a month now, and he mounts me every time I am use to it now.

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