Slutty mom fucking the dog outdoors

Im slutty mom i love fucking its my dog outdoors! This video of bestiality includes the time that one day I decided to launch me for my first time with my pet in the woods, it is a big black dog and also very sturdy, so it is very strong too, and had long wanted to one animal, when he was with the zeal he looked a fabulous cock and I really wanted to try to see that this was fucking an animal, and if it is the mine, much better of course, but would have to be in a place that I felt safe from prying eyes and voyeurs, not to who do not masturbate and do not shout :


So after much thought into sites that could be wonderful to bestiality with my pet for the first time, I finally found the perfect place, in a wonderful forest which is half an hour from home and there to make love with my dog could I prove something magical, without thinking, I went there with my animal and then found a place among the great trees to practice the animal coitus, but as my dog had never had that kind of relationship with me, at first he just wanted to play in that new place for him, so I had to convince him masturbating and sucking until finally perked up and pussy penetrated me, that rich!


The dog fucks his owner ! Slutty mom fucking the dog outdoors!


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Mom With Dog Doggy-Style Zoophilia

Animal Sex

(Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)This horny mature woman loves doing it doggy style.  Even more than that, she loves doing it with real doggies.  For her, there ain’t no better humper than man’s best friend.  On the floor, with her ass up in the air, is her favorite animal sex position.  And it’s also the best way to attract her pet when it’s feeling horny.

You like see a dog fuck a mature lady!? 😉

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I Caught My Mom Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-I Caught My Mom Fucking With DogI remember that day as it was yesterday. There’s two days before my 19th birthday; I don’t know why but that morning I woke up and I feel horny as hell.

I can’t take my mind off “Zeus” fucking the hell out of me. As you all know a few months earlier I had my first k9 experience with “Zeus”, I’ve been practicing a lot with him since that day, now I have more experience I can approach him more easily. I’m now practicing “oral sex” and trying to do the “missionary position” that’s the more difficult part but he’s was learning fast, at that moment I wasn’t doing “anal sex”. That was one of my deepest desires for those days.

Going back to the story, when I woke up, my panties were all wet from my pussy juices. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower I took off my panties and I rush to wash them so my mom won’t notice anything strange.


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How I Became A Doggie Bitch Whore

Animal Sex

How I Became A Doggie Bitch Whore

Hello everyone, a neighbor asked if she could tell her story. Without further delay, enjoy.

How I became a Doggie Bitch Whore….

My name is Melisa, I’m a very petite shiny long black hair young woman who inherited a big kind of ranch in the country. I’ve been told my hour glass figure and my pretty face gets a lot of looks not from men but from women also. I have green eyes and I remember my exbf saying he loved watching my luscious oversized pinkish red lips wrapped around his big long cock and wetly sliding up and down his veiny thick shaft.
I really believe I have a clit sort of G spot deep in my throat which made me enjoy deep throating every man I’ve had sex with.

Knowing they were about to CUM, I would automatically swallow their entire cock, my luscious lips would squeeze and suck strongly at the base, the feel of their big hands on the back of my head and the dominate thrusting of their cocks as I feel the growing heat, the growing veins, the pulsating ejaculations of that delicious BIG ball of sperm, that that that pulsating FEEEEEL against my G spot deeeep in my throat only made me suck and swallow like a starving whore, I would CUM from this. It really would overwhelm my mind.

Nothing was touching my pussy. It’s hard for me to actually put into words, the feelings I’m experiencing to make my pussy cum while having a cumming cock deep thrusting my throat. I get wet thinking about it. I just can’t help it. Back to my description.
As I have said I think my luscious pinkish red lips are very attractive to most, I find no need to wear lipstick, my breasts are not very big and not very small but I have very pronounced nipples that get very hard and very round when excited.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
My small waist accent my, as I’ve been told, my ass, my ass is nicely round and has a natural upswing.
My days in gymnastics I believe shaped it that way. It’s another part of my body that gets a lot of looks. My vagina I had keep very smooth with the gymnastics attire and I still keep it smooth today. It it just makes me feel so sexy and so naughty even when I’m wearing clothes.

My exbf said to me one time that if I turn my head sideways it’s like seeing an image of my pussy. My pussy lips are not really big, but they are very pinkish red and when excited they get very swollen and even more of a darker glistening pinkish red. Like I said I live in the country, my nearest neighbor a little more than a mile away over some hills, it’s all fenced in, very private. I did work in the city but I now work freelance from home. My bf and I had differences of opinions so that is why he is my exbf and to be nice that is all I will say.

It’s just me and my dog Matt. He’s a beautiful full blooded German Shepard. I’ve had him since birth, he is my baby, my darling, he’s my best friend and my companion through thick and thin.
One evening I was sitting on the couch reading some dying romantic novel, kind of getting teary eyes from it, I think the loneliness of not having a man and NO SEX for a while was now effecting me, I could hear a thunderstorm brewing outside, than I felt Matt rub up against my bare legs and he wined a little. It was late in the evening and I had already had my little pink nighty on in case I fell asleep.

I like sleeping in it because it had no panties and I felt sexy and naughty and I always had good dreams. Matt wined a few more times, he never did like thunderstorms, me neither, I said “Come up baby, come up”. He jumped up next to me and laid down.
As I petted to comfort him I went back to my book and was at a part in the story of the couple making love. Well making love is one thing but this book should have XXX on the cover. I couldn’t believe how detailed the author was.
YES, I was feeling the wetness and I could actually smell my arousal between my thighs. I looked under my book to see my pussy cream coating my lips. Oh my I thought. Than without even a warning, Matt had also smelled my arousal, his snout quickly was hovering and on my very wet aroused pussy, he snouted a couple of times and before I could protest and push him away, his BIG kind of rough thick wet hot tongue licked deeply through the folds of my pussy, with every lick his Big tongue would swipe at my hardening clit.

I had dropped the book on the couch and I was about to STOP him, but the next lick got me, “OH BABY OH BABY MATT OH MATT OH MATT OH MY DARRRRLING”.

I could hear myself panting for breath. It had been a long time I have felt a tongue on my pussy. My head went back and I thrusted my pussy up to his invading tongue. My head shot back to see he had moved off the couch and was between my legs, yes between my legs, pushing them apart, I was in shock.

The thoughts of giving him treats and how he hungrily ate them ran through my mind, I was his treat, he loved the taste of my pussy and when he turned his head sideways and I watched his BIG thick wet tongue, by the way it looked thicker and longer than some of my old bf’s, sink deeply into my pussy, parting my swollen lips so easily I could feel them stretch.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I felt his BIG tongue lick and lick and lick my G spot to death, I CUMMED, an orgasm I will never forget hit me, my pussy quivered, my body shooked like we were having an earthquake, I screamed “OH MATT OOOOHHHH MAAAATTTT OH MAT OH MAT OH OH MY DARLING I’M CUMMING I’M CUMMING”.
I felt my pussy muscles squeeze and clamped down hard on Matt’s BIG licking tongue. The strongest pussy contractions I’ve ever felt. I had passed out for a few seconds and when I regained some consciousness, I felt like I was floating on a cloud and this this tingling feeling throughout my whole body and my mind, my mind was sort of dizzy and light feeling.

I looked up and I saw Matt sitting there watching me, his whole face was covered with my pussy cream and he was trying to lick it all off. I never really thought of myself as a squirter but it was obvious Matt changed me to one.
I smiled and kind of laughed inside watching him try to clean his face with his BIG tongue. Then I couldn’t help notice as my eyes looked down between his hind legs to see the pinkred veiny cock that had emerged from his sheath. Oh my, it looked really really nasty and very very naughty my mind thought.

The tip looked blunt and the veins looked looked powerful. It’s one thing letting Matt lick me to one of the best if not the best orgasm I’ve ever had but my mind was saying NO NO Not Matt he’s a dog, I can’t let him fuck me too. I had regained some strength and stood up and I felt my cream drip down the inside of my thighs, oh my, he really made me CUM.
Matt stood up and pushed his snout between my legs, licking the inside of my cum covered thighs and pushed up into my wet pussy, I knew if I didn’t get away this time, I knew what would happen. I’m not naïve to animals breeding process, my nearest neighbor over the next hills has an animal breeding business, on one of my visits I watched as the male dog primed his bitch, getting her pussy nice and wet and creating that little itch deep in her pussy to make her crave for penetration to take away that itch.
Well, a human female is NO different, well at least for me, as Matt’s tongue started licking me again I started to feel that itch DEEP inside my pussy. I felt my pussy getting aroused once again, Matt was doing such a GREAT job. My mind said walk walk, as I took that first big step I broke free of Matt and made a fast walk run to the next room. The room is my gymnastic stay in shape type just to stay limber and keep my figure in good form.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I installed mirrors completely on the walls as well as the ceiling to watch my exercise routines. There are a few exercise equipment machines and in the middle of the room is a kind of balance beam, it sits about 18” above the floor and it’s a lot wider than the regular 4” competition beam. I do other exercises on it as well and it’s well padded.

So here I am leaning with my back up against the door, Matt’s drool and my pussy cream dripping down on the inside of my thighs, legs and on my feet.
I’m trying to regain normal breathing and I have this horny DOG, my Matt, my best friend, my baby, my companion, scratching all over the door trying to get at me and then I hear his snout at the bottom of the door, sniffing and snorting, I know he can smell me as I’ve slid down the door and sitting on my ass trying to make since of all this.

The more he sniffs and snorts and scratches, the more thoughts run through my mind. All these thoughts, the images, seeing him eating me licking me making me CUM CUM so good.
Then the image of his cock, that that naughty looking that nasty looking cock with ALL those BIG powerful looking veins. The thoughts of my neighbor telling me how much more cleaner and healthier dogs were. I know my Matt, he is very very clean and healthy.

I realized with all these thoughts, I believe my body was trying to or just about convinced my mind to stand up, open the door, and let Matt have me. The more I heard him sniff and snort and scratch, I could FEEL the itch starting DEEP inside my pussy, my pussy was becoming more and more aroused. Foreplay thoughts crossed my mind, is that what this is, am I playing hard to get, stirring up a male to take me, over power me? The thoughts of sucking him, could I actually get his BIG knot deep in my throat, could I swallow his CUM and like it love it.
Before I knew what I was doing I was standing and my hand turned the door knob and Matt almost knocked me down coming in. My whole body was shaking with anticipation, I had backed up almost to the wall and Matt was on me quickly, pushing his snout deeply into my aroused pussy.

He knew I was in heat for him. He pushed me up against the wall and his BIG tongue penetrated my swollen lips, I couldn’t help but CUM for him. My legs were beginning to weaken, he pulled away and his BIG jaw grabbed my wrist, he easily pulled me down to the floor to my hands and knees, I was still in the midst of my orgasm and dazed when I felt him on my back, he had mounted almost demandingly, the feeling of being taken overwhelmed my body and mind.

His BIG strong paws gripping me around my tiny waist and pulling me up into the arch of his underbelly, the FEEL of his fur on my back and on my bare tender ass, the feeling of warmth and then I felt it, his BIG doggie cock, the image flashed through my mind.
He was thrusting it, I could feel it sliding and stroking between my ass cheeks, it felt VERY VERY HOT. I had come down from my orgasm and reality came back to my thoughts. I had second thoughts, maybe this is so wrong, I tried to pull away, then I felt his BIG jaw lock on to the back of my neck and I heard Matt deeply growl. I remember the mating process and the males do that when the bitch is trying to get away.

I remember getting wet watching it, A BITCH BEING TAKEN, that foreplay thought crossing my mind as I stopped trying to pull away from Matt. He pulled me even more strongly back up into his thrusting cock, I felt that precum spraying all over my ass and going inside my ass cheeks. He had positioned me once again, I could feel his HOT cock sliding and stroking between my cheeks, his precum felt so so HOT and it now was spraying on my swollen lips.

“OH FUCK OH FUCK ”, his precum was so HOT, it was stimulating my pussy, it never felt heated wetness like this before, the more Matt stroked dog cock, the more my ass started to rise. I know what he was doing, he was priming me for penetration, this foreplay was making the itch DEEP in my pussy grow more for him, I couldn’t stop this even if I wanted to.
I spread my legs more for him, I was totally surrendering to his animal lust for me as I lusted for him, I wanted him DEEP inside my starving pussy, I needed his BIG doggie cock FUCKING ME.
I raised my ass a little more than BAM, I felt my pussy lips flowered and stretch open for the most powerful dominating entry I have ever felt. “OH FUCK OH OH FUCK YES YES YES” I screamed and CUMMED. My neighbor may have heard me but I didn’t care. My pussy clamped contracted and squeezed my beautiful Matt’s BIG doogie cock as I had the biggest orgasm I’ve ever felt. I had thought at that moment, Matt was not finished with his BITCH.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

My thoughts of being his BITCH his WHORE only added to my eagerness my LUST for him. When I was finished with my first CUM another followed behind it. Matt gripped me more strongly as he fucked me. This was the kind of fucking my pussy had craved for. I had loved the foreplay, take me take me dominately, make me submit, make me feel submissive, make me feel like a bitch, make me feel like a whore, a lustful whore who wants to be fucked harder and deeper, to feel HOT loads of CUM spraying DEEP inside me.
After cumming a few more times I knew what was coming, HIS BIG KNOT, I didn’t think my little pussy could take it, to swallow it, but Matt’s BIG dog cock had my pussy so hungry for it. He had penetrated my cervix and was spraying his HOT precum DEEP in my womb.
He had made me CUM so good I wanted in me, tied to me, knotted in me and CUMMING in me and WITH me. My pussy was lustfully thirsty for his huge load of CUM.
The image flashed through my mind when the male dog pulled free from his bitch and to see the amount of CUM that came pouring out of her quivering pussy. That fuelled my desire to lustfully want and the need for his BIG knot. My pussy thirsted for his CUM.

I spread my legs almost straight out to the sides, I can do many gymnastic positions, I dug my nails into the floor to push my ass even higher, thrusting back to meet his powerful thrust, I screamed “YES YES YES BABY YES” I felt my lips stretch more than ever around his BIG knot and close TIGHTLY behind it. Matt released my neck and I could see in the mirror his head shot up and he let out like a conquering type howl. He was now tied to his BITCH, ME. “OH FUCK YES OH FUCK YES BABY I’M YOUR BITCH NOW BABY FUCK ME FUCK ME MAKE ME YOUR WHORE BABY PLEASE”.
The feel of Matt’s strong paws gripping me tighter and fucking me deeper was unbelievable. His BIG doggie cock and knot began to grow BIGGER. “OH FUCK OH FUCK OH FUCK ME MATT FUCK ME PLEASE FUCK ME HARDER HARDER PLEASE”. I was begging him to fuck me harder and deeper, I was thrusting back meeting every one of his powerful thrusts.

The itch DEEP in my pussy was almost gone. He had my pussy on a lustful fire. My pussy has never been so ALIVE. The more we thrusted together the more he grew, the more my pussy stretched for him.
My lust for him overcame the stretching pain. I’ve been through pain in my gymnastics. I was wondering if he was ever going to stop growing and I was hoping to take him completely. My question was answered. The unbelievable HEAT of dog cock and knot.

It was growing even HOTTER and I was convinced Matt was getting very close to feeding me, breeding me, shooting his puppy making HOT doggie sperm DEEP into my thirsty womb. I was amazed I could smell the strong scent and really thought I could taste it in my throat. I knew he was about to CUM in me, I could feel it, I wanted it, I needed it, I wanted to be the best BITCH, best WHORE he had ever breeded. I pushed back harder, squeezing my pussy muscles as hard as I could around dog BIG cock and knot.

Looking at us fucking in the mirrors only made me squeeze even harder as I saw Matt’s head shoot up and that mating, breeding howl sent shivers through my pussy and body as I felt Matt powerfully slam deeply. His first BIG powerful ball of CUM stretched my pussy lips open and shut, I felt his knot pulsate, then to feel that HOT BIG ball ripple the walls of my vagina, then stretching my cervix open and then that that most powerful feeling I’ve ever felt when his BIG load of CUM bathed my thirsty hungry womb.

The HEAT, the TEMPERATURE was like from a HOT water bottle, the THICKNESS and the power of the spray, I could actually taste it in my throat. It triggered an orgasm more powerful than I thought possible. The ones I had before, this one I can only say OH FUCK. I literally passed out for a moment. My entire vagina was squeezing contracting milking Matt’s BIG cock and BIG knot. We were in a lustful animal breeding frenzy.
My pussy and Matt’s Big cock and knot. My pussy milked Matt’s BIG cock and BIG knot for every BIG load in those BIG balls. Every time he would explode it made my pussy quiver contract and shake me to one orgasm after another. The last BIG shot I lost consciousness, to awaken to Matt resting on my back, panting, so was I. My mind was thinking oh fuck yes oh fuck yes I am so happy I submitted to my beautiful Matt. I don’t think I own him anymore, he OWNS me, I am his BITCH, his WHORE.

I looked in the mirror, I had such a contented smile on my face, I think I have found my mate. I closed my eyes and I dreamed of being in a kennel, I was the BITCH, they fucked and breeded me over and over again. I guess the reason of my dream I had always had a fantasy of being dominantly gang banged and Matt had just fucked and breeded me.

Then I felt a tongue on my pussy and I realize I had turned over in my sleep and I had rubbed our CUM all over my stomach, my breasts and my face, it had felt to real as I fully awaken, I looked up and saw Matt ‘s snout buried in my pussy licking away then I heard a noise and turned my head to see 3 dogs sitting in the door way licking their chops, their tails were slapping the floor and between their hind legs were unsheathe doggie cocks and even more their sheathes looked really BIG. I swallowed and thought, oh my, my dream might become a reality.

It wasn’t unusual for these dogs to be here visiting, my neighbors would go somewhere on the weekends and let them roam around the countryside. They were not mean they were blue ribbon breeders.
Duke, Butch and Titan, 2 great danes and a grey hound, very big loveable dogs. I would give them treats when they visited Matt and now I guess they wanted more treats, ME. Before I could again protest they were on me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

There I was, my body glistening with doggie CUM and smelling like a whore bitch in heat, I guess I looked and smelled very attractive to them. One was on each side of me licking my nipples, and by the way my nipples are VERY sensitive, I have cummed from someone licking and sucking them, Matt moved aside to allow Duke to taste my pussy which was overflowing with Matt’s and my cum. I was beginning to think about these blue ribbon breeders and why my neighbor would say that Butch was one of her favorites.

The stimulations these 3 dogs were administering to my body I couldn’t help to become submissive once again. The licking on my body had moved me and my head could not have been positioned better as I leaned back my head dropped over the side of the bench and there was Matt, his BIG doggie cock right in my face. I opened my mouth to say “Hello Ma…”he moved forward and his BIG doggie cock went straight into my open mouth and he started pumping. The licking I was getting on my pussy, clit and nipples, I started to CUM.

I had thought earlier about what it would be like to suck Matt’s cock and how it would taste, and I love sucking COCK, I wrapped my lips around his cock and started sucking him. I felt now I was a total BITCH and WHORE for my Matt, I felt naughty and nasty as I felt dog cock go DEEP down my throat. I could hear my slurping and sucking on him as I heard him moan whimper from the feeling I was giving him.
Then I felt Duke mount me missionary, I was wondering if it was possible. This is one strong dog. My back was arched from the 2 dogs licking and kind of biting my nipples and kind of sucking them to, OH FUCK it felt good. I was being doggie raped ganged and I was loving it.
Duke’s paws wrapped under me, pulling me up, I felt dog cock, “OH FUCK” I said on Matt’s pistoning cock. He felt BIG. I tilted my head a little and rolled my eyes to see dog cock in the mirrors, I got scared and wanted to back away from him and it’s like he thought or felt me want to withdraw from him, he gripped me tighter, more DOMINATELY, OH FUCK YES, and then I felt his massive cock slap on my pussy, OH FUCK BABY, that felt good.

I love having my pussy slapped, then he started stroking his massive cock, it was sliding in the folds of my swollen WET pussy lips, his precum was spraying on my stomach and on the backwards slide it would spray on my pussy. It was just as HOT as Matt’s precum if not hotter. Then that itch, that DEEP itch was growing. My pussy said to my mind, “He’s got us now”.

He’s stroking and HOT spraying was priming me, I couldn’t help it, the more he stroked and sprayed, the more my legs began to lift up. My pussy was lining up more and more, I could feel his cock tip sliding more and more towards my pussy door.

As I felt is massive doggie cock penetration, he had thrusted so hard I felt all the air push out of my lungs. As if automatically my legs wrapped around his furry body. He took me he won, he let out a howl, that mating howl, I CAME hard.
Matt’s knot was slapping my lips and it wasn’t swollen yet, my lips reached out and sucked it into my mouth. My orgasm was in charge now, as I lustfully and hungrily sucked Matt’s BIG cock and knot. Here I was, being used as a BITCH a WHORE to 4 beautiful horny dogs and I was loving it.

Matt was making those beautiful mating noises, I could feel his cock and knot growing and the heat, I knew he was close to filling my stomach full of his HOT thick puppy seed. Duke’s BIG cock was stretching my pussy more than ever, he was a little bigger than Matt, he was fucking me good and DEEP, when he penetrated my cervix it forced me to swallow Matt’s knot. The itch was growing more and more DEEP inside my pussy.
I could feel his BIG knot slapping my pussy lips, making them swell even more, that slapping, oh oh I loved it so so much. I wanted his knot, just like I wanted Matt’s knot, but even more with 2 dogs stimulating my hard nipples and Matt’s BIG doggie cock stimulating my throat, my legs strongly pulled behind Duke’s ass as he thrusted I felt my lips part and stretch widely as his BIG knot penetrated my hungry pussy. Duke’s head shot up with that that howling tied his bitch howl and my breeding began. His powerful thrust was stretching the back of my womb he was so DEEP. Duke’s thrusting was blowing my mind .

His BIG cock and knot started growing and stretching me, Matt to. The thoughts of them BOTH cumming in me at the same time, OH FUCK YES YES YES. And they DID, my body bucked and thrashed around as Duke powerfully unloaded in my quivering pussy. It felt like my pussy milked him harder than it did Matt. And Matt came, I could hear him also howling that breeding howl, as he also unloaded DEEP into my sucking mouth and throat. Hearing these 2 dogs breeding howl intensified my mind blowing orgasm.

I could feel my stomach filling up fast as I sucked, swallow, gulp down his huge load of CUM. His knot had swollen so BIG to keep in my mouth, it had slipped away from my sucking lips. I kept sucking and swallowing his BIG cock forcing him to keep pumping his CUM into my thirsty mouth and throat.
The sounds he was making I could tell he loved the FEEL of my swallowing throat. My throat was like a vise tight surgical glove wrapped around his BIG throbbing doggie cock. I know everytime I swallowed, ALOT, my throat sucked HARD forcing my Matt to slam doggie cock powerful DEEP into my hungry throat.

The feel of his BIG knot slapping hard against my thirsty lips only egged me on to suck him even harder. When his knot slapped my lips, forcing them to part, I would kiss it and try and suck it back into my mouth, but it was way too BIG. I can’t describe the taste of his CUM but it was HOT NASTY AND NAUGHTY and I loved it.

I can say he didn’t taste like a man and I think that’s what made me more thirsty and lustful for it. After Duke and Matt was finished FUCKING and BREEDING their bitch CUM loving whore, ME, they pulled out wetly making me CUM again and then they left me, walked to the corner of the room and plopped down. They laid down panting trying to regain their normal breathing.

I felt used, like some street bitch, street whore, my stomach FULL of doggie CUM, my pussy still quivering and leaking huge amounts of doggie sperm. I looked up at the mirror above me, I was smiling.

As I laid there, Butch and Titan walked around me and they looked horny. I realized me playing the BITCH WHORE was not over. All this FUCKING and BREEDING had stirred up some old fantasies in my mind. DP, I had always wanted to try it, I’ve watched porn and the women seemed to REALLY like it. I’ve been fucked in the ass a couple of times but not in my ass and pussy at the same time and the thought of being DOUBLE KNOTTED, well, the thought alone started stirring up that itch DEEP in my pussy again.
I shakily got up and moved a mat to the middle of the floor, the 2 dogs were busy sniffing me, THEIR BITCH WHORE. I coaxed Butch to lay down, he was BIGGER than Titan, I wanted him in my pussy, I thought Titan, being smaller, would be better in my ass.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

As Butch laid down his BIG cock was so inviting I had to taste him and I’m glad I did. His cock was so nasty and naughty I just loved it and his precum sprayed the back of my throat. I love gulping down sperm. I love the nasty feel and taste. Man or animal. I wonder if my neighbor feeds her dogs pineapples, his precum has a little sweet taste to it.

One of my old bf’s ate a lot of them and I think it made his CUM taste sweeter. Butch started growing in my mouth, OH FUCK WAS IT GOOD, his BIG rigid veins felt so erotic DEEP in my throat and my mind had already decided I was going to suck and swallow this BIG doggie cock.
I almost got off track thinking how it would feel to have him swell in my throat and pump his HUGE load of doggie CUM straight into my stomach, that would be later. I knew I had better mount him before he got too BIG. Titan had been enjoying, and so have I, licking my drenched doggie CUM pussy, I guess he thought he had to prime me but I was already primed. I pulled away from him and mounted Butch, “OH FUCK BUTCH YOUR SO BIG BIG BABY YOU YOU OH FUCK OH FUCK YOU YOU FEEL SO FUCKING FUCKING GOOD BABBBY”.

Now I know why Butch was neighbor’s favourite, dog cock was even more BIGGER than Duke’s and those those beautiful rigid like veins on his THICK THICK shaft I could FEEL massaging my pussy walls and my G spot. Oh fuck did he feel good. I’m so glad he’s in my pussy instead of my ass right now as Titan mounted me. I could feel Titan’s strength when he wrapped and gripped me. I watched us in the mirrors, it was so HOT to me to be between these 2 powerful animals. “BITCH CUM LOVING WHORE” , I said to the woman looking back at me.

I felt that beautiful priming spraying of Titan’s precum LUBING my asshole, “OH FUCK THIS IS HOT YES TITAN YES BABY GIVE IT TO ME GIVE IT TO ME FUCK MY ASS MAKE ME YOUR BITCH BABY MAKE ME YOUR WHORE FUCK MY ASS FUCK MY ASS PLEASE BABY PLEASE FUCK MY ASS”. I was getting so HOT fucking Butch’s monstrous cock as it penetrated my cervix, doggie cock DEEP in my womb and those VEINS, OH FUCK, those veins stroking my cervix and my vagina walls was blowing my mind.

Titan gripped me harder and jackhammered into my ass, the pain rocked my mind and body, Butch started pumping and I couldn’t believe how quickly the pain turned to pleasure. Sometimes sexual pain turns me on even more and this did. I had dropped down on Butch’s Big doggie cock even more, my womb stretched for him. This was driving me wild, to FEEL two BIG doggie cocks thrusting in BOTH of my hungry holes drove me to rocking back and forth between them.

Now I know why those women loved DP and these two BIG boys haven’t even knotted me yet. Butch had reached up and wrapped his BIG paws around me too, both of them thrusting and pulling and I was rocking so good between them.

I was screaming “FUCK ME YES YES FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME YES YES YES”. Both knots were slapping the entrance to my holes at the same time, my holes were in charge, I could FEEL my pussy and ass muscles kissing their knots, trying to grab, trying to suck them in.

Oh fuck this was HOT. I felt like a whore rag doll between these 2 animals. Then an orgasm out of nowhere hit me, it felt like both my holes opened up at the same time, I could feel pussy cream spraying hard out of my pussy and it went everywhere. I felt this death grip by both Butch and Titan, pulling me HARD into their powerful thrusts.

The FEEL of both of my holes stretch more than ever, Butch and Titans knots entered me at the same time” OH FUCK OHOHOHOH FUCCCCK”, I almost collapsed on top of Butch, the pain alone almost made me pass out, but it felt so fucking good. I was in the midst of an orgasm and that made the pain quickly turn to pleasure. I was back to rocking between my 2 lovers. “OH OH OH OH FUUUCK FUUUCK THIISS THIISS IIISSS SSSOOO HHHOOOTTT”.

I couldn’t even speak the feeling was incredible. My 2 lovers pumped me as I rocked between them and YESYESYES, those beautiful knots, those beautiful knots, those beautiful, over and over I was saying, were making my G spot FEEEL so fucking good. My orgasm was building very quickly and I knew it was going to be unbelievably awesome. I could feel they were BOTH about to CUM and I hoped at the same time. I bet what they felt inside me, feeling each other’s cocks and knots thrusting side by side, was bringing them BOTH to breed me quicker. The desire within me grew, I wanted to the best BITCH the best WHORE they had ever FUCKED and BREEDED.

The feel of BOTH their cocks and knots GROWING inside me, the HEAT, oh oh the heat. Their thrusting were getting harder and DEEPER. I was rocking with them, then I heard them BOTH howl, oh that beautiful mating BREEDING howl. And that BIG BIG BIG explosive hole rippling balls of CUM blasting DEEP inside my hungry womb and my bowels being bathed at the same time sent me BIG over the edge with a powerful body shaking orgasms I will never forget. Both my holes contracted and milked my 2 lovers, orgasm after orgasm rocked me.

Butch’s BIG cock was so DEEP inside me and those BIG pulsating rigid VEINS, those big beautiful VEINS, those VEINS, I was screaming VEINS VEINS VEINS. They pulsated and pressed HARD against my G SPOT so fucking good, the most POWERFUL orgasm rocked my body and mind as I had to grab the bench to hold on to and my nails dug in and ripped the padding.

My body shook harder than ever. I was so glad I had pulled the bench to me during my out of control orgasm because I had lost consciousness and landed on it so I wouldn’t fall on Butch. I don’t want to hurt my lovers, I just want to be a GOOD bitch cum loving whore for them. As I regained consciousness, I could feel BOTH doggie cocks and knots STILL shooting DEEP inside my quivering holes. I know why, my pussy and ass muscles were STILL contracting and milking them.


If someone had walked in, saw me being FUCKED and KNOTTED by two very BIG blue ribbon breeding dogs, me in between them double KNOTTED, rocking between them and ME begging them to fuck me, breed me and CUM in me, I thought at that moment they would probably be in shock.
When I opened my eyes and looked in the mirrors, seeing myself as a good BITCH WHORE begging to be breeded, I noticed standing in the doorway MY NEIGHBOR.

They had come back early and she was out trying to round up her dogs. She didn’t look shocked, she had a BIG seductive smile on her face.

She walked up to us, leaned over and kissed me DEEPLY. I came HARD. My orgasm took over, she broke our kiss,”THAT’S IT MY LITTLE DOGGIE SLUT, CUM ON THOSE BIG KNOTS YOU DOGGIE WHORE MILK THEM GOOD BITCH MILK THEM GOOD”. She had stripped and pushed her beautiful bare pussy on my mouth. “EAT ME YOU DOGGIE SLUT, EAT AND SWALLOW THAT DOOGIE CUM OUT OF MY PUSSY BITCH EAT ME EAT ME DON’T YOU MISS A DROP DOGGIE WHORE”.

Her dominating me only intensified MY orgasm and when she said ”THAT’S BUTCH’S CUM IN MY PUSSY BITCH DON’T SPILL A DROP WHORE”. “OH YES OH YES OH FUU…” I didn’t finish saying cause it spurred me on to taste and swallow my lover Butch’s CUM. I changed quickly to a CUM eating whore. I sucked her pussy HARD and before I knew it, she was CUMMING in my mouth, she was squirting her mix of Butch’s sperm and her pussy cream hitting the back of my swallowing throat. After her tremendous orgasm she flopped down on the mat, I had CUM so hard I too flopped on the bench. Both dogs had FINALLY finished squirting their wonderful CUM in me and wanted to pull out. They did, wetly, I had a little orgasm that felt really good but now I felt VERY empty.

After I regained some normalness, I looked at her, she really is a beautiful woman, In college I had a couple of women lovers, so eating her pussy I REALLY enjoyed, “I see why Butch is your favorite”. We devilishly laughed.
The dogs went outside to do their thing while my neighbor and I enjoyed a beautiful 69, the mixture of doggie sperm and pussy cream has such an erotic turned on taste. Yum yum………My neighbor comes over during the week now and brings more of her dogs. I grew to love and crave doggie gang bangs and especially DP knotted.

She brought seven over one day and they fucked me three times each. That was so HOT, I had CUM all over me and in me. I sucked Butch’s cock and came when he exploded his BIG load of delicious CUM straight in my stomach it looked like I had swallowed a watermelon. Butch’s balls are so HUGE and to finally FEEL those BIG rigid VEINS deep in my throat pulsating as he came, causing me to have multiple orgasms was so fucking HOT.

Every day I walk around wearing nothing at all. Matt doesn’t like me to wear clothes so I don’t. I love it when he takes me, truthfully I crave it, being used, made a BITCH a WHORE, pulled down to the floor, mounted, fucked DEEPLY, forcefully knotted and CUMMED in.

I constantly have doggie CUM dripping from my well used whore cunt. I want to share one more thing, Butch was over one day and he FUCKED and BREEDED me missionary.
OH FUCK ME IT WAS SO HOTTT. I totally was in a submissive whore breeding state, wrapping my legs and arms around this beautiful blue ribbon breeding animal. He had my pussy so HUNGRY for his BIG VEINY cock, his BIG knot was slapping my pussy lips, making me CUM over and over and over again, the craving and DEEP desire my pussy had for his BIG knot to tie me, my hand found his asshole and I pushed one finger in.

I did this with an old bf one time and he fucked me HARDER. Butch was no different, the powerful thrusting he gave me forced his BIG knot HARD deeply inside my hot hungry pussy. I came HARD, milking him for the next I think 45 minutes. Every weekend Butch fucks me missionary.

I have a lustful love for him.
That’s how I became the DOGGIE BITCH WHORE I AM TODAY.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free Video

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free VideoAnimal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free Video
Watch the movie part 1, Watch the movie part 2

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Animal Sex –Two Mom Fuck a Big Dog

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Lesbian Couple Shares Doggy Cock

The lesbian Mature partners shared the pink wand of the K9. They took turns in sucking and licking the dog cock until they were both satisfied. They also shared the hot sticky cum equally and they both swallowed it.

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Animal Sex-Giant dog cock in mom pussy

Animal Sex

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Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Hot Moms Free Video

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 Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free VideoAnimal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free Video
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Animal Sex –Two Mom Fuck a Big Dog

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Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Mom Free Video
Couple of hot moms have stripped to fuck a hard cocked lad but it seemed that one cock is not enough so in process of sucking and fucking the bitches invited a dog to entertain their pussies in turns while they were busy pleasing the guy orally. This animal sex turned out to be a real pleasure to the dirty threesome. Mature sucking dog boner felt so good that the male fucker had all the pleasure of poking the senseless whore in all holes.

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Animal Sex Stories-Incest, My Dog Fuck Mom

Animal Sex Stories

Animal Sex Stories-Incest, My Dog Fuck Mom

Animal Sex Stories-Incest, My Dog Fuck Mom

Only On – Part 1 – Reluctant interracial sex that starts the story

It started because my mom is just naturally submissive. I know what I know about the start because my dad was paranoid and had a video camera set-up to catch any incident of her cheating.

It starts with a knock on the door. You can’t see anyone at first, but it is Jimmy, a black guy from down the street. Eventually they walk into frame and Jimmy sits on the chair while mom sits on the couch.

He is asking her about donating toward a block party (which was never held). They talk for a bit, but it is obvious my mom is uncomfortable…just unable to break her submissiveness to ask him to leave. Eventually she says that my dad will be home soon and that Jimmy should leave.


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Animal Sex stories -My Aunt’s Accident

Animal Sex stories -My Aunt’s Accident

Animal Sex stories -My Aunt’s Accident

My dad had died when I was ten, so it had just been mom and me. I never saw her date, but she worked as an accountant and sometimes she had to stay late so I guess she could have. My mother is thirty four, she had me when she eighteen. She is a gorgeous blonde with short hair and a killer body. One I had spent many nights jerking off to. She was also my best friend and even though I never told her about masturbating, she had started leaving her panties for me to use.

When dad had died several things happened. First I took over his part time job breeding German Shepard’s. Second, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars from his life insurance was invested in my name. I couldn’t touch it until I turned sixteen. And third, I became the man of the house, doing all the chores.

My name is William; my mom Julie had a younger sister named Sidney. Sidney was ten years younger then mom and looked just like her, only Sidney had long hair. She had moved in with us three months ago after her divorce. Since then she was drunk most of the time, mom had even told me she refused to take anymore birth control. Mom was trying to help her but Sidney was having problems. Her husband had cheated on her and when he got caught, he had said Sidney was a cold frigid bitch.

Sidney was cool though and I liked her. She had started loosening up and had even grinned at me and flashed her tits with mom watching. She had even started going without panties. Well, it was Friday afternoon; I had finished with my chores. I had set the breeding bench in the carpeted room off the kitchen so I could have it for the next day. The six male dogs wandered in and out of the room freely but they knew what the bench was for and that one of them was going to get lucky.

Mom and I had to go out to do some late shopping and like usual Sidney had been drinking. In fact she was drunk. We got back to the house three hours later and found it quiet and seemingly empty. Mom and I looked at each other after we had put everything away. Mom had noticed Sidney’s empty glass on the table. Her car was still in the driveway. Mom sighed, “We better find her and put her to bed”.

I nodded and for some reason noticed the slightly cracked door into the breeding room. “Mom”?

She followed my gaze and we walked to the door. I should describe a dog breeding bench. It isn’t a bench. It’s a frame of solid bars that breeders use when they have a bitch dog that is or can be, violent. There is a front bar that the collar of the bitch is attached to so she can’t turn and bite the male. There is a second bar that goes under the bitches hunches to keep her from moving her butt.

We stood in the doorway staring at Sidney. Her hips were over the back bar of the breeding bench and her head was on the floor. One of the Shepard’s was fucking her hard and she was only grunting. It looked like she had past out though and had been there awhile. Something happened to me. I glanced down and shook my head before taking a step. Mom was frozen in the doorway. I hesitated and then kicked off my boots. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my pants, boxers and all. I know mom was watching as I walked towards the Shepard that was frozen on top on Sidney while he was spurting his doggy cum into her.

I waited and he pulled out and moved away. Somehow I knew he wouldn’t knot with her, she had been used to many times. I knelt behind her as I felt mom move forward and kneel next to me. I didn’t even look at mom as I caressed Sidney’s butt and hips. Finally I sighed and guided my cock to her cummy slit. My cock is not small. I am nine inches long and two thick. I put the head of my cock against her entrance and held her hips before pushing into her slimy hole. I heard mom’s “oh god, look at her spread around your cock”.

I could feel her open womb as I pushed into it. I started fucking her with long deep strokes that ended each time with me shoving my cock into her open womb. It took me about five minutes to reach the point where I needed to cum. Mom saw it and moved closer to caress and rub my butt, “Go ahead, breed her”.

My cock was in her womb as I shuddered and began to pump huge streams of sperm into her fertile belly. Sidney moaned and shuddered as I just seemed to keep cumming. When I finished, my balls actually hurt from cumming so much. I slowly pulled out of Sidney and put all the dogs out before coming back to her. Mom was by her butt, slowly caressing and running her fingers through her slimy slit. I picked Sidney up and took her back into the house and put her in her bed. I came back out but didn’t see mom. I slowly walked back to the breeding room and there she was, bent over the bar like Sidney had been. Her head was on the floor and she was fingering her clit. I hesitated before moving behind mom and kneeling. “Are you sure”?

Mom only nodded, so I ran my hard cock through her slit several time to get some of the slime in her pussy. Mom grunted as I slowly pushed in. I had to start fucking her slowly as I went deeper. It took me several minutes to reach her womb and start pushing against it. Mom was still fingering her clit but shuddering harder as I kept fucking her with long deep strokes. When I finally pushed into her womb she jerked, “Fuck”!

I held her hips as she struggled to move her hips away and get my cock out of her womb. I went back to fucking her, pushing into her womb with every thrust. It was several minutes before I held her hips tight with my big cock buried in her womb as it exploded and spewed streams of cum. Mom jerked and suddenly started grunting and shuddering, “OH FUCK, YOUR BREEDING ME”!

I must have spurted ten big jets of sperm into her womb before I shuddered hard and pulled out to fall onto my back. I panted and shivered as I lay there. It was a couple of minutes before mom moved off the bar and lay beside me, she was quiet and had a red face. She finally turned on her side towards me and I smiled before reaching my hand out to stop her from saying anything. I knelt beside her and lifted her into my arms before turning and carrying her into the house and to her room. I put her into her bed and gave her a kiss good night. I whispered, “Thank you mom. I have dreamed about doing that. I love you”.

I turned out the light and quietly closed the door. I went back and cleaned the room up and let the dogs back in. I locked up and turned all the lights out before taking a quick shower and going to bed. Mom was in the kitchen in the morning when I came in. She looked at me and blushed. I grinned, “You do that before mom, not after”.

She suddenly laughed and came to me and gave me a big hug. We were eating when Sidney came in frowning. We looked at her red face and she turned even redder, “I… did you find me passed out”?

Mom smiled as she stood and poured a cup of coffee for Sidney as she sat down awkwardly. “We found you”.

Sidney looked from mom to me, “Were there dogs there”?

Mom smiled as she put Sidney’s cup down and sat back down beside me, “They were breeding you, yes”.

Sidney looked at her, “They were…”

Mom nodded and took a sip of her coffee, “Breeding you, yes”.

Sidney covered her eyes, “I thought it was a dream”.

Mom smiled, “When the last one was done, William bred you and then put you to bed”.

Sidney dropped her hand, “William bred me”?

I kept eating while mom nodded, “It was only fair. I think he enjoyed it”.

Sidney was staring at me, “um…”

I stood and her eyes followed me as I put my bowl in the sink and walked back to her. I squatted down beside her, “I have made up my mind. You said you have a problem with sex. From now on, I will breed you every day. I will give you specific things you will do with and to the dogs and I will watch you do it. Just so you know, I bred mom last night too. She will be both watching and at times joining you”.

Mom looked at me sharply as I stood. I smiled at mom, “She enjoyed watching the dogs breed you. I think she would like to try it herself”.

Mom blushed and then laughed, “He’s right, I did watch and got so horny I had to let William breed me on that stand just like he did you”.

Sidney looked from me to mom and then sighed. “I can’t believe I am saying this. Alright, breed me and teach me to be a slut”.

Mom grinned, “Our slut”.

I smiled, “Take a warm bath and join me at ten. I have someone bringing in a bitch to breed and I want you to watch”.

I left to get the room ready and put the other dogs out. I kept the one dog the dog owner wanted to use and then went to do my regular chores. At ten, mom and Sidney both came into the breeding room. I had already put the bitch over the bench and tied her collar to the front bar so she wouldn’t bite the male. I had the male’s leash clipped to the wall. I looked at Sidney as I moved to the male and led him to the bitch.

The owner was grinning as he mounted her and started humping. We let him have the bitch a few times and then her owner took her away, saying he would be in touch. I wasn’t paying attention because I was looking at Sidney and mom. As soon as the man was out of the room, they were rubbing their pussies. I brought another dog in and fastened his leash to the wall.

I went to Sidney and stripped her clothes off. She didn’t resist or struggle as I led her to the middle of the floor and the breeding bench. I looked at my mom to see her taking her clothes off. I put Sidney over the bar and stood to undress. I walked to a wall where I kept spare collars and picked one out. I went back to Sidney and put the collar around her neck and fastened it to the front bar.

She was already moaning and her hand was between her legs, rubbing her pussy. Mom came to her other side while I took a minute to caress and feel her breasts. “Sidney, today we are going to work on oral and a little anal. I am going to bring one of the dogs to fuck you first and then I will lay him under you and loosen your collar fastenings. You will suck him until I tell you to stop. While you are doing that, mom and I are going to use his doggy cum to lube your butt”.

Sidney tossed her head and groaned while I stood and brought the dog back. As soon as he was behind her he jumped up and I pushed his butt forward as he started humping. Sidney gasped and shuddered when he found her pussy and started pounding away. It was a minute before she shuddered, “I’m cumming”!

It took the dog another minute and then he was holding her hips as he poured his dog cum deep inside her. When he pulled back, Sidney shuddered violently, “YES”!

The dogs knot kept him from pulling out and I held him in place on her back. Mom was caressing and tugging on her nipples the whole time. When his knot went down and he finally pulled out, Sidney jerked and shuddered hard as she came again. The dogs cum flooded out of her and down both legs. I led the dog around in front of her and had him lay down. I shifted him and rolled him onto his back so that his cock was under Sidney’s head. I loosened her collar restraints, “Now, start by looking and holding him in place. After you have looked, touch him, caress his cock. Work your way up to licking and when you are ready put it in your mouth”.

Sidney nodded as she licked her lips. I moved back to her butt, to find mom already rubbing her slimy cunt and ass. I leaned over and kissed mom before I started wiping dog cum up and gently fucking it into Sidney’s warm ass. I only went to the first knuckle while mom finger fucked her cunt slowly. I also watched as Sidney played with the dog’s cock and then started licking him. The first time she had licked the head and tasted him she lifted up and then she smiled. When she started sucking just the tip of his cock mom moaned. I was ass fucking Sidney slowly with two fingers and mom was using two fingers in her pussy. The dog was whining, Sidney shuddered hard and I saw a lot of dog cum leaking from the corner of her mouth.

I slowly pulled my fingers out of her and moved to her head. She lifted her head and let the dog cock come out of her mouth. After looking at it wistfully she looked up at me, “I liked that”.

I grinned and let the dog get up before dropping my pants and moving in front of Sidney, “Now I want you to lick my cock”.

She hesitated and I caressed her face, “I didn’t say suck it”.

She smiled and leaned forward and licked the pre cum off the head of my cock. I watched as mom sat back and the dog Sidney had just sucked off started licking her pussy. Sidney started licking my cock and moaning. Mom shivered and looked at me with lust filled eyes. I caressed Sidney’s face, “Enough for now. Mom needs to use the bench”.

Sidney tried to turn her head but the collar and straps stopped her. I unclipped her and helped her up and mom moved into her place. The dog didn’t wait; he moved behind mom and jumped onto her back. He started humping right away and mom jerked as he slammed into her pussy. He was fucking her hard and very fast and mom only groaned and dropped her head to the floor as she shuddered. I moved back and had Sidney get on the other side as the dog stopped moving. Mom moaned and shuddered hard, “He’s cumming”!

I held the dog in place while Sidney started feeling under mom. Caressing and tugging on her nipples and rubbing her clit. It was almost five minutes before the dog pulled back and his cum ran out and down mom’s legs. Mom shuddered really hard and groaned. I moved behind mom and pushed my cock into her cummy pussy. I fucked her deep, pushing against her womb. I needed to cum and didn’t care if mom got off. It was only a couple of minutes before I was fucking in and out of her womb. I slipped over the edge and shoved in to spew a dozen huge jets of hot sperm into mom’s womb. She jerked and shook violently, “Oh fuck”!

I sighed as the last spurt of cum left me and pulled out. I stood and let the dog out before coming back to mom and Sidney. I helped them up and led them back into the house. I took them into the bathroom for a warm shower. Mom put her head on my chest, “It was incredible”.

I hugged her and caressed her body while looking at Sidney. Sidney smiled and then moved to hold mom as well. We ate a nice lunch and I talked to Sidney about what she had done, making her describe it with her eyes closed. Mom sat beside her and held her hand while we talked and when she was done, Sidney looked at mom. “It wasn’t as bad as I thought. The taste I mean”.

Mom smiled and gave her a kiss before standing, “Sex is something to enjoy Sidney. I guess I forgot that after Henry died. We have another chance, you and I, with William”.

Sidney looked at me and smiled, “He still needs to breed me”.

Mom laughed, “Getting a little wet thinking about it”?

Sidney blushed and then grinned, “Yes. I’m in heat and need to get fucked”.

Mom grinned and pulled her up, “Then I better get you on My breeding bench”.

Mom pulled a grinning Sidney after her as she headed back towards her bedroom. I followed and came in as mom was stripping her. Mom put her on the edge of the bed and went to her closet. She returned with a large body pillow that she made Sidney straddle and then lay down. Mom ran her hand down through her pussy a few times before looking at me. I had stripped as I watched her and now I moved forward.

Sidney’s knees were on the very edge of the bed as I caressed her butt. I bent my hard cock and moved it through her slit a couple of times before I just shoved it in. Sidney jerked as I shoved into her and held still, she didn’t move at first expecting me to keep fucking her. I reached between our legs to feel and caress Sidney’s pussy. As I began to rub her clit, Sidney groaned and pushed back. I smiled as mom reached under Sidney and took over rubbing her clit. I kept my hard throbbing cock buried in her grasping pussy and began feeling and caressing her butt. I pulled back and started to slowly fuck Sidney while rubbing her asshole with my thumb. It wasn’t long before she groaned and shuddered hard. “I’m cumming”!

Her cute asshole relaxed and my thumb pushed in. Sidney groaned and shook harder as she fucked back against me with more force. I smiled and leaned to the side to kiss mom and she held the back of my head while pushing her tongue into my mouth. Sidney was shuddering and shaking, her pussy milking my cock while my thumb began fucking her ass. I went back to fucking her a little harder. It wasn’t long before Sidney became tense and began fucking back at me harder and faster. I grabbed her hips and held her struggling body as I began pouring cum against her waiting womb. Sidney gasped and started shuddering violently as mom caressed her, “He’s breeding you Sidney”.

Sidney jerked and started thrashing around, “Yes”!

She shoved her butt back as I pumped spurts of sperm into her open womb. I pumped and spewed load after load and Sidney only shuddered after each one. When I stopped, she slowly slid down to the bed on one side of the pillow. Mom rubbed her slimy pussy, “Well”?

Sidney laughed, “I think I like being a slut”.

Mom laughed and reached for my slimy cock.

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Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic

Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic

Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnicAmateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic
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Amateur Animal Sex-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic

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Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Hot mamas fucking dogs on a picnic

How would you like your faithful mature wife to be nailed by a hard cocked dog? Your own pet is having all the pleasure pounding that slutty pussy while you are watching soccer with your friends. Check out the way this sinful whore is sucking dog’s boner. Her lustful lips are wrapping that hot horny meat and squeeze it while the tongue it polishing the top of it in her mouth. Blowjob has never been this good and we can see that the dame it surely enjoying the raunchy animal sex. The pleasant oral experience makes the dog cum and the bitch takes it all in her throat. The portion is too big so she chokes and swallows part of it. The taste is a bit salty but delicious and the babe is joyfully lying there for some time recollecting the fucking scenes.

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HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Dog Fuck Wife

Dog Fuck Wife

HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Dog Fuck WifeHomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Dog Fuck Wife
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HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Dog Fuck Wife

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 HomeMade Animal Sex Movie-Dog Fuck Wife

This video was made by my husband after he spent some time last night watching movies at  My huby offered me a sex with our dog.

I was against it and refused a number of times but a glass of good old whiskey made me do it. I put on my black slutty lingerie and let the dog lick my wet pussy for a while. Then we had another drink and I totally lost myself.

I crawled up to the dog and sucked its cock with me guy watching the filthy scene. Dirty thoughts made feel wild and longing to go on. I loved the idea of being a nasty slut.

Getting under the pet I took its boner and made it enjoy the handjob I performed with all the pleasure and skills of mine. When the head of it showed through my fist I licked it with the tip of my tongue letting it slide between lips into my mouth.

Temptation made me shiver. The pleasant taste of a horny cock In my is so exciting. I kept on massaging it with my hands and sucking it like a whore. Watch me exposing the top of that cock and lick it from the head to th balls in slow motions.

The dog is starting to breathe heavily. That is the moment that I knew it would cum so I shoved the cock deep in mouth I sucked it really hard. The dog finally cum heavily in my throat pouring loads of hot liquid into e when my man is trying comment something but I can’t hear him with convulsing dick in my throat.

I am trying to swallow the fresh cum but there is too much of this sticky fluid and I fail. It gets into my trachea and I can’t stop coughing. Dog cum is dripping out of my nose and mouth. All my face and hands are covered with dog sperm.

It might seem incredibly but I did cum. I totally liked it! I didn’t have to do anything, I was just stroking my clit and that’s it. The thought of sucking dog made me cum and I loved it.

I am sorry for the video quality. It was recorded on a telephone. If we receive lots of commentaries, we will make a new animal sex video but of better quality!

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Amateur Animal Sex Movie-Dog fuck mature lady

dog fuck mature-mature dog fucking movies

Horny Dog fuck mature ladyDog fuck mature lady
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Amateur Animal Sex-Dog Fuck Mature Lady

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Animal Sex -Horny dog fuck mature lady 

This mature whore might be your ex school teacher. She is not afraid to be recognized as the animal cock hunger has seized the fucking brain of the sinful female making her a real sex toy for the doggy. She came to know about these carnal pleasures through the internet and since then her thoughts were constantly filled with scenes like this!

Check out the sexy stockings she is taking off to have her filthy cunt penetrated by a lustful dog which s already trying to get on top of her bag and shove that slicky cock deep in the wet vaginal cavity of our raunchy mature mama. The bitch is all shivering with delight and is moving in the fuck rhythm. The warm pleasant feeling is spreading ll over her excited body. Aged whore cums with delight a number of times and is gratefully sucking dog’s dick till it bursts with a cum explosion on her mature tits.

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