REAL ANIMAL SEX STORIES-The Dog Days of Summer Spent with Ewe


REAL ANIMAL SEX STORIES-The Dog Days of Summer Spent with Ewe

ANIMAL SEX STORIESAlmost every farm has a old dog around to protect the livestock when it gets dark. Our farm was no exception and for my 10th birthday my mom had bought me a great golden retriever dog. By the time I was mature, so was he, we had grown up and matured together. We were the best of buddies and did just about everything together.

Which brings me to one of our biggest common interests, ewe. Don’t get your mind in the gutter, yet anyway. Our dog, named Boe, was dedicated to his job; protecting the sheep. With an almost stupid boldness Boe had defended his girls from quite a few coyote, wild dogs, and the occasional skunk. He never failed, except maybe when it came to the skunks. It should come as no surprise then that Boe really loved our flock and cared for the girls as much as I did.
It was late one summer evening that I found out just how much he shared this interest with me. It was hot and humid. Despite this, many of the ewes were demanding service. They would approach me and flag their tails, displaying their glowing red pussies swollen from heat and dripping thick juices. Of course they had the energy for some fun, all they had to do was stand there.
To deal with the heat I had set up some fans for my ladies. Inside the barn in one of the pens I had set up an extra fan, this was my room for fun. I also had a nice cot and a sling for special days, it allowed both me and my girls to be more comfortable. The fan and comfy bed made it one of Boe’s favorite hangouts, he’s a smart dog lol.
The barn oasis was the love shack, and the girls knew it. Those who were the horniest would go there any time they saw me in the area and try to flag me down with their lucious cunts for some fun, they were almost always they were successful. First come first serve in most cases.

However, many days there were several girls eager to please some cock. This evening for example there were three girls waiting and begging for some penetration, nudging at their rivals. Two of them were unbred females in full heat, your typical fare. They competed fiercely with one another. Any time one of them would get close to me and flag, the other would push her away and show her own goods with increased vigor. Their pussies glistened and I could smell the musk of the cum that dripped off of their pussies.
The third madam was a bit untypical though not unheard of. She was a horny mom of two kids in a couple stalls over. Her kids a few months old were sleeping soundly and apparently mom wanted a bit of relaxation. She flagged me with great enthusiasm, lifting her tail and pulsing her pussy; to my surprise she was quite wet.
I recognized her from her ear tag. During the off season when she’s unbred she’s something of a slut, that being a compliment, not an insult. She’s nearly insatiable and will head butt the other girls when its time to compete for fun. Her pussy, like all the girls in heat, swells and her clit grows, but for her its a beautiful transformation. Her clitoris grows to mammoth proportions, almost an inch long, jutting out from her labia. Her pussy swells no more than normal but her pussy juices seem a limitless fountain. Often she drips so much cum that it gathers on the tip of her clit before dropping slowly in a sexy viscous string to the ground.
Today, she was less aggressive than when in heat but was just as eager. The other girls seemed to step back and acknowledge her special needs and superior rank, so I figured I should follow suit. I scratch her rump and made loving eye contact with her, the sign we would be having some fun. She seemed to smile and pranced into the love stall. I could see her pussy was dripping and swollen, she was quite eager. What a slutty mom I thought. Then again, who knew I liked moms?
We entered the stall to see Boe asleep on the cot. He grumbled and moved out of the way. I sat down on the cot and began to finger her pussy a bit and see how enthusiastic she. She hunched her back legs down and backed up onto my fingers. I felt her pussy pulse in joy as she got comfy. Slowly I started to finger her slimy smelly pussy as she stood firm, her pussy responding with gentle pulses and ripples. A grin creased her face as her pussy began to drip even more. Even out of heat, her pussy was incredibly wet and I marveled at how she savored my cock, she’s special. Her slime began to dribble down my fingers and my wrist. I licked them off savoring the smell, taste, and texture. Boe watched me with a too curious glance.
Stop watching me you pervert, I commented to him, but he only perked up and began eyeing us with interest. He had seen this all before, but was usually very content to lie down and nap while he waited for his bed back. Today, he wanted over and started lapping at the same place I had. Eww, I said; that’s my love juice. He glanced at me unconcerned and kept lapping enthusiastically.

Go lay down I ordered. Boe, being the good and obedient dog he is, gave me a second glance to make sure I was serious, then laid down. Good dog, I commented. I stopped fingering my girl for a moment to get her attention. Displeased she turned around, I patted the cot and motioned for her to hop up. She did so quite clumsily and rolled onto her back. Only the most eager experience sluts are this good, and she’s my new favorite I thought.
I laid her down and let her get comfy on her back and began to stroke her clit again. As I did her eyes rolled back in her head, the smile returned to her face, and her pussy continued its waterfall of love. Boe looked up with an almost jealous look in his eye. He sniffed the air, and walked over. He sat at the edge of the cot and watched closely as I rubbed her clit to its first orgasm. Her pussy quivered and I felt her pathetic attempts get cervix over my fingertips. Juice flowed from her pussy as my cock swelled in anticipation.
I pulled off my clothes and set them to the side. By now I was incredibly hot. Even with the fan, the action had gotten me quite sweaty and hot. Unlike my lady I wasn’t able to lie back and relax with minimal effort. I had to squat, bend, and hunch my way to satisfy her. I didn’t mind and was in good shape to do so. I edged my cock up to her drooling hole and slowly sank it in, savoring every inch’s disappearance. I began to rock gently enjoying her pussy’s velvety texture. Boe watched from a few feet away, now smiling and panting. Stop looking, I spat. He inched closer and smiled more.
I looked away ignoring my eager eyed pooch. I savored the smile on my girl’s face as she enjoyed my cock gently stretching her pussy. Her pussy sent its approval with rhythmic squeezes and waves, along with extra musky slime for lubrication. My cock managed to maintain control only from experience and I enjoyed her pussy’s attempts to milk it dry.
As I adjusted my stance and grip struggling not to cum, I noticed for the first time the quality of her ample breasts. With two nursing kids and a superb diet her tits were swollen with rich milk. All of the excitement apparently sent a signal to her one inch long teats to begin leaking. I saw large beads start to form on her large mostly smooth breasts.
For anyone who hasn’t seen a ewe’s rack, its mostly smooth, as is her belly; at least in some varieties like this girl. I looked down and savored those breasts. I gripped one with each hand and rode her like a true slut. She looked up momentarily and seemed quite pleased with the changer, her pussy orgasmed in approval and sent a slow drool of her cum sliming down my thighs and balls.

Boe sniffed the air and whimpered. He stamped his paws in protest of being told to stay still and lay down. Can’t you see I’m busy I grouched at him. I returned my attention to my lady stroking in and out slowly until she had cum two more times. By now so much of her pussies love slime had dripped down my legs that my knees couldn’t stay planted in the cot’s mat. Unwilling to pull out I slumped down, keeping a gentle grip on her breasts squeezing them a bit more now. By now the small beads on her teats had become a small leak of thick white nutrition.
My face now quite close to her beautiful breasts, I decided to take full advantage of her nutritious milk and began to nurse. While I never milked my ewe, I occasionally nursed if the ewe would indulge me. Their large breasts have the same soft texture of any lovely ladies. This lovely slut seemed more than happy to have her breasts massaged and the pressure relieved.
By this time I had been fucking her for almost an hour bending and contorting to maximize both of our pleasures. It was quite an effort to keep my torso pumping and keep her dripping cunt content. I strained and sweated, fueled by the great ecstasy of my cock and the warm liquid filling my stomach. Soon I’d have to return some white creamy protein to her I thought.
Due to the fatigue and joy, I didn’t notice when Boe moved behind me to get a better view of things. I supped heartily at her breasts as I worked my hips gently into her welcoming pussy. I aimed to fill my stomach before I was done and was having no problem doing so. Her milk flowed at an almost undrinkable rate and I hate to maintain ample attention to my feeding to avoid wasting such a precious fluid.
The more I sucked her breasts the more she came. I lost count of how many times she had orgasmed, but I knew I was close to my own orgasm as my stomach began to get full and I couldn’t maintain the sloshing motion. That’s when I felt Boe’s tongue began lapping at my balls and the ewe’s labia area.
In his opinion there were far too many juices dripping wastefully down my leg to the cotton below. Why shouldn’t he savor some tasty juices like I was. His tongue pushed forcefully up my ass for sweat and around our kissing intimate areas. He was enjoying every drop and wouldn’t be denied by my verbal deterrence.
I was far too tired, too full of milk, and too close to cumming to protest with any strength. My protests trailed off to weak whimpers as my balls began to spasm and fill her hole. My balls strained to squeeze every drop into her with an orgasm that lasted for at least ten good spurts of cum. While her deep hole swallowed up most of the cum my cock spewed forth, it had been some time since I had properly unloaded and a great deal drizzled out with each increasingly weak thrust of my hips. These juices too Boe eagerly lapped up.

Boe was now in a feeding frenzy. The deep thrusting I gave my lady as I filled her with my seeds as deep as possible had brought her to another ripe orgasm and caused her tits to flow spontaneously. This time Boe was ready, and he lapped up the milk heartily. Boe lapped with caution and began to nurse in a puppylike fashion. He was brilliantly careful to watch his nibbly teeth.
I watched with jealously of my own as the flow increased tremendously in her left tit and her pussy again pulsed and spasmed with orgasm. She was having a great deal of fun. What a great ewe and what a dog I thought. My cock, against my will, gave up another load to her grasping drooling pussy. I saw her smile as cum splashed against her pussy walls and cervix. She tried in vain to push cervix over head, but alas, I was to short for her. I enjoyed the attempts though and came and amazing amount once again. Her pussy drooled a mixture of our two cums.
I sank back exhausted. It wasn’t uncommon for me to go for more than a couple loads if I had saved up, but not on a special day like this lol. I backed off and stood up, my legs quivering. All the way to my ankles her juices soaked my legs clinging to my hair. I took a moment to look around for a towel and found none, darn. Considering ewe cum dried with no stickiness I decided to just rub it in and let it dry on me like lotion.
There was so much cum that even rubbing her juices all around my legs and butt wasn’t enough. There was still too thick a coating. I decided to rub my arms all over and preen myself sort of like a cat until I had dispensed it as best I could on myself. My dog paused a moment to gawk at his strange master but then returned to drinking. After a few more minutes in front of the fan my plan had worked and I was entirely dry and not at all sticky.
For days my skin would be silky and softer than normal, renewed. However, like the barn, I now reeked of ewe cum. It was a musky strong scent that probably only someone such as myself could love. You can shower but you only lose the silkiness of your skin and very little of the smell. After dressing I took a moment to tuck my face into my shirt and savor the strong odor of ewe. My mom would know why I had taken so long to do my chores today. A bit embarrassing, but she didn’t seem to mind.
I must have sat there in a daze huffing the ewe’s scent because when I turned around I found myself staring at my dog humping away at my lady with gung ho enthusiasm. She had been laying with her pussy at the edge of the bed so I could stand to please her. He must have thought it a convenient pose for him too.
After only a minute or so I saw him awkwardly turning himself around to be tail to tail with her. Usually by now she had wandered off, but now she lied on her back grinning as she took the knot. Special treatment for him I guess, and I got even more jealous as I watched his cum leak out of her rear end profusely. I looked at her to see a wide smile on her face and noticed her pussy was twitching with orgasm. I got a bit greener with jealousy as I noticed her pulse for three consecutive orgasms and soak the sheets beneath their union.
Most of that’s his I thought, and I warmed her up. lol
Fair is fair I thought. I bent down beside them and started to sup at her teats again. Immediately her massive breasts met the hungry demand for milk. Her breast flowed as I lapped up what came. Now that I wasn’t moving my hips so much I could top off my hunger I thought. I moved to the other breast but tried to avoid wasting any precious milk.
After about ten minutes Boe’s knot slipped out releasing a massive flood of cum from the ewe’s pussy. She stood up freed at last from his puppy fountain. She wobbled a bit from afterglow but smiled happily. As she regained her footing Boe nuzzled up to her from behind and sank his nose deep into her pussy gobbling every bit of juice that dripped out. Who knows whose cum he was eating at that point; his own, hers, and mine. He lapped at her for quite some time, gently working his tongue in a manner only a dog could in and out of her pussy.
I watched her cum as he sank his tongue deep into her and drank the results of his eager nose and tongue probing. I think he thought that as long as his tongue and muzzle worked its magic on her clit he would get to drink. He’s probably right, but after about ten minutes he slowed and then tired out. The entire time Boe feasted her pussy rippled in pleasure and orgasmed every few minutes. Damn
It’s a pity no cock was inside to enjoy it.
Its not my fault my tongue isn’t that long or prehensile.
Boe then casually wandered off to the watering oasis to get a drink and then up to the house to for dinner. I watched ‘our’ girl wander off with after glow to her sleeping kids. Her kids crept up in their sleep to grab a teat and nurse. How cute.
That night I passed up dinner. I told my mom I wasn’t hungry. She commented she was surprised since she thought I might have been out in the barn working up my appetite doing, “chores.” Sorry, I’ll eat the leftovers I promised.
No! I’m giving it to Boe she said with a crass tone, cause he wouldn’t ruin his appetite by exhausting himself with filthy chores in the barn. Just great, I thought. After having eaten his own dinner Boe gobbled up mine and smiling happily at me as he did.
Dumb dog, I prefer ewe.

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