My wife fucks with a pony in the middle of a wild party


My drunk slut wife take huge horse cock in pussy– watch on Never ever play ‘Truth or Dare’ when you are drunk! It seems to me now that I will never drink alcohol or fuck my wife again after that disastrous party. We had a wonderful time before all those awkward questions and silly tricks began.

When my wife was asked if she ever participated in a real sex orgy she shouted ‘DARE!’ and the guy told her to fuck a horse in front of the intoxicated crowd.

What I shame, it looked so funny then! We came to the stable; my drunk wife fancied a small ginger-and-white horse and started stroking him. The bitch did not seem to give a shit a stallion was going to climb her and stick his filthy cock right into her pussy!

She bend down inviting the beast and the pony started working like a real fucking machine THIS LITTLE HORSE TO FUCK MY WIFE- OMG SHE IS REAL WHORE!
I grabbed my camera, filmed the dirty Beastiality action and wondered what else my sick cunt of a wife is capable of doing! Well, she won and the crowd was totally ecstatic.

The following morning the bitch looked smashed. she remembered nothing and repeated that she was gooming!
I do not know what to do. I send you the full version of this horse sex video because I have to share it with someone to keep my sanity. If you upload it at your resource “ANIMAL SEX FUN”, cover the slut’s face because she is a schoolteacher – I do not want her do be disgraced!

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