Is This Normal, A young girl fuck horse

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Portia was a little later driving home from cheerleader practice. Her families house was a little out of the way in the country and she was pretty happy that her parents bought her the car for her 18th birthday.

It allowed her a great measure of freedom.

Getting home she was alone, her mom’s Jag was out as well as the range rover. Walking into the house she found a quick note to let her know they had gone out and would not be home until morning, maybe….

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Not bothering to change she headed to the barn the horses needed food and water before she bothered to change out of her outfit and have a shower.

Portia was her mothers daughter, 5’6 perfect build with very long legs and an amazing ass. She had many assets that kept her on the team, the little skirt and white panties of course made most hearts skip a beat and she was certain gave quite a few boys and men fantasies for the night.

It did not take to long to water and feed the 4 horses in the barn and she smiled at Jolly Roger, he was there newest addition. Just 3 years old he was pretty excitable.

As she turned her back to get some grain he jumped up on her back and his front hooves went over her shoulders. She squeaked in surprize and started to laugh a little as she could feel him humping at her. She thought he was far to young and would not have any idea on what to do. She was shocked to feel the young horses cock slip between her thighs. The cock was rubbing against her panties and the friction was having an effect on her pussy.

She watched in amazement as the 12 inch cock was sliding between her legs, the thing was not all that thick but she was mesmerized watching in humping her. Her nipples were lick rocks and her panties were totally soaked. She shuttered watching the tip thrusting up at her.

Suddenly the horse bucked a last time and she watched the cum shot leave the tip and splash at her face. The pressure was intense it actually got into her mouth as it was hanging open from her panting. It was heaven to her, she watched the tip flare open as if it was actually in a mare.

She scooped up what cum she could reach and sucked her fingers clean.

This Animal sex story as  “Is This Normal, A young girl fuck horse”  was exclusively written for
The pony jumped down and went about his business. Flopping down on a hay bale she pulled off her panties and fingered her clit, she so needed an orgasm. She slide a few fingers onto her self and frigged herself faster and with eyes closed.

The pony as all horses do get turned on and can fuck again very quickly. This guy was no exception.

As she was laid back she did not seem him coming closer to the scent. He could smell her desire and reared up. The hooves slammed down beside her head and the body was not much higher than her prone body. The pressure caused her legs to raise up.

The wetness of her pussy, the angle and of course the horses desire all conspired to assist this unnatural mating. The narrow tip penetrated her pussy and the warmth and wetness was all the pony needed to buck it’s hips to drive in more and more of it’s cock.

Her breath was torn from her as the full 13 inches speared her hole. She screamed in pleasure, in pain, in ecstasy. He humped into her waiting body and she wanted nothing more than to accept the brutality of the mating. She could feel the balls slamming against her ass. The pony was fully seated, fully inside her and with her knees raised she allowed the horse to have her.

This Animal sex story as  “Is This Normal, A young girl fuck horse”  was exclusively written for
Then came the internal pressure, the horse came the spray felt like a fire hose spraying hot liquid into her, then the flared tip pushed out from all angles. She could see the monstrous shape in her belly as the pony raised up, she could see the outline as it was inside of her.

As the horse pulled out the tip brushed her G spot and an orgasm tore out of her, ripped her from her own senses. The cum splashed out of her abused pussy, laying there it was extended open. From the front she was sure a person could see right but inside of her. She made no move to close her legs, to slow the flood of cum, to do anything other than bask in the major orgasm as well as the small ones that kept travelling through her loins.

Looking over to the other stalls, she noticed big red. He was snorting and pawing the ground. This was a full stud and she gasped as she looked in in awe at the giant cock that slapped at his own underside as it was practically masturbating itself as it watched the pony fuck the young nubile girl in it’s view.

Panting she contemplated giving into big red but she was scared of his size. Walking to the house the cum oozed out of her and down her legs. She was shaking from desire and sated lust.
This Animal sex story as  “Is This Normal, A young girl fuck horse”  was exclusively written for
Stepping out of the shadows, Rodrigues looked at his cell phone and stopped recording. He picked up the soaked panties and sniffed the crotch. There was a great deal of her cum in the center. He did not hesitate to take a taste on his tongue. Smiling he know it was a taste he was going to get to know a great deal better as well he was pretty certain he wanted to watch her fuck again. With the video he was pretty certain she would do what ever he wanted.

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