The giant scoundrel dog violates me by the my vagina

I have a giant dog and very scoundrel that every time he wants to fuck he throws on me and he penetrate me no matter who else is in that moment in the room

I have a giant dog very thug that when he smell the pussy always comes to rape me, I am her owner and I want it, a long time he is with me, but I have to admit that he is very naughty and has a lot of character, so when my dog wants to fuck me I can not do anything to stop him, he is so big and has so much strength that he normally always wins the battle.

It is not that I care too much that my big pet wants to do zoophilia with me, I can even say that I like, it makes me feel a lot of pleasure, the only thing that happens and I worry, is that being an animal has no reason and does the love with me even being the visitors in front, once my dog fucked me while my neighbor, and again my pet dared to ride me while the technician of the washing machine in front.


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The giant scoundrel dog violates me by the my vagina
The giant scoundrel dog violates me by the my vagina!

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