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I was home alone one evening and had just finished taking a shower. After wrapping a towel around my waist I had a few chores around the house to do, the first involving hanging up the washing. With it being dusk outside I thought nothing of walking out with the towel still around my waist knowing that no-one would (hopefully) see me. The back yard was a large grass yard with a few trees and bushes scattered around with an old wooden fence bordering the neighbours.

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Most of the neighbours had large trees along their side of the fence so I didn’t have much worry about being seen. One of the neighbours had a young male Rottweiler, with a stubby tail. He always used to find a way of breaking through the fence and running around our yard. He was also very horny. I figured this out by his constant attempts on jumping onto me before starting to madly hump away.

This Animal sex story as “Guy is getting fucked by her dog.” was exclusively written for

Unbeknownst to me dog had broken through the fence again and had preceded to run towards me. I didn’t see him until dog was right next to me, sniffing away. At first I got a shock seeing him but soon afterwards I was going to try and push him through the fence. That was before his muzzle found its way under the towel into my crotch. He quickly started sniffing and licking my dick and balls much to my embarrassment.

Pushing him away didn’t work as he padded around behind me and quickly poked his muzzle up the towel again into my ass. Both areas were sensitive as I regularly shave my pubic region. My cock was hard at this point as he continued to lick away at my cheeks before finding his way to my hole. I tried moving away only for the towel to fall down my legs and onto the ground. Now I was really embarrassed standing there butt naked with a dog next to me sniffing and licking away.

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I quickly bent down to grab the tower only for the dog to bury his muzzle into my ass once more. I did not expect for what happened next. I suddenly felt the rotties weight on top of my back knocking me onto my hands and knees, his paws wrapped around my midsection. I was getting really nervous as I had no idea what he was doing. The dog started quickly humping away at my butt and soon I felt a wet tip poking and prodding my backside squirting out stuff.

This Animal sex story as “Guy is getting fucked by her dog.” was exclusively written for

Moments later the dogs tip found my hole and he quickly pushed inside. I felt a sharp unconformable pain causing me to grunt quietly. What followed was a strange sensation that I had never felt before. The rottie was humping away furiously now and I could feel his cock thrusting in and out of my hole. I could also hear the sound of slapping as he pounded my ass, his furry balls hitting my smooth ones. I couldn’t help but start to moan loudly feeling my cock get incredibly hard. His dick started swelling and I started to feel pressure around my hole, also feeling him squirt pre inside of me which preceded to leak and run down my balls.

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There was also a larger thing that started to continually press against my hole every time he thrust in and out of me. As dog tried to push it into me I got scared and stood up quickly, his cock sliding out of me. He moved off my back and started to lick away at his now exposed dick while I tried to figure out what exactly just happened.

This Animal sex story as “Guy is getting fucked by her dog.” was exclusively written for

Shortly afterwards I picked up the towel wrapping it around me before successfully getting him back across the fence. This experience made me want to know more, especially about everything that just happened to me. later I found out that the thing dog was trying to press into me was called a knot. I also realised that I had just had my first sexual dog experience.

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