The dog chases me to make love to me

My pet is a very mischievous dog that when he wants to make love to me chases me through the house until he reaches me

My dog is a romantic and a fiery, always chasing me around the house to catch me and make love to me where he gets hooked, I find it very funny to see him so excited and I can not help laughing during the chase until I penetrate any place of the house.

That’s why the zoophilia scene is so funny and entertaining at first, then, when it reaches me, it changes the whole moment of laughter for another one of passion, that’s when I start to warm up because my dog always starts by licking me cunt and then comes the so tasty animal penetration that to me personally makes me crazy to enjoy.


The dog chases me to make love to me!


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The dog chases me to make love to me
The dog chases me to make love to me

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