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She rolled over and winced, her ass still sore from the night before. Cash, her husband, had complained that her pussy wasn’t tight enough and had fucked her ass instead – she loved him, so despite how much it hurt, she let him do it. She had gotten her bikini body back within weeks of giving birth to their daughter, but her pussy simply hadn’t snapped back into shape. It felt loose. Loose for Cash, and loose for Jessica. No sensation of being filled up by her husband’s cock – how could it, her little girl had come through and wrecked her.

She had a rotten taste in her mouth – after he had fucked her ass, Cash had pulled out and cum in her mouth. She had sucked long and hard on his cock, milking his balls empty with that amazing mouth of her. So way was she going to leave her man unfulfilled just because he pussy was wrecked. Afterwards, they had snuggled up, spoons style, she had felt safe and loved, and she hadn’t wanted to leave – not even to brush her teeth. So she still had the taste of her ass and his cum in her mouth, not so good ‘the morning after’. She had fulfilled his needs. They were fulfilled and happy as a couple, but she was unfulfilled as a woman. She needed pussy satisfaction.

She had thought about going out and finding a good plastic surgeon and a gynecologist, a team who could rebuild her pussy – tighten it up, get the feeling back in it – but that could take months, years even, a lot of pain and suffering. She’d rather just take it in the ass and keep Cash happy.

She’d thought of going to the Hustler store and buying the biggest dildo she could find – letting Cash fuck her with it, enjoy the sight of his wife impaled on something huge and plastic… But she worried that that might make him feel insufficient, so again, she decided she was better off taking it in the ass and keeping Cash happy.

The closest she got to personal satisfaction was when Cash wasn’t around – she’d have Elke, her personal trainer fist fuck her for an hour every morning. This was the personal fitness regime that had gotten her back into shape so fast. It was also possible, she understood, that this was also part of the reason her pussy was so fucked. But Elke couldn’t keep up the pace required, and her fist wasn’t quite big enough, to get Jessica over the edge. She was great, and she got her almost all the way…. But… Never mind.

Unfulfilled as a woman. She’d keep taking it in the ass until she could think of something better. Right now, she just needed to get away from it all.

She got up and brushed her teeth, rinsed, spat. Looked at herself in the mirror. She still looked great. Full lips, long dark hair, big brown eyes, perfect skin, tits even bigger now they were swollen by baby milk, her belly flat again, her legs and ass showing no signs of weight gain from the pregnancy. She squeezed her nipples a little, drops of milk popping up and dribbling over her finger tips. She sucked her fingers clean, then tipped one of her boobies up and lowered her head to suck some milk from the source. Mmmmm. Tasted good, felt better. She thought about what she was doing – snapped out of it. “Girl, you have GOT to get out of the house!” She told her reflection.

Jessica decided to get away for the morning. She left her little girl with the Nanny and drove out to the countryside, out to a private ranch where she knew she could borrow a horse. She loved riding in the country – the freedom, the escape from technology and pressure – the peace and solitude. Just you and the horse for as far as the eye could see. No paparazzi, no husband, no demands. Just freedom.

She picked out a powerful looking stallion, she wanted something powerful that would be able to gallop a long way up into the hills – to get her far away even from the ranchhouse. Total seclusion. The stable-boy watched as she rode off. Tight jeans, loose blouse, safety helmet and boots. Even casually dressed she looked stunning. She had smiled at him when he helped her climb up. That smile would give him whacking off material for the rest of the morning.

The young actress rode the horse to the end of the small valley, then once she was out of sight of the ranch-house kicked her heels in and encouraged the marvelous beast to open up and do some serious galloping… Racing him through fields and up the gentle slopes of the valley, the wind in her face, the only sounds she could hear were the horse’s breath and his hoofs thumping against the ground. He was magnificent, never slowing, carrying her weight without a problem – she was nothing to him, a small burden. He was enjoying the open run as much as she was.

Together they rode all the way to the top of the valley before Jessica eased back and allowed him to slow to a canter, then a trot, coming to a halt at the very top of the high side of the valley. He twitched and shook his mane. Sweat on his flanks and neck. Blowing hard. Happy. Jessica looked around, surveying the countryside, looking for the perfect spot… Saw a small pond on the other side of the hill, kicked her heels in and pulled the reigns to turn the stallion, then galloped him down the side of the hill and off into the distance.

They reached the pond in no time. It wasn’t large, maybe 20 feet across, 20 feet wide – it probably didn’t get deeper than 4 or 5 feet in the middle. There was a single fallen tree to the side, it’s roots still in the ground. It had been a large tree – the trunk was maybe three feet thick, and it still had live branches growing from it, the leaves providing shade from the morning sun. Jessica climbed down and tied the horse’s reigns up to a branch, then walked down to the waters edge, stretching and removing her helmet. She crouched down to feel the water – cold but not too cold.

Whilst the horse took a break and chewed down on some grass, the movie star sat on the ground by the pond and removed her boots, peeled off her socks. She stood up and unzipped her jeans and peeled them off, then unbuttoned her blouse and dropped that on the pile of clothes as well. Her big tits were held in place by an unsexy maternity/sports bra, she took that off and freed the animals – they bounced up in the air, nipples hardening in the light cooling breeze. Finally she peeled off her panties, and just enjoyed the feeling of the air and the sun on her naked body. Freedom.

She waded into the water. Cool water lapping up her smooth legs, caressing the bottom of her perfect ass and her soft pussy. At the middle of the pond it was about 3 feet deep, just enough to cover her lower half. The cool water felt good on her flesh. She dropped to her knees and pushed forward, lowering her whole body into the water and swimming a couple of breaststrokes before the water got too shallow. The cold water got her nipples harder than the breeze had. She felt free. More free than she had for a long time. She felt like she could do anything out here.

After a few minutes in the pond she wandered out and lay down on the grass bank, her naked flesh glistening in the sun, beads of water all over her. Looking fantastic. The cool breeze on her wet flesh made all her little skin hairs stand up, made her nipples poke out hard. She idolly swept excess water from her belly, then her boobs. When her hand stroked over her nipples, she felt a little tingle, and giggled to herself. She thought about how free she felt – and about how unfulfilled she was at the moment… Sexually.

She caressed her nipples a little more, then cupped her boobs as she had that morning and pulled them up toward her face. As I’ve already said, Jessica’s tits were famously perfect to begin with, but since getting pregnant they had swollen up another cup size with milk. It was easy to get them up to her mouth now. She tipped her head forward and stuck out her tongue, working one nipple then the other. Licking, flicking, sucking them in turn. Doing this in the open air, the real outdoors – not like her private garden – was a real turn on. She released one of her boobs and reached her hand down between her legs. Her fingers found cold water beaded on her hot pussy – started to finger herself. Fingers working her pussy lips, working her clit. She ran her other hand down from her boob, over her flat belly, over her pubic mound, and between her thighs to join the other hand. She used the fingers on one hand to spread her pussy lips, the fingers on the other to penetrate herself… Sitting up and leaning forward on the grass bank, she opened her pussy wider and pushed in more fingers, three, then four, then twisting a little, she managed to push all four of her fingers, AND her thumb, into her own pussy. She gasped, the angle wasn’t great – as god as it felt to her cunt, it hurt her wrist! The movie starlet fist fucked herself for a few minutes, gasping and moaning as she did so. She was so wet and so hot – this felt great, but it hurt her arm. Fuck! She thought. Not fair that I’ve found something I can do to my pussy – but it’s almost anatomically impossible!

The horse whinnied. He could smell something, he could see something. Jessica stopped dead still, fist still in her cunt, and looked around. Heart pounding. She could see no-one. She eased her fist out of her pussy… Gasping a little as she pulled it free, then stood up and looked around a little. No one in site. Again the horse whinnied.

Jessica wondered over to him, sunlight glinting off her naked toned flesh. She took his bridal in one hand and patted him nose with the other. He jerked his head up and down, whinnied again. Jessica tried to calm him, but everytime she patted his nose he got twitchy. After a few seconds Jessica blushed. She realized that the hand she was stroking his nose with had just been up her cunt. She wondered if the horse could smell her sex on it. Held it up infront of his face and found herself gasping as he snorted at it approvingly. He lowered his head to pussy level, snorted again, then took a couple of little steps back and forth. Antsy.

“You can smell that, huh?” She smiled. “You like?” She smiled again and turned around, began to walk away to her clothes. The horse whinnied again, loud. She turned back to him, now that she was a few yards away again, she could see something different about him… Same powerful legs, huge chest, handsome head – and a huge fat erection hanging down under his belly. It looked about a foot long, and it didn’t even look hard. Just a tube of grey meat hanging down, swinging as the magnificent beast moved. Jessica gasped. “Oh my…” She looked around again. “You need me to do something for you, sweetie?” She asked. Knowing the horse could neither understand her nor reply. Then he did, nodding his head, neighing slightly, blowing out hard a couple of times.

She thought for a second – but only a second. All alone. Middle of nowhere. Horny horse. Loose pussy. Mmmmmm. She was one of the brighter stars in Hollywood, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to put together the logical course of her thoughts. She walked back toward the horse… “You wouldn’t hurt me, would you?” She asked as she approached. The horse just looked at her. No movement this time. His eyes seemed reassuring though.

Jessica moved right up alongside him and stooped a little to look at that big fat cock. She reached up and gently took the weight of it on her hand. The horse shuffled a little, blew out again, but didn’t seem to object. The cock bent where Jessica hefted its weight. Not rock hard, but firm. She wrapped her fingers around it’s lower half, no way she could get them all the way around, and reached her other hand under his belly to complete the circle around the horse-cock’s girth. Two hands on a horse’s cock – didn’t expect that this morning, she thought. She started to slowly jerk the cock back and forth, and she could feel it suddenly growing fatter and harder as she did so. It was getting longer too – 14 inches, 16 inches. Huge and leathery.

Once the horse cock was fully erect, Jessica was able to see what she had to deal with. About 18 inches long, grey and white flesh, fatter than her fist, long and straight with a little give in it, and flaring at the head. In the middle of the head, the hole seemed to stick out a little, and was glistening with some kind of fluid. She wasn’t sure if it was cum or piss… She didn’t care. She was holding an erect horse’s cock in her two hands – and there was no one around for miles… And her pussy was aching to be filled. Her heart was thumping, she was breathing hard. She knew what she had to do, but it was disgusting wasn’t it? Surely she shouldn’t do it. But she wanted to. She wanted it. She needed it.

She leaned forward and licked the end of the cock. The drop of whatever it was was thick and musty. She licked some more, then pushed part of the tip into her mouth – it was simply too big to get the whole tip into her mouth. She sucked hard on the cock, the hole/tube in the middle of the cock inside her mouth and giving off a little more of that fluid. She guessed it was some kind of pre-cum – she hoped so, because she didn’t want the horse to blow it’s load yet!

She pushed the edges of the flared head of the cock into her mouth, squeezing it hard. Although the cock was huge and fat, it seemed to have a lot of give in it. The outside layers of flesh obviously very forgiving. She soon had most of the head in her mouth, two hands on the shaft she started jerking it off into her mouth, her tongue caressing the hole in the end of the beast’s cock. More pre-cum dripped into her mouth. As the pre-cum became a little more regular, and the horse became a little more jumpy, Jessica stopped… She definitely didn’t want this to go wrong.

Jessica grabbed the reigns and turned the horse around, positioned him front of the tree trunk, pushed him closer… Bullied him, slapped his ass, pushed him, until he finally got the message. Carefully, he stepped up onto the trunk, not a natural thing for a horse to do – then stepped down on the other side. He was now standing astride the tree trunk – front legs on one side, hind legs on the other. There was about 10 inches of clearance between his belly and the top of the log. Perfect, thought Jessica.

She wriggled under the horse’s belly, her own belly rubbing up against the rough bark of the fallen tree, the under side of her round breasts dragging along the rough bark as well. The horse’s hair felt warm and prickly against her shoulders. She thought about the danger of having this massive beast standing over her, but she felt strangely safe under him. She bent forward over the tree trunk, putting all her weight on it, her bare feet lifting off the ground as she adjusted her position. Then she took a deep breath, and she went for it…

Reaching around behind her ass, she found the horse’s massive meat, his cock tip smeared with that pre-cum now – he was as ready as she was… She eases the head of his cock up and down her pussy – wetting herself up with his pre-cum and her own pussy juices… Mixing them up nicely, getting herself ready. Ready and willing. Willing and able. With a little struggle, and a little twisting of her hips, angling of her pelvis, pulling and pushing of his huge cock, Jessica finally managed to force the head of his cock into her sweet sloppy cunt. Only 3 or 4 inches would fit in at first. She bent sideways so that she could hold his cock shaft with one hand, and jerked the outer layers of his cock flesh in and out of her pussy… Waiting for him to get the idea.

“Giddy up, boy!” She said, frustrated at having to do all the work. Jerking harder, pulling him harder into her… Then, as if a switch had been flicked, the horse jumped into action, just a twitch of his hindquarters and he was suddenly 7 inches inside her, she gasped and screamed. Another twitch, 10 inches. She threw her arms forward and grabbed onto the trunk beneath her. The horse seemed to be inching forward and back, unsettled, trying to find it’s footing – with every movement 3 or 4 inches of cock slipped back or rammed into her. His hindquarters twitched again, bam, she was full – 15 inches of cock, pushing further into her body than anything was meant to.

Alba squealed and screamed, the pain of the penetration matched by the pain of the bark ripping into the skin of her tits and belly. But God, oh God, it felt so good. Even as she was being horsefucked she could rationalize – the scars on her belly and tits were only skin deep – the cock in her pussy was all the way deep… Spiritually deep. Finding God deep. Oh God it was so deep. And with depth comes width, girth. This was like being double fisted. Her cunt hadn’t been this stretched when she’d been giving birth! It certainly hadn’t been this much fun.

The horse twitched again, edged forward, then backed off a foot – the cock was so big that even a one foot movement didn’t bring it out. Jessica cried out again, “Oh God, yes… YES!” Her screams echoed around the valley. No one heard. Somewhere, a few miles away, a stableboy was jerking off, thinking about the smile she had given him, thinking about those smiling lips wrapped around his cock… He was blowing his load into a toilet, totally unaware that his horse was busy fucking the shit out of the celebrity babes cunt.

Jessica held onto the tree trunk as if it were a life-raft as the horse treated her to a fuck unlike anything she had ever experienced. His thrusts were strong enough and long enough to lift her whole body into the air. After each of them she thumped down against the trunk, banging her ribs, or landing on her tits and feeling the pain shoot through her as they absorbed her body weight. But God it was good. A hard fucking like none of her friends had ever had. How could she tell them? She couldn’t keep it to herself… She had to share. She had to share if only so she could watch this and see what it looked like – it felt amazing.

It looked terrifying. Like some obscene inverted bucking bronco machine. Like something in a horror movie. Jessica Alba, the pretty movie star with the dynamite body, being tossed and heaved under what appeared to be a rabid beast, being thumped against a fallen tree trunk. Her screams, yelps, squeals, gasps, and blasphemy sounding out loud. “Oh God… Oh God… Ouuuccchchhh!”

She didn’t want it to stop, but she knew that she’d probably die if it didn’t… There was nothing she could do though, she was here until the horse was done. Luckilly for her, horse’s don’t fuck for long. The ride only lasted about 4 minutes from start to finish before…

The horse exploded inside her, filling her with hot off-white spunk, pushing down on her, squeezing the air out of her – pushing down so hard she almost passed out. The asphyxiation only helping her reach the dizzying heights of an orgasn that much faster and harder. She came so hard that she pissed herself. She could feel it streaming down her inner thighs… Then she realized – that wasn’t all just her piss – that was the horse spunk squirting out of her pussy and the horse continued to explode inside her. There simply wasn’t any room left inside her for cum, the horse was pumping like a piston, forcing every drop of his own cum out of her cunt and down her thighs.

He stood there for a few moments. Steady. She lay, motionless. Her ribs aching, her pussy on fire, her belly and tits scratched raw and more than a few little cuts oozing blood. She caught her breath, still impaled on his massive meat, and realized that because of the way she had positioned him over the tree trunk, he couldn’t back off her. She would have to ease herself off of him. She crawled forward, easing herself over the tree, the bark scraping over her belly and her thighs. With every inch she moved forward a little more cock eased out of her pussy, a little more cum poured down her thighs. The last six inches of horse cock slurped out of her, flopping loose, cum poured out of her vagina, splattering on the ground. It had been dry when they started fucking, it was a muddy mess now. Horse cum + human piss + dry earth = mud. She toppled forward and fell head first down the other side of the tree, landing in a heap and rolling a little way down toward the water, ending up on her back, starring up at the horse. The magnificent horse. She lay there, horse spunk on her inner thighs and in her cunt and ass crack, scratches on her tits and belly and thighs, the remnants of an orgasm still vibrating through her flesh… Then drifted off into a dreamy sleep. A sleep filled with sexual escapades with large animals, a dream of a giraffe, a dream of an elephant…

She woke up an hour later, the sun high in the sky now baking the cum dry on her legs. The horse had managed to get back off the tree, and his cock was tragically gone back inside it’s sheath. Jessica sat up, holding her ribs, rolled over and staggered around collecting her clothes from beside the pond. She thought about washing herself – but wanted the memory to stay with her.

Dressed again, she mounted the horse and rode him back to the stables. No galloping this time – the horse had earned a rest, and Jessica’s pussy couldn’t take to much more action today. At the ranch-house she handed the reigns back to the stable boy. He noticed the small flecks of blood on her blouse, the large wet stain between her legs and went to say something. She hushed him, a finger on his lips. “Can you keep a secret?” She said. “If you can, I’ll give you something to think about for months.”

That horse cum must have had some kind of magic effect on her, or the depth of the penetration must have triggered something, because either way, when she fucked the stable boy in the stable, she could feel every movement of his cock inside her. When he shot his load she felt every little twitch of his cock. She came like a fucking train. As they dressed afterward, she asked a favour. “Every morning, before you do anything else, can you jerk this horse off – and send his cum to me by courier…”

Back home, life returned to something spectacular. Cash fucked her every night – as you would with a girl like Jessica, and she came on his cock every night. Every morning, she’d get a fisting from her personal trainer – and now those fistings got her off in less than 5 minutes… And every afternoon a fresh bottle of horse spunk would arrive from her favourite stable boy, she’d rub some into her pussy, smear some on her face and tits like a skin cream, and then drink the rest. She loved the stuff so much that she’d cut the bottles open so she could collect every last drop on her finger and suck it all up.

Jessica Alba. Wife. Mother. Movie Star. Ultra Babe. Slut. Horse Cum Addict.


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