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K9 Sex Club - Iris' Confession, Voyeur, Les, FFDogNote from Jen:

This confession belongs to Iris. She is 5′ 8″, has short brown hair, green eyes and not an ounce of fat on her. She has very firm 34-A breasts and is extremely gorgeous.
She has a dominant presence when she enters a room, all us girls who are into girl-on-girl pleasure ask her regularly to consider sex with us, but up until Saturday, no one had the pleasure until she spent the night with Emma and I. We had a lot of fun with her and she is a great at eating pussy. She has been a member of our club for nine months already and has finally given the nod to post her first time experience.

It was during the summer holiday when I was 18 years old, my sister Anne and I were board out of our minds begging our parents to go somewhere for some fun. Finally my father couldn’t take it anymore and agreed to send us to my aunt’s farm for a two weeks. Anne and I were pleased, we both enjoyed the farm as my aunt had a beautiful house, a pool, horses and we enjoyed my cousin Jenny’s company, she was is a fun-loving adventurous girl who usually got us into trouble (the fun kind).

Just to paint the picture a little, Jenny was also 18 at the time, has brown eyes, is 5’4”, has long brown hair and 34-B bust and cup.

When we finally arrived, Anne and I were so relieved and settled in quickly. That evening we had a wonderful meal but my aunt was a bit sad from missing my uncle (her husband) who died less than a year before. We spent some time remembering and discussing uncle Frank until Jenny decided to go to bed. After Jenny left the room, my aunt told us that she was a bit concerned about Jenny as she had become a bit withdrawn and wasn’t interested in going out with her friends or boys and pretty much kept to herself lately. We told my aunt that we would try have some fun with her to get her out of her shell again.

The next morning I woke up before 8:30 but Jenny had already eaten breakfast and gone for a walk. My aunt told me that was the norm for her as she would take an early walk almost every day and only return hours later. I didn’t know where she went so I decided to catch up on some reading by the pool until she got back. At about 11:00, Jenny returned

“Hey Jen, where’d you go for so long?” I asked

“Oh, I’m sorry. I take a walk every morning and lose track of time. I’ll make sure not to take so long tomorrow”

For the rest of the day we enjoyed each other’s company and spoke for hours. Jenny promised to take Anne and I horse riding the next day but I could tell she was somewhere else in her mind. That night, as I lay in my bed falling asleep, I thought a lot about how much Jenny had changed and tried to figure out a way to help her. I decided to follow her the next morning to see where she went every day and maybe try to understand what she was going through.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

The next morning I woke up early as planned and was downstairs just in time to see Jenny leave. I paid attention to the direction she walked and left 2 minutes after in the same direction. For about 20 minutes I enjoyed the fresh air and scenery as I followed the footpath, it was so peaceful I felt as though I was the only person in the world, I could definitely see why Jenny went for a daily walk. Suddenly I could hear Jenny’s voice but couldn’t make out what she was saying. I followed the sound of her voice until I came to a small stable and could tell Jenny wasn’t alone, but who was she talking to? I slowly peered around the corner of the stable and saw jenny talking to one of the farm dogs, a Border collie named Conan. He was an energetic, fit, playful dog and was licking her face while she spoke to him. I was about to announce my presence when I thought I heard her say something about ‘licking pussy’. For a moment I thought I heard wrong so I stayed put and listened closer but was shocked at what I heard

“Let’s go lover boy, I don’t have as much time as usual, gotta get back to the house”

She sat on a bale of hay and leaned back onto one elbow as she spread her legs. She then pulled her skirt up, exposed her pussy to dog and smiled at him

“Here boy, have at it”

Dog went forward and started licking her pussy. I was stunned, I just stood there in silence, watching, making sure Jenny couldn’t see me. After a short while, Jenny started removing her top wile dog continued licking her pussy. I whispered to myself

“What the hell are you doing Jen? I hope you’re not gonna…”

Before I could finish the thought, Jenny turned around and kneeled in front of the bale of hay with her arms on top of it. Dog obviously did this before because he didn’t hesitate to mount her. I watched Jenny grab dog cock between her legs and guide it into her pussy. Dog started fucking her and she let go of his cock, it was obvious that they were both enjoying it. As I continued to watch dog pounddog cock in and out of her cunt, I realised that my nipples were hard, I was breathing heavily and my pussy was very moist

“What is wrong with me, how can this be turning me on?”

Before I knew it, my hand was in my pants rubbing away at my clit. I squeezed one breast while I masturbated and watched Jenny being fucked by a dog. Jenny began to moan loudly as her orgasm erupted, I covered my mouth as I had an orgasm of my own. Eventually Conan got off Jenny and I could see dog huge cock hanging beneath his belly, pulsing and still spewing streams of semen. Jenny, still kneeling in front of the bale of hay just lay there with her chest on it, motionless for a few minutes. I buttoned up my jeans and watched Jenny clean herself and get dressed. As I walked away hoping she wouldn’t see me I heard her thank Conan and tell him what a good boy he was. When I got back to the house I went to my room and closed the door. I sat on my bed and tried to get a grip on what I just saw. I decided to try act as if nothing happened so Jenny wouldn’t be embarrassed. The rest of the day was tough, we went horse riding as promised and had a good time with Jenny but I couldn’t get the image of dog fucking her out of my mind.

That evening after we all said good night, Jenny came into my room and sat on my bed

“What’s up Iris? You’ve been distracted all day”

I wasn’t sure how to respond

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just tired or I guess”

“Common Iris, you can talk to me about anything, tell me what’s on your mind”

After a lot of excuses and trying to avoid the subject, Jenny left me no choice but to tell her what I saw. I told her how concerned her mom was and how I decided to try be there for her and what I saw

“Oh my god… I… um…” was all she could say

“Don’t worry Jen, I won’t tell anyone”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“Once dog started licking you I was in shock, but when he started fucking you I couldn’t look away”

“You mean, it turned you on” she asked hoping I would say yes and not be disgusted

“Well… yes it… it turned me on okay”

Jenny was relieved but still very embarrassed so I eventually confessed to masturbating while I watched. Suddenly Jenny seemed like her old self again and told me how it all got started. To cut a long story short, one day she decided to masturbate by that old stable and when she saw dog watching her she called him over and let him lick her. After she had done that a few times she got him to fuck her

“So what’s it like? I mean, is it anything like fucking a guy?” I asked

“It’s very different, I actually prefer Conan to the two guys I’ve fucked”

“Just talking about it is getting me turned on, when you leave I’m gonna have to get myself off”

Jenny looked at me with that naughty smile she’s famous for

“You know, I’m also very hot right now. We could masturbate together”

Before I had a chance to respond, Jenny climbed under the covers with me and removed her shorts

“Well? You gonna join me or what?”

With that she started masturbating. I just watched her for a few seconds but then decided ‘what the hell’ and removed my shorts too. There we lay, side by side masturbating together and really enjoying it. Jenny put her leg over mine so she could spread her legs wider, so I spread mine wider as well. Then I felt Jenny’s hand on my belly, slowly making its way to my pussy so I did the same. Before long we were rubbing each other’s clits reminding each other to keep quiet

“This might seem weird but, can I go down on you?” she asked

I just nodded and watched her disappear beneath the sheets. She kissed my neck and chest as she made her way down. She stopped at my nipples and spent some time licking, sucking and nibbling them and then continued down kissing my belly until she finally got to my pussy. She slowly spread my pussy lips apart and gently licked my clit, my body was in seventh heaven. Gradually she sped up and increased her efforts until she was sucking and nibbling my clit while pumping two fingers in and out of my cunt. I had to put a pillow over my face when the orgasm hit, it was amasing and left my body limp and weak with the occasional spasm after she was done. After a few minutes to recover, Jenny said

“Okay, it’s my turn. You up for it?”

I just smiled at her and followed the same course of action as she did. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed eating her out. When it was all over, Jenny and I went to sleep in each other’s arms.

The next morning Jenny woke me up by sucking on my clit, it’s a great way to wake up. We took a shower together and headed to the kitchen for breakfast

“Are you going to join me for a walk this morning? I’ll show you where I go and what I do and then you can give it a try”

She spoke this way because her mom was close. I was afraid that if I responded I’d give her away so I just agreed. Then my aunt came over to me

“I am so glad you came, seems like she’s ready to finally get close to someone again”

I just smiled and nodded, if she knew what Jenny did on her ‘walks’ or what we got up to the night before I think she’d have a heart attack.

Jenny and I started walking to the old stable

“Jen, I don’t know if I could do something like that”

“That’s okay, if you don’t want to you can just watch me”

When we arrived, Conan was nowhere in sight

“Don’t worry, he usually shows up” said Jenny

She started getting undressed

“Aren’t you gonna get naked? You can sit on the bale of hay and I’ll go down on you again”

We both got naked and I placed my top on the bale of hay to make it more comfortable. I sat down and leaned back on both elbows. Jenny kneeled between my legs and spread them wide and then started licking my pussy as if it were the most natural thing in the world to do

“Ah, Jenny. Dog’s here”

Jenny could sense I was nervous

“It’s okay, he knows what to do”

Jenny wasn’t wrong, Conan came up behind her and started licking her pussy and ass. Jenny stopped licking me for a second and turned to dog. She slapped her butt and said

“Common boy, fuck me”

Dog mounted her and started fucking, Jenny turned back to be, gave me a wink and a smile and then continued licking my pussy. I decided to get a better look so I got up and then kneeled next to Jenny. I had to move my head under Jenny to see dog’s cock pounding in and out of her cunt. Jenny stopped dog and stood up. dog’s cock was so big I just started at it. Jenny took me by the hand and helped me up to talk to me and as I stood up dog started licking her pussy again

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“How would you like it if Dog fucked you?”

I looked down at dog licking her pussy and said nothing. Jenny slipped two fingers into my cunt and then presented them to Conan. I watched dog sniff and lick her fingers as she drew them closer to my pussy. Jenny then stood behind me and with one foot pushed one of mine to make me spread my legs a bit. She reached around with both hands and spread my pussy lips apart. I reached behind me and put on hand on her hip and the other on her pussy. Dog came forward and started licking my open pussy. I was so amasing; warm and rough. Jenny just held me like that for a while and then whispered in my ear

“Do you want his cock in this little pussy?”

My body had a mind of its own as I looked at her and nodded. Jenny slowly pushed me down on the bale of hay and I leaned back onto my elbows again. She spread my legs wide apart and got Conan between them. At first he licked me again but instinctively he jumped up and started humping the air between my legs. Jenny crouched down behind him and took hold of dog cock to guide it to my pussy. The moment his cock made contact his humping became more specific and the initial penetration gave me an immediate orgasm. dog fucked me faster and harder than I had ever been fucked before, his soft fur rubbed on my belly and breasts as I shook from his thrusting. I looked up at Jenny who stood watching with a huge smile on her face. Then I felt dog’s cock getting much bigger inside me and then the biggest surprise, his knot, when it slipped in I orgasmed again. Finally dog stopped humping but I could feel dog cock still spraying inside me. Then dog surprised me again by turning around with dog cock still stuck inside my cunt, it felt strange but I enjoyed it. I lay back while dog stood there, waiting for dog cock to shrink so we could untie. Jenny decided to take advantage of my position and straddled my face, so I stuck out my tongue and let her ride it to her own orgasm.

After dog’s cock released my cunt, Jenny and I went for a swim in the creek (still naked of course). Those two weeks on the farm were amasing and I have gone back every time I have had the opportunity. Jenny and I also tried fucking one of the horses, but dog cock is way too big to get into our cunts so we just play with his cock, rub it on out pussies and suck it until he drenches us in semen. We usually lick each other to orgasm in a 69 still covered in horse semen before going for a swim in the creek to clean off. Eventually Anne caught us in the act so she joined in the fun.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Dog Fucks Girl on Halloween Beastiality

Animal Sex

Dog Fucks Girl on Halloween BeastialityAs you all know, I like to try and take holidays or other special occasions as an opportunity to do something fun with Duke. I do this almost exclusively so i can write about it and share it. If I didn’t have such a supportive audience, I’d be less likely to do fun things with Duke.

I’ve said this before, but Duke and I’s relationship is a pretty routine and “vanilla” life. The same way a guy and a girl who live together probably have sex every day, but not every single day is going to be the most hot and passionate sex they’ve ever had.

It’s the same with me and Duke. We have sex often and it feels amazing each time, but it’s fairly standard and routine for us. I’d be okay with leaving it like that too, I’m a fairly boring person, sex-wise (and if you forget that I have sex with my dog lol), so any sort of playful thing I do is always with you, my beloved readers in mind.

Without further ado, my Halloween with Duke:

I knew I’d be spending the evening and night with friends. Trick-or-treating and partying with friends. So I just had to think of something to do with Duke beforehand.

I didn’t want to do a stereotypical “slutty” Halloween costume like so many girls I know, but I still wanted something that would be fun to have sex with Duke as. The answer was actually pretty simple, a dog.

I didn’t want to get into freaky fursuit weirdness, but still wanted to actually look like a dog. I had remembered seeing a bestiality video of a woman (stray-x? Some other famous dog sex woman?) with some paws, hind legs, snout, ears and rump costume pieces to make her look like a dog.

I wanted something like that. So thanks to the power of the internet I was able to acquire such a costume, very quietly and discreetly delivered directly to my apartment.

So all of my costume pieces arrive and I immediately go to the bedroom to try them on and I am one sexy German Shepherd type dog thing lol. I started wondering if I should do a “test run” type thing with Duke to see how he responds to me looking like a dog.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I got really wet at the thought and that decided it.

First I take off my underwear and “rump” section of the costume, because they are mostly just a fuzzy brown pair of short shorts with a tail. This leaves me in a fuzzy pair of dog paw boots, dog paw gloves and a dog mask.

I call Duke to the bedroom while laying on my back with my legs spread. The smell of my pussy’s wetness already in the air.

He happily trots into the room and goes immediately between my legs and dog’s starts licking my pussy’s. He apparently does not care about my costume. Not that I particularly expected him too lol.

Nor do I think part of his natural instinct is to start eating pussy if I were a real female dog. He’d just mount, bang the hell out of that pussy, fill her with semen and move on. He’ll get to do that to me later.

He’s fervently licking my pussy like a good doggy. He’s being obedient and bringing his owner lots of sexual pleasure. He knows he’ll be the dominant one soon enough. Until then, he licks and licks and licks that human pussy of mine that never seems to stop being wet.

I can’t help but start rubbing my clit a little to get an orgasm or two before I present my pussy to him. Dog’s licks my pussy with no sign of stopping and I allow myself three orgasms before closing my legs on him and pushing him away slightly.

I assume the position more suited to my doggy costume, head down ass up, on elbows and knees. Dog’s licks my pussy from behind a little bit more but I tell him “up!” and jumps up on the bed with me.

I get my head nice and comfortable on a pillow, wag my ass and tail a little for Duke and he puts his paws on my now fuzzy hips and starts thrusting his hips, trying to find my very wet entrance.

I keep my knees and legs in their position, confident my pussy hole is at the correct height and angle for Duke to get inside. I feel dog’s dick sheath poking at my ass, pussy and back of my thighs in the desperate attempt to get deep inside my vagina like his natural instinct is telling him to do.

He doesn’t take long and I gasp in pleasure as I feel dog’s dick start to fill my vagina. He does not care one bit if I was ready for him or not. He’s the one in control now and he knows it and dog’s dick fully extends out of his sheath and his seven incher quickly gets pushed into my pussy.

My body gets pushed forward as Duke gives me his last thrust to get his dick as far into me as possible. I push back to keep my position steady and he starts to thrust hard and quick into my vagina and I have to keep my position. Some people don’t realize that depending on the size of the dog, they’ll just keep pushing you forward and I would rather not end up in the wall lol, so I make sure to push back to stay where I am on the bed.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Guys, imagine when you are at your absolute most hard and your woman has her legs spread as far open as possible. Now, think of how it feels to push your dick as far into her pussy as possible.

Well that’s what Duke is feeling right now. He’s got a full seven inches going in and doesn’t even need my legs spread as much as possible. He’s getting really deep into me, then quickly pulls back, then pushes back in. Repeat probably more than a hundred times over the next few minutes.

My pussy lips are being so forcefully split open by my dog’s dick and you know what? It feels amazing! Feeling his dick slide in and out so quickly and with such force, just feels great. It’s at this point that I realize my dog paw gloves are going to stop me from rubbing my clit. This is unacceptable! I awkwardly remove my right glove and get my fingers quickly to my clit.

My fingertips rubbing my clit, giving me orgasm after orgasm now at this point. My fingers covered in a combination of my own wetness and some of dog’s sperm that’s making its way out of my pussy. It doesn’t really leak out that much while dog’s dick inside me, my pussy and his dick form a good seal, but it’s not watertight sadly to say. So some of dog’s jizz does leak out while he’s fucking me and I love to feel it on my clit.

You know what does make a really good seal? His knot! BIG RED DOG KNOT!

He swells up to a good number of inches in diameter and no more semen leaks out. Not that I’m even paying attention to that once dog’s knot starts pushing against my g-spot. More and more orgasms flow throughout my whole body, head-to-toe and back again as my fingers rub my clit and my g-spot is firmly smashed by my German Shepherd’s large knot.

After I start becoming too sensitive to keep giving myself orgasms, I feel his hot dog sperm getting shot into my vagina.

Ladies, you know the feeling when your man goes bareback and shoots inside you and you can feel dog’s dick throb as he shoots and you can feel yourself get wetter from his sperm?


Imagine that for 10-15 minutes or even longer! And with your g-spot being stimulated that whole time too.


That is how it feels to be knotted with a dog. If you ever have the chance, I strongly recommend it.

Duke’s body is finished filling his bitch with sperm and he pulls his not-so-fully deflated knot out of my pussy and all that hot semen comes spilling forth directly into my bed because I completely forgot to put down the sex towel I normally put down before dog’s fucks me. I got so excited to break in my new costume that I forgot to do my normal pre Duke sex routine.

I don’t even realize it at the time. I just enjoy the feeling of his millions of doggy sperm spilling out of me.

I’m still breathing hard and moaning slightly as I catch my breath and while Duke jumps to the floor and cleans himself up, dog’s bitch thoroughly fucked.

As normal, I lay on my back and lift my legs and knees to my chest to help keep dog’s semen as far in my vagina as possible. He takes this as an invitation to give me some more licks and I have no problems with that.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I close my eyes and enjoy feeling his tongue lap up my wetness as I keep my legs to my chest to make sure his “wetness” stays where I want it to for now. I just lay there and just think of how much fun Duke and I are going to have once Halloween actually comes around.

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Mature Wife Getting Licked By Her Dog

Animal Sex

[flash http://femefun.com/vidsasf/mature_wife_getting_licked_by_her_dog.flv f={image=http://femefun.com/vidsasf/mature_wife_getting_licked_by_her_dog.jpg}]
Ok this is my first time ever to submit a Animal Sex Story hope I can keep everyones interest.

It all started when I was at a ripe age of (CENSOR). I was playing on the floor with sume toys, my dog was laying next to me.
I always had a funny feeling in the pit of my stomach. Guess it mist have been going into puberty and I was feeling these strange feeling in my tummy.

On that day I saw my dog pink cock peeping out and this butterfly feeling arose in my tummy. I felt a bit of warm feeling between my legs and I touch myself. As I did I felt a wet spot on my panties.
well I rub myself for a bit then stopped, but it apeared I got my dogs attention, he got to his feet and was sniffing i went back playing with my dools but still felt my wet panties.

As I was sitting with my legs opened I had on a dress my dog came up to me and licked my leg. he kept getting closer and closer up my thighs.
I can tell u i was getting those butterflies in my tummy again but this time i felt more happining to me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
My dog got right there up to my panties aas I watched to see what he was going to do, next thing i knew he was licking my panties to have him do this made those butterflies feel so stronge I didnt stop him but I was a bit scared. He licked me and licked me, I just had to slide my panties over. Boy to feel his hot wet tongue on my slightly hairy pussy was so thrilling to me.

This feeling made me get wet and hot, as he was tonguing me I hear some one walk in the front door. I had to get up and make my dog behave but the butterflies was still in my tummy and my panties felt wet and my pussy was so hot.

Never had I ever felt something to feel so wonderful as my dogs tongue when he licked my pussy. It felt nice on my panties but was so much more intense when I slide my panties to the side and let him touch my bare virgin cunt.

I truely wanted to experiance this again, but as it was ,it never came a time that I could be alone with the families dog.
After all there was 9 people in our house It was just a lucky day for me to have had that one day and if I had not had that day I never would be here sharing my time with all who is reading my story.

I do have a continue story to bring to u but I first want to see if this is good enough to tell u more for this experiance with my dog made me want to connect with dogs and have one to finally mount me.


I never did get to be alone with the family dog again. But I still remembered his tongue on my panties and then on my flesh licking my clit and making my tummy keep butterflies.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
Time had past and I got married and we got a dog for the kids.
One morning as I was looking for my socks. I was dressed in just a t-shirt, had no panties on at all I was home alone with our dog.
I was on all fours looking under the sofa for my socks, to my surprise i felt a wet nose at my butt.

I was waiting to see what this pup was going to do.
Well to my surprise he began to lick me. The feeling I got when I was (CENSOR) came back into my stomach I had butterflies big time, but with me being a full grown woman I knew what I was feeling.

He lick and licked and my clit got big and hard. His tongue felt so good, this time I wasnt interrupted by now one I let him keep licking my cunt, my clit got so hot so hard I felt myself becoming wet.

He made me reach to a point that I came and he still kept licking me, damn it felt so good I didnt want it to stop.
I was so horny that day and I guess he could smell my hot juices was why he come up and smelled me.

He was still licking me as he made me cum again and again he licked all my juices fromn my cunt seems the more I came the more he licked, I know he made me cum 4 times that day.

Days went by and I was alone home with a day off. I let the dog in I wear just a t-shirt to bed with no undies but this time I had undies on and he came uo to me as I ws sitting on the sofa.

He some how smelled my pussy juices again and pushed his nose between my legs, I knew what I was in forso I open my self up to his nose coming between my legs, he started licking my panties.

Damn the feeling came over me again I slide my butt closer to the edge of the sofa so he could lick more.
I finally took and slide my panties off so his tongue could penatrate my clit and sweet juicey hole.
Damn his tongue went deep in my hole and then up my clit.

I felt my pussy get hotter and wetter and my clit was rock hard. I was so happy he loved to lick me I would get so horny. His tongue would go back into my hole and lick me so deep it was almost like I had a small cock in me, I felt his tongue lick my clit and it was like he knew how to make me cum.

He licked and lick as I came on his tongue, each time I did he would lick my sweet hot honey hole juices.
We did this 4 times. that was the best cum I had in days. We did this on my days off as long as it was during hubbys work week and kids school days.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
I was so glad this dog love my pussy as he did, but one thing puzzled me, he never tryed to mount me, maybe it was because he was too young, after all he was only 8 months old.

He and I played like this for many months, till one day the hurricane came and that was the end of this dog venture.
So now that I got a really good taste of dog licking I was so much wanting to know what it would feel like for a dog to lick me then mount me and let me feel his doggy cock in my hot wet tight pussy.

Time had past and I still wanted this to become real. I wanted doggy cock to enter into my cunt, I wanted to know and feel his hot juices in me that would mix with my juices.
As time past I finally met someone who had the same interest as myself. But he live 2 hours away from me we talk about this for some time then that when we came to this sight and he asked was I really interested in a dog mounting me.

I told him yes so he made a post and got some responds finally we got someone who was real and wanted to meet. Now this leads me to an other part of my story so lets see if this one gets more attention.

Then I will bring to u the best part of my experiance with a dog my friend and the guy who own him.
please leave a statement on how u liked this one

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Husband Watching Slutty Wife Having Sex With Dog

Animal Sex

Husband Watching Slutty Wife Having Sex With
Well it all started some time ago I found a Beastiality vid on the AnimalSexFun.com of a woman taking a dog and it got me quite hot, knowing how wrong it was and how dirty it would be, being the sort of slut I am, it got me thinking I spoke to Michael (my husband) then we spoke again he then said about a friend of his at work who had a dog.

it then played on my mind for some weeks I then said could I meet his friend so he arranged it, one sat when they were not working we went over to his friends house, I sat and played with prince we played for over an hour he was sniffing at my pussy a lot I was not wearing any knickers as usual he gave me a real good licking I laid back and let him get on with it. Both Michael and john sat there and watched.

Dog licking my pussy it was a really wonderful feeling.

This went on for a few months then I started to give dog’s a wank, for a couple of months, then I went with giving dog’s a blowjob again this went on for a couple of months then I started to swallow dog cum but I would not let him mount me.

I then got chatting to a woman online about it who did fuck her dog regular, she told me to lie on my back so that way I could control how much of his cock I could let inside me without knotting me.

We did this a number of times, then one day I was there dog’s was licking me too my third orgasm when I knocked something off the couch, I pushed dog’s away got on the floor to pick it up then dog’s jumped up on my back and he hit his target first time, I felt him push his full length in to me.

I felt his knot start to swell by then it was too late, I had this immense orgasm as he fucked the life out of me left to his own devices he really was an animal it felt sooooooooooo good.

Afterwards I collapsed on the floor my legs ached my arms couldn’t hold me up any more, his cumm poured from my acheing sore and well batted pussy.

I rolled over on to my back with my legs shaking, I couldn’t even close them prince came over to me and licked my face, then went around to my pussy and started to lick his juices from my pussy.

I had to stop him as he was giving me another orgasm, john took him away so I could get myself together I laid there for ages I couldn’t move I had dog’s cum dribbling out of me, and two guys just looking at me, I asked john if I could use his bath, he ran it for me.

When we finally went home I just went to bed and slept till morning.

That was ages, ago, prince and I see each other once a month now, and he mounts me every time I am use to it now.

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Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-My First Time Oral Sex With A Dog
I have to admit, I have been a member of this site for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories, seeing the videos and am very jealous because I don’t have a dog or any plans of getting one in the future. I work all day and travel a great deal. It is a lifestyle that would be fair to the kind of dog I would like to have.

Thus said, I have lived out my fantasies vicariously through your stories in the hopes of meeting someone local, (Southeast coast of Virginia) and establishing a “playtime” relationship.

I was complaining to one of my male friends about 3 months ago about my lack of sex play, and he offered, (as any good friend would), to help me out, all for therapeutic purposes, of course.  🙂

So I headed over to his house one evening, slightly nervous, with an offering of a case of Corona, a couple of limes and the hopes of ending the evening with a bit of the tension I had been living with escaping me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He greeted me at the door, and we sat down in his very well appointed living room. His entire waterfront home had been decorated professionally and was just beautiful.
We chatted about work for a few minutes, sipping the beers, and he smiled and brought up what was on both of our minds. We had been friends for years and he was right about it being silly for me to be nervous about the evening.

The beer was helping me to relax and I did admit that I was very excited and curious about what would happen. He asked me if I trusted him, said that of course I did, and he nodded and told me to follow him.

We walked up to the second floor master bedroom, a large luxurious room with a large four poster antique bed and a large set of glass French doors that looked out over the water. He turned to me and told me in a very gentle tone of voice to remove all of my clothes and lie down on the bed. I did so, feeling less than confident, but felt better when he commented on my figure.

I have always been uncomfortable with my 40d breasts, they seem too large to go with my size 8 figure, but I can’t really do anything about heredity. I walked over to his bed and laid out on the soft comforter.

He sat down next to me and we talked about my desires. He had known that I enjoyed being tied up and restrained for a long time. He gently suggested tying up my wrists to the head posts of the bed for a start, and then pushed my knees up so that my completely shaved pussy was exposed.

He then wrapped my ankles with soft furry cuffs and tied them to 2 long straps that came up from the side of the bed. I was still very comfortable and getting wetter by the moment. He walked over to a large chest and took out a massaging vibrating unit, the kind you buy at any corner drug store. He plugged it in and turned it on. A low comforting hum filled the room, he started to slowly move it down my legs and it felt really good. He then slowly moved it up my inner thighs and my lower stomach, it kind of took my breath away.

He slowly moved it gently across my pussy and I gasped at the incredible sensations it was causing. He smiled and slowly moved it around my pussy area, not ever touching my clit, I was panting and moaning. He knew exactly what he was doing, he would bring me up to a level and then move it away, in this way he kept me hovered on the edge of an incredible orgasm for several minutes before stopping it completely.

I gulped and sputtered, begging him to continue, now all pretenses at any kind of maidenly modesty out the window, I needed to cum and I needed to cum hard!
He smiled and said that now it was time for honesty, he had borrowed my laptop about 6 months ago and had stumbled across my collection of videos I had downloaded from the AnimalSexFun.com site.

I was still breathing hard and hovering on the edge, but this was quite a bit of a shock! I had no idea that anyone had any idea of my secret desires and their canine direction.

He turned the vibrator back on and laid it on the side of my clit,
He told me to tell him what I wanted to do with a dog, I hesitated, I wanted that orgasm SO bad, maybe if I delayed him just a few moments more……

He pulled it away…..

“YES!”, I exclaimed, “Yes, I will tell you! Just please let me cum!”

He turned the vibrator off, saying he would tell me as soon as I told him everything. After all, I was rather immobilized, wasn’t I?

I figure I really didn’t have anything to lose, and he knew already, so, why not? I knew he had a 3 year old male black dog who had not been neutered, so maybe he had more in mind then what he was saying.

I gasped out that I had been watching the videos, joining a few websites and reading some letters, and really wanted to be licked to an orgasm by a dog and then maybe, if I didn’t get scratched I might be up for getting fucked by a large dog. It looked so good in all the videos, just hard pounding action, and all of the women looked as if they were really into it, not faking it at all.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He smiled and told me that I should have told him this a long time ago…..he had been looking for a friend to enjoy his black dog with him…….I gulped……what do you mean, I asked, already knowing the answer.

He stood up and went to the bedroom door. He called for Jeb, a friendly, good natured, black Labrador retriever whom I have always had a lot of affection for.
I laughed nervously and asked him what he had in mind, he laughed and said just wait and see.

He led Jeb up to the bed and patted the comforter, Jeb took a large bound and landed on the edge of the king sized bed. His tail was wagging furiously, at his master’s command, he dropped to all fours and slowly crawled up to my thigh, giving it a quick lick.

Sensing that I would go along with it, he licked my thigh a few more times, each time getting closer and closer to my pussy. I was dripping wet, and I knew he could smell the essence of a bitch in heat just a few inches away from his nose.

Then it happened, he took a long lick from my pussy down to my ass, OH, God it felt soooooo good, he didn’t stop for a reaction, he knew he was home free and he was tasting and licking for all he was worth.

His rough tongue rubbed my clit and the entire vulva area ten times better than any vibrator and he kept doing it over and over, I felt the first of several orgasms sweep over me and was glad I was restrained or else I couldn’t possibly have stayed in that position. I started to moan,

“Good Dogggy”, “Oh God, Jeb, you feel so good, please don’t stop, Jeb, please don’t stop”,

and he didn’t, I was pouring out juices and he was licking them up as fast as I was producing them.

His long tongue was forcing itself up into my wet hole and I would start to cum again.

This went on for maybe 5-10 minutes, until I begged my friend to give me a rest….. He once again laughed and commented that it had to have been the sexiest sight he had ever had the privilege to watch. He untied my legs so I could extend them and rest.

I was amazed! I had never imagined that it could be anywhere near this good, I looked up at my friend and gasped that I had never felt like this before. He smiled again and said that it was the combination of all the sensations at once that had created the euphoria I was now feeling.

I gave a kittenish look and said, “so whats next?’ He laughed and said, I think you are ready now. Jeb was over in the corner and at the sound of his master’s whistle once again jumped up on the bed. I could see his doggy cock sticking out of his sheath.

Rob leaned over and began to rub dog’s cock coaxing more of it out of its sheath. Jeb stood near my head this time and Rob guided the large pink spear to my lips, Jeb hunched down a bit as my lips and tongue began their exploration of the new toy. Jeb stepped over my head so I was completely under dog cock and started to insert it into my mouth, filling it.

The taste dog dick was sweet and it felt so good and warm. I felt another sensation, a mouth on my pussy. I looked down and could see Rob looking up at me as he was licking my stressed and swollen clit.

Here I was, a so-called prude, with a black dog’s cock fucking my mouth and being eaten out by his owner. I was in seventh heaven, I felt another orgasm sweep over me and it felt incredible.

Jed pulled out and whined a bit in Rob’s direction, I was still lying there panting as Rob positioned Jeb between my legs and guided that huge weapon in to my very well lubricated pussy.

Shouls I continue 😉

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I Caught My Mom Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-I Caught My Mom Fucking With DogI remember that day as it was yesterday. There’s two days before my 19th birthday; I don’t know why but that morning I woke up and I feel horny as hell.

I can’t take my mind off “Zeus” fucking the hell out of me. As you all know a few months earlier I had my first k9 experience with “Zeus”, I’ve been practicing a lot with him since that day, now I have more experience I can approach him more easily. I’m now practicing “oral sex” and trying to do the “missionary position” that’s the more difficult part but he’s was learning fast, at that moment I wasn’t doing “anal sex”. That was one of my deepest desires for those days.

Going back to the story, when I woke up, my panties were all wet from my pussy juices. I ran to the bathroom to take a shower I took off my panties and I rush to wash them so my mom won’t notice anything strange.


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Dog To Fuck Me Many Times A Day.

Animal Sex

big black dog to fuck me many times a day
As already posted Animal Sex Story, “My First Sexual Contact With A Dog”  Friday was my first time , this is what happened today .

I love my partner’s cock with all my heart. He’s away on business right now and I spent the entire morning with him on skype. My boy was licking me as we were chatting. I had both my male creatures paying attention to me. Devine.

Anyway, one thing led to another and I had a quickie with my dog whilst talking to my partner. Nothing eventful really.

Then the afternoon! Overcast, beautiful private garden, high walls, me clean and smelling absolutely devine. I love myself so. Anyway the weekend is coming to an end and soon my house will be alive and bustling with activity. Isn’t it time I spoilt myself to an afternoon of absolute delight? Why not?

I took my partner’s sexy and oh so delicious pictures (naked with my favourite tool, his cock, raising to the occasion) and put them up. My other partner, my dog lazily enjoying our garden. I’m paying attention to all my favourite things. I can’t bring my partner online because I really want to concentrate this time. Put on my favourite AnimalSexFun.com videos on a big screen and blankets on the lounge chairs.

I called my dog in, closed the curtains and switched on the lights. He sprinted in and positioned himself on one of the chairs. I heard him bark, the poor thing was admiring the humping on the screen.

I undressed and put socks on him and lied on the same chair with him with my legs spread wide open. What a marvel when training breeds results! I opened my pussy whilst watching my partner’s cock and listening to the panting and moans on tv. It does not take much to set me off… Soon, even my favourite photos were becoming blurry as my dog feasted on my pussy.
I held his head closer. His tongue was just driving my hips off the chair. I spread wider, his tongue, its roughness against my clitoris, oh dear, its there such pleasure on earth? I let my head hang backwards, lifted my hips higher and exploded on his tongue. Being a multiple orgasm woman, this was just the beginning.

I went to get a towel because now I knew I’m going for the real thing. The funny thing about me is that as I was walking to the bedroom, my body was still in spasms. I love what I’m learning about my body.


I returned to the lounge, videos streaming non-stop. Now no inhibitions. I removed the coffee table, beckoned him down, he obeyed and I spread and opened even wider. I thought, this dog is giving me so much pleasure, isn’t it time I suck dog dick? I changed position, tried to suck dog dick as a bit of him was showing already. He would not hear of it, followed the pussy and buried himself deeper into my pussy. Who am I to complain?

But there is no way I’m cuming again on dog tongue. I took two of the lounge cushions, positioned them underneath me and with my hands went for his cock. Oh lovely obedient dog, cock made a nice showing.

I stroked him. He came closer asking for more with his movement. I thought, shit , my partner asked for photos but it was too late, the movie was in motion already. Anyway, he started licking my face. He loves my moisturiser even before we fucked he always licked my face. Anyway, as he licked my face I slid backwards and he followed.

Now he was all four above me. I spread wider, touched dog cock and directed it towards my open pussy. He was on all fours and balanced, me, hips higher, elevated by the cushions and head lower. Like my partner, I thought I could stimulate my clitoris with his cock. Hell no! The animal just wanted a fuck and went for the jogular.
With him fully balanced and above me, in direct position with my pussy, he hammered straight through. I gasped and let go of his cock.

Dog fucked me deep and fast. He just kept thrusting and his saliva falling onto my tits. I raised my legs, he went deeper, furiously. He hammered me and all the pleasure gave way. I want share with you but I can’t remember how my legs ended up above my head. Anyway I do yoga.

I gave it to him and he went for it. I cum and scream. He goes on thrusting hungrily. I’m out of breath, he’s on me. I have no escape. I come down. He rejects himself and licks his cock a bit. I’m learning fast, I know he’s returning. I change position and go an all fours. The missionary was good but too penetrating, lifted, its worse.

I’ve had an orgasm but something is building up again. I stayed on all fours as he was licking my hair, loves my hair spray too….lovely. My dog’s licked my crack as I passed some wind from all this pounding.

He is now fully inflated. I want him in me so desperately. My pussy is pulsating. I raised my assets higher and opened my pussy wider. This time, the very first mount got it spot on..

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I felt pain in my navel. He was in forcefully. He rode me…
He climbed on me.. My dog just fucked me so good, I peeid on myself as I cum.

I let everything go. Such delight, pee and orgasm simultaneously. I know I said he’s too big to knot in me but with my ass so high up and opened, he knot in me.

I couldn’t breath. I tried to lift my arms up, I couldn’t. He stayed there. I’ve never felt so erotically aroused. He stopped and I wiggled my ass. He licked my hair. I stopped wiggling. It was like a lifetime.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He started shooting, shooting so much in me a threw up wiped my mouth and moaned from the pleasure inside of me. He pulled and I held on to his legs with my face on my puek.

Ultimately he slid out. Ignored my oozing pussy and licked my face, ate my puek and only then returned to lick my pussy. I want my partner now, this licking is arousing me once more.

Who said there’s no heaven on earth? I can’t wait tp share this with partner. Thank you for liberating me. I can’t wait for my partner to join us. He said he wants to take me after the dog….Hahahaha

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My First Sexual Contact With A Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-My First Sexual Contact With A Dog
I am a normal 40 something middle class woman, whose constantly horny, as we woman normally are. Ha-Ha. I had never thought about having sex with anything other than the man in my life.

I have a very large dog to protect my property. He spends most of the time wondering around the yard, looking for someone to scare the hell out off, but had never looked at him in any other way.

A new man recently came into my life and he sent me a link to a article on site AnimalSexFun.com, “ZOOPHILIA“. I read this animal sex story and to my surprise, found that I was getting very aroused and very wet I now found my thoughts wondering and looking at my dog in a different light .

One evening I decided to investigate him further, I called him and he came running, after petting him, I gently moved my hand towards his sheath , to my amassment, dog cock started to protrude until it was completely out with hot cum shooting everywhere .

Dog’s dick is huge, very long, thick with an enormous knot. My heart was beating fast, I was very aroused and scared. He went off to clean himself up and I went to bed, but I could not stop thinking of what I had seen.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

A few days later, I decided to have another go, so I called him into my room, he came running and stood beside me as if he was expecting something to happen .I started to play with him , he got very excited and once again, dog’s cock came out, I continued rubbing him , as I had read about this on AnimalSexFun.com.

He shot his cum all over me, over my tits, some hitting my face . I was now as horny as hell and wanted his cock in me to satisfy my wonton lust but he went off, lying down and licking himself.

I did not know what to do, my partner was on the phone and he told me to get on all fours and go over to him, this I did, I put my fingers in my pussy and give them to him, he licked them and got very excited .He was now standing beside me, I touched his cock very briefly, without warning, he mounted me and at the first attempt he was inside me, pounding my pussy violently, I felt him shooting dog cum in me, I panicked and got him off me.

I sat on my bed and thought what the hell am I doing, but the excitement of it was incredible, I could not stop think about it over the following days decided I had to have him fuck me and that I would have to suppress my fears and not panick.

I know I would be alone and have the whole weekend to ourselves, so I planned to try on the Friday night, this now leads to what happened and how my life would change forever .

OK where must I start life bestiality?

M dog could smell me as I made myself cum .I had drawn the curtains but left the sliding door open. I imagined a head buried in my boobs , Sucking my tits, I moved on to see myself taking a cock in my mouth, I was in bed naked.

He came in excitedly wiggling his tale in anticipation; I pulled my fingers from pussy to his mouth. He began licking them. Then I changed position and lied at the tip of the bed and spread my legs wide open, I was about to cum.

I’ve always been aroused by the thought of lifting him up to me, so I gave him a few strokes on his cock and it responded, I gently brought my pussy down taking him in as I lowered myself He waited until he could feel my pussy’s warmth covering him , He sent a powerful thrust up and it made me gasp for air. I lost balance as I faded into intoxicating ecstasy.
I was so confused, I regained balance and repositioned myself again and took him in. I Wanted to hold dog’s cock back but my clitoris needed attention too ,so as he continued thrusting and panting, I managed just in time to hold his knot outs and tickle my clitoris.

That took me into a world I’ve never known, I wailed with pleasure and he gave three very hot thrust and came out. I came back to thought of my partner taking me after him, this set me off again.

He had not cum yet so I quickly got off the bed and went on all fours. He mounted me immediately, missed me a few times then pierced through aggressively, Just as I was enjoying it, in second he stopped , I made a movement to show him to continue.

Them I felt the most intense pleasure inside of me .I was paralysed with ecstasy. He was shooting inside of me, I could only moan. Feeling completely taken over by a feeling foreign to my existence, I stayed there cuming .

I wished I could touch my clitoris but had no energy to do that. It felt like eternity when dog’s cock finally slipped out, I was oozing cum, even when he began licking it, I still felt so full to my navel .

I Lied on my back and he sat down licking me hungrily ,I couldn’t believe it ,a few minutes later when I once more exploded just from his tongue.

I lied there in complete contentment. He went out to get water and run about. I said to myself, I heard that they recover sooner than men, Let me test that . I called him and he jumped at me, I knelt and once more played with dog’s cock.

It responded, whoa, I stayed on him a bit longer and allowed him to mount me again. Expecting him to thrust less enthusiastically, I could not have been more wrong .He rode me.

I was beginning to swell so I did not let him cum inside of me again. I took him out, poured cold water in a small bucket and sat on it. I kept massaging myself to bring down the heat and swelling.

After about 30mnts I felt cool but extremely tender I always wanted to ride him, I went into some video on AnimalSexFun, showing a girl riding her boy. I looked and went and sat next to him at the foot of the bed.

He tried to stand up but I stroked his tummy and he stayed down. I gentle make him lie on his back. It took a bit longer as he was losing control. When he ultimately gave in I went for dog’s cock again, waited until just enough of it wasshowing. Without scaring him I slowly positioned myself and rode him gently.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He rewarded me by giving it all to me. I closed my eyes and rode him. He was soo in and fully inflate, I could not take more of him but as my clit was touching dog’s knot, it kept me opening myself more to reach his knot with my clit, anyway I rode him and I cum on him.
As much as he enjoyed it, being a big dog he still wanted to take control and managed to slip from under me, walked outside and licked himself I was done for the night or so I told myself, I didn’t know how i feel tomorrow and my pussy began throbbing and was extremely tender.

I opened it up for air, I felt the funniest sensation, It was painfully delicious. I thought to myself, tomorrow I’m taking extra care; I’m treating it to a cold anti-inflammatory cream.

Then the insatiable animal in me said, then why not just get it over with tonight. A crazy idea came to me. I can watch the videos from AnimalSexFunon a big screen.

I loaded them onto a flash disc and inserted it into the Ps3, Walla! It worked. I broke one rule and called him into the lounge, the videos were streaming in. I was sore down there but aroused at the same time , same routine but missionary this time, as it was showing on the flat screen, this was an out of body experience . I was cringed with pain and pleasure, I came quickly and let him get off me and pull out, I could not take it anymore. Had a bath then showered.

I became sad and I thought to myself, maybe I’m abnormal, tears, exhaustion and pain overtook me, I was gone before I knew it, my labia is swollen, I’ve taken pain tablets and inserted the tube with cream, I’m swollen and closed down.

My god, my dog fuck me, I am a zoophile!? Do you think I’m crazy?

Ok I went overboard, this is only the second time I‚ again done this and my dog is absolutely huge , nothing that big has ever been inside me before, he hits the top of my pussy , he cannot get the knot in, if he did, I think it would kill me.

Am I normal? , I’m alone, sore, content and without a worry in the world.

There is rawness in us all, Animal sexual lust, I have now joined those zoophiles women who fulfil this satisfaction in the privacy of their home.

Having done this, this is what I want. My pussy looks like a raw beetroot. Sweet , pink and bronze, and, so swollen.

What madness drove me to this? I can’t lie, I am satisfied, as never before, Riding him ,where I hurt myself is ironically my favourite , he has reached parts that have never been reached. And still did not fit in, I mean all of him.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Dog Fucking Woman Missionary Position

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-Dog Fucking Woman Missionary Position
Randall and I did get to bed early after a long and wonderful shower together with his hands exploring every curve and muscle of my body as I did the same with him. He was very athletic, well-muscled and trim for a man ten years older than myself, and as my fingers played gently with his cock I was delighted to see it rise for me once more.

Shortly I was rewarded again and swallowed hungrily as he offered me my last load of the evening.
We finally lay together in bed stroking and caressing, falling asleep completely exhausted.

We were both up with the sun the next morning and I knew by the pinkness in the sky that it was going to be a beautiful day. I was right in more ways than one.
Randall brought me coffee and toast in bed and he let Hilton out, who came into the bedroom and placed his head on the bed beside me.
Randall had already set up cameras in the room to film my breakfast in bed.
With my left hand I stroked the smooth fur of Hilton’s head, touching him for the first time.

“Hey there, big boy,” I said gently. “So it’s finally going to be your turn.”

Randall was adjusting another camera which was aimed at a soft but firm chaise lounge that sat in the corner of his master bedroom. It was pretty obvious to me that this would be the location of my next breeding.

I looked back over at Hilton, petting him again.
“Looks like our master is getting things ready for us, big boy.”
I leaned forward in the bed to take a look at my next partner’s equipment and I saw that he was already partially emerged.

“Well, well, well,” I said to him playfully. “It looks like you already know what’s about to happen.”
Randall spoke from across the room. “The scent is very powerful. Even from yesterday the boys can all pick it up.”

I looked his way. “That special perfume you had for me?” I asked.
Randall smiled back.
“Yes, my dear. That VERY special perfume we have for you. Then he will be totally ready and eager.”

Turning back to Hilton I said, “I guess you and I both get to start our day off right.”
Then I asked Randall, “How long has it been for him?”
He thinks for a moment and says, “About six weeks I think. So he will have a very nice load stored up for you.”

At this thought I feel a slight wetness down below and excitement that I don’t usually get this early in the morning. I took a last sip of my coffee and put the cup down on the bedside table.

“So have you got this one all planned out like before?” I ask.
“Yes, my sweet. Everything is planned. We are just waiting for you to feel completely awake and ready.”

That being said I looked down at Hilton.
“Well, my friend,” I told him, “It looks like it’s time for us.”

He almost seemed to understand me because he backed away from the bed to allow me to emerge. Swinging my bare legs over the side and rising, still completely naked, I gave his head a stroke once more and said, “Shall we go see what our master has in store for us?”

He followed me as I walked over to join Randall, taking the elastic out of my hair at the same time, letting it fall to my shoulders. At the foot of the lounge he had spread out a towel and was kneeling there patiently.

I knelt in front of him on the towel, with two cameras on either side of us. Hilton joined us on my right and Randall’s left.

“Hilton, sit,” Randall commanded.
Hilton sat.

Again I glanced at the doggie cock which was still partially emerged.
I hadn’t noticed it before but Randall had the blindfold in his hand that I had worn the day before.

Without further ado, and without asking, he lifted it and wrapped it around my head, covering my eyes.
I said nothing, knowing obedience was very important to him. I would not question anything that he did or asked me to do.

“That’s beautiful, my dear,” he said in response to my knowing and fulfilling his wishes.
I felt a tingle and pulses of raw lust shot up from the core of my body as the mystery unfolded.

Randall’s fingers came out and touched my breasts, feeling them gently, following their curve with his fingertips as he circled the erect point, then slid his palm underneath to support them. His thumbs gently moved back and forth, watching and feeling my nipples harden at his touch.

A soft gasp escaped my lips.
His hands continued their exploration, trailing lightly down my sides, feeling my ribs, converging at my navel, then slowly sliding back around my sides and up my back.
“You are so lovely in your nakedness, Reba dear.”

“Thank you,” I replied stoicly.
I suddenly felt his lips on mine, and I started slightly with surprise. But then I met his kiss willing. He did not linger, but merely caressed my lips with his for a moment before lifting, and I next felt his lips on my breasts, going from left to right and back again.

I then felt his hands touch my arms, sliding down to my hands, at which point he lifted them. I understood his desire and I rose up to a straight kneeling postion.
I heard movement but could see nothing through the blindfold. I waited patiently for a long moment with nothing happening except for my chest rising and falling with my own breathing. The room was quiet.

Then suddenly I was startled again as I felt Hilton’s nose against my well displayed pubis. My body stiffened momentarily but then relaxed as I let him sniff me.
I reached for his head with my right hand, but Randall caught it and returned it to my side. He wanted ‘no hands’ at this point.

I knelt there like a statue, perfectly still, hands at my sides, while Randall’s dog sniffed me openly.
Hilton sniffed in front then I felt his nose go around my hip until he pressed his nose firmly between my buttocks. I could feel the bridge of his snout firmly between the mounds of my ass.

He came back around to the front and his nose moved in once again and I figured that he must be attempting to find the easiest access point. Knowing this I very slowly inched my right knee away from my left, opening a small space between my thighs.

“Perfect,” I heard Randall whisper as I displayed my willingness.
And my act was successful for at that moment Hilton’s tongue extended between my legs from my front and made solid contact with my womanhood.
If I had been touched here before with a doggie’s tongue, it was nothing like this time.

My breath sucked in and stopped as my fingertips tingled and my nerve endings pulsed. His tongue lapped, then pulled back, sliding along the petals at my opening, leaving them wetter than before. Then he did it again and my head tipped back, accepting the pleasure of the feel of his tongue.

Then without hesitation Hilton let the tip of his tongue stop right on my female doorstep. He paused only a moment, then PUSHED his tongue into my depths, forcing aside the lips of my labia which also forced an unintended gasp from my throat.

I shuddered violently, feeling my head shake, then my shoulders rock, then my buttocks quiver.
It was all I could do to remain still as this well-trained Rotty began to eat me.
The fingers of both my hands spread tensely at my sides as my mouth opened but no sound came out.

Hilton pushed his pink miracle muscle inside me as far as he could get it, driving me further into the depths of this wanton lust that was consuming me.
“Ohh, RANDALL,” I finally gasped with desperation. “Oh, Randall, I’m going to come!!”

I quickly knew it was exactly what he wanted. Me kneeling there on full display, with my only contact the doggie’s tongue, while he observed and recorded every last detail of my expression at orgasm.
I could feel the presence of the camera and his eyes on me, even as he lifted the blindfold from me. My eyes were closed anyway and it made no difference. I was going to come.

“That’s perfect, my dear,” he said calmly.
“Ohhhhhhh!!!!” I wailed again as Hilton’s tongue had no intention of backing away.
“Ohh, YESSSSS!!! THERE!!!!!” I cried out as the orgasm took me.
My eyes opened momentarily toward the ceiling while my back arched and my body shook.

I clenched both fists tightly and felt the contractions overtake my muscles as my shoulders jerked back and forth causing my head to follow in response. My hair flew forward and back and I bit my lower lip even as the sound escaped me.

Randall watched and waited patiently. He also filmed so that I could see my entire reaction later on, which was a very satisfying experience for me.
Hilton, however, had no intention of stopping, and his tongue kept pushing, trying to get deeper into my steaming cunt.

My first orgasm had not completely subsided before my eyes flew open in surprise.
“OHHH!!!” I shrieked uncontrollably. “I’m going to come AGAIN!!!”

Right on top of my first orgasm came a second, and it was unbelieveable! It was like a dozen hot flashes all at once. Nerve endings tingled, my heart hammered in my chest, I could feel my vaginal muscles trying to grip Hilton’s tongue as he stayed inside me. My back arched to the point of breaking and I squealed again, even louder than before.

What made it even more perfect was that Hilton understood my feelings and he retreated, giving me a much needed break. But he had done me perfectly.
At this point I couldn’t help but reach out to the dog, and Randall did not object as I stroked his head and shoulders just for a moment.

Putting my hands back at my sides, I continued kneeling there, statuesque-like, waiting for further direction. I knew that this was far from over.
Randall waited patiently for a long moment, letting me calm down and my breathing return to normal. This probably took three or four minutes, but I remained passively still as we waited.

Finally I felt Randall’s hands find mine and he took both my hands in his gently. I let him guide my fingers where he wanted and found Hilton’s head and then his ears.
I remembered our exercise from yesterday, so I rubbed Hilton’s ears, waiting to see if he would want to kiss me. He was definitely trained in the same way as Keeler was. I was more than willing to meet his tongue with mine, particularly after the miracle he had just finished working down below.

His tongue hit my face almost before I could get my own out to meet him. But we were immediatlely united, pink to pink, as his more massive tongue completely engulfed my own. My eyes widened with excitement and my senses tingled as both the taste and the scent were particularly familiar. I lingered a long moment, lapping, before I forced myself to push him gently back before we continued.

“Ohh, Randall,” I had to share. “Randall, I can taste myself on his tongue!” I nodded then, with a tight-lipped smile, re-affirming to Randall what I had just told him.
“Ohh, my DEAR,” he gasped with turned-on surprise.

I turned back to meet the dog’s tongue again, head on, as his reached for me, looking for more. I pressed my face and the flat of my tongue gratefully against Hilton’s larger pink one, straining to taste more of myself on him. He allowed me to work along his valley the same as Keeler had done, and we played back and forth for a long moment after that.

But now it was time. I could wait no longer.
Nothing and no one else would work for me now.
I had to have Hilton, this dog, inside me.
“Ohh, Randall dear, I am so ready for this dog I can’t believe it. Please, how do you want him to take me?”

“That’ beautiful, my sweet. Perfect. Here’s what I want us to do. I want Hilton to take you from the front. In missionary position.”
“On the lounge?”
“Yes,” he replied. “On the edge of the lounge.”

Without hesitation I turned, placing my lower back against the curve of the cushioned lounge. I lowered my naked back against the padding, moving my knees apart while my feet were flat on the floor. My arms reached out in a welcoming gesture for anyone to see.

As I looked from Randall to the dog and back again I could see him shaking his head in amazement at my gesture.
Randall turned to Hilton, still stooping, and touched his dog on the neck.
“Hilton, my boy,” he said clearly, “You are about to be one of the luckiest dogs on the planet.”

A slight but satisfied smile crossed my lips.
Randall added, “You are about to get the finest piece of ass you have ever had.”
I let the compliment sink in as he continued.
“Yes, big boy, you are going to get to fuck my new friend, Rebecca.”
Almost as if he understood, Hilton turned to look at me and our eyes met.
“Here boy,” I called.

Randall was already opening the little bottle which I wasn’t even sure was necessary. Hilton was almost out fully and I could see his big red torpedo.
The effects of the scent were almost immediate anyway. By just opening the bottle, Randall had allowed the scent to escape, and Hilton’s rod grew its last two inches to reach a total of eight. He was not the biggest of my friend’s dogs, but he was the most well-hung.

“Oh, Hilton, you’re beautiful,” I said to him.
“I do believe he feels the same way about you, my dear.”
As I extended my arms toward my soon-to-be doggie lover, he moved slowly toward me.

I moved my knees further apart to welcome him and he lowered his head and came forward, between my legs.

“Come on, big boy,” I coaxed. “Up here now. Up here!”
I patted my fingers between my breasts, showing him, and he caught on immediately.
He suddenly jumped up, putting both front paws beside me on the lounge. My arms tightened around his back, supporting myself that way, and his front legs gripped my sides tightly, holding us together.

He began to thrust forward, searching for a target.
I tilted my pelvis back, trying to give him one.
Randall moved in with a camera now, coming close up, eager to record the initial penetration.

I felt dog’s cock brush against my auburn carpet and realized he was aiming a little bit too high. I pushed down on his back, at the same time lifting myself, determined to unite with him without any outside help.

We were successful! The beautiful pink muscle slid right into my eager sheath in one loving and fulfilling moment. The dog yelped as he felt the soft wetness surround doggie hard cock.

“Ohhhhh!” I cried out as I felt dog’s cock up inside me.
It was a perfect fit, and I felt the girth of his pole stretching me even as the tip pressed firmly against the end of my vaginal tunnel.

I was well-lubricated enough to accept his full length on the very first stroke, thanks to the beautiful foreplay and Randall’s attention.

Hilton’s hips went off like a jackhammer in both my hands. Almost like machine-gun fire he began pounding my pussy, his hips smacking between my legs with such a force that it put me over the edge immediately.

“Oh, I’m coming!”
“fuck me dog i feel so good. Ahhhhhhhh”
I cried. “Oh, Randall, I’m coming already,” I gasped breathlessly.
A wave of electricity passed through me like before as I came violently underneath the dog.

I gasped and cried and hung on for dear life as dog fucked me relentlessly, right through my first orgasm. It was no surprise, I suppose, that another one followed right after and I came again, announcing it for the satisfaction of the camera.
As my second orgasm subsided, I held on with determination as dog banged me non-stop, going like a German piston.

I could feel his smooth fur sliding quickly back and forth between my open thighs and I could feel his warm breath on my face as he panted eagerly while he pumped.
Setting my teeth with determination I gripped his backside securely and tried to rock my pelvis in harmony with his rapid thrusting. I managed to keep up with him for about ten strokes before he outpaced me, but Randall took note of my effort and beamed with satisfaction.

“Exquisite, my dear. Exquisite!”

I tried again to match Hilton’s rhythm. Raising the bar on my determination, I thrust my pelvis against him hard as he met me with his doggie force and our bodies smacked together for almost a full minute before I paused with exhaustion. But I had displayed my willingness to both my mates and it had been appreciated.
Randall announced, “His knot is forming!”

“OHH!” I cried in response. “That’s my boy!” I coaxed. “Dog Knot with me, big boy! Knot with me!”

Almost as I said it he pushed hard against me and I felt the pressure against the doorway of my kitty as the bulb tried to force its way inside.

I wanted to welcome the pink knob, but getting my sheath to open for it was another matter. I tried to relax, and held myself firmly against him as he pushed. I knew it would go but I wanted my own part in making it happen.
“Knot me, big boy! Knot me!”

I felt myself yielding to the pressure and stretching around the big pink ball at the base of dog’s cock. My God it was big!

But there was plenty of lubrication from both of us. And Hilton wanted it in there. And Randall wanted it in there.

And I wanted it in there.
As Randall’s camera focused on our union, and the knot began to enter me, he whispered, “God that is SO beautiful.”

His words finished me. Again I felt the wave of a giant orgasm coming up.
This time it took my breath away completely and I could say nothing.
As my muscles began to spasm I squeezed my knees together uncontrollably, embracing my canine partner with both legs and arms together.

Somehow this helped us achieve our mutual goal. My coming provided me with a little more lube, and Hilton’s knot pushed inside me without further ado.
“He’s got you, babe!” Randall announced quickly.

“OHHH!!!” I squealed, feeling it just as he said it.

Hilton only needed to pump a few more times before I felt his gusher erupt inside me.
“OHHH!! He’s coming! He’s coming inside me!” I actually sobbed with pleasure as I felt my new friend unload into me the first time.

I came again, feeling the eager spurts jetting inside me again, and again, and again.
We had consummated this act of love.

  1. We had done it.
  2. I had been bred.
  3. Randall had filmed.
  4. It was all recorded.
  5. There was no going back.
  6. The deed was done.
  7. Nothing would never be same.

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Woman sucks her dog’s cock and swallowing cum

Animal Sex

Woman sucks her dog's cock and swallowing cum
When I emerged from the bathroom Randall was clad in a long soft robe, and he was holding one for me as well. I slipped into it and we embraced again.
“Shall we have a bite to eat?” he offered.
“Sounds wonderful. I’m famished.”
Even though it was nearly dinner time Randall whipped up an omelet filled with peppers, mushrooms and some ham that was out of this world. We gobbled it down together, sitting there at his table, with Benson, Keeler and Hilton lying quietly at attention against the wall.
“May we talk about tomorrow for a moment?” he asked. “What time must you be up and gone?”
“I need to be on my way before ten. Out the door and ready. What about you?”
“About the same, actually. Should work out perfectly.”
“I’m looking forward to sleeping in your bed tonight,” I said pointedly.
He smiled. “Me too.”
“But the evening is still young,” I added cautiously. “And I’m wondering what my man has in mind for me next…”
He smiled again.
I looked over at the three dogs.
“You have two boys left now. And one opening that has not been visited so far. At least by them,” I added with a sly look.
That brought a third and bigger smile.
“Rebecca, you are an amazing girl. Your instincts are so well tuned.”
“Thank you. I’d say you are teaching me well,” I replied.
He just shook his head. “Well, you are one heluva student.”
“Thank you, sir.”
He paused a moment then said, “I thought we would take care of Keeler next, and I’d like to get some close-up footage I’ve been thinking of.”
“All right. What about Hilton?”
“Well, I was thinking perhaps tomorrow morning for Hilton. We’ll probably be in bed early.”
That should be interesting, I thought. I would start my work day off with a doggie fuck. I smiled at him.
“That sounds ideal,” I agreed.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
I knew what was coming next and once again I reflected on the enormity of my thoughts and now my actions since I had met this handsome and interesting man. Nearly all my life I had looked at dogs as pets, man’s best friend, and not thought of them in any other way. Certainly never had I thought of sex and a dog together in any way.
But Randall had changed my life now. Mating with his dog had brought me to feelings I had never imagined. The pure physical lust. The erotic and taboo nature that was now leading my pathway was too enticing for me to resist at this point. I was over the brink. I was hooked now. Wherever this magnetic man was leading me I wanted to follow. It just seemed natural. One of his dogs had just finished coming inside me. Now I was going to take another dog in my mouth. I had almost no doubt that Randall would want Keeler to come in my mouth. Could I do this? I quickly suppressed all thoughts against it. It did not matter what the world might think. This was private. I could do this, and I WOULD.

He wanted the next scene filmed down in the living room, so I helped him carry the cameras and tripods down and set them up where Benson had taken me. I wondered if Randall would want me restrained this time. I got my answer when he slid the restraint apparatus aside and under the couch. It fit nicely under there.
So in addition to the other surveillance, he set up three cameras with lights behind them.
I knelt there on the floor, my robe still on, while Randall went upstairs and released Keeler, the big Rhodesian.
He was definitely the biggest of the three dogs, with short smooth fur that was light brown in color. His height was such that it would be easier for me to get underneath him and I would have more room to move as well.
Randall brought him right up to me and commanded him to sit, which he did.
“Keeler, this is my friend Rebecca,” he said. “Shake.”
He lifted his right paw.
“Hello, Keeler,” I said in friendship as I took his paw in my left hand.
Cameras were running now.
“Keeler is a very good kisser, my dear. If you pet his ears he will know that you want him to kiss you.”
I wasn’t quite expecting this, but it seemed appropriate, so I released his paw and went for his ears.
“Thaaaaaat’s the boy Keeler. Would you like to kiss me?” I asked.
Saying this as I rubbed his ears, I opened my mouth and extended my tongue. To my surprise I was met immediately with his, which was long and pink and incredibly large.
As our tongues met I was instantly amazed. The surface of his tongue was like nothing I had ever touched before, at least not with my own tongue. It was like a softened sandpaper that pulled you to it and made you want to stay connected with it as it sent a warm buzz right from the tip of my tongue to the toes on my feet. It was amazing!

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
My tip touched the open flat of his and he let me feel along the willing top of it, sliding along the valley toward his mouth while I explored from side to side at the same time. It was wonderful. It was warm and wet and sensuous. It was almost as if he knew exactly what I wanted, and he let me go on until I reversed direction, backing slowly along the curve until I was near the tip again.

Then his tongue curled around mine as he wrapped my much smaller muscle in his own, gripping it firmly, then sliding back to the tip where our two tips played with one another. Then he repeated the motion. I was nearly stunned.
“That’s perfect, just perfect,” Randall said softly as he took a hand-held camera and moved it in for a closeup.

My tongue tip continued touching Keeler’s for a long lingering moment then I leaned forward again, wanting more of him. Seeming to understand he stretched out his tongue again, lowering it and offering its broad top surface to me.
I moved in closer, bending forward and letting my tongue extend out and downward, touching his with the top surface of mine. My nose and tongue both connected with his tongue and my forhead almost reached his nose as I lapped his tongue with mine. I moved my head up slightly, lapping his tongue again as he caught on and we lapped each other, pink to pink, head to head, his warm breath on my face as we continued our wet kiss.

“Beauuuuutiful,” went Randall.

“Umm HMMM,” I responded.
Pulling back slowly I said, “My God, his tongue is marvelous. Wow.”
“I thought you would think so. How about just a little more…this time without your robe.”

“Fine with me,” I agreed.

I slipped off my robe, kneeling before Keeler completely naked. Then it was one of the highest compliments I have ever been paid.
Keeler looked at me. We both saw it. The cameras caught it. There was no doubt. Keeler, the dog, looked me up and down, taking inventory of my naked body, even though I was not even of his species. I just knew that this acknowledgement was a special thumbs up for what I had to offer him. He didn’t stare or ogle, but he noticed. It was a remarkable moment.
Randall commented first.

“He likes what he sees.”
I smiled and nodded gratefully. “I’m humbled by the compliment.”
“It is extraordinary, but I’m not surprised,” said my friend.
“I’M surprised. And I’m touched.”
“AND, you’ve gotten the right reaction.”
I quickly looked down and sure enough, Keeler’s cock had emerged, at least partly, from its furry covering, pointing up at me.
“Ohhhh,” I said gently, warmed by the sight of it. It was bright red, almost pink. It was thicker than Benson’s, and I was sure it would be longer. It wasn’t quite as pointed, and I could see the piss-slit in the tip where his load would emerge. Into my mouth.
“It’s beautiful, Randall. Has it been long for him?”
“Over a month. He will have plenty for you.”
I looked at the dog. “Oh, you poor baby,” I said moving back up to him. “I’m here to help you tonight.”
Randall smiled at my statement.
He lifted the camera.
Then I moved back in and we started again, tongue tips touching first, exploring and wrapping, and then lapping, which we both did more aggressively the second time. Randall filmed up very close, then backed up a little and panned down my naked body, then back up again to where Keeler’s tongue and mine were lapping once more.
By the time we moved apart I was so turned on I could hardly wait to satisfy this dog.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
As we slowly eased apart now, Randall knelt before me.
“That was wonderful, my dear, just wonderful,” he said.
I noticed that there was a camera aimed at both of us as he spoke to me.
“Are you ready for the next part of our adventure, my sweet?”
“I think so,” I said softly.
As I spoke his right hand rose and the forefinger touched my bottom lip.
“Your mouth is so beautiful.”
“Thank you,” I said calmly.
“Are you ready to try something new in there?”
I could tell he was leading me, so I responded in kind.
“Yes, sir. I’m ready to try something new in my mouth.”
“And do you know what I have in mind?”
“Yes, Mr. Mears, I believe you would like to see a dog’s cock in my mouth. This dog.”
“And he’s a beautiful dog, Rebecca, and you’re right. I WOULD like to see dog’s cock in your lovely mouth.”
“I must tell you, sir, that my lips have never touched a doggie’s cock.”
He smiled gratefully. “I’m very happy to hear that, Reba. And we want to keep the doggie’s cock in your mouth long enough for him to come…to come in your mouth.”
My eyes closed at the words.
“Are you……willing……?”
I opened my eyes, forcing them to look into his steadily.
“Yes………I am willing.”
“And what will happen when Keeler comes in your mouth, my dear?” he pressed.
I closed my eyes and said, “I will swallow, sir. I will swallow.” Then I added, “All of it.”
“That’s lovely, my sweet.”
That said, he turned to Keeler and commanded him to heel.
The big dog stood before us, facing Randall with me on his left.
“Good boy. Now stay!”
He then held up a small glass bottle and removed the top, letting the scent escape from the liquid inside.
I immediately looked down at Keeler’s cock, which was still partly emerged. As Randall handed the little bottle across to me I could see that the dog had caught the scent already. He made a soft doggie sound and the pink shaft started to grow in length, rising like a Phoenix from its furry home.
I kept my eyes glued to it while I applied a dab of the liquid to my chest, then my belly and then reached around to the small of my back. By this time Keeler was fully erect and he had to be at least eight inches before the pink bulb at the base, which was also now evident.
“My God,” I gasped. “He is beautifully endowed, isn’t he.”
“Yes, he is. He certainly is.”

We were both kneeling straight up and Randall moved to Keeler’s right, opposite me, and adjusted a camera.
“All right, my dear, I want to film from this angle mainly, and from this side.”
I rested my hand on Keeler’s back.
“You want me under him from here?” I asked.
“Yes, I think so.”
I lowered to the carpet then, putting my left forearm down as I lowered my head, moving it under Keeler’s chest.
Randall was kneeling at the same level on the other side, Keeler’s right, holding a camera steady with another one next to him on a tripod.
dog’s big red cock was right there before me.
I looked at it, then at the camera, then at Randall.
Randall spoke: “Is that comfortable for you, my dear?”
I turned my face toward the point of the shaft. My right hand was free, but it was a little awkward.
“I think I should be…..” I turned and put my left hip down onto the soft carpet, still resting on my left forearm. “That’s better,” I said. My right arm was still free and I could move more easily.

“Looks good from here.” Then he added, “Stay, Keeler.”
“You’re all set then?” I asked.
“All set.”
I nodded, then turned my attention toward the pink point that was before me. My right hand came up, hesitated for just a moment, then my palm cradled the shaft gently from underneath.
I was instantly rewarded by a pulse of stiffness as Keeler felt my fingers touch him the first time.
Mesmerized by the sight of the stiff muscle before me, I slowly let my fingers encircle it, coming up from below. The skin was very soft, in contrast to the stiffness underneath it, and naturally very sensitive to my touch. It was slightly moist and warm and I moved my fingers back toward the swelling bulb, wanting to feel that.
Just then a small stream of liquid slipped out of the tip and fell to the carpet below us. It just missed my left hand.
“Pre-come,” whispered Randall in explanation.
I moved the fingers of my right hand to the tip and moved my left hand hoping to catch the next stream if there was one.
I gently caressed the head of Keeler’s rod, trying to coax some more pre-come from him.
I was soon rewarded and another sliver came forth, missing my right fingers but landing squarely in my left hand.
I dipped my right fingers into the small pool in my left hand and felt the slippery liquid, then lifted it up to help lubricate Keeler’s shaft as my fingers encircled it once again.
Again I felt him stiffen.
Again a small drabble of pre-come fell into my hand.
I felt the massive stiff shaft and then the bulb below it, feeling the pulsing through my fingertips. It was fully engorged, ready and waiting to find satisfaction as I saw it before my face. It was time.
I turned my head slightly, then moved it forward, my lips about an inch from the cockhead.
I parted my lips just a little, moistening them with my tongue.
Pursing them then, I leaned in and kissed the point of pink.
I leaned back and kissed it again.
Randall was filming two inches from our point of contact.
I kissed it a third time and just as I did I was rewarded with another small sliver of pre-come. It caught my lips, moistening them. At first my head jerked back instinctively. But then my tongue came out and found the wetness on my lips.
I moved back in, this time placing my lips solidly around the tip of Keeler’s erection. Then slowly, slowly, slowly, I eased forward, letting my lips open and spread, as I took the first dog cock of my life into my mouth.
With the camera right next to my head I kept moving forward.
I felt the pink shaft throbbing again with stiffness as my lips curved around its width, while the tip went past my teeth, into the cradle of my tongue and reached toward the back of my mouth.
I kept going with the same slow determination as the cocktip touched the roof of my mouth and my tongue supported the massive thickness that was now filling me.
My mouth was now fully open as I felt the pink point slide along the top of my palate moving toward my throat. I kept leaning into it, determined to go as far as I possibly could.
I felt another small cascade of pre-come, but I had to ignore that for now.
Feeling the cockhead begin to press into the opening of my throat I tilted my head back a little more, opening the canal for its first canine visitor. My right hand was now cradling the bulbous knot at the base of his shaft.
Deeper and further went the shaft, disappearing more and more from view as Randall watched and filmed with amazed excitement.
I pushed my head forward now, feeling the hardness of the muscle as it seated firmly in the back of my throat closing off my windpipe.
“My God,” I heard Randall whisper.
I pushed still further, feeling the pole actually going down my throat a little, and still determined to take more. I would go until I gagged.
My lips were within an inch of Keeler’s knot, so I gave one final thrust forward, trying to reach it and touch it with my lips.
I just made it! My lips touched the beginning just as my gag reflex took over.
“ULLLLPPP!!” I went as I was forced backward along the shaft with my gag.
I took a deep breath, then another, closing my eyes.
I swallowed, taking Keeler’s pre-come.
“Brav-OHH, my dear. That was soooo beautiful.”
I smiled with my eyes and tried to nod, then backed up and swallowed again.
I slipped off and said, “Thank you,” in a gasp, not looking but easing my mouth back around the shaft immediately.
Keeler had been perfect up to this point and I was amazed at how well-behaved he was. He hadn’t really moved at all while I deep-throated him. What a dog!
But now I started to move my head, sliding his shaft in and out of my mouth.
I moved slowly at first, not taking him so deep, but making sure he got dog cockhead well back in with each forward movement of my head.
After a few strokes of this Keeler started to move, his hips thrusting fast and hard, as he attempted to sort of… fuck my mouth. I held still when he did this, trying to let him set the rhythm, hoping he wouldn’t hurt me.
But the dog wasn’t used to this position, since he would normally be mounting, with his front legs up and gripping his mate. Since this wasn’t the case, he paused in his pumping. When he did this I took over again, this time rocking my whole upper body back and forth as my lips sucked his cock, encouraging him.
He got the idea, and started pumping again, making another small puppy noise.
I stopped, making my face stable for him, again letting him bang my face at his own pace.
It lasted a little longer this time, and I felt the eager shaft pounding quickly and steadily toward my open throat as I tipped my head back to accommodate him. I moved my right hand from his knot for a moment, putting it on his hip as a sign of encouragement as he jack-hammered me.
He paused still again, and I started moving right away, my rhythm slower, but steady, keeping him going, showing him that I wanted his sperm.
I think Randall could sense that my neck was tiring a little, because he reached under and cradled the side of my head with one hand, supporting me. I closed my eyes and made a slight nod of thanks, then picked up my pace a little.
Up and down, up and down, I slid my lips, my tongue and my throat along the pulsing pink shaft of Keeler the dog, feeling his massive power with the sensitivity of my mouth. It felt like I was in another world. Could this possibly be real? It could and it was.
I lifted my left hand upward and could just reach the shaft with my fingertips. At the same time I brought my right hand back down and once more surrounded the massive red knot at his base. I could tell that it had grown in size now and I had a quick thought as to how it would feel inside me. Big, for sure.
As this thought came and went I could now feel that Keeler’s pole was approaching rock-hard. Indeed, as he started to rock his hips again dog cock and his knot were both iron-hard.
I stopped again, letting him take me, bracing for his load.
Randall’s hand left my cheek.
I heard another doggie yelp from Keeler.
My face looking serious, I held still.
Then I felt the knot begin pulsing in my right hand! It actually throbbed against my palm, contracting and growing, contracting and growing.
Then suddenly, with a force I was certainly NOT expecting, the first full jet of Keeler’s come rocketed into my throat, more than half filling it with just this first, and very long spurt.
My head jerked with surprise.
My eyes flew wide open.
“ULLLLLLHHHHHHH!!!!” I reacted.
I was forced to pull my lips back toward the head of his shaft, and as I did, some of his spunk burst out between my lips.
“Jesus!” gasped Randall.
“’—E’th ‘oming!” I enunciated. “’—E’th…ULLLP,” I went as I had to swallow to keep from losing any more.
“Jesus!” Randall gasped again as the first of Keeler’s come found my tummy.
“ULLLP!” I had to swallow again quickly, as his second spurt arrived, nearly as much as the first and some of that escaping from the side of my mouth.
I closed my eyes, concentrating now, starting to swallow repeatedly, desperate to keep up with the enormous load I was being given. My tongue pushed the white jiz back steadily as my throat muscles bobbed up and down, sending it home.
“ULLLP……..ULLLP……..ULLLP,” I went. At first I hadn’t thought about the taste, but now I could feel the slippery texture as the doggie’s jism slid smoothly down my throat. It felt absolutely wonderful going down, coating the inside of my palate, slipping down the base of my neck, and right to the end, tasting slightly bland at first, and then very enjoyable. Never mind that this was a dog’s sperm that I was swallowing. It felt SO GOOD!
dog’s cock came forth with spurt after spurt of my liquid prize and I must have swallowed ten times before I even thought about it. I had certainly gotten most of it when the cascade began to diminish.
Randall had disappeared now, leaving a camera running, while I swallowed one last time before pulling off to take a much needed breath.
I had just sucked in my second lungfull when I felt Randall’s hands on my hips. His grip was firm.
He lifted me upwards and to the right, trying obviously to get me back on my knees. I rose with him, helping by sliding my left knee out again to support myself while my right elbow joined my left on the carpet below my head.
That’s when I felt Randall’s cockhead probing against me, trying to find my opening.
“Ohh, Randall!!” I cried. He was going to fuck me! I was sure of it!
At that perfect moment his knob found its target. I was already so well-lubed he had no trouble sliding it inside me. In one bold stroke his shaft penetrated me, filling my empty sheath and slamming right up to the very end of my tunnel.

“OHHHHHH!!!!” I cried out.

“Jesus! I’m inside you!” cried Randall with excitement.
“Oh, Randall, I’m going to come!!!” I realized.
The thought of Randall being inside my vagina the first time put me over the edge hopelessly. The core of my body tensed, then I shivered all over as the contractions came. My head came up and my mouth opened as my thighs both went into convulsions at the same time.

“OHHHHH, NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!,” I went in a long drawn out explosion of ecstasy as Randall began to pump me in a frenzy.

My head shook back and forth as my cunt went into its throbbing state, gripping its invader with unshamed welcome as I was filled to the end again and again.
“I’m going to come, baby! I’m going to come inside you!!!” Randall warned.

“Ohh, Randall!!!!” I cried.

“I hope you’re safe! I have to come inside you!!!!”

“Yes! Yes, Randall, YES!!!! It’s OKAY!!!! IT’S OKAY!!! FUCK ME!!!”

He was now pounding desperately, his hips smacking against my buttocks as he drove his shaft deep inside me.

“UNH!! UNH!! UNH!!” he went as I cried.

I rose up onto my hands from my elbows. I braced myself. Then I felt it again. The wave came on so suddenly I was barely ready for it.

“UNNNNNNNHHH!!!!” came the sound from above.

I felt the hot spurts immediately.



His spunk ejaculated into me, spurt after spurt, filling me with his warm white seed as I received his sperm for the first time. Our harmony was perfect. We had come together. We had fulfilled each other more completely than we could have ever hoped for.

Randall held me tightly against him, his loins to my buttocks, locking us together like dogs, holding his load inside me for a very long moment.
Keeler very cautiously moved, stepping around to his master’s left side, looking for direction.

Randall’s left hand reached out for him.
The two of us said nothing for a long moment as we panted deeply, catching our breath. Finally, I raised my head. We were still locked together.
“Oh, Randall. Thank you,” I said breathlessly.
“Oh my dear, my love. You are truly amazing….”

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Dog Fucks My Mature Wife

Animal Sex

Dog Fucks My Mature Wife

The first time encounter with Rebel gave Beth orgasmic experiences and delights that had previously been words on a page. Rebel’s tongue, his dick, his scalding hot cum (a dog’s body temp is approximately 3 degrees higher than a human’s body temp), sent Beth to the moon. There was no way she was going to give up giving Rebel pussy, but at the same time she pondered how was she going to maintain a totally non existent life with regard to Rebel and doggy sex in general.

Beth thought and thought about things. She drafted a plan outline. She mentally prepared various situations and she tried her level best to write down every potential question and her answer that could occur. Finally, with a plan in hand and in her head, Beth embarked on her new sex life style.

First, she announced to Rob that a critter or a varmint of some sort was digging and uprooting her plants and flowers. She made him walk out back with her and look at her plants and flowers. Rob smirked and said, it was probably a neighborhood dog. He said that the dog would stop soon enough and she (Beth) should forget it.

The next time Rebel appeared in her yard unannounced and Rob was away, Beth got him inside and had him fuck her 3 times. After about 2.5 hours of total uninhibited sex with Rebel, Beth called the number on the tag on the dog’s collar. A woman answered the phone.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
Beth introduced herself. The woman said her name was Kathleen Davis. Beth politely explained that Rebel was often seen in the street and in her yard as well as the yards of her neighbors. Kathleen laughed and stated that Rebel was all male and a wanderer. Beth giggled and said she had seen Rebel at work in the street. Each woman seemed to utter a more provocative statement in reply to the previous statement.

Concluding the conversation, Kathleen stated she would come collect Rebel. Beth stated that she was free and would transport Rebel home. Kathleen accepted Beth’s offer and promised to have tea prepared upon Beth’s arrival. Beth ended the call and hurriedly took a shower. She put on a dab of make-up, not that she needed much, a pair of teal colored loose legged running shorts and a pink wife beater pull over shirt that read “Steel City Harley Davidson” on the front.

Beth left a note for husband saying she was visiting a neighbor. She told him that a snack was prepared for him and in the fridge should she not be home when he arrived. Beth clutched Rebel’s collar and led him to her Cooper-Mini 2 seat convertible. She retracted the canvas top and got Rebel in the passenger seat. About 3 inches of dog’s big red dick peeked from his sheath as he sat on his haunches. Beth got the seat harness around the dog.

The drive to Kathleen’s house was short; down to the corner of the street, then left and down to the 1st street on the right, and then to the second to last house on the right. Beth parked in front of the house, got Rebel unfastened and holding his collar, walked to the front door. She rang the bell and waited.

Within moments a tall red haired woman about 45 or so opened the door. Smiling and extending her hand, she said, “Hi. You must be Beth. I am Kathleen, but please call me Kat. Do come in.” Beth entered into a foyer. Rebel strained at Beth’s grip on her collar pulling her along. Kathleen snapped her fingers and the sound was like the crack of dry oak branch. Rebel stopped and looked up at his Mistress.

“And you Mr. Big Boy, where have you been and what have you been doing. Something very adult and x-rated I see.” The huge dog wagged his tail. His expression was almost like a grin. Beth blushed profusely thinking Kathleen suspected something. She looked at her hostess and Kathleen grinned and pointed at Rebel. Beth looked down and saw that the dog’s dick was almost full exposed from his sheath. Beth’s blush grew in intensity. Her face was a red as a STOP sign.

Kathleen bent over and ruffled the dog’s huge head cooing to him, “and where have you been putting that big dick, Mr. Rebel?” The dog wagged his tail. Beth made a move toward the door, but Kathleen caught her arm. “Let’s have our tea and visit.”

Kathleen led Beth into the den. She poured each of them a cup of tea. She offered sugar, cream and lemon to Beth. She then offered a dessert plate with a small slice of lemon pound cake to Beth. Kathleen told Beth she was divorced and self employed. The two women sat and talked of how long they had lived in the development, about the growth of the area, about flowers and home beautifications, and other mundane issues.

After 20-25 minutes of chit-chat, Kathleen looked directly at Beth. Leaning forward, Kathleen said in a low voice, “did he fuck you good before you brought him back?”

Beth opened her mouth in shock. Kathleen laughed and reached forward to tweak one of Beth’s hardening nipples. Kathleen then pulled and twisted Beth’s nipple. The younger woman gasped and low moan escaped her lips. “That’s nice pretty whore. Moan for me again.” Kathleen pinched and twisted Beth’s other nipple as she spoke softly. Beth obligingly moaned longer and louder.

Staring into Beth’s eyes, Kathleen spoke softly yet with firm conviction. “I saw the way you looked greedily at dog’s dick when I called it to your attention at the door. I heard the quaver and fluctuation in your voice when you called to tell me you would return him. I know what time he left this morning and I know which other ladies in the neighborhood he services. You are his latest conquest. Don’t be embarrassed. You love having him fuck you. He owns your pussy. You will fuck him and give him pussy any time he wants it. You are hooked on his dick and that didn’t start today. He has been fucking you for a few months I bet. Now, admit it! Say it Hot puppy pussy girl! Say it for Mommy!.”

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Beth couldn’t speak. She started to shake her head negatively and Kathleen pinched her nipple again. Beth’s head began to bob up and down affirmatively.

“Yes, I am sure by now Rebel owns your pussy. Are these your doggy fucking clothes? Is this what you wear when you entice him into your home? Or, do you wear something else? Come pretty Beth! Tell your new Mommy what you wear for your big dick doggy lover. Don’t you just love the way he takes your pussy? How he fucks you hard and fast until he has that big dick totally buried in your boiling hot cunt? Tell you Mommy Bitch, how many times do you cum on his dick?”

With each more vulgar and openly blatant and sexual question, Beth would moan. As she moaned, Kathleen would pinch her nipple which would increase Beth’s moaning. Beth squirmed and as she did Kathleen would move closer to her. Questions, moans, squirming, moving, in a few moments, Kathleen was next to Beth. As Kathleen pinched Beth’s nipple, she slipped her other hand up the loose leg band of Beth’s running shorts.

“Hee, hee, hee, You horny horny naughty Bitch. No panties. Just sitting her dying for Rebel to ease over here and sniff that hot wet pussy.”

Beth finally spoke, “”My…dog fucking clothes? Why do I need clothes to do that?”

Kathleen openly grinned now. She had the younger woman talking. Soon, she would have the little doggy whore talking as nasty as herself!

“Haven’t you ever noticed Charlie’s claws?” Kathleen asked. “Do you really want to try to explain to your husband why your back, sides, thighs and ass are all covered with big red scratches? You have been lucky thus far. You either haven’t given dog much pussy, or you were wearing something that offered you some protection. Or the last answer, you love dog’s dick so much, you have cut your husband off from pussy and only suck his dick!”

“Ooohhhh, no,” Beth said slowly, as Kathleen softly stroked around her clit. “I definitely don’t want to do that. You are right, ever since Rebel took my pussy and gave me his dick my husband has not had any pussy. I am sucking him off a couple of times a week. Because I make the 1st move many times, I think he hasn’t yet caught on that he isn’t getting any pussy.”

Kathleen smiled saying, “The point is you want Rebel to associate specific clothes with sex. So once you get him trained as I and other ladies have him trained, he will know when you wear them, you want him to mount you and fuck you like the nasty naughty little bitch you are.”

Beth gasped at Kathleen’s crude description of her, but it wasn’t a gasp of shock. It was in fact, a ripple of pleasure having someone speak to her this way.

“And even more important,” Kathleen went on, “Rebel will learn that when you are not wearing these clothes, you don’t want sex. That way you won’t have to worry about him knocking you down and going after his pussy when you have guests visiting. I suggest a shirt with a big, bold pattern on it. Dogs are colorblind, but the pattern will be recognizable and Rebel will learn quickly.”

Beth gazed at her new friend with frank admiration. “You think of everything, don’t you?”

“I like dog’s new pussy girls to be prepared,” she chuckled. “Ever since I suspected what you were doing with him I’ve been rather planning this encounter. Had you not called me today, I would have come knocking on your door ‘asking’ if you had seen him about your yard?”

Kathleen went on to explain, “dogs and dog for sure cum so much that they make a huge mess. I recommend using a floor covering or giving him pussy in a location that makes cleanup easier.”

Kathleen spoke and Beth was totally absorbed in Kathleen’s words. Kathleen’s nastiness and her ideas had distracted Beth to the extent that without realizing her actions, she was pumping her hips back and forth on the 3 fingers Kathleen had sunk to the knuckles in her sodden wet pussy. Beth had a sudden mental image of being on the floor on her hands and knees dog’s dick lodged to the hilt in her pussy.

Easily, Kathleen removed her fingers from Beth’s pussy. “You want that dick again, don’t you bitch? I could see your mind spinning. You had a vision of being on your hands and knees, head and tits pressed to the floor, and big dick Rebel pounding that hot pussy of yours until he loaded it with cum. Tell me puppy pussy girl, how long ago did you give him some pussy?”

“About an hour ago, maybe longer now,” Beth whispered. “Probably closer to 2 hours by now.”

Kathleen cackled, “Ohhh Goody! He will be ready to go again. And you do want that dick don’t you bitch?”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
Beth nodded her head. She wet her lips with her pink tongue and murmured, “Gosh, I want it. I swear that dog dick can make me cum so hard and so much, that at times I actually consider loading him in my car and driving away never to return.”

Kathleen stood up and pulled Beth up with her. Kathleen lifted Beth’s tank top up and pulled it off of the younger woman. As the top came up over Beth’s tits and cleared her head, Kathleen stepped forward and pushed the running shorts to Beth’s ankles. “Stand there hot pussy girl. I will get you a wrap to protect against the scratches. Beth did as instructed. Kathleen turned and walked to another part5 of the house.

Kathleen returned in moments. She carried a terry cloth robe in one hand and dragged an 8’by 8’ throw rug in the other hand. She tossed the robe to me and spread the throw rug on the floor. Rebel rose and walked to the rug. The huge dog sat proudly in the middle of it, claiming it as his own. Beth put the robe around her and belted it around her waist. She noticed the hem had been shortened. It reached just below her hips. The hem fastened together with snaps and a small cord had been woven into the hem stitch. Beth pulled the cord which tightened the hem about her hips and tied it. This would further prevent the dog from pushing the robe up her torso as he fucked her.

Beth sank to her knees next to Rebel. He immediately began thumping his tail. After all, when anyone got on the floor with him it was to play. Beth laughed and put her arms around the massive dog’s neck. She hugged him feeling the softness of his fur and the heat of his body against her.

Beth looked down along Rebel’s belly and saw his sheath. The very tip of his red dick was poking out, about an inch, and Beth felt a giddy thrill. She was going to have that red dick inside her. Beth watched the dog’s face as she reached between his legs and took his sheath in her hand. It was so warm, so soft, and beneath its surface she could feel hardness. Kathleen watched her with a smile on her face.

Beth loved that there was someone to share this moment with – someone, that is, besides Rebel and Rob. After all, she couldn’t very well talk this over with Rebel and she certainly could not talk it over with Rob. There would be something wonderful about sharing this secret with Kathleen.

Beth began to stroke dog’s sheath. She watched the dog’s face. His mouth opened and he began to pant. Beth could feel the hairy skin of the sheath sliding over the hardness beneath, and she was amazed and thrilled at how different it felt from Rob’s dick. When a man is soft, he’s soft all the way through, not just on the outside. His junk flops, it bends, and generally it’s inoffensive when it isn’t erect.

With Rebel, though there was hardness beneath the softness, and even though his dick felt thin inside his sheath Beth knew from experience that it would get bigger, thicker, longer. She knew that there was a magnificent knot that would allow rebel to be stuck inside of her sodden pussy while he loaded her endlessly with his hot cum. Beth almost swooned. Her stroking his dick didn’t take long to produce a response in Rebel. More and more of his dick appeared, bit by bit, until nearly four inches of red, slick, amazing dog dick was showing.

“You like that, don’t you?” Kathleen whispered in Beth’s ear as she crouched beside her to watch what the young wife was doing. “You like the feel of a dog’s dick in your hand.”

“Yes,” Beth breathed, a little dizzy with the sensation. “I do like it. It feels… it feels very naughty…”

“Very naughty and?”

“…and very right,” Beth said. “Completely right. I want him hard. I want him inside me. Can you help me?”

Kathleen kissed Beth on the neck. Beth tilted her head to let Kathleen tease the tender flesh. “You want me to help you fuck him?”

“Yes Mommy! That is what I want,” Beth whispered, her voice getting quieter as the intensity of what she was feeling increased. “Please help me.”

“Then tell me,” Kathleen whispered back. “Nice and loud, so I can hear it. You have nothing to be ashamed of. I want you to be proud of this I want you to tell me exactly what you want to do.”

Beth didn’t hesitate. Although she could not take her eyes off of Rebel’s sheath with the lengthening thickening piece of red dog dick protruding from it, she spoke in a clear modular voice that was definitely laden with certainty and conviction. “Mommy Kathleen, please help me fuck dog. I want you to help him get his big dick inside me. I want his dick locked in my pussy. I want to feel it. I want him draped over my back hot and panting. I want to feel his cum spurting inside me.Please help me Mommy Kathleen. PLEASE HELP ME NOW!!”

Kathleen reached around and slding her hand beneath the lapel of the robe she squeezed Beth’s breast. Kathleen spoke softly to Beth, “On your hands and knees, bitch.”

Beth hurried to obey. Rebel stood up and looked at her as she assumed the position. Kathleen was there to guide her and instruct her. “Spread your legs a little. When you are at the right height for him he will slide into your hot pussy so easily. Plus, you want to have a steady base when he gets on top of you.
Put your chest down, almost on the floor, so your ass sticks up and your pussy is at the right angle. That’s it. Christ, you look so hot like that I’m tempted to fuck you myself!”

Kathleen made some adjustments to Beth’s stance. Beth made careful mental notes of Kathleen’s recommendations. She wanted to be able to repeat this easily when she and her new doggy lover were alone. When Kathleen had finished Beth was positioned like a whore, legs splayed wide, ass and pussy tilted up saucily, tits resting on the floor to give her back a seductive curve. Beth looked over her shoulder at Rebel in invitation to mount her. Rebel returned her stare with a look indicating he understood her need! Beth wanted dick. Beth wanted dog dick. Beth wanted doggy dick.

Rebel understood well enough; he was breathing heavily, almost panting, and he was pacing behind Beth’s ass. Rebel had the instinct and the desire. Kathleen and the other neighborhood ladies had trained him well. His dick was poking about 5 inches out of his sheath.

Kathleen tried patting Beth’s ass and her lower back. Two bitches on his fuck rug confused the dog. After a bit, Rebel took a step toward Beth and sniffed her wet pussy. Beth waggled her butt in what she hoped was an enticing way. Rebel gave Beth’s cunt a tentative lick and stepped away.

Beth’s buzz of excitement and expectation was starting to fade. A voice of doubt was growing inside her. “What’s the matter?” she asked. “IS he worn out from earlier?”

“No, no no, of course not,” Kathleen said soothingly. “It’s confusing for him because we both are on his rug. That is new for him and he isn’t sure who he is to fuck.”

“But…what if he won’t?” The idea was positive crushing, after all the buildup, expectation and need Beth had. To be here, in position with a lovely dog and a willing helper, only to have Rebel turn up his nose? The very idea was awful!

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“Shhhh,” Kathleen whispered, running her hand along Beth’s ass and then down between her legs to stroke her pussy and get some of Beth’s juices on her fingers. Kathleen held his hand out to Rebel saying, “We need to give him the right idea, that’s all. You’ll be dog’s bitch in no time.”

The vulgarity, the image, and the sheer casualness and acceptance with which this new acquaintance of mine said those words sent a shiver of illicit delight up Beth’s spine and made her pussy spasm. “Say…say that again,” Beth whispered, closing my eyes.

Beth felt Kathleen’s hand on her pussy, teasing her open and slipping four fingers inside. Beth squeezed down on them and pushed back toward Kathleen. Beth fucked back as Kathleen began to pump her fingers in and out of dog’s new bitch. Kathleen leaned in pressing her body against Beth’s. She rubbed her erect nipples against the soft skin of her new subbie.

“You’ll be dog’s bitch,” Kathleen whispered again. Her voice was thick with lust. “He is going to take you like a bitch dog in heat, which is exactly what you are! You are exactly like a horny bitch dog who wants to be fucked by his big, hard red dick. Aren’t you?”

“Ohhh yes,” Beth moaned, listening avidly to Kathleen’s words. The sloppy suction sound Kathleen’s fingers as they pumped in and out of Beth’s soaking wet pussy added to the young woman’s excitement. “I’m a bitch dog in heat…”

“My boy Rebel is going to put that dick in you. That huge big red dick with his knot as big as an orange. He is going to fuck that hot pussy of yours and load you up with his cum,” Kathleen continued placing her lips on the back of Beth’s neck kissing her. “He’s going to knot your hot pussy little bitch. His dick is going to tie with you. You will be stuck to him, his prisoner, his slave, his bitch, his PUSSY!”

“Ohhh fuck yes Mommy Kathleen. YES!! That is what I want. I want to be dog’s bitch. I want to be his pussy. I want DOG DICK!!! I want it so bad!!! My pussy aches for it. My pussy begs for dog’s big dick.”

“Your pussy will be Rebel’s pussy. You pussy will be a dog’s pussy. You are cuckolding your husband with a dog dick. Your body is a fuck toy for a big horny dog.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Beth sobbed. Please keep fingering me. Please keep telling me!” Beth was on the edge of a massive orgasm. She needed to cum. Not from Rebel, not at that moment, but from Kathleen. Beth needed to give Kathleen the gift of her orgasm to thank her for what she was doing her.

As Kathleen’s fingers moved harder, faster, deeper, slamming into Beth’s drenched cunt, she slammed back on Kathleen’s hand. “Damn Beth, I believe I could fist fuck this wet pussy. I think this pussy had opened and could take my fist easily. That would really prepare you for dog dick. And he’s going to take you again and again,” Kathleen told Beth fervently. “From now on you are nothing but a bitch. You are nothing but dog’s hole to fuck. That’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yes!” I cried, biting my lip.

“And from now on you’re gonna give him this hot little bitch pussy whenever he wants it, however he wants it, and every time he wants it!”


“He’s gonna pump you full of cum and keep you full of cum with that big fucking knot and his big fucking dick and you’re going to have a womb full of dog sperm.”

“YES! YES!” And Beth came, hard, shivering, pushing back into Kathleen’s hand picturing her words, picturing Rebel’s semen spraying into her womb, filling her. Beth screamed in sheer rapture. She thought later on that it was a damn good thing she was already on her hands and knees with her tits on the floor because if she have been standing when that orgasm shook her to the core, she would have pitched over onto her face.

Swiftly, Kathleen yanked her 4 fingers from Beth’s pussy and Rebel mounted her.

Dogs fuck like nothing else on earth. They are, frankly, not superbly intelligent animals. Rebel had been taken by Beth’s scent, by the passion he smelled, saw and heard. He was attracted by her touch on his dick and by the cries she gave. So he climbed atop her and started to hump. However, he mounted from the front, putting his forelegs around Beth’s shoulders and pumping his unsheathed dick into her hair. Beth looked up, surprised, and all she could see was huge red dog dick and heavy doggy balls waving back and forth a few inches from her face.

“Umm Beth, I think your new pussy owner is trying to give you a hint. Hee hee hee!” He surely learned that fast enough.” Kathleen chuckled as Rebel got down from Beth. Rebel went around his new lover’s body ending up back at her head. Rebel immediately tried to hop up again but Kathleen was ready. She caught him and steered him to Beth’s fine curved ass. Beth was in the right position, legs splayed, pussy canted dripping and ready, her chest low and her breath held. She was still buzzing from the orgasm Kathleen had given her. She knew that her orgasmic pleasure would swell and explode again once Rebel got that huge dick of his inside her.

Kathleen patiently guided Rebel behind Beth. She felt his weight settle on her hips and back. She felt his fur brush against her waiting ass. The thrill of these feelings was beyond words. Rebel’s hot, hard red dick brushed across the lips of Beth’s eager, needy pussy. Beth sucked air into her mouth in a hot gasp and waited.

And Rebel hopped off and wagged his tail.

Beth moaned again, this time in pure frustration. “This should be natural!” she wailed. “How do dogs ever manage to make puppies?”

Kathleen was laughing now, which pissed Beth off. There’s nothing as irritating as someone laughing at the intense frustration of others. Beth was frustrated near the point of no return. She anticipated and wanted get something that she needed very badly. And at that moment, Beth needed dog dick more than anything in the world. Kathleen guided dog back to Beth’s ass. She lifted him up and wrapped his legs around Beth’s waist. Rebel looked and tried to dismount; but Kathleen held him on.

Beth felt Kathleen’s hand go under, between her and Rebel, and from the motion she thought Kathleen was jacking Rebel to get him excited. Before she could ask what was going on, she felt Rebel start to hump. And OHHHH did he hump!! Fast and hard, slamming his furry legs into the backs of Beth’s hips. Kathleen pulled her hand away and Beth felt the hard, pointed tip of dog’s dick poking at her thighs. She gasped hard and braced myself for the penetration that was certain to be next.

“I want him so bad, Mommy Kathleen,” Beth whimpered.

“I know, little puppy pussy girl.” Kathleen assured gently. She guided Rebel forward a couple of inches.

Beth felt dog’s dick hit her labia. It sent a jolt through her. It was though Beth had stuck her tongue in an electrical socket. It was one of the most thrilling things she had ever felt, and it was repeated an instant later, and again and again. And then dog’s massive doggy dick went in.

Rebel certainly didn’t pause to contemplate. He pushed his dick into Beth. Dog’s meaty dog dick cut between her swollen cunt lips and down her pick fuck tube like a torpedo through still water racing to its target.

He hammered Beth hard and fast, harder than any man ever had and faster than any man ever could. Beth felt his sheath as it pushed against my labia majora. The doggy hairs priced her slightly, yet Rebel was warm and furry. Beth though, “I shall remember this feeling no matter how many, many times and how many dogs get this pussy.”

Rebel pumped swiftly and with each thrust he seemed to grow inside Beth. Every time he humped, he pushed in deeper. Each small backstroke seemed as though the dick he was pulling back was thicker than the one that had gone in. Beth heard him panting. She adored that her lover had panting breath for her. This excited her even more than giving Rebel pussy in front of Kathleen. Rebel whined a little and whimpered a lot. Those sounds of canine pleasure were music to Beth.

Beth participated by pushing back onto dog as he fucked her. She wiggled her hips a little, but Rebel really didn’t give her a chance. Dogs fuck so beautifully hard and fast that once one has his dick buried in a pussy all one can do is brace their self and hold on. Having no other option that was exactly what Beth did. She pushed her arms into a position that would stop Rebel pressing her forward with every thrust. She took the dick he gave her.

Now, Beth was far from a silent partner in all this. The instant she first felt Rebel inside her she gave a sound that was a cross between a squeal and a wail. It wasn’t something she had planned. In fact it was sort of an embarrassing noise to make in front of Kathleen, but Kathleen was watching her and Beth was being royally fucked by a dog. Beth fell into Rebel’s rhythm. Or rather, dog forced Beth into his rhythm by battering her little pussy with everything he had. With every thrust of his big dick into her hot wet tight pussy he wrenched a squeaky little gasp from me.

They came so fast, one after another, that Beth was almost hyperventilating. She just couldn’t catch a breath between them! And suddenly Beth was coming! Not so much from the physical sensations, (and dog’s dick was huge and hitting all the right places) but because of what she was doing in front of another person. Rebel, the dog, had his dick inside her and another person could see this! Beth had what she needed and her body simply responded the only way that made sense; it threw itself over the edge into pure, rapturous bliss. Beth’s staccato gasps turned into a long, guttural throbbing moan.

Rebel kept pounding Beth at that incredible, impossible rate.

Dog’s knot banged against Beth’s pussy lips. At last, those puffy swollen dripping lips parted. With short hard thrusts, Rebel lodged his knot in Beth’s hot cunt. dog’s dick swelled and grew, and Beth felt it begin to stretch her from the inside. That sensation was unlike anything Beth had ever felt. dog’s hot dick inflated, expanded, but still moved, still hammered deeper, harder, faster; and the knot felt so big that Beth couldn’t believe it could get bigger, but the next instant it was bigger still.

Beth knew that she wouldn’t be satisfied going back to human male dick again. Her hot pussy had tasted this ambrosia and would have to keep tasting it, now and forever. Simply stated, Beth was addicted to dog dick. Beth squealed and made a small squirm when the pointed end of dog’s dick pushed through her cervical opening. It was slightly unpleasant and uncomfortable, but knowing that Rebel was deeper in her cunt than any dick had ever been was an unspeakable thrill.

Most of all Beth ;loved the feeling of his cum. At least she thought it was his cum, it took a while before she learned the difference between a dogs cum and the lube he squirts before he comes. The body temp of a dog is a few degrees higher than a human’s. You can feel it when you run your hand along his skin. Normally it’s just another unremarkable fact. But when a dog dick is buried in a girl’s pussy this fact is extraordinary. And a dog will cum what seems like an impossible and endless amount.

Beth had no idea how a dog could produce that much cum. When his dick is buried in the deepest part of a girl’s pussy the girl can feel each and every squirt. Each and every squirt. Beth wished she had the words to accurately describe how that felt inside her. Beth imagined it like lava, like molten steel, but it was the best sensation in the world. It kept flowing and flowing and flowing and Beth felt herself filling up with hot dog cum.

Beth reached a point thinking her pussy was full and simply would not hold another drop but dog’s huge knot kept her bottled up tight. Sure, a few drops escaped to flow down the insides of her thighs or drip to the floor, but that’s nothing compared to the amount dog’s balls poured into her. Beth’s hot little pussy was stretched around a dick that filled her like no human dick ever could and then her pussy stretched more, and more, and more as dog’s dick grew and grew. To Beth, the feeling was exquisite. It was divine.

There she was on her hands and knees, impaled on dog’s dick and coming like a banshee. She came so hard she felt like her skin was moving on her body, like her heart was going to explode, like her lungs were filled with fire. She wanted nothing more than for that sweet dog to keep pounding her like that forever…but he didn’t. In fact, he only humped her that way for a few more minutes.

Beth’s orgasm could have continued but when dog stopped fucking and fell motionless Beth’s orgasm slowed and stopped as well. It didn’t completely subside, but it dropped into sort of a pre-orgasmic sweet, sticky flow, like her insides were filled with warm milk, and she knew she could – and would – come again, and soon. Rebel was straddling her, motionless and panting, his sides heaving, his breath loud.

Beth knew from the labored sound of Rebel’s breath that his tongue was out, and after a few moments she felt a wet spot between my shoulders: he was drooling on her, and for an instant Beth wished fervidly that she wasn’t wearing the robe Kathleen had lent her. She wanted to feel her lover’s saliva on her skin. Beth wanted all of him, from the tip of his dick, his knot locked in her pussy, his cum deep in her womb, his fur on her ass, to his drool on her back and in her hair. Beth loved him, pure and simple.

Kathleen might have been speaking before that, but Beth didn’t hear her. The first she realized Kathleen was talking was when she whispered, “So how does it feel, Sweet Puppy Pussy Bitch?”

Beth had laid her head on her crossed arms. She turned to look at Kathleen with a dreamy smile and said, “OH Mommy, it is the best thing I’ve ever felt.”

Kathleen smiled and stroked Beth’s hair, wet as it was with sweat and dog drool. “You look beautiful, you know? His huge dick and knot stuck in your fate wet pussy for as long as it takes him to finish filling your womb with his cum.”

“Mmmmm,” Beth purred. “I feel beautiful. I can feel him coming inside me. He’s so hot and there’s so much of it…”

“Just lie there and feel it, little puppy whore,” Kathleen urged quietly. “He’s going to be stuck this way for a while.”

“I know? “I want to cum again…”

“Put your fingers on your clit and make yourself cum,”Kathleen smiled.

BethI smiled back. “Please do it for me, Mommy?”

Kathleen looked like Beth had given her the best gift of her life. Kathleen smiled hugely and her beautiful face lit up like Christmas morning. “I’d love to,” she said. “but I’ve got one hand on Rebel’s ass holding him in. I really don’t think you’d like it if he tried to pull out right now with his knot stuck in you this way.”

Beth touched herself. The warm feeling she had in her tummy quickly flared up again and turned into another climax, a rolling sort of climax that had peaks and valleys but didn’t stop for a long time. Beth started to cum again, and her insides had spasms around dog’s dick.

Rebel began to move again, fucking Beth just for a bit and pushing his dick and his knot even deeper into her. Rebel was still coming deep inside Beth’s pussy. Beth could feel that mass of sperm in her abdomen. Beth felt like she had suddenly developed a pot belly. Knowing she loaded with Kathleen’s dog’s cum was an aphrodisiac like none other.

Beth kept her orgasm going for as long as she could. Sadly, the pleasure began to fade and the sensations became too much, and Beth pulled her hand away from her clit and rested her chin on her arms as before enjoying being tied to her lover.

Reabel kept his big red dick locked into Beth’s tight wet pussy for eighteen minutes. Eighteen minutes on her hands and knees, with Kathleen beside her and Kathleen’s dog’s dick inside her pussy. It was eighteen minutes of simple wordlessness quiet. Eighteen minutes of feeling, experiencing and marking everything to memory so that, no matter what would come in the future, Beth would always have this moment.

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Helpin’ Hope, A bestiality cartoon story

Animal Sex

Helpin' Hope, A bestiality cartoon story
Hope was excited as she got off the schoolbus in front of her long driveway. Her Aunt Kay had told her that she and her Uncle Cliff had a surprise for her today. She had no idea what it was, but she had a feeling it was something special. Nothing much ever happened out here at Johnson’s Kennel.

“Hi, Aunt Kay,” she said as she came in the door and put her books down.
“Hello, dear. Did you have a nice day in school today?” asked her aunt with a smile.
“Yes, I sure did. I did very well in cheerleading practice this time. Where’s Uncle Cliff?”
“Why, he’s down in the basement with your surprise.”
“Sounds exciting. Should I go down now?”
“Certainly, dear. Just let me get my video camera,” said Aunt Kay.

When Hope and her Aunt Kay got to the basement, Uncle Cliff was standing next to a padded bench with some straps on the front and the back.
“What’s this, Uncle Cliff?” Hope asked with a bright smile.
“It’s a special machine I just built. I call it my “D-flowerin’ Device”.”
“Sounds pretty neat. Can I try it out sometime?”
“Sure, honey, you can try it out right now. Just take your clothes off and I’ll show you how it works.”
“I have to take my clothes off? Is that all right, Aunt Kay?”
Her aunt Kay gave her a nice smile. “Sure it is, dear. You can even leave your top on, dear. Just take off your bottoms.”
Hope smiled and said, “Okay.”

Hope slipped her skirt and undies off and climbed onto the pad while her Aunt filmed her.
“I think she should take her top off too,” said Cliff.
“Yes, I agree. Why don’t you take your top off too, dear,” she said.
“Okay,” said Hope agreeably.
Cliff attached her thighs to the posts of the apparatus as she knelt on the pad.
“Okay, now lean forward with your hands behind you,” he directed.
“Like this?” she asked, moving both her arms behind her.
“Yes, just like that.”
As she leaned forward her long blonde hair fell in front of her shoulders.
Uncle Cliff attached her wrists, then checked the side ties that strapped her knees apart.
“There, that’s perfect,” said Uncle Cliff. He turned to Aunt Kay. “Get a closeup.”
Aunt Kay moved the camera up close to Hope’s firm buttocks. “MMmmm, yes. That is VERY nice,” she said happily.
“I don’t see any flowers down here,” Hope said. “Are you going to get some?”
“Why, dear, there’s a perfect flower down here,” said Aunt Kay, filming her pretty young niece.
Uncle Cliff opened a door and in walked a huge brown dog.

“Oooo, watch out for that dog, Uncle Cliff. I had a lot of trouble with him yesterday,” said Hope.
Aunt Kay spoke. “Yes, dear, we noticed that he was very aggressive. That’s why he’s here.”

Uncle Cliff was holding him by his leash, but he was trying to pull himself over to Hope.
Aunt Kay spoke again. “Now that you’re 18, we’ve been worried about what boys you might bring home. So we thought we should help you lose your maidenhood before the wrong boy comes along.”
“It was my idea, actually,” said Uncle Cliff.
“Yes, but I was completely in favor of it. This poor dog wanted you very badly yesterday. We think it’s been more than a year for him.”
“Wow, that’s a long time,” said Hope.
“Yes, and we felt very badly for him.”
“So you’re gonna give my virginity to him?” the girl asked.
“Yes, and then we can film it,” said her aunt.
“Are you going to have him come inside me?” asked Hope.
“Why, yes, of course, dear.”
“Am I going to have puppies, then?.”
“We certainly hope so. Then we’ll all be rich. You just do your best, dear.”
“Okay, I’ll sure try,” said Hope.

Uncle Cliff led the dog up to the lovely young girl. His hard, pink shaft was completely ready.
“My my,” said Aunt Kay. “Dog’s cock looks awfully BIG.”
“Are you sure I’m ready for this?” asked Hope. “I just turned eighteen yesterday.”
“Yes, we should have done this yesterday,” said Uncle Cliff.
“One day won’t hurt,” said Kay firmly.
“I suppose,” said Cliff.
Cliff led the dog to the back of the pad as Hope turned and looked backward.
“We need to attach the collar,” he said.
“Oh, yes,” said Kay. Then to Hope, “Look this way, dear.”
Hope turned forward.
“We need to attach this around your neck.”
“Around my neck?”
“Umm hmm. Just lean forward a little more.”
Hope leaned forward and Kay snapped the collar around her neck just as Cliff opened the baggie with the scent on it.
“He’s out, Kay and he’s ready.”
“This is perfect,” said Aunt Kay. “Just hold still now, dear.”
Uncle Cliff held the big doggie cock up to his niece’s lovely young sheath.
“I think this will fit in there perfectly,” he said.
Kay zoomed in the camera.
“Here we go!”
Hope closed her eyes.
He smiled as he released the big dog and he rammed the shaft into his prize young mate.

“HE’S GOT HER!!” said Uncle Cliff with a smile.
“Oh, dear, that’s lovely,” said Aunt Kay as she kept filming.
“This film alone will make us rich,” said Uncle Cliff.
“Oh, I hope so.”
“Aim that second camera at her face!”
“I already have.”
“God, Aunt Kay, dog’s cock enormous,” Hope said through her teeth.
“Yes, dear, the bigger the better.”
Uncle Cliff checked all the cameras.
“Look into the cameras for us, dear,” said Aunt Kay.
Hope did her best, and tried to smile for the camera as the eager dog rammed into her steadily.
“You’re doing fine, dear.”

Hope cried out as the eager doggie banged her, feeling special that her Aunt and Uncle had gone to so much trouble for her.
Aunt Kay and Uncle Cliff both filmed now.
“Cliff dear, do you think he’ll get stuck inside her with that “knot”? We’ve got company coming at 5 o’clock.”
“It’s just the Wileys. Hey, they’d really like to see this.”
“Would you like me to call them right now?” offered Aunt Kay.
“Good idea.”
She put her camera on a tripod in front of Hope’s face and left.
Aunt Kay made her call and the Wiley’s promised to come right over.
The dog was still pumping her niece when she returned to the basement.
“Are you getting tired, dear?” she asked.
“No, are the Wiley’s coming?” Hope asked. “I’d like my friend Brigitte to see this.”
“I told them to bring her. They said they would. Jane said they’d like to do her today, too. We have plenty of dogs here.”
“We could both have our puppies at the same time,” said Hope.
“Yes, wouldn’t that be special.”

Just then the Wiley’s arrived and came down to the basement. Jim Wiley’s jaw dropped open. Jane Wiley stepped up to her friend. “A very smart idea, Kay.”
“Yes. This way we can be sure.”

Brigitte walked over to Hope. She smiled. “What are you doing, Hope?”

“I’m getting de-flowered. Aunt Kay and Uncle Cliff are helping me.”

“You’re going next, dear,” said Jane Wiley.

“Oh, how exciting!”

Suddenly, a whole year’s worth of sperm jetted out of the dog’s big cock, filling Hope with her liquid prize.


“That’s good, dear,” said Aunt Kay. “Yes, I can see it running out of you.”

“It’s beautiful,” said Cliff.

“Sure is,” agreed Jim Wiley.

“I think there’s plenty still inside me.”
Jane Wiley moved around to view the ejaculation. “My goodness. That’s beautiful.” She turned to her daughter. “Brigitte dear, come over here.”
Brigitte put her arm her. “What’s that white stuff, Mom?” she asked

“It’s called cum, sweetie. It’s called cum.”

“It looks smooth. Are they gonna put that stuff in me, too?”

“If your daddy agrees we will.”
Jim Wiley nodded quickly.
Jane smiled at her daughter. She looked at her friend Kay. “Will you film while I slip Brigitte’s bottoms off?”

Cliff and Kay both filmed as Brigitte’s bottoms came down.
Brigitte let them strap her onto the machine.
Cliff and Jim went up to select a new dog for Brigitte.
Jane Wiley spoke to her friend Kay, “We’ve been worried about Brigitte for quite awhile.”

“She has certainly come of age,” commented Kay.

“Yes, she could pass for nineteen easily.”
The men arrived with a big gray dog.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Her Secret Garden, Woman Tells All About Her K9 Lovers PART -II

Animal Sex

After what happened that summer, I simply went on with my life. I seriously never thought that I’d one day be actively having sexual relations with a male dog. However when I was 32 years old, that’s just what happened. I had graduated from college, got married and started a family.

Never once in all that time did having sex with a male dog even enter my mind. All that changed quite unexpectedly one summer day. We had been living at our new house in the suburbs for almost a year. Although I knew our neighbors directly behind us owned a rather large dog, We had absolutely know contact with each other.

One afternoon my son and some of his neighborhood friends were swimming in our above ground pool. When suddenly I noticed a something coming through the bushes at the back of the yard. It was the neighbors dog.

I had never seen him come into our yard before, so I was rather surprised by this. The kids however took absolutely no notice of this. The dog walked right up to me. Being a short haired dog, I could clearly see his sheath and balls, so I clearly new that he was a male.

I immediately felt a subtle, but unmistakable rush of sexual excitement from this. This was mostly due to his physical appearance. He was a large powerful dog. Turns out he was actually a pit-bull and brown Lab mix. However it was his face that actually turned me on the most.

He had a look of being a tough dog. The type that doesn’t take any shit from other dogs or human. One that attacks first, then asks questions later. Not that I liked vicious dogs or anything. I just found the natural expression of his face that seem to say, “I’m boss” to be rather sexually exciting.

So I immediately felt the urge to somehow get him alone. So as I casually walked back to the patio. I quickly realized that is was the actually the food I had out on the picnic tables that initially got his attention. So I fed him a few cold cuts, which he eagerly snapped up.

As I fed him the cold cuts, I couldn’t take my eyes off his sheath and balls. So I subtly moved behind a large evergreen tree by our back patio door. I was wearing my bikini, so I moved the crotch area aside exposing my pussy.

I then enticed him to me with another cold cut. Then just wanting to see what would happen. I spread my pussy lips with my fingers and literally pushed my pussy right up against his snout. I was actually surprised by what he did next. After a few sniffs and a few hesitant flicks of his tongue. He suddenly began aggressively eating me out.

He started licking so suddenly and deeply, that to keep from falling backward. I actually had to quickly grab onto the tree with one hand, while I kept my lips spread with the other. However I quickly realized that I didn’t even have to keep my lips spread for him.

So I just stood there behind the tree, while keeping an eye on the kids through the branches. Afraid of being in the yard like this. I just opened the back door and he followed me into the den. I then walked over towards the window and leaned out just enough so be able to watch the kids.

Without hesitation, the dog once again squared me up and kept aggressively eating me out standing up. I felt my clit literally throb with pleasure whenever he concentrated on it. He actually started really working on my clit, and I started pulling on my nipples as he eat me. I started to breath more eracticly and it wasn’t long before I sensed an orgasm building up in me.

The closer my climax got, the more I feared that one the kids would get out of the pool and come looking for me. I now desperately wanted to climax from his tongue. Thankfully he was working on my clit especially hard, so I finally reached orgasm. My legs quivered and I fell forward a bit,resting my forehead against the window as an electric orgasm pulsed through me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Clearly the best orgasm I ever experienced. Perhaps it was the circumstances alone, but the orgasm was truly amazing. I was still tingling from it hours later. Of course he didn’t stop liking after my climax. However I didn’t want to push my luck like this. So I voluntarily ended the licking session.

However the dog didn’t cooperate and kept following me. Still trying to get at my crotch. So I decided to let him lick a little longer, at least until the kids got out of the pool. That’s when he made his first move at initiating a mating session. This time after again sticking his whole snout and tongue deeply into me, he suddenly stopped licking and grabbed my thigh with his front paws and literally tried to stand up against me.

I immediately knew that he wanted to mount me. However I still didn’t know if he was a fully intact dog. Most dogs today are neutered when young and incapable of sex. So perhaps this was just an instinctual act on his part.
With the kids still swimming in the pool oblivious to all this. I knelt down and felt his clearly swelled sheath. I could clearly see the tip of his cock peeking out from it’s sheath. No sooner had I touched it, that he quickly swung around, clearly to get into position to mount me.

I realized this, and quickly stood up. I pretty much realized now that he wasn’t fixed, and was quite capable of mating me. This realization got me especially excited. Here was my chance to experience what Kristen, my Aunt, Rachel and her mom had years before. I realized that I really, really wanted to be “Sexed” by him.
Now that I had the perfect opportunity. My mind immediately began racing with thoughts on how I could do this. So I threw on a pair of sweat pants even thought it was eighty degrees out. I then called one of the kids mom on my cell, and explained how I had to step out for a brief time, So I’d be bringing the kids over for her to watch. I kept the dog in the den while I walked out and told the kids they all had to get out of the pool right now.

I quickly drove the kids. Including my own, a few blocks down to the other mom’s house. As the kids piled out of my SUV, I thanked her and apologized for this inconvenience. She understood, and told me to think nothing of it. I kept thinking if only she knew what I was really planning.

Extremely excited about the prospect of having sex with a dog. I couldn’t wait to get back to the house. However I didn’t want to simply pull into the driveway where everyone could see that I was home. So I actually parked a block away and actually cut through the dogs owners own back yard to get back to my own yard.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

My heart was pounding with both excitement and anticipation. At the thought of what I was about to do. Once back inside, I quickly locked the back door and drew the shades. I slipped out of my sweats and my bikini was now exposed again. I then quickly slipped off my bikini bottom and sat down on the den sofa with my legs apart for him. My hurried walk while wearing sweats, meant that I was sweating quite a bit.

Apparently he liked the taste of my sweat since he began licking the sweat off of my arms, stomach and thighs. However he soon focused again on my pussy. Perhaps it was the smell of my sweaty crotch combined with my arousal at the anticipation of what I was about to do.

I noticed that he was eating me even more aggressively and deeply than he did before. I responded by leaning back on the couch and putting both my feet on the couch giving him deeper and more complete access to my pussy. He eagerly stepped forward and took the few extra inches this new position provided him the chance to get his tongue even deeper into me.

I noticed that his eyes were shut tightly as he worked his large powerful tongue deep inside me. His snout was so deep that I could hear and feel him snorting for breath as he licked. Occasionally he would stop to lick his own lips before once again licking me deeply.

This didn’t feel quite as good overall, because he wasn’t licking my clit like this. Still I thoroughgoing enjoyed having and feeling his tongue so deeply in me. I was actually enjoying it more than I thought, because I realized that I was actually wasting time with the oral.

I wanted to mate with him, so I finally got down on all fours and simply presented myself to him. Initially he just resumed licking me, this time from behind. This was good too since he licked more of my clit in this position. Still I was hoping he’d mount. Fortunately I didn’t have to wait to long.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

He finally grasped my hips. Lifted himself onto my back and quickly gained entrance to my pussy. He then began aggressively humping me. I was glad too find that he really drove his cock into me when as he fucked. I could hardly believe that this was actually happening. Here I was in my own den being bred by a large aggressive male dog.

Although he only humped for about 20 seconds, he still managed to bring me to orgasm. Something no man had ever done or could probably ever do.

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I caught my sister fucking with dog

Animal Sex

I caught my sister fucking with dog

I got up the next morning and started to look around the house. I didn’t see anyone and there was a note from my sister saying she was going to be gone. Wow home alone. I went and put on a very pretty bra and thong that I had gotten the week before and went into my sister’s room to get a video or two. I grabbed two not even looking at what they were and went into my room. When I walked in I started to look at the dvds.

Ok one was a normal porn about a hospital, but the other well it looked like a normal dvd that someone had made. There were no markings on it or anything to say what it was. So of course I had to put this one on and what it.

It started with a small party of young people drinking around a fire in a big field. There were a couple dogs walking around. I didn’t think anything about it, so people took their dogs to a party. Then it cut to two girls kissing. I couldn’t tell very well but I could swear one looked like my sisters best friend. I laid in bed thinking to myself it couldn’t be her though.

I kep watching more then the camera turned to two other girls kissing. The guy holding the camera said look and Jessica and Rachael over ther making out. I had to hear it and look at it again. It was…it was my sister and her best friend kissing each other. The video from there ended…sort of.

The video picked back up after the party had ended. It was Jessica and Rachael making out some more. I throughly enjoyed watching them kissing and I knew they were going to do more. I started to play with my breasts. I was getting myself worked up not just watching them but thinking back to to day before when I was hiding in the closet watching my sister as she fucked the dog.

They started to undress each other. My sister slowly took her friends skirt off as she sucked on her neck. My right hand slowly left my breast and moved down and my pussy. I slowly started rub myself watching them. They went over to the couch sitting down next to each other rubbing each others clit softly moaning.

That was when the dog showed up and went over to her friend and started to lick her pussy. My sister leaned over sucking on her exposed nipples. I slowly pushed two fingers into my it felt soooo goood. Though I wanted more. I wanted to enjoy what I was watching like she was.

I could hear she was really enjoying his tongue and so did my sister the day before. I got up and went to my door and called Ralph. He was only happy to come but didn’t want to come into my bedroom because he would get into trouble when he did. I wanted to feel dog tongue work on me. I turned off the dvd and took it with me. I walked over to my sister’s bedroom and put the movie back on and fast forwarded to about where I was.

Ralph jumped onto her bed and I opened my legs for him to lick my pussy. He started to lick me his tongue felt amazing. It wasn’t long before she got onto all fours and gave her pussy to dog to fuck. I layed there watching her. I started to rub Ralph’s cock getting him harder. Oh my god his cock looked wonderful nice and long. God was our dog fucking her hard. That was when someone off camera said Oh what’s this another dog?

My sister instantly opened her legs for him. The dog started to lap at her pussy seeming to enjoy the taste of it. I was doing my best to wait till she was but I couldn’t. I needed to feel what she did yesterday.

I got on all fours like I had seen her do. He didn’t waste anytime about mounting me. He was having trouble finding his spot. I reached back under me to help him into me. Oh god his cock pushing into me felt amazing. Dog started to fuck me hard. I was glad no one was home.

I was almost screaming. I was rubbing my clit faster and faster. It wasn’t long before I was cuming on dog’s cock. It didn’t take long before my sister was on her knees being mounted also. Her friend was being knotted. Saying how good it felt made me want to be knotted also.

Oh god I needed his knot. I craved to feel what she did. It didn’t take long before I did. I started to feel him grow in me. He started to squirt his cum deep into my belly. It was one of the most amazing things I felt. We spent about fifteen minutes locked together like that on her bed before he pulled out of me and the flood of dog’s cum came out also.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex Stories-Susie Is A Beast, dogs other animals a mystery VI

Animal Sex

Animal Sex Stories-Susie Is A Beast, dogs other animals a mystery VI

Animal Sex Stories-Susie Is A Beast, dogs other animals a mystery VI

There was silence for a good half minute after Alice had completed her story. Susie was the first to break it.

“Did you say Lord and Lady Parker were present?” She asked. “ Lord Percival and Lady Georgina Parker?”

“Yes,” Alice replied. “Lord Percival has been a frequent visitor to the Hall. Often with Mr. Frickland, the prison governor. I believe they stay with him when they visit, although Lady Parker has only accompanied him here maybe three times. I don’t believe she comes down very often.”

“And what happened when you got back to the dinner table?” asked Harry.

Alice blushed. “I went about my duties,” she answered, “and then Sir Colin called me over to whisper in my ear and whilst doing this he slipped his hand under my skirt and into my pussy.”

“I’m sure he was well pleased with the result,” said Susie with a smile.

Alice nodded.

“He was not pleased when I told him what Mr. DeFreitas did,” said Alice. “He called him a scoundrel and he was going to have words with Lady Beth about his behavior.”

“I wonder if he explained everything that went on and his part he played,” commented Harry.

The discourse broke up and Susie went to her room to shower and change. She had asked if Larrymore could show her around and Harry gave his assent and wished he could join her but he had a mountain of paper work to look at and a meeting with Sir Colin’s steward who was most anxious to be kept in employment.

Just after lunch time the first edition of the evening papers were delivered with the breaking news announcing a new development in the murder of Dr. Morgheimer. It was Peter DeFreitas who was now the lead suspect. Lady Beth, his employer, had contacted police with new evidence and he had killed her pet dog and she was in fear of her own life.

DeFreitas had seen the same report and was thankful there was no photograph of him yet in the newspapers but he knew the later editions would be blazoning his face on the front page. However, he was well known in the Exeter community and he had to find somewhere to hide whilst he pondered on what to do.

He quietly left the hospital that had patched him up but he was heavily bandaged and a source of much attention. He hailed a taxi and once again failed to notice he was being followed. He had too much on his mind.

His first point of call was at his informant Parks’ home but when he saw the cab wasn’t there he surmised he was out on a job. Never-the-less he went into the home and the adjoining office where he used the phone. When he eventually made contact with Parks he knew immediately something was wrong. Parks had used the warning code word “red” three times in their brief conversation. Beth had got to Parks.

He left and cursed when he discovered the taxi had gone even though he had told him to stay. He was puzzled at that because no cabbie would leave his customer without first paying the required fare. It was then Watson appeared beside him. He recognized the man instantly and his blood boiled as this was the encounter that had started his problems the evening before.

He felt the gun at his side before he saw it and a car sped up to the kerb.

“Get in. I paid off your ” Watson commanded.

He obeyed, opening the door and climbing in. Even though the bandages handicapped him he was confident of dealing with Watson. He wasn’t even in a league below him. Two at least. The man was an amateur.

Watson followed DeFreitas into the rear seat and he could surmise what his prisoner was thinking. The surprise was for DeFreitas.

In seconds the driver had turned around. He was heavily muffled up as if against the cold and DeFreitas could not readily see the man’s features. Just his eyes behind horn rimmed glasses and a piece of wood between the man’s lips. Too late he realized what it was. A blowpipe. The dart hit him squarely in his neck and it was almost instantaneous when he passed out.

Lady Beth had just got word that she had to produce a performance with the hounds on the moors this very night and the Beast would be let loose.

Beth was annoyed at the short notice and it was going to be a pain to notify her guests that the meeting for tonight would have to be postponed. It was too late to stop the two that had some distance to travel but she would deal with that. The good thing was that she had the services of Edith/Ethel and Cecilia. They knew the Beast. She was now on the way to the stables to meet with them. As she travelled an idea formed in her head. The Stabledon’s had told them about the girl Susie who was staying at Masterwille Hall. The same girl who was a friend of Morgheimers and the girl who had visited Cecelia’s Dogs home before it was burnt down.

Beth decided she needed to meet this girl and maybe get rid of her, too. What better place than the moors and incorporating her into the legend. She wouldn’t need the services of Jenny to play the role of the damsel mating with the hounds. Susie would play that role. And what better way of enticing Sir Harry onto the moors? To save his young visitor.

She chuckled to herself. It was working out nicely after all. And the Beast would eat Sir Harry and Susie. The Beast had an appetite for blood. It enraged him. Beth hoped he was hungry. And then there was Edith or was her name Ethel? The damn girl kept changing it. It was obviously not her real name. She would have to go, too. And Cecilia? She sighed. She liked Cecilia. She was very useful and with Morgheimer dead she would need someone to look after her interest in The Hellfire Club. Best wait then and not get rid of Edith just yet.

She drove into the Stables and was pleased to see the Land Rover with the trailer. The Beast was already here.

Susie had had an interesting afternoon. She had visited Dr. Morgheimer’s home and met his housekeeper who was still sobbing at the news of his master’s death. Susie suspected though the woman was more worried about what she would do now and where she would live. The woman seemed horrified at the suggestion she look after Galahad and was genuinely relieved when Susie suggested she take the dog off her hands.

By the dog’s manner he wanted nothing of the housekeeper.

It was on the way back that dog let Susie know he wanted some sex and Larrymore was keen for it to happen. He couldn’t wait to bury his own knob into the body of the pretty woman and he stopped the carriage along a rough turn-off from the main road saying the horse needed a rest and he suspected the dog had his own “business” to look after.

Susie knew exactly what was up but played along with it even saying she needed to “take a wee wee”.

It was only minutes later she was on her back and Larrymore’s knob was plowing its way to and fro in her cunny. dog watched trying his best to get into the act, even to the point of licking Larrymores ass and balls as it moved up and down in time with his cock.

Larrymore didn’t last long and Susie hadn’t even had her own spend when he was finished and he rolled off her body puffing and blowing.

Dog was between the girl’s legs in a flash, licking up the sperm trickling out from her pussy and this was enough to bring Susie to orgasm. The dog bent right down, hooked his snout beneath her and actually made her body start to turn over. Susie helped and got into the required kneeling position and Galahad was on her back in a flash.

The dog was very excited and his enthusiasm got the better of him and he kept missing the target. Four times he had to get on and off the girl before he final found the wet hot slit and his cock sank inside his mate.

“Yes, yes, oh yes.” Susie grunted with pleasure. She found dog fucking so much more thrilling than human and she knew she would always be a k9 lover for the rest of her life.

Dog got more forceful and all too soon for Susie she found his knot already banging on the lips of her cunt. He was ready to make Susie his bitch again.

Susie squeezed her eyes shut. Crinkling at the corners as she suddenly exploded into orgasm and she could even feel the cords of her neck stick out with the strain of it.

Larrymore watched the knot against Susie’s hole, bashing in and out, trying to get inside and into that slick passage where it belonged. He watched almost in awe as the lips of her pussy ground open around the knot. Almost half of the ball was forced into her stretched hole. If seemed the dog’s balls hanging below her ass were keeping the big nut from already being inside her.

Susie pushed back hard and in an instant dog’s entire red cock, knot and all vanished into her sodden hole leaving her swollen cunt lips welded to the soaking fur of his belly and balls. Her hips rose back up placing her cunt open to even more penetration. Galahad obliged. He went into jack hammer mode. He slammed his hips
forward hard, only relaxing slightly on the outstroke. Each thrust was a renewal of his drive to burry the entirety of his cock into the hot bitch below him. He never pulled back at all, just kept pounding forward, deeply and endlessly into Susie, and she welcomed all of it.

“Yes! Yes! More! Fuck me! Fuck me dog!  More!”

She yelled, hunching her ass up hard into the heaving dog’s loins.

Galahad’s panting, hot on her face, combined with an occasional loving lick gave Larrymore the impression of two lovers kissing in the heat of passion.

Inside Susie, dog’s knot swelled to punishing dimensions. The lower chamber of
her cunt was formed into a perfect mold of the dog’s bulging, irregular shaped knot. As it pushed her chamber wide it drew down the base of her love hole, sucking the straining mouth of her cervix with it. Already impaled by several inches of dog cock, her womb stretched impossibly to swallow all the remaining flesh forward of the dog’s knot.

Contractions in the muscles at Susie’s distended opening grabbed the dog’s knot and pulled it deeper into her frothing cunt. Contractions deep in her belly forced her womb to drive the weeping cervix further down the burning shaft of Galahad’s dog meat. Her vagina had turned into a fucking machine, anxious to milk every burning
stream of dog’s cum from her bestial lover’s trembling nuts.

Larrymore had seen his wife mate with the dog many times but he had never seen anything like this. This girl was so hot. The dog was pounding into her violently now. She had been worried when dog knot had gotten into her it would be over as had happened before. Dog’s cum would shoot into her immediately and he would stop his fucking. Not this time. The dog’s movement’s were more restricted but his cock kept pounding in and out.

Everything was locked down tight; the swollen knot in Susie’s hole and the throbbing tip buried in her womb. That knot could not have been pried out with the jaws of life. It had swollen to unholy proportions with the need to breed the wild bitch below him.

Suddenly Galahad let out a series of whimpering yelps. His hips started quivering like his ass had been plugged into a wall socket. Susie started gasping…

“He’s cumming. He’s cumming,” she whimpered. She felt the dog’s hot cum jetting into the very center of her being like a geyser. She felt her own orgasm letting loose its own wetness like pee and Larrymore could actually see bubbles of cum managing to escape from the tight confines of flesh around the dog’s pink reddish cock.

The two lovers didn’t lay locked together too long. The dog seemed to want to get off from his bitch and with a loud slurping noise he pulled out his cock still spraying spunk and wetting Susie’s clothes.

With just a quick sit down and lick of dog  cock. An even quicker lick at Susie’s leaking wet pussy hole and he was away and into the carriage.

Larrymore helped Susie up and they continued in silence with Susie imagining the dogs that were in store for her later in the evening.

The poor girl had no idea of what really lay before her. But it was going to be a nice way to die.

 To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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