Animal Sex- Behind The Door, What was going to happen

Animal Sex

 Animal Sex- Behind The Door, What was going to happen! Husband approve dog  fucking woman
Husband approve dog fucking woman

The door opened the girl was feeling nervous what was she doing she did not know these people. She was nervous but excited her nipples felt like they were going to burst through her clothes.

She walked in the house, it was nice, the woman offered to take her coat and said you must relax I am thrilled you have decided to join us. Her husband asked if they would like a drink the girl said yes and the woman said they needed loosener get the wine down ‚you know what I am like with red wine, is that OK with you the girl nodded in approval.

The husband left the room and the woman put the TV on do you like watching porn she asked. I have only seen clips on the internet I find some of it fake but some I like. We have some we could put a one on if like to help the mood. The girl did not know really so she said yes have you got a one with a dog? (I cannot believe I have just said that).

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for


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Sunday, the day after first experience K9- PART II

Animal Sex

Sunday, the day after first experience K9- PART II
Seems to be still comming and thanks a gain I love the idea you are enjoying my stories any tips from more experience I would love to chat.

Sunday Morning after first experience K9 sex

The day after; her first K9 experience.
The girl wakes to a lovely warm feeling her body is radiant. She looks down and sees her dog snuggle at the bottom of her bed a big smile comes on her face he looks so content.

She thinks about yesterday and does not feel any remorse. In fact she feels on top of the world she is wet just thinking about it. Enough I must get up I have things to do the girl goes down stairs and make a cup of coffee and feeds the dog. She finds herself stroking and patting him more than normal.

She thinks to herself I have tasted him fully (I suppose it is right I have had sex with him he feels good). She has now accepted that it was a nice taste and she would like to do it again. She comes back down to earth and starts to do the housework and the washing. She finds herself keep glancing at the dog and smiling she feels like a new person.

She notices the time, it is time for the dogs walk; o what if that couple sees me, I will wait and go later; no what can happen if they do, they are not going to shout it out. That’s it come on boy we are going out. The dog is very excited but he is always daft at the sight of his lead.
They reach the woods and the girl takes her normal path the dog is off sniffing and running she just looks on; there is something different know she is admiring him not just watching him, the way he jumps runs so majestic.

She comes across the picnic area her thought flow back to yesterday when the dog was under the table and licking her WOW that did not take much she was soaking her knickers wet through. God I cannot go on like this she carried on walking she was not going to stop this time.

As she walked on she saw the couple up ahead of her, o no! do I go back she has turned round and looking at me. She is smiling morning she is saying I cannot here her but her lip movement is obvious. The girl finds her saying good morning back in a whisper the woman has a big grin on her face.

The girl can see her talking to her husband (I bet they are talking about yesterday), the girl became spell bound and carried on following them. They came to a “T” in the path but they carried on into the field.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

They normally go right, the girl found herself letting the dog go into the field so she could follow. They were walking around the outside of the field between the bushes and the field.
The girl turned round to see where the dog was, he was ok he was just enjoying the walk and in sight. She carried on walking where was the woman she could see the guy and the dog.

As she walked on she got a shock the woman was squatting and having a pee. O I’m sorry I could not wait I thought I would have been done before you got here. The girl could not keep her eyes of the flow of piss, “that is a lot she found herself saying”. Ye we had a late night drinking and having sex last night.

The girl thought that was a lot of information but smiled and said sounds like a good night. The woman stood up ye that was down to you and your dog yesterday, we could not wait to get home.
We decided to have a threesome with our dog it lasted all night. The girl could not believe her ears. What did you do? the girl asked the woman, my husband made me take all my clothes of in front of the dog and dance for him like a lap dancer.

It was very exciting I was bending down with my legs wide open and the dog was having a quick lick at my lips.

My husband was calling telling me I was the dogs bitch (the girl thought about her fantasy). That made me even more horny he told me to get on all fours I did, I thought he was going to get the dog to mount me, but he pulled the dog round so my face was looking at dog’s cock.

He told me to give him a blow job, it looked small as it was just peeping out of his pouch. I licked it like a good bitch it was growing bigger he looked so proud, bright red and waiting for me so I did.

I let dog’s cock in my mouth and worked on him. I was like an animal fucking hell my husband was telling me to do this and I loved it. The dog was squirting in my mouth my husband was stroking the dog and telling him to fill my mouth with your doggy cum the bitch loves it.

The dogs cum was all over me dripping down my chin and my husband was keep pushing the dogs cock in my mouth he could not get enough, Just then he let the dog go and he filled my mouth with dog’s cock and exploded, his cum mixed with the dog cum it was so naughty but so nice.

I drank as much as I could. That was your fault because we watched you being licked by your dog yesterday. The girl said it was her first time and she was looking forward to doing it again.

Why not come home with us and have a Sunday afternoon of love making we had two dogs and a man the five of us could explore how naughty we can be. The girl said she did not know I do not like being tied up or hurt. No the woman said I want pleasure not pain go on it will be fun.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

OK then she called for her husband and the girl called her dog. They walked home telling her husband that it had worked and she was up for fun. They reached the door and the girl thought what is going to happen next.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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How I got into K9 sex, 20 years ago

Animal Sex

How I got into K9 sex, 20 years agoA lot of people ask if we’re active and when I tell them we used to be a long time ago they ask for details. I like reminiscing about it so I don’t mind telling them about our past experiences. We decided it would be easier though to just write it out.

Hubby and I had been married a couple years when we started swinging. It was just something we both talked about in bed and wanted to try. We placed an ad in a local swingers magazine called “Swing ‘n Sway” and began meeting folks. We had a lot of fun with single men and couples along the way.

One of the couples we really hit it off with we’re a bit older then our very early 20s. Tom and Liz were in their 30s and lived a ways out of town. We all hit off and spent many days together going out to bars, going on trips and having kinky sex. They were a lot of firsts for us. Liz was the first woman to lick my pussy and the first woman I ever licked. Tom was the first man to fuck my ass other then my husband.

We were very comfortable in each others presence and it was not unusual for all of to be naked at their house all day inside and out in their backyard.

We were all hanging out in the sun sun just talking and drinking. Liz was sitting next to me on a big double lounger. Liz had let their two male Dobermans up on the deck to be petted and both were laying in the shade nearby. Liz called Otto (one of the dogs) over and was petting him. Liz let her leg dangle over the side of the lounger and without warning dog leaned over and licked her pussy. I thought she’d freak out but instead she spread her legs. Otto kept licking and Liz looked over at me and told me that he did it often and that she really liked it. She asked if it freaked us out and that she could make him stop. My first reaction was to nod but Liz seemed to be really enjoying herself so I told her it was fine. My husband also said it fine. As I watched Liz really got into it and orgasmed and had reached over to hold my hand as she did. I found myself leaning over over her and we started kissing as dog continued to lick her.

After she finally pushed him away her and Tom told us that they had been into bestiality for a few years. They waited for our reaction. I wasn’t freaked out and I told them that.

Over the next few visits to their place we saw Otto or Tank (the other Dobby) lick Liz several times. Once Liz got on her knees and leaned over a table while dog licked her from behind getting both her pussy and asshole. Finally one day I ask Liz what it felt like and she told me it was way different then when a man or woman licked her and the way to understand it was to try it. Long story short I tried it. I leaned back on the couch and Liz called Tank over. Tank was confused at first but then he started licking me with his long tongue. Between his rough tongue and Liz kissing me I had a huge orgasm. When Liz finally called him off I was limp as a wet washcloth. My hubby loved it and fucked me right after followed by Tom.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

After that visit it was not unusual for Liz to get one of the dogs to lick me and after the third time Liz said she had something to show us. She got down on all fours and called Otto over and he began licking her but then he jumped up and began trying to mount her. His front paws were around her middle and the pink tip of dog dick was showing. He was humping like crazy but getting no where until Liz reached back and guided him in. His veiny dick went into her pussy and then dog really took off. Liz was moaning like crazy and yelling for dog to fuck her. I was shocked and mesmerized and honestly, very very wet. Dog slipped out a few times but Liz would guide him back in. Each time I could see his cock was larger and the base began to swell up (his knot). The knot went into Liz and she went nuts. Dog slowed down and stopped and just stayed there panting. Liz was panting too. Tom explained that Liz had to wait for few minutes before his knot shrank enough for him to pull out. When it finally happened a ton of cum poured out of Liz and she laid flat on the floor for a little while. I felt flushed and my heart was beating like crazy. Hubby was watching Liz and rubbing his hard cock. Tom went over to Liz and rolled her over and began fucking her. My hubby came over to me and did the same.

Later we were all sitting around talking about it and Liz asked me point blank if I wanted to try it. I looked and my hubby and he nodded so I said yes. Liz got me comfortable on the floor with some pillows and spent a few minutes licking my pussy until I was soaking and panting. Then she went and got Tank.

It took some prompting from Liz but dog finally mounted me and Liz guided his cock into me and held it there until dog was truly fucking me. The sensation was not like anything I ever had. There was hot furry body on top of me pumping away and rapidly growing cock inside me. I was just enjoying it all and I felt hot spurts inside me. dog’s knot began pushing into me and I gasped. It felt gigantic! Then I REALLY began to feel cum pouring into me. I was cumming and gasping as his know slid back and forth for a bit before Tank stopped. Liz was kissing my back and my ass and telling me how beautiful and sexy I looked. I rocked back and forth for a bit enjoying the feel of dog in me. After almost 10 minutes he started pulling and his dick popped out of my pussy. Warm liquid rand down my legs. Like Liz I laid flat on the floor. I heard Tom telling my hubby to fuck me and that there was unique feeling to fucking a woman that had just been fucked by a dog. Hubby said he was right as he slid into me doggies style. He said I’d never been slicker and hotter.

We continued to visit Tom and Liz almost weekly. We’d have fun just talking or having a foursome but Liz and I would have the dogs fuck us as well. Once after Liz had had Tank mount her I didn’t even think about it and went down on her. I realized there was still a lot of dog’s cum in her and I could taste it. I wasn’t disgusted by it either. I asked Liz if she ever tasted it and she laughed. She called dog over and we went through him fucking me until I was dizzy. When he popped out of me, Liz showed his cock was still spurting cum. She slid under him and without hesitating began giving him a blowjob like she would any man. She let me take over and although I was reluctant at first, as soon as his cum was hitting my tongue I went at it deep throating his swollen dog cock. Sucking cock came natural to me. Since we started swinging a dozen or more cocks had crossed my lips of all shapes, sizes and colors. Now I had added a different species and loved it. The heat from dog’s cock was nice in my mouth and his cum although watery was very tasty.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

We continued to play with Liz and Tom for almost a year. Twice I went there and just played with Liz and the dogs while our husband’s were working. Unfortunately we had to move. Hubby was in the military and he got new orders. We kept in touch with Liz and Tom and even made plans to visit but they always fell through. In short life got in the way. We still continued to enjoy swinging but never got back to K9 play although we talked about it.

Finally we have time and the privacy to get back into it.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Hot Tub Neighbor, Cheerleader caught spying on neighbor

Animal Sex

Hot Tub Neighbor, Cheerleader caught spying on neighborI had just turned 19 and was home for the Holidays from college visiting my parents. They live in a fairly small town, not much goes on…their house is at the end of the street, with only one neighbor next door, the other house is vacant right now. I had never met the woman that lives next door to my parents, I just know she is fairly young, I thought she was close to my age. I’ve seen her a few times out walking her dogs, she has two dobermans that appear to be well mannered. I’m not much into dogs in general, they actually frighten me quite a bit.

I saw her the other night out walking her dogs, I knew she was attractive, and maybe it was the unusually warm air that night, but for some reason she looked especially hot tonight. She had long brown hair pulled back in a pony tail, was wearing a tank top that fit snug against what appeared to be perfectly shaped C-cup breasts and tight fitting jogging shorts. She looked to be about 5′ 5″ or so…not too short, not too tall. I found myself watching her in awe as she strutted past the front window of the house with a dog on each side of her.

Before I go on, I should describe myself…my name is Tina, like I said earlier, I’m 19 years old, cheerleader in college, I’m 5’3″, 100 lbs soaking wet, A-cup sized breasts with super sensative tiny nipples, I’m told I have a perfectly shaped ass but I think my legs are the sexiest part of my body. I have long blonde hair and bright blue eyes. I’m no virgin, actually I love sex both with men and women, so it’s really no surprise I found myself watching my neighbor tonight.

Around an hour later, I saw the lights to her back yard come on and heard her let her dogs out back. I decided it would be a nice night to go sit in the hot tub, so I put on my yellow bikini and headed out to my parents back yard to have a soak. My parents were out shopping or something, so I had the place to myself. I eased into the tub and began to relax, it had been a little while since I had sex and felt my hand wandering to my breast, tugging on my nipple through my bikini top. My nipples began to swell and I moved across the tub, positioning myself in the tub so that one of the jets was spiraling on my clit through my bikini bottoms.

I pulled my top to the sides and let both of my breasts free, nipples swollen and rock hard. I eased my hand down between my legs and pulled my bottoms to the side, the powerful jet hit me all of a sudden and I let out a deep “AHHHHH” as the jet spun circles around my pussy. I slid my hand down between my legs and slipped two fingers deep inside, feeling my orgasm approaching quickly. I continued fingering myself, pulling on my nipples one at a time, my breathing getting more and more shallow…I knew I couldn’t stop now even if I wanted to! In a flash…my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks…I was trying to contain my squeals because I knew my neighbor could be outside, so I tried my best to contain myself.

Slowly, my orgasm subsided and I just lay there, head on the back of the tub, heart pounding through my chest. Then I heard her speak…

“Hello? Yeah, I’m home. Come over, I want to see you. I’m out back, going to take a swim, let yourself in. Ok. See you soon”.

“OMG…I wonder if she heard me?” I thought to myself. Then I heard her dive into the pool. Curiousity got the best of me, so I lifted myself out of the hot tub and crept over to the gate. I don’t know why I wanted to see if she were naked or not, but I just had to look. I couldn’t get a good view from where I was, so I moved further down the fence line, trying to look through the cracks in the fence. Still, I couldn’t see much of anything, so I continued to try to find a better vantage point.

Before I knew it, I was almost in the front yard, peering through the cracks in the fence. That’s when I saw her…she WAS naked! OMG she was beautiful. I felt my pussy getting soaked again as I watched her swimming laps slowly. My had slid again down my body and pulled my bikini bottoms to the side, the cool air hitting my shaved pussy made me gasp a little, my juices were flowing like a river! I started fingering myself again as I watched her through the fence, that’s when I heard a voice behind me.

“Do not move. Police.” a very authoritative voice commanded.

I froze. Not knowing what to do or say.

“Put your hands on the fence and spread your legs”, the voice commanded.

I did as I was told.

I felt a strong hand grab my wrist and twist it behind my back, slapping a set of handcuffs on me. Quickly both hands were cuffed behind my back.

“What do you think you are doing here? Watching people without them knowing is a serious offense” he said.

“I…ummm….I was just…ummm…..” I couldn’t get the words out of my mouth fast enough when he jerked me by the arm and spun me around, forcing me to walk next to him. Rather than walking to his police car, which was parked in my neighbors driveway, he began walking with me to the rear gate of my neighbors house!

“OMG he is going to tell on me and show her who was spying on her” I thought in my mind!!!

“Wait…please…you don’t need to show her who I am. Isn’t there anything I can do to make it right? I wasn’t hurting anyone” I protested as he literally drug me, kicking and screaming, through the gate and towards the pool. Within seconds, both of the dogs were rushing towards us barking. I was terrified.

“Stop resisting or I’ll let them bite you” he said. I walked slowly beside him towards the pool, head hung low, totally ashamed of myself, clad only in my bikini.

“Hey babe!” My neighbor shouted as she rose from the pool, grabbing a towel and wrapping herself in it.

“Who’s this?” she asked.

“I caught this one watching you through the fence. The little slut was fingering herself while she was watching you too.” He explained.

“Oh really? Your parents live next door right? You are Tina if I remember correctly” she asked.

“Y…yyyeeesss” I managed to barely get out.

“So, you liked watching me huh?” She asked again.

I remained silent, totally embarrassed and afraid to answer. Suddenly, she reached forward and untied my bikini top, freeing my breasts to the cool air, my nipples hardening immediately. She stood back and admired my body for a moment. Stepping even closer, she whispered in my ear while taking my right breast in her hand and lightly pinching my nipple, “I asked you a question, did you like watching me?” she asked again.

A slight moan escaped my lips and I nodded. She chuckled a little and kissed my neck, then bent down and took my nipple in her mouth, sucking on it and teasing me with her mouth. It felt so good. I felt my juices flowing again.

“Well, since you like to watch, I’m gonna let you really watch. Bring her over here”, she said and pointed to a lawn chair near the pool. She had the police officer uncuff my hands, then made me sit on the lawn chair, placing my hands above my head, they cuffed me topless to the chair, nipples fully erect.

With that, she reached down and untied the bottoms of my bikini, pulling them away with ease. She then pulled me to the edge of the chair, pulling my arms tight and then secured my ankles to the legs of the chair, spreading my legs just enough to see my juices flowing from my wanting pussy. She took her middle finger and eased it into my pussy, effortlessly sliding deep inside me. I gasped again. No sooner has she begun, she stopped.

Within a minute or two, the police officer came up behind her and removed her towel, he began playing with her breasts as she stood there staring at me, his hands exploring her entire body. She turned to face him and started to remove his uniform…slowly, always glancing back at me to make sure I was watching. Within a few minutes, she was on her knees, in front of him, taking his swollen cock down her throat. Making slurping noises as she sucked. He had begun arching his back a little, holding her by the head, almost mouth fucking her…the sight was incredible and I was longing for a touch or something as I squirmed in the chair.

I was so consumed with the show in front of me, I had forgotten about the dogs. They must’ve smelled the sex in the air as next thing I know, there is one on each side of me sniffing. My heart stopped for a second, fear took over my body. I held my breath thinking they would just go away if I didn’t move. She kept sucking his cock, peering over at me through the corner of her eye, almost smiling like she knew what was about to happen.

One of the dogs stopped at my breast and snipped my nipple…his tongue snaked out and flicked across it, making me gasp at the contact.

“No! Bad dog. Go away. No” I semi shouted. My neighbor just looked over and smiled, then went back to sucking her boyfriends cock. Just then, the other dog found my scent…his nose immediately buried itself into my pussy. His breath was hot against the cool air and my pussy was aching for contact. But this was so wrong!

I tried closing my legs, but I couldn’t. He was so strong he kept my legs spread with just standing between them.

“Your dog…ewwwww….he’s…he’s licking me…make him stop! Please! I’ll do anything! No!!!” I begged. My heart was racing, I was afraid he would bite me. the one licking my breast stopped and a low growl escaped him.

My neighbor stopped sucking her boyfriends cock and looked over at me…smiling she said “Oh you’re about to do anything alright”, and then went back to sucking on her boyfriends cock!

“What? NO!!! Please! Let me go! You’ve had your fun!” I shouted. Right about then the dog between my legs let his tongue snake out and lick me from my ass to my clit in one swipe. I jumped at the contact. He did it again…and again…and again! His tongue seemed to slip deep inside me and reach places never before reached by any man or woman before.

I found my protests becoming more and more weak. My nipples were on fire, my cheeks flushed and my body was now betraying me. “OOOOHHHHHH” escaped my lips unwillingly as the dog kept licking me deeper and deeper, as if he knew exactly what he was doing to me!

I started raising my hips to meet his licking. Tossing my head to the side and sort of nibbling on my bicept as the other dog would randomly lick my nipple. I knew I couldn’t hold off an orgasm the way this dog was licking my pussy. The other dog licked more of my body now, inching up towards my neck, I could feel his breath on my neck, licking the sweat from my body with his magical tongue.

“Your dog is going to….make….me….Ohhhhh my…..Ohhhhh…I’m going to …..CUMMMMMMMMMMINNNGGGGG!” I shouted as the dog licked deeper than ever before trying to find the source of his tasty treat. I convulsed on his tongue, my orgams still raging through my body. I lay there with my mouth hanging open while he continued to lick me.

I felt the chair move a little, but was so lost in my orgasm I paid little attention to it. Until I felt something warm and wet hit my cheek. I opened my eyes to find the dog that had been licking my neck, had now positioned himself to be standing, with his front legs on the table behind me and his cock just barely an inch from my mouth, bobbing and spraying pre cum all over my face. My mind said no, but my head turned, my mouth opened, and I took his cock in my mouth effortlessly, sucking him trying to get more in my mouth. I was straining against my cuffs, leaning my head forward sucking as he inched closer and closer, small thrusting from his hips began as his precum sprayed the back of my throat.

I felt the other dog back away, then felt his weight on the chair, I knew what was about to happen. I didn’t care anymore. He pulled at me with his paws, almost lifting me off the chair to position himself to fuck me. I spread my legs as wide as I could and offered myself to him. After a few tries, his cock finally found what it was looking for…two inches inside me…I gasped a little at the heat…he adjusted again, 5 inches this time…and swelling inside me. I was lost in lust. He began jack hammering his cock inside me, getting bigger and bigger with each thrust.

I sucked harder and harder on the cock in my mouth, moaning loudly against it as the other dog made me his bitch. The one in my mouth began to swell, and a ball developed at the base of his cock, I didn’t know what this was, but it was huge! Soon, he was forcing his cum down my throat and I swallowed as much as I could…he pulled out of my mouth and continued to spray cum all over my face and breasts. It was so hot and sticky!

The other dog was now pounding me hard and fast…Another orgasm was on the rise as I could feel his “ball” sliding in and out of me, getting bigger and bigger each time he entered me. I knew how big the other one got and thought there was no way my pussy could take such a thing! Boy was I wrong! Just as I thought it…he adjusted and pushed hard! The entire length of his cock crammed inside me and my pussy locked tight around his ball. His thrusts became shorter and harder.

“Oh Wow! It’s in me….It’s so big!!! OHHHHH FUCCKKKK MEEEEE! YESSSSS! That feelssssss…..sooooooo goooooooodddddddd!” I cooed. By this time, I didn’t even care who was watching. I was so lost in the moment. As my orgasm began to climb, I felt a hand on my clit and began rubbing it. I opened my eyes long enough to see my neighbor spreading her legs and lowering herself down on my mouth, her boyfriend frantically rubbing my clit as their dog fucked me!

I immediately sucked against her pussy, moaning loudly as her boyfriend forced my orgasm out of me! I bucked wildly against his hand and the cock inside of me. I looked up again and saw my neighbor, smiling looking down on me as she ground her pussy against my tongue. I felt the dog tense up and begin pumping his seed deep inside me, I came AGAIN! His cum was so hot and so deep inside me. Her boyfriend continued rubbing my clit and then lowered his head onto my nipples, pinching them one at a time and sucking them deeply while their dog was stuck inside my pussy, pulsing, pumping cum inside of me.

Within a few moments, my neighbor began to cum on my mouth, screaming out loudly and grasping her own breasts in the night air. As she climbed off of the chair, their dog pulled a few times, and then popped free, his cum and my juices falling to the ground sounding like a glass of water being spilled. Her boyfriend uncuffed me and untied my legs. I laid there, legs spread, letting the night air caress my abused pussy, shocked at what I had just done.

After a few seconds, my neighbor came over to me and handed me a cold glass of water, then sat down next to me.

“My name is Nikki. This is Matt. The dogs are Thor and King, nice to finally meet you” she said.

“Ummmm….nice to meet you too I suppose….I’m sorry about…” and before I could finish, Nikki leaned in and kissed me passionately. As we were kissing, I felt Matt sliding something around my neck…I realized it was a leather collar.

As our kiss broke, Nikki looked me in the eyes, smiled and grabbed a digital camera that was on the table next to us….she showed me pictures of me enjoying the dog cock in my mouth, the one fucking me, and many, many more.

“You can go home now if you want, or you can stay here as long as you like…either way, when I want to see you, you had better come running, or these pics find their way to your parents….and don’t waste your time with clothes when I want to see you…your body is incredible and no sense in concealing it.”

As soon as she finished saying that, I saw my parents headlights pull in the driveway…I gathered my bikini and ran through the side gate back to the hot tub…slipping inside just as the kitchen light came on and my dad stepped outside.

“Oh, you are home, good…dinner in 30 minutes ok?”

“Ok dad” I replied…getting used to the feel of the collar on my neck and trying to think what I was going to tell my parents about it!!!

Chapter two to cum!!!!

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Dog Licking Pussy, Self Shot Video

Animal Sex

[flash f={image=}]Well it was many years since that happen to me, and I lived on a farm and would see horses and bulls mate.

Oh by the way (for those who claim to be hung like a bull best rephase that statement, cause the only hung animals that I seen on the farm was a donkey mule and horse.)

To see these animals mate made me wonder and got me so horny i wet in my panties, be wanting to have sex almost 24 /7.
How I wished I could have had someone to help me see if I could just feel a horse cock at my hot wet juicy pussy.
For me to see his cock start to grow and it was hanging out so hugh as it grew bigger and bigger it began to stick str8 out, damn it looked very nice, but it also scared me.
For the only cock I had was a mans cock in me. How was I ever going to let one the size of a beer can enter my hot throbbing wet horny pussy.
All I could do was just imagine it sliding into my hot wet cunt and pounding into me, as his strokes was slow but deep as I played with my pussy seeing the image,
this went on for years never to feel it.

Then thing had changed in my life and I no longer lived on the farm but I always had those sweet pictures of a horse cock in my head.
I got married and moved away, and my husband had gotten a dog. The dog grew up and was about 8 months old, every one left the house but me and the dog, I took off my shoe and socks last night and went to go get them in the living room.

I had only a t-shirt on, someone must have kick then under the sofa for I had to get on hands and knees.
To my surprize i felt this wet nose on my butt. Art first I was going to move but then I decided to see what this pup was up to, I was thinking of when i was 1st licked and how great his hot wet tongue felt to my cunt.

So I just stay how I was and let him sniff and then all of a sudden I felt a hot wet tongue lick my ass. The feeling I had when my family dog 1st licked me came rushing back, so i opened my legs to let him lick every inch of my ass and cunt. Damn it was feeling so good my clit grew hard.
Dog tongue was going into my opened pussy and it felt like it reach so far in it drew all my pussy juice out. He made my pussy cum so much i began to shake and i let him keep licking as i did my dog, I thought I was going to pass out until his tongue hit the right spot i squirted cum all into the dog.
As it squirted my dog he licked faster and harder, i was shakin from reaching my full cliamax, damn this dog knows how to treat a girl,  that day I was smiling at work all day long.
People thought i got me sum last night, but if they only knew the he wasnt my hubby.
When ever i had a day off I made sure I was looking for things under the sofa so our dog would see i invited him to lick me again.
Time and time again dog lick my hot wet pussy for a long time and his tongue would go so deep in me, he would make me cum so hard each and ever time we meet.
But then I got to thinking why didnt this dog try to mount me and if he did could I handle it.

Each day it never changed he never once mounted me, but i can surely tell u this his tongue did me just fine, but I still had this empty feeling i need a hot cock in me to complete my erg of a cock deep into my cunt.
Well one day the dog didnt come home, I went to look him, lord he had been hit and was killed, so never did I get to have his cock to enter my hot wet juice cunt that he would lick so great.
So now I was really set into wanting to feel more and find out more of how I could get a dog to lick me and then mount me.

But for now that is an other Animal Sex Story i will be sharing to all of u, I hope this is bring u to where i was brought from day one, to where I gone to and will be going again, hope this is as good as my 1st story or have I got better as I proceed to tell what happen to me. See My Self Shot Animal Sex Video

Didn’t know a dog could eat a pussy like that.

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Got Me Curious To Want More, or Dog Licks My Pussy

Animal Sex

Got Me Curious To Want More, or Dog Licks My Pussy

It all began when I was sitting on the floor looking over sum photos. My dog was laying there near me. As I was going throught the pictures I found sum of my family.

I sorted through them so I could put then in a book. My legs was spread open and my dog begun to sniff the air.
As I shuffled through the pictures my dog begin to lick my leg, his tongue felt rough but was warm and wet.
I started to get this funny feeling in my stomach as he kept licking. He went up my leg to my thigh, the feeling got stronger and I felt a wet spot in my panties.

I didnt make him stop cause I was curious as to how far he go he licked and he licked till he got to the crease of my leg near my panties, I could feel his breathe on me, as i felt his breathe my panties got a bit morre wet.


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I Caught, My Girl Is Fucking Our Dog

Animal Sex

I Caught, My Girl Is Fucking Our Dog

Just as I got into bed I heard Marie coming up the stairs, I lay perfectly still trying to fake a deep state of sleep as she entered the room and started rummaging for fresh clothes in her cabinet (I guess she didn’t fancy the idea of me finding a rolled up thong covered in dog cum stuffed between her legs.)

She found what she was looking for and quietly headed for the bathroom where I heard her hop in the shower, knowing how long her showers last I opened my laptop and decided to see if I could find out more about this new activity of hers.

Animal Story PART I

A quick online search later and I had found plenty of pages on AnimalSexFun of information on the subject from active females and males to onlookers, all of which said the same thin:

“Dogs are usually more well endowed than human males, around 1 in 5 human females enjoy either watching or participating in beast fun, a dog can produce more cum than a human and obviously there was no chance of pregnancy.”

I quickly deleted my internet history, logged off and got back into bed stunned that it was so common and that my own girlfriend appeared to be the latest fan.

I woke the next morning alone in the bed and suspecting that Marie had gone for round 3 I quietly crept downstairs, it appeared I was wrong Toby was asleep on the carpet like most mornings and Marie was sat at the kitchen table fully dressed as if she was about to head out, I decided for the time being I wouldn’t let her know I caught her voluntary dog fuck and just asked how she was feeling.

“Of course I am why wouldn’t I be?” she replied in a distant voice, I had no idea how to respond she knew I was there when Toby first had her surely she expected me to ask how she was coping? But I thought it best not to push the questions about Toby and instead asked how come she was dressed at this time in the morning.

“I’m just going to pop into town there are a few things I need to pick up” she said suddenly sounding defensive “I’ll see you later tonight I’m probably going to have lunch out so I’ll be back around 6ish” she got up grabbed her coat and shot out the door before I could think of a response.

6 o’clock came and went with me sat alone in front of the TV eating dinner, I had no idea where she was or how long she would be, I tried to call her mobile but it was off which really made me suspicious as her phone was a part of her she had to have it switched on and near her at all times.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

At 10pm I heard the door open and the rustle of shopping bags as Marie stepped inside, “hey sorry I’m late you know what I’m like when I shop” she said breathlessly, it was true she was a shopaholic but she always called to let me know if she would be late, “it’s no problem babe do you need a hand with the bags?” I asked trying to sound casual, really I just wanted to have a look at what was so important and I knew I guessed right when she quickly replied with a shocked “NO” followed by a breathless “really its fine I’ll just take them upstairs.”

Later that night when Marie finally fell asleep I started looking for the shopping bags, I know it was sneaky but I couldn’t help it, after an hour of searching I found the bags stashed under the bed in the spare room I pulled them out and emptied the contents onto the bed, I thought I was dreaming at first when I saw the items but I was wide awake and there on the bed were extra absorbent panty liners, vaginal douche kits, a fairly large rubber mat and a smaller bag, after seeing this my curiosity was peaked and I emptied the single content out of the small bag, lying before me was a black leather dog collar with a silver metal disk dangling from it, I thought it strange that she would buy Toby a new collar and risk me getting suspicious but as I turned the disk round my brain felt like it dropped to my feet, 3 word were engraved onto its shiny surface


A few weeks had passed since I found Marie’s secret shopping and I was on edge 24/7, I had no idea how to feel I was in a constant mix of shock, fear, confusion, jealousy and at certain times slightly aroused. I know most people enjoy seeing their partner engage in inter-species sex that’s why we are all members here, but as I have said before this was going on behind my back, as far as she knew I was oblivious apart from the first time and in my eyes when your partner secretly has sex with another person (or in this case dog) it’s cheating, so why when I’m on my own do I start imagining their secret couplings with a bulge in my trousers?

More and more frequently I started searching the internet for animal sex stories and information on girls having sex with dogs and the more I searched the more I enjoyed it however these were featuring girls I had no attachment to, whereas Marie was my girlfriend and I was being made a cuckold by her dog.

I decided it was time to act I would find out just how often she fucked dog so that I could “accidentally” walk in at the right moment.
One morning midweek I decided to set this plan in motion, I wished Marie a good morning and told her I had gotten a call from a friend asking me to meet him for drinks in the evening, I could see a look of anticipation in her eye and knew what she was planning to do during my absence.

Evening rolled around and got ready to leave when a thought struck me, I didn’t want to burst in only to find her in a completely innocent situation so I picked up dog’s lead and shouted out that I would take him with me and give him a walk, sure enough Marie shouted back with an edge of panic in her voice.
It’s ok hun I was going to walk him myself later I need to pick up a few thing from the shop and I don’t really want to walk alone.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

My god this woman can lie I thought to myself now certain that animal sex was on the agenda for them tonight. I left the house and quickly walked down the street knowing I had to walk a fair distance as I was sure she would watch out of the window to see if it was safe.

I turned the corner at the end of the road to make sure I was out of site completely and waited for a few minutes to make sure I would walk in during the fuck, I sparked up a cigarette to pass the time while staring at my watch as time passed painfully slow, “sod it” I muttered to myself .

I had waited long enough and slowly made my way back to the house trying to imagine what I should say. I have no idea how I managed to open the front door my hand was shaking so bad out of worry but I stepped into the hallway and closed it behind me trying to be as quiet as possible, I need not have worried about me making a noise Marie and Toby must have been in full swing all could hear was


(I guess she must have researched dog sex herself)


This was it this was my moment I opened the living room door and took in the sight of my gorgeous girlfriend kneeling on all fours over her newly bought rubber mat (covered in cum,) wearing only a black leather dog collar with the familiar heart wrenching tag, knotted to dog ass to ass like I had seen in video clips, her clothes had been dumped in a pile as if she had rushed to strip and what looked like a fresh panty liner placed in her underwear to soak up to evidence of their mating.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

Animal Sex

I Caught My Girl Fucking With Dog

OK this is my first story on here so be gentle I know punctuation will be terrible but I believe it’s the story content that is the main thing (names are changed to protect identity)
When I was around 22 me and my current girlfriend Marie were on a random Saturday night out, we must have drank our own body weight in alcohol before deciding that it was time for a taxi back home.

Now my girlfriend was never shy but whenever she had a few too many her inhibitions went out the window, so there we were sat in the taxi heading home when she decided the fun should start, her hand slowly slid down the front of my trousers to grasp my hardening cock.

Not soon enough the taxi pulled up outside the front of her house and we stumbled out onto the pavement, she crawled over to her door and unlocked it only to be greeted by Toby her black lab, I guess with all the noise we made getting inside woke him up and he wanted to come play.

Me and Marie stumbled into the pitch black living room closely followed by Toby I sat down on the sofa and Marie dropped on all fours between my legs, she reached behind and hitched her skirt up then pulled her thong down to her ankles.

I knew exactly what she was thinking and unzipped my trousers pulling them down to release my rock hard cock inches from her face, in a second she had me in her mouth slurping away as I received a fantastic blowjob that seemed to last forever I felt so close to cumming in her fantastic mouth when she suddenly stopped moving.

“What’s wrong babe” I asked trying to keep the frustration out of my voice, “its dog” she replied with an odd tone to her voice.

“He keeps trying to lick my pussy” she whined as she tried to shove him away.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

“Oh come on just ignore it babe keep your legs closed he won’t be able to reach”.

With a sigh she returned to sucking me and I tried to lose myself in the feeling again, it was hard going to enjoy myself when every few seconds she shifted, stopped and told the dog to sod off when all of a sudden she seemed to be bobbing her head faster and further onto my cock.

“Oh fuck yes babe that’s what I need” I groaned as she seemed to put more and more effort into the blowjob.

With what seemed like a great effort she raised her head off my cock panting “shit babe help me *pant pant* dogs jumped on my back something it in my pussy oh shit oh shit *pant pant* I think he’s fucking me *pant* oh my god my dog’s cock is jammed in my cunt he pounding the hell out of me babe help me get him the hell off me “pant pant”.

I completely froze as her words sunk in, I couldn’t believe it was the dog really fucking my girlfriend while she sucked my cock.

I slid across the sofa and onto the floor where I pulled my trousers up and fumbled for the light switch.

I can still see the image in my mind there was my girlfriend on all fours with her skirt hitched up round her waist her thong had fallen from round her ankles and lay in a ball at her feet, makeup smeared over her face and her hair looking as if she had spent a week living up a tree, but the strangest sight was her black lab with his front paws wrapped around her waist and his back end pumping towards her back end with a faint slopping sound.

I couldn’t move I just stood and stared at my girlfriend getting the shit fucked out of her by a dog, the sudden groan brought me out of my trance it was the unmistakeable sound of Marie’s orgasm starting and sure enough her moaning got faster and more high pitched until she let out a muffled squeal and started twitching and convulsing before looking over at me and whispering “you bastard get him off me I can’t believe I just came this is so gross” I could see tears well up in her eyes and I moved towards her and the pumping dog to try and separate them, before I took two steps dog’s seemed to lurch forward further into her and freeze.


I stepped forward only for dog’s to let out a warning growl.


” I could tell she was cumming again with the feeling of him moving inside her when suddenly with a slurping pop noise he pulled out of her causing another muffled scream from my well fucked girlfriend.

Again I stood frozen looking under dog at the largest odd shaped cock I had ever seen, it looked at least twice as thick as mine and about 10-11 inches in length but the strangest part about it was not that it was bright red and covered in veins but it had a large tennis ball sized lump near his balls.
I remember thinking to myself that this lump must have been the cause of Marie’s pain and probably her second orgasm too.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

She seemed to be barely conscious still on all fours with a river of thin white cum running out of the gaping hole that used to be a tight pussy, I stood there for what felt like hours before I decided to gently pick her up and carry her upstairs.

After carrying Marie up to bed and helping her wash and changed we headed for bed, needless to say there was no sex as her pussy was sore and gaping from her surprise encounter with Toby’s huge dog cock.

She was very quiet from the moment I picked her up and I put that down to embarrassment I mean not many girls would be fine with their faithful pet taking advantage of a situation and fucking them raw in front of their boyfriend (or so I thought).

I had trouble sleeping that night the thoughts of what had happened were running through my mind over and over, at around 2am I finally dozed off for a few hours but woke again while it was still pretty dark so I carefully got out of bed so as not to disturb Marie and made my way to the bathroom.

As I got back into bed I felt something was not right and it took me a few seconds to realise that I was alone in the bed. I had no idea where Marie could be, I looked in the spare room thinking she might have felt uncomfortable sharing a bed after the night’s events.

I was wrong she was nowhere to be found upstairs so I quietly headed down to see if she went to the kitchen for a drink, as I reached the bottom of the stairs I noticed the living room door was open a crack and a dim glow filled the room from what I guessed was the table lamp next to the sofa.

I couldn’t believe what I saw there she was my petite 21 year old girlfriend in the middle of the room on all fours naked as the day she was born with dog’s the black lab on her back furiously pumping away at her.

My mind was racing I was trying to rationalise the situation and work out how this accident could have happened a second time but as I watched I notice that apart from the moans and squeaks coming from her she was also muttering something, I strained to hear what it was she was saying and after a few minutes I could make out a few words

Oh god mmmm that’s so good, this is so dirty, dog fuck me, oh I love it, make me cum Toby, please, make me cum please dog’s”

This is crazy I thought to myself, she was disgusted by this a few hours ago and now here she was creeping downstairs in the early hours of the morning with the intention of fucking a dog.

I could tell by the pool of cum on the floor that they had been fucking for about an hour and showed no signs of stopping. Suddenly I saw her body tense as the lump on his cock sank easily into her signalling that they were both cumming at the same time.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I waited until Toby pulled free, I saw his huge red cock slip free and watched his puppy making seed gush out, she stood up kissed him on the nose and pushed her thong between her legs to stem the flow, realising they had finished I quickly and quietly went back up to bed with mixed emotions, yes it was hot to see her so free and kinky but also she was having sex behind my back I wouldn’t have classed it as cheating if she was open about it but this was not the case.

There is more to this animal sex story and again I will continue if people find it enjoyable but I’m very new to writing this way so I have no idea if I’m descriptive enough.

Compliments and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated as both help me to improve for your enjoyment.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Wife Dog Raping In A Park, Husband Sees

Animal Sex

Carla Dog Raping In A Park, Husband Sees
It’s a beautiful day and Carla is waiting for her husband in a park. Sun is shining and she sees no one around. She finds a broken bench behind some bushes and decides to take off her clothes and lie down.

After a while her husband arrives. He hears some growling and cries, and sees a big, aggressive dog raping his wife. The dog has firmly knotted his human bitch and dog cum is leaking from her pussy.

When the dog hears the husband, he rises up, so that Carla, helpless and crying, gets partly suspended by the dog’s huge cock. The dog snarls viciously to the terrified husband.

He stops and tries to calm the dog. He takes a few steps towards her wife, but freezes as the dog snarls and grabs her throat in his jaws. The dog looks viciously at the husband, holding her neck in his jaws and spurting streams cum into her pussy.
She grabs his left forepaw with her left hand and with her right hand holds his head so that he wouldn’t bite any deeper into her throat. She moves her legs to ease the pain in her cum leaking pussy, but she can only wait for the vicious dog to end the breeding. Her husband can do nothing but watch the horrible scene, a huge dog breeding his beautiful wife, using her as a fuck toy.

The dog keeps pushing his huge cock and knot into her while a continuous stream of doggy sperm is flowing from her pussy. Her pussy painfully stretched and pumped full of sperm and her throat tightly in the jaws of a snarling beast Carla starts to pass out. Her hands become limp and her pussy is wide open for the dog to use.

Seeing his wife losing consciousness Carla’s husband takes a few steps to come to help her, but he has to stop as the dog tightens his grip around her throat and pulls her head and upper body up. She is limp, but she is breathing and moaning.

The dog increases his tempo, pushing his huge cock into her with powerful, stabbing thrusts. She is shaking like a rag doll in his jaws and her big tits are flopping as the dog thrusts his cock even deeper into her.

After 10 to 15 minutes the dog stops fucking wife. He is still holding her throat in his jaws and snarling to her desperate husband. The dog tries to get his cock out of her pussy, but the knot is too big.

For a few minutes he waits holding the throat of his unconscious human bitch in his jaws and looking straight to her husband’s eyes. Finally the cock pops out of her pussy and a huge stream of sperm flows out of her pussy. The dog releases her throat and runs away. Carla moans and opens her eyes seeing the dog. She understands the his last glance:


The the dog is gone. She closes her eyes as her husband finally is able to come to help her.

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My Horny Sister Loves Fuck With Dog!

Animal Sex Story

My Horny Sister Loves Fuck With  Dog!
A few days later while my parents were at work I went into my sister’s room and grabbed the unlabled disk again. I called Ralph into my room. I needed to feel him in me. After the first time I had craved to be with him as much as I could. I quickly got down to only my bra and panties.

Ralph being ever such a good lover started to push his nose into my covered but increasingly we pussy. I put the dvd in and quickly got to the mountings. My hands started to roam my body I slowly slid one hand into my thong. Dog’s stoped trying to get to my pussy and instead came up and started to lick my face. I knew for sure I wasn’t going to be able keep my panties on long as I was already needing to feel him in me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I got dog to where he should be right above me. I could see the dog cock was coming out a little so I started to suck on him still rubbing myself. As I kept sucking on him dog’s cock was starting to show more and more. I slid two fingers into myself. I was sooo wet sucking on him hear the two on the video moaning knowing I was next. I couldn’t take it any longer I needed him in me right now. I was able to lift my bottom up enough to slide my thong off. I took placing them close to his nose.

I was able to get him to move away from my mouth. I pushed his head down to my pussy letting him know what I needed and wanted. It only took a second or two before I could feel his tongue licking my pussy. I was moaning loudly as I opened my pussy for him to push his tongue deeper into me. One hand holding it opened as my free hand played with my tits. In my lust for him I failed to notice that someone had came home. His tongue alone sent me into orgasam. I wanted more…I needed more by then. I layed there as he just kept licking me. The feel of another orgasam building in me didn’t take long.

I’m still not sure how I got him pushed away long enough to get onto all fours but I did. He wrapped his big paws around my tiny waist and started trying to his the right place. I reached undermyself and guided him to his love hole. Oh god feeling him push into me was wonderful. I was looking at the door and noticed it open slightly but I couldn’t do anything about it now I was under Ralphs control.

It was then my sister pushed the door open the rest of the way and walked in. She closed the door behind her and locked it. She just stood there with a smile on her face watching me being fucked by Ralph.

I see you found out the secret I’ve been hiding.


Yes, my little slut, our dog is is a wonderful lover.

She walked over to my and stroked the side of my face with one of her hands as her other hand roamed my chest pinching and pulling on my nipples. The more she pulled on the nipples the louder my moans got.
Now that I know your secret little sis you’re going to do as I order you to do from now on ok?


This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Good girl. Now she said as she stood up and took her panties off in front of me.
Being a good girl like you said you’re going to be I’m going to watch you. She took her panties and placed them in my mouth then she left room quickly to return with a dildo.

Dog’s was still fucking me I could feel him growing larger in me. My sister took my desk chair and sat in it. She placed her feet on the foot of my bed.

Can you see?


I said through her panties as I enjoyed the taste of what juices she had on them.

She smiled at me as I watched her slowly push her dildo into her with one hand as she fondled with her right tit with the other.

I pushed back on to Ralph making sure that I was going to get dog knot in me. His knot was starting to get bigger and bigger streatching me. I reached under myself playing with my clit. My sister watching me moaning as she pushed her dildo in and out of her. She stoped long enough to take the panties out of my mouth.

I see he’s stoped fucking you sis. Is he locked into you?

God yes he is.

She took her dildo and placed it next to me on the bed and smiled at me.
You’re going to get me off now. She climbed under me putting her pussy right at my mouth. I could feel her starting to suck and lick on my clit with Ralph still in me. I take and lower my head to her sucking her clit into my mouth. I placed a finger into her she was very very wet.

Moaning loudly into her pussy as she was making me cum again. She started to lick me faster as I could hear her moans become loud. I knew she was going to cum with her baby sister. Ralph got small enough and pulled out of me and a stream and his love fluids flooded out of me on to her.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
When Dog’s got off from me he got off from my bed and started to clean himself. She rolled me over placing me on my back as she got off from me.

She sat there next to me as I was exhausted.

So sis you now belong to the two of us.

Yes sis I know. “Oh fuck I’m a dog slut I’m your slut”

Good….next time we’re going to make a video of the two of you and maybe if you’re being a good girl and not a greedy dog slut I will let my friend join you two.

With that she smiled, took her panties and left with Ralph right behind her

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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My First Time- My Dog Lick My Pussy

Animal Sex

My First Time- My Dog Lick My Pussy

My First Time- My Dog Lick My Pussy

Hi my name is Michelle and this is my first time writing here. I am 40 years old and only discovered i love animals (my dogs) I have 2 lovers, Oscar is a 6 year old black lab mix and Gizmo is a 4 year old jack russell.

It was about four years ago when it first happened…

Let me describe myself first, I am 5ft 10in tall and i have an athletic build, i fit a snug C cup and i have long blonde hair(recent) but im a natural brunette.

I wake up for work at 8:30 but i woke up early this particular morning and i was feeling so horny!!
So i took out my favourite toy and had some fun before work, my favourite toy is a 10in pink vibrator.
I was imagining my gf playing with my clit and sliding it into me, my finger was playing with my clit while i was fucking myself to heavenly bliss.
It didnt take too long before i came and i pulled out my vibe and lay back on my pillows with my eyes closed.
That when i heard it, I looked down between my legs and there was gizmo licking my vibe and he really seemed to like it. I just sat there looking at him and feeling very turned on by the thought that my dog was licking my cum off my most intimate toy O.M.G it was such a turn on.

After a while he stopped licking the vibe and started sniffing around at the sheets getting closer and closer to my pussy, I was just spellbound and I realy wanted to see what he would do. He found it!! his cold nose sniffed at my pussy and I nearly jumped with the shock even though I was watching him.

I was about to stop him and which him out of the room when his tongue darted into me, O.M.F.G it was amazing, so warm and rough in the most sensual way possible, I couldnt believe I was letting it happen but it felt sooo intense and soon I was on the verge of a really intense orgasm and I didnt want to stop at all, it was like dam bursting, my legs were shaking and I could hardly breath.

When I started to come down off that high I became aware of the wet puddle on my bed under me, at first i thought Gizmo but i was still leaking, my orgasm was so intense i had wet myself, Gizmo was at the door waiting to my room waiting to get out. after i let him out i sat on the bed thinking about what had just happened and decided i was going to see how far this would go, then I looked at the clock and realised I was going to be late for work……

Please let me know if you want to know more, I’m not a writer but please let me know what you think and if you want to email me leave a message

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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So Curious-female journey to first time k9 sex

Animal Sex

[flash f={image=}]My real short ANIMAL SEX video

I have been lurking quietly on this website for over 2 years, signed up just over 2 years ago. My curiosity has been building exponentially… and yet so many times I have read over the classifieds trying to decide if I am brave enough to ask for someone to help me lose my k9 virginity. Yes I am such a coward, in new social situations I get so nervous and shy to the point I blush, lose the power of speech and visibly shake.

So having written the 100th classified (all others deleted, as I chickened out just looking at the submit button) I got a grip and decided this is something I would rather regret doing than regret not doing and clicked that button that had been winning the stare outs previously.

Within 10 minutes of posting I had a message, just seeing that I had a message already I started to shake with nervous excitement. A flurry of messages in the following 24 hours, suddenly I am stumped by how to respond to one, nothing bad, just sometimes I don’t know how to respond (sorry). As am umming and erring on what, if anything, I can say another message comes through. This one is very much to the point, and I start feeling a little intimidated. As such I write 10 possible, yet very wittery replies, each getting deleted, then I get brave again and press send on my 11th attempt at a response to his message.

This Animal sex story as Girls tight cunt fucked by dog was exclusively written for

His next message managed to put me at ease somewhat and I we started talking on messenger. Well really he started talking I slid into a monosyllabic set of responses with occasional offering up information as I realised conversations tend to work better when I actually try to take part.

The more he talked about his gorgeous dog the more overexcited I became, at this point I knew I had to do this, I have to follow through, I must not chicken out. Having relaxed more, I ended up speaking more freely, offering up information I felt comfortable with sharing. Kindly he shared a view of his pictures with me… at which point I lost the power of speech again. Over the next few days we spoke for hours at a time over what, when, where, how, verified that we are who we say we are via cam. So with a date, time and place set all that is left for me to do is not let my nerves get the better of me before Friday…….

Well Friday nearly didnt happen! :roll:

I dont even know how I managed to sleep as lying in bed Thursday night my mind was racing, imagination gone wild in anticipation, knowing that in less than 12 hours I was going to actually fulfill my biggest fantasy… that I was going to have my k9 cherry popped! I woke up at 7am bubbling with excitement, faffed around the house keeping myself busy waiting for the ex to turn up at 8.30am and take over from me so I could leave…. 8.45 came and I chased him up only to find out to my annoyance that my phone call had woken him up, but that he would come straight over. Still overflowing with excitement I busied myself trying to keep distracted a little thinking that if ex turned up after 12 I wouldn’t have a hope of making this happen… eventually he arrived at 10.45am 10 minutes later I was setting off and boy was I nervous.

The whole 2 hour drive I was squirming more and more, the closer I was the wetter I became… I am aware that I over think things alot, this was no different. By the time I pulled up at the owners house I was shaking. Max, the gorgeous German Shepherd ran out to greet me as the owner walked out to me. I know owner spoke to me when I arrived but cant remember anything that he said.

I couldn’t bring myself to do anything other than squeak in response. He invited me in, as we had discussed and agreed in our previous conversations, once we were inside he took my panties, wet from my over excitement. Max lapping at me in the hallway, I was instructed to go upstairs, by this point I had gone into my rabbit in headlights state which I knew would happen and had warned owner, I stop talking can nod or shake my head but have to be told what to do.. So owner said “on your knees girl”. I got down on hands and knees, i squirmed as dog’s rough tongue ran over my ass and pussy, which made me gasp at just how amazing it felt. Although I have a good imagination, it was just so much more! Then as quick as anything he mounted.

This Animal sex story as Slut inserts dog cock in her pussy was exclusively written for

When I say quick as anything even owner was surprised at just how quick he mounted and found his target, doggy canine cock slid in so easily as I was so wet from my anticipation of that very moment. He thrust managed to thrust his knot in on the first long hard stroke and it just started swelling, dog cock felt hot not anything painful just an “Oh my god that feels so nice” sensation… I had a lot of those.. especially as it felt that he was pulsating inside my pussy, feeling him squirt his hot cum, just filling me so much more than have ever felt.

The owner, was asking if was I was ok, all I could manage to do was nod as I orgasmed, but yeah I felt way better than ok hehe. My inner thighs were trickling with his cum as just kept going, I mean I read how much there was and have seen clips… but really it is one of those moments where until you try it you wont believe it.

This first fuck lasted about 8 to 10 minutes with doggy cock throbbing and squirting all this time, its the first time I have managed to orgasm twice in such a short period of time, just whilst being fucked. Slowly dog then relaxed and eventually slid out and at this point I could feel his cum really start to flood from me. Just as I started to think I could relax, but before I had chance to move, his tongue was lapping at my pussy and ass once more.

I had agreed with owner that he would fuck me immediately after dog, as owner moved dog around me, he told me to look up and see the cock that moments before had been knotted inside my pussy… and wow that was a pretty amazing moment, staring at the gorgeous canine cock, as the owner entered my hot dripping wet pussy. Now that felt good… not quite as good as Max (sorry) but if I get the chance to repeat this experience I wouldn’t change a thing!

Owner then sat me down on the towels and gave me a hug, asking if I was ok as was so quiet, and just quivering. I just looked up at him, grinned and nodded, after about 20 minutes or so dog started licking at my ass and still leaking pussy. I am greedy with sex before I had been fucked by dog, so was already horny as hell again. So eagerly and shakily I got on all fours, and dog mounted straight away, and even wetter than before his knot slid straight in and started swelling..

This Animal sex story as Beautiful girl fucks big doggy cock was exclusively written for

Now at this stage I know I orgasmed again and then things start to get really hazy as was overwhelmed with just how amazing it felt, dog hot cock, swelling knot and the pulsing of his hot cum. Owner helped me sit down as by this point my legs were trembling, after a little while I stood, and cum just ran down my legs straight down to my ankles… “oh!” was all I could manage to say before realising I should probably attempt to clean myself up a little as there was just so much!

Needless to say I will be doing this again, (as soon as possible!) owner knows he is too far from me, for me to visit regularly which is sad, as would love to just keep returning for more! He knows I would move next door if it wasnt for things in my life that stop me.

I am no longer a canine virgin, I am dog’s bitch and I love it!

And I really just want to say thank you so much to the owner and dog for making my fantasy a reality!


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Dog Wakes Girl or Jacking Off Some Dog Dick

Animal Sex

[flash f={image=}]Nice girl asleep in bed. Her dog jumps up on to the bed. He is playing with her rubbing his head into the bed and rolling over she is rubbing his belly the dog is liking the attention. Her hand slips and makes contact with the dogs cock pouch. She moves her hand away and starts to stroke the dogs head. She jacking off dog dic.

She has a naughty look on her face, you can see what she is thinking (should I touch him again?). She looks sheepish but her hand goes down again, but this time she is rubbing it the little red end is coming out. She seems to be shocked and pulls back her hand. She looks so surprised after a couple of seconds she finds herself feeling between her legs she is dripping wet. Now she knows she liked what had just happened.

She offers her wet hand to the dog and murmurs would you like to taste me? The dog is licking her hand and she is feeling so naughty but she is not going to stop that long tongue is cleaning every drop of her off her hand; she has the other hand up her love hole she swops hands and the dog is loving it. Girl has noticed the dogs red cock is getting bigger she cannot keep her eyes of it. Girl brings her hand down to her love hole and the dog is following her hand. She is panting her chest feels like it is going to burst wow what a feeling.

The dog is licking her cunt and it feels out of this world. The tongue is going deep she cannot believe the sensation she is out of control and starts to play with the dogs cock he is about six inches, the dog starts to fuck her hand she is struggling to keep a hold of his doggy cock before girl can do anything the dog is squirting all over her she cannot stop him his doggy cum is over her neck and chin she is trying to push his cock away but he is to strong and thrusts forward and dog cock touches her lips.
She jumps back and leaves go of the dog, not believing what she has just done but it felt brilliant. Let’s see if she goes further the next time

She goes down stairs to make a cup of coffee, the dog does not leave her side. The dog goes into his bed and has that puppy dog look.

She sits down and starts to dream about what has just happend (did it really happen) yes was the thought as she was wet again just thinking about it. The dog cum on her neck and chin.
Stop I must stop this she told herself. I need to get some air so she got the lead and set off to her normal walk with the dog.
She lived close to a wood were there were picnic areas for people to sit as the dogs ran round the woods.

She normally walked to the picnic tables and back to her house (she could sit and the dog would wonder off and keep coming back. Nothing changed this morning as she sat watching the dog her mind started to go back to the event in the bed. She was wet again she could feel the cool of the air between her legs.

She did not know how but her hand was playing with her private parts (she did not remember thinking I would like to play with my self).
There were people around what was she doing all she could think of was the doggy cum on her neck and chin.
She starting to think about the red cock touching her lips and the taste of the dog cum, it was a bit salty but she thought it had like a metallic taste not a bad taste just hard to explain.

She looked around and there was no one there she shouted for her dog. He came back and went under the table and was licking between her legs.
The feeling was so strong she was breathing heavy her lungs were exploding. She had moved her knickers to one side and the dog was licking her love hole and her fingers.
God this was so naughty but what a great felling she opened her lips more to let the dog in, he did not wait his tongue was in as far as he could get it. She was still thinking I must be dreaming “I cannot be doing this”.

Then it happened a wave of pleasure that she had not experienced before. She yelped like a puppy, what a shock she looked around lucky there was no one there. She thought that was good she did not want to stop and she did not she opened her legs as wide as she could and give one big shout “goooooood boyyyyyyy” she could not believe what she had just done.

Just then a couple came to the area she thought had they heard or had they been watching. She put herself right got the dog out of under the table and walked away quickly. She rushed home did they see her she did not know “ I will not be able to go back there”.

She was home and feeling safe; wow this is feeling so naughty she lay down on the sofa the dog lay down beside her and she just stroked him gently. She started thinking how exciting it had been.
If they had seen her it must have turned them on because they came close to her, did they try to see more.
She had stopped feeling guilty, her thoughts turning to how she had give them something incredible to chat about when they got home. I bet they will try it with their dog. She started to dream what would have happened if she had let them catch her.

ANIMAL SEX The day dream

The couple comes close to the table; the dog is still between her legs. She is feeling nervous the woman (she looks about 35 yrs young) ask; could she sit beside her while her husband walks the dog. The girl (is 23yrs young) says yes not knowing what to do (the dog is still licking her love lips under the table). She quickly pulled he skirt down her legs (the dog was still not moving she covered his head with her skirt).

They must have been watching her. The woman sits beside the girl and swings her legs under the table. Wow she says that’s a nice dog he looks like he likes pussy. Yes I have been trying to stop him but he will not stop.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

The woman stoops down let me help you she pulls the girls skirt up and pulls the dogs head towards her. She opens her legs she has no knickers on the dog starts to lick the woman. “there he is a good dog you were right when you shouted”. You and your husband have been watching me! yes we could see everything. Just then the woman gave off a sigh he is good.
Do you fancy going into the bushes? We have a super spot just up there were my husband and I have sex. No one can see but we can see people passing us very close. It is very exciting.
The girl says yes she is spell bound. They don’t walk far when the woman says in here. There does not seem a way into the bushes but the woman pulls away the bush and there is enough room to go behind the bush.

How I Became A Doggie Bitch Whore

When they get behind there is a nice bit of green grass not big but big enough to lay down. She could see the path through the bushes but the woman said they cannot see us in here. The lay down and the woman lifted her the girls skirt up and took her knickers off.

The girl was shaking with anticipation (what was she going to do to her). She got the dog and started to patting the girls pussy, come on you know you want this. The dog was there like a shot the girl could not get her legs open any further. The woman pulled the dog round so it was in 69 position she was kneel down in full control, the woman was playing with the dogs cock right over the girls face.
The girl was enjoying every second of it. (The girl paused she did not know where these thoughts were coming from.

This morning was the first time she had touched her dog let alone have sex with him. She carried on stroking the dog as she lay on the sofa and carried on with her day dream). The woman was making sure the girls lips were open and the dogs tongue was going deep.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

She was telling the girl you are his bitch as she was wanking the dog. The girl was looking up at this big red hard cock being played with by the woman and feeling her dog licking her love socket wow. She was told to kiss the cock which she did without question.
She was told that looked good you bitch, put him in your mouth. This again she did without question the dog gave her a squirt she pulled back. The woman said what you doing he is given you his doggy cum open your mouth and drink. Her mouth was soon full and she had to swallow (the woman was telling her drink you bitch love your dog) she was in ecstasy doing what she was told.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

WOW she came out of her fantasy her body was in the middle of waves of pleasure she was jerking. Her muscles in her love socket were going wild and she was not touching herself (it was just one wave after another with no control). She was feeling sensations all over her body and she could not stop them this went on for a long time she was soaking.
She needed to go to bed. As she walked up the stairs she could feel her lips rubbing and she was still cummmmmmming. She got into bed and just thought what a day the dog jumped on to the bed and lay beside her.

How I got into K9 sex, 20 years ago

Her thoughts just kept going over the day and that fantasy where did that come from how did I cum without touching myself? One thing after another then she fell asleep.

What will happen the next day its Sunday and she will have all day with her dog.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

This dog is loving to be jurked this way. dog can probably go for hours like this also she is holding it from the right spot behind the knot. Really sexy, her nipples are sexy and so is his sexy cock

Animal Sex Review from Gilgood

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Raped By Dog Bambi, Male Animal Sex

Animal Sex

[flash f={image=}]

Watch on Male knots chubby guy and pulls out and bed! I was almost nineteen, and I was home from college for a few days around Columbus Day. My father knew that I was grown up, but he wanted a few days with his son before I went off into the world as an adult and before his illness made him an invalid. He wanted me to go hunting with him for a few days on the land owned by a close friend of his. It was about five hundred acres of forest and meadows in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York.


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Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XV

Animal Sex

Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XV


Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XV

Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART X
Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XI
Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XII
Animal Sex Stories-Sexual Secrets Of A Suburban Family PART XIV

Amba Bose pushed her fingers deeper into her wet cunt, she was cumming but couldn’t make a sound. The object of her desire was her son in the shower jerking off, she watched as he stroked his long cock with his eyes closed before shooting his load in the shower.

Amba sneaked off to her room and lay on the bed. Amba was a nympho, he r husband knew it, it was all he could do to keep her satisfied but several times a day she had to use a dildo to calm her frustrations.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Amba and Ajay Bose had met in Eastern India, she got pregnant at eighteen, a quick marriage ceremony and the two of them were sent to America by their wealthy parents. Amba had twin boys, Scott and Aaron and a daughter Tiffany, as they were going to be going to school in America they were given western names.

Amba secretly wanted her sons to fuck her every day, it would ease the frustrations she had if she had two more cocks to choose from. Besides she had seen videos and pictures of women with a cock in their pussy and one in their ass hole, she wanted to try that with her sons.

Ajay Bose looked at the record in front of him, his patient was Sir William Pocksworth, they had met socially many times, at first Dr Bose thought having a baronet on board might help him, but they became good friends.

Willie, as he was known to his friends sat opposite as they talked, the doctor ha d taken Willie into his confidence and was telling him about his wife.

“I can’t keep up with her anymore Willie, she draining me, I’m absolutely shattered”.

“Bring someone else in then”.

“She won’t do that, says it would be like cheating”.

“Only one thing for it then Ajay”.

“Oh, what’s that then”.

“You’ll have to let your two boys fuck her, keep it in the family”.

Dr Bose looked at him with eyes wide open, “you’re serious aren’t you, she would never go for that, no she would say no, probably go mad at me”.

“Do you, do you, how shall I put it, fuck Pocky”.

“Of course, every day if I can, it’s wonderful fucking your daughter, much more exciting”.

“How did you get Hooky to agree, didn’t she put up a fight”.

“It was her idea on the night, a dare, I had to lick Pocky’s pussy, she said I had to do it, after that Pocky said I had to fuck her, that’s how it started”.

“Do you really think she’ll go for it?, what if my sons despise me for asking”, asked Ajay.

“Ajay, I’ve seen your wife, what red blooded man wouldn’t want to fuck her, even her son, your wife is every man’s dream fuck, why don’t you just ask her first and then if she says yes, deal with the boys”.

Driving home Ajay thought about it, it would take the pressure off him and she wouldn’t look on it as cheating, it could be the answer.

As usual the firs t thing Amba did was to take him upstairs to fuck. As they lay after Ajay plucked up the courage to ask.

“Amba, you love your sons don’t you, I mean really love them, I need help Amba, I can’t keep up with you any longer, do see what I’m getting at”.

Amba stared at him for a moment, “no I don’t get it Ajay, you know I love my sons, and Tiffany, what are you”. Then it hit her, “oh my god, do you mean what I think you mean Ajay”, her heart pounding, did he really mean it, did he want her sons to fuck her, please let it be true she thought.

Amba didn’t want to seem too obvious, “what are you saying Ajay, you want me to fuck my sons”.

“Forget it, it was a silly idea”, said Ajay, “but I do need help Amba”.

“What would the boys think of that, they might not want to fuck me, I would be so embarrassed”.

“I could pretend I haven’t asked you, that way no one would be any the wiser”, answered Ajay.

“I do need sex a lot, I’m fed up with a dildo, it would be nice to have a couple of spare cocks to call on”, she said.

“I’ll ask them now, no time like the present”, getting out of bed and pulling on a robe.

Amba was nervous, she decided to have a shower while she waited, she was hoping against hope her sons would say yes. She looked at herself in the full length mirror, long black hair, still firm tits, a shaved pussy, she had shaved it because she came so often her pubic hairs would get sticky. He turned around and held her ass cheeks, these were her crowning glory, when she wore tight pants she would get whistles from every male.

She towelled herself dry and went back to her bedroom to wait, there was a knock on the door, her son Scott stood there with a hard cock in his hand and headed towards her followed by Aaron with his cock in his hand.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Amba sat up and stroked both cocks sucking them alternately, “thank you boys”, she said resuming her sucking.

“Mom, we have both wanted to fuck you for ages, all you had to do was ask”, said Aaron.

Amba sighed, all that spying outside the shower when she could have been fucking them, what a waste.

Scot had pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs, she jumped as soon as his tongue touched her pussy, Scott pushed his tongue inside as she grabbed his hair with one hand.

“Lick Mommy’s pussy Scott, put your tongue in deeper”, she shouted and went back to sucking Aaron’s cock.

Scott felt her move her pussy up to his face, suddenly he was hit by a shower of cum straight out of her pussy stinging his eyes and going down his throat. He couldn’t escape, his Mom had hold of his hair tightly as she kept cumming.

Amba was in her glory now, no more frustration, she would have three cocks to call on, with a bit of luck she would be fucked morning noon and night. She took Aaron’s cock from her mouth and admired it, licking his balls while she stroked Aaron said to Scott, “my turn to lick Mom’s cunt now Scott”.

Amba felt a surge go through her loins, to hear her sons talk about licking her cunt was magic to her ears, Aaron got between her legs and pulled her puss y lips apart before lifting he r legs in the air and pushing his tongue into her ass crack.

It was like an electric shock when his tongue touched her ass hole, cum began to flow from her again as Aaron licked up and down her slit and as hole.

Scott was fucking her mouth, she wanted to scream out with ecstasy but with a mouthful of her sons cock that wasn’t easy.

“Come on Mom, we want to fuck you now”, Amba beamed with pride, she never thought she would hear those words.

“Boys, you know I’ve never cheated on your Dad so I’ve had this fantasy, I want you both to fuck me at the same time”.

“You mean in the ass and pussy Mom, bring it on, I want her ass”, shouted Scott.

“I’m twenty minutes older than you, I should have her ass first”, said Aaron.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
“Boys, boys, give me a couple of hours and then you can fuck my ass again, toss a coin for this one”

Scott won much to Aaron’s disappointment as he lay on his back on the bed.

Amba applied gel to her ass and asked Scott to work it inside. He pushed two fingers into her ass and worked the gel around.

Amba lowered herself down on to Aaron’s upright cock and slid down all the way and leaned forward. Scott spread his Mom’s cheeks and pushed against her ass hole as His Mom gasped out loud, her fantasy was coming true right at this moment as her sons cock slid easily into her ass hole.

Aaron was squeezing and sucking her tits as they both pounded her in both holes, Amba closed her eyes, she could hardly believe it, her sons were fucking he r at last and she didn’t have to hide it from her husband.

The sheer thrill of it made her cum again, Aaron could feel her cumming a s she coated his cock with her cum. Scottt was stroking his Mom’s ass cheeks, he loved the shape of them, perfectly rounded light brown globes of exquisite pleasure. H e like many others had admired her ass for ages, and now he was fucking it.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Amba squirmed around trying to make the most of two cocks inside her, the pleasure in her loins was indescribable, she had never been this high on sex before as both sons continued to pound her. Amba was cumming again, it was too much to expect her not to, she wanted this feeling to last all day if possible.

It wasn’t going to last, Scott shouted he was going to cum and could he shoot it up her ass hole as Amba said yes. Then it was Aaron who asked if he could shoot it into her pussy and got an affirmative as well as both boys filled their Mom with their cum.

All three lay down exhausted, “are you really a nympho Mom, you really need sex all day”, said Scott.

“I’m afraid so son, it’s like a drug, I have to have it”.

Both boys hugged their Mom, well from now on Mom, we’re going to make sure you get it”.

“You’re both good boys, thank you”.

They were so engrossed in fucking each other none of them saw Tiffany peep through the crack in the door with her panties down to her knees and two fingers in her sodden pussy.

She had come through the back door so no one saw her and had heard them talking. She headed back to her bedroom her pussy still dripping, she lay on the bed not quite believing what she had just seen.

Like her Mom, Tiffany now nearly nineteen loved sex, she had a boyfriend but he couldn’t satisfy her, she would invite his friends and let them fuck her as well.

Now she saw a chance to have even more sex, her Mom wouldn’t like it, sharing her sons cocks, but she was family as well, and she was going to have some. The thought suddenly hit her, her father was downstairs, that meant he must know what’s going on. ‘Oh my god, he’s roped them in to help him, Mom’s like me, she needs more cock’, she thought.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
A wicked thought ran through her mind, if her brothers could fuck their Mom than why couldn’t her Daddy fuck her, it was only fair.

Tiffany showered and went downstairs, “hi Daddy, what are you doing today”.

“Oh nothing Tiffany, just relaxing and reading my paper”.

‘That’s what you think’ thought Tiffany. She had heard her Mom say wait a couple of hours and then you can fuck my ass to Aaron, she would wait until they went upstairs for that and she would make her move.

Mom and the boys came downstairs, “oh hi honey, you okay now, your ahem, headache gone”.

“Completely for a couple of hours anyway darling”, she smiled.

Tiffany smiled to herself, she knew the score.

Later Mom told the boys it was time they tidied their rooms up, when she told them that before it was always ‘later Mom’. This time they went straight up with no argument as Mom said she would clean her bedroom and shower.

Tiffany sat opposite her Daddy with legs wide open, a bald pussy stared back as Ajay stole a glance. H e would pretend to talk to Tiffany but all the time he was slyly looking at her bald cunt moving uncomfortably in his chair.

“What’s the matter Daddy, you got a hard on or what, would you like to see more”, she said pulling her pussy lips apart showing him an expanse of pink flesh.

“Would you like to lick it for me Daddy, come on, lick your little girls wet cunt”.

Ajay knew he shouldn’t but couldn’t help himself, he was on his knees in front of her in an instant staring at her young pussy with her juices leaking from it.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
His tongue was inside her in a flash tasting her juices lapping them up like a cat. Pulling he r forward he lifteds he r legs up and licked her ass as well.

“That’s it Daddy, lick my ass as well as my pussy, lick your little girl all over Daddy”, she was shouting.

It didn’t take long for Tiffany to flood his mouth with her cum, he drank greedily from her gushing pussy tasting his daughters nectar for the first time.

Ajay was pushing his tongue into her asshole hoping to open it up a little, he wanted his tongue indie her ass. “Put your finger in Daddy, then put two in and tongue fuck my ass hole, I love it”.

Ajay pushed one finger in then pulled out and licked two fingers and inserted them into his daughters ass hole.

“Yes Daddy, now your tongue, put your tongue in my ass Daddy, stick it in all the way”.

Ajay’s nose was tight in the crack of her ass as he forced his tongue in as far as he could while all the time rubbing her clit.

“I’m cuming Daddy, I’m cumming again”, she shouted grabbing his hair and pulling his face right into her cunt.

“That was the best Daddy, now it’s your turn as she fumbled with his flies and got his cock out.

“My you are hard Daddy”, she said closing her red lips around his shaft and sucking.

“Your mother mustn’t know about this Tiffany, we can’t tell her”.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Tiffany looked up at him, Daddy, right at this minute Mom will have Aaron’s cock in her ass hole and Scott’s in her pussy, I know all about it, why do you think I’m here, I want my share from my brothers and my Daddy, I like sex as well you know”.

Ajay lay back and enjoyed the feel of his daughter’s mouth around his cock, he was glad she knew, if Amba had caught them fucking behind her back she wouldn’t have liked it, he would tell her later.

“Fuck me now Daddy, you can fuck my ass as well if you want, I don’t mind”, said Tiffany climbing onto the couch presenting both holes to her Daddy.

Ajay pointed his cock towards her wet cunt, he slipped in all the way easily and began to fuck her hard.

“That’s it Daddy, fuck your little princess, fuck all her holes Daddy, fuck her”.

Ajay was both overjoyed and sad, overjoyed he was fucking this young pussy, but sad that now he had another nympho to satisfy, he would never get any peace now.

For now though it was all about his daughter as he pulled out ready to stick his dick into her ass hole.

Tiffany put her head down to raise her ass higher for her Daddy to penetrate her ass. Her sphincter opened as his cock slowly disappeared inside her ass hole. Ajay reckoned she didn’t have too many cocks up there, she was still fairly tight so very soon he began to cum.

Gripping her ass cheeks he pushed hard and shot his load into her ass and lay back with sweat running from him.

“Wasn’t that nice Daddy, now we can do it all the time, and Mom won’t be able to say anything”, she laughed and cuddled up to him.

Ajay was right, he was worse off now than ever, as well as his wife he had a sex mad daughter who he had to fuck on demand, time for a chat with Willie again.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
“I’m worse off now Willie, have you any more ideas, the last one was a good one, it just went wrong”.

Willie stared at him, “how do you feel about a dog fucking a woman”.

“I’ve heard about it, never seen it in real life only videos, those women look like they really enjoy it”.

“Oh they do Ajay, they do, once they get fucked by a dog they never stop wanting it, you should see them when they suck a dog cock, cum spurts from it into their mouth”.

Ajay looked shocked, “don’t tell me Pocky and Hooky have fucked a dog Willie”.

“Oh not just one dog Ajay, lots of dogs, and horses”.

Willie told him about the club and how the women had to fuck an animal before being allowed to join.

“Why don’t you and the family come round to our house Friday night, I’ll borrow John’s dogs, Pocky and Hooky will put on a show, Amba and Tiffany will either walk out or join in”.

Ajay was getting ready upstairs, Willie ha d been in touch with John Hardy who in turn had been in touch with Rocky. Charlie was booked out tonight and John needed the dogs as he was having Charlie’s swap.

Rocky had told them to come over by all means, he Selma and Amy would make them welcome.

Ajay came downstairs into the lounge, “oh for god’s sake, can’t you just wait a while”.

“Sorry Dad, they looked so sexy in those short skirts w e couldn’t help ourselves”.

The reason for Ajay’s anger, his two sons ha d their mother and sister pinned against the table with panties around their knees and a cock stuffed up each pussy.

“Hurry up you two, the car’s here”, said Ajay as his sons came into each pussy.

“You’re going to stain the upholstery, shove your panties into each cunt, stop that cum from leaking out”.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Tiffany and Amba shrugged, took off their panties and shoved them into their pussies.

John’s daughter Jolie was already in the car, introductions were made and they started off. Jolie ha d been warned not to say anything about what was going to happen tonight, Amba and Tiffany were to make their own minds up.

They arrived at the large house Rocky owned and he welcomed them in. “This is Selma my wife and Amy my daughter”, he said introducing them both, “now let’s all have a drink”

The wine flowed freely and talk soon turned to sex, Amba was feeling a little drunk as was Tiffany, unknown to them their drinks were being mixed so they would get drunk a little faster.

Rocky decided to go for the jugular, “do you like sex Amba”, knowing the answer full well from John Hardy.

Amba looked at the floor looking sheepish, “come on Amba, you’re among friends here, Jolie do you like sex, Amy do you like sex, Selma do you like sex”. They all answered in the affirmative, “see no one cares here, we all like sex”.

Amba took heart from this, “yes I love sex, I can’t get enough of it”.

“What about you Tiffany, do you like sex”.

“I love sex, I’m like Mom, I can’t get enough”.

Tiffany and Amba felt their pussies getting wet talking about sex, they suddenly remembered they had panties shoved into each cunt as Rocky moved in between them.

He placed a hand on each thigh moving slowly upwards until he felt the panties.

“What’s this”, he said pulling the panties out and sniffing them. Amba and Tiffany held their head in their hands totally embarrassed.

“Sorry about that, we had sex before we came out, w e didn’t want to stain your upholstery so we put our panties in there”

“That’s very thoughtful of you, hang on a minute, you both said you had sex, that means one of your brothers must have fucked you Tiffany”.

The drink was getting to Amba now, “actually they fucked us both, there, now you know”.

“Excellent, keep it in the family I say, isn’t that right Amy”.

“Yes Daddy, definitely, keep it in the family”.

Amba and Tiffany looked at him, “you mean you and Amy……”.

“Of course, why not, Amy likes it and Selma doesn’t mind”.

Selma and Amy were fumbling with Scott and Aaron’s flies trying to get their cocks out. They came out as two mouths swallowed them down their throats.

Rocky ha d his hand on both pussies now as they both lay back with legs open. Jolie had Ajays cock out stroking it before sucking on it.

This went on for quite a while till Amy said she would introduce them to her new friend.

Tiffany and her Mom had cum twice from Rocky’s skilful fingering and licking as he told them to follow him. All of them were naked now, Selma led the twins by each cock and Jolie did the same with Ajay.

They followed Amy into the specially prepared room where her pet Zebra had fucked them before. Jolie ha d expected to see Zebby there but instead a beautiful pony stood there with legs tethered together.

“Meet Tosca, my new friend, Daddy bought him for me, I just fell in love with him, he’s so beautiful”, said Amy stroking his head.

There was so much smell of sex in the air Tosca’s was beginning to show his cock as Tiffany and Amba looked on open mouthed.

“Jolie would you do the honours please”, said Amy holding the horses head.

“Oh yes please”, said Jolie under the horse like a shot stroking his sheath and encouraging him to show more of his cock.

Tosca wasn’t too thick, just the right size for a human mouth to fit around, Jolie soon tried it, perfect fit as her lips closed around Tosca’s ever growing cock.

Jolie was stroking and sucking as Tiffany, Amba and the others watched. Rocky slid his hand to Amba’s pussy, it was soaking wet, feeling Tiffany’s she was the same, both hadn’t even noticed he had felt their cunts they were so engrossed in Jolie sucking the horse cock.

Selma had both of the twins cocks in each hand stroking as she watched, she and Amy had already sampled Tosca’s cock, she shuddered at the memory, she thought she would never stop cumming that first time.

“Would you like to suck him”, Rocky whispered in Amba’s ear.

Amba still couldn’t speak, she was transfixed by Tosca’s cock and the young girl sucking it. She just nodded and followed Rocky to the middle of the floor and knelt her down. Jolie took the cock from her mouth and handed it to Amba.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
She licked it all the way up and down before putting the head into her mouth and sucking, she was in her own little world now, she didn’t care who was watching, all that mattered was this beautiful long cock in front of her.

“You can have a suck in a while if you like”, Rocky said to Tiffany as he knelt before her open legs and licked her pussy. Tiffany grabbed his hair and pulled him right into her crotch, she was ready to explode watching her Mom suck a horse cock.

Amy had left the horse standing, he wasn’t going to move now he was having his cock sucked, would any man, and moved over to Ajay who was sitting stroking his cock.

“Let me do that for you”, said Amy taking his cock from him and closing her red lips around it. Selma too was on her knees sucking each twin alternately as they watched their Mom on her knees with a huge horse cock in her mouth.

Selma rose and bent over presenting her ass and pussy to both young men, they didn’t need any encouragement as Scott took the initiative and rammed his cock into her wet cunt.

Amba couldn’t believe how nice it was sucking a horse cock, it felt so silky as she sucked on the head tightly making Tosca give a little snort.

“He likes that”, said Jolie who was kneeling by her wishing she would let her have a suck now.

Rocky wiped Tiffany’s cum from his face, she nearly drowned him holding him that close, her cum did taste nice thought as he licked his lips.

Taking her by the hand he led her to Tosca and pulled her Mom away much to her disappointment and told Tiffany it was her turn to suck.

Tiffany stroked the cock all the way up and down and then opened her mouth wide. It was much bigger than either her Daddy’s or her brother’s cock, she loved the silky feel as well as she crammed as much as she could into her willing mouth.

Jolie got up and walked away, she was never going to get near his cock now. She saw Aaron waiting his turn to fuck Selma, right now she needed it more a s she bent over alongside her stepmother and waited to be fucked.

Amba and Tiffany were pulling Tosca’s cock from one to the other sucking as deep as they dare. Rocky was knelt beside them with a finger in each pussy as they sucked.

Rocky pointed to the rails on the floor, “if you want him to fuck you hold on to those rails, Tosca knows what to do, he will lift his front legs up in the other rail and stick his cock in your cunt and fuck you, do you want to”, he asked both women.

Fucking hell yes”, answered Tiffany very quickly, “I want to feel that inside me, this will be the best fuck I’ve ever had”,


she said kneeling down and grabbing the rails.

Rocky led Tosca forward and he lifted his legs up on the rail above Tiffany.

“Hold tight Tiffany, his thrust will move you forwards when he penetrates you”, Rocky told the young girl.

Amba was miffed, she wished she had been quick enough to get to the rail first, Rocky cold see that. “Don’t worry Amba, I’ve got a surprise for you later”.

Tosca was probing for Tiffany’s opening, her pussy was already dripping at the thought of this horse cock invading her cunt and then a scream as Tosca found her hole.

“Holy fuck, that’s massive, it’s fucking huge in my pussy”, she was shouting as Tosca fucked her.

Tiffany held the rail tightly, he r cunt was completely filled as cum oozed from her lubricating Tosca’s huge cock. Every time he thrust forward Tiffany would shout out, she wasn’t in pain, she was enjoying every second of it.

Amba watched with a tinge of jealousy as her daughter took the big horse cock inside her, her own pussy was dripping now, mainly because Rocky had three or four fingers inside it.

Tiffany was actually pushing back on Tosca’s cock she was enjoying it so much, why hadn’t she tried this before, it was the best feeling ever.

A gush of cum hit her belly, it was quite forceful, she could never feel her brothers or he r Daddy’s cum go into her but she felt this, it was like an enema washing her out as Tosca shot his entire load inside her and dismounted with his cock going back into his sheath.

Tiffany was out of breath, that was a hell of an experience as she stood up bow legged with cum dripping from her down her inside legs.

“You have to try that Mom, that was sensational, you would really have enjoyed that”.

“Chance would be a fine thing with you jumping in”, she retorted.

Scott and Aaron had finished fucking Amy and Selma, both were wiping cum from their asses when Rocky spoke again.

“I think Zebby would like fuck tonight, what do you think Amy, he does belong to you”.

“Zebby always wants to fuck, I’ll fetch him”.

Amba and Tiffany’s eyes opened even wider when Amy walked in with a Zebra, “meet Zebby”, she said to Amba, “do you want to do the honours yourself, be my guest”.

Amba reached underneath and fondled his sheath pulling it back gently like she had seen Jolie do it. Zebbys cock suddenly shot out nearly knocking Amba over with shock.

“Holy shit, look at the length of that”, she said stroking it, “I’ll never take all that in my pussy”.

Amy laughed, “no one ever has, we put a ring on to whatever length you want to take, usually about twelve inches”.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Amba nodded, she couldn’t do anything else because she had Zebby’s cock in her mouth sucking on it.

Jolie looked on, she knew she wouldn’t have that cock in her tonight as she concentrated on getting Ajay’s cock hard again.

Amba stroked the long cock as she sucked, now she was glad her daughter had beaten her to the horse, she would have this all to herself. Amy said usually twelve inches, she wondered if maybe she should try more.

Taking her mouth away for a second she looked and stroked Zebby’s cock, it must have been two feet long, she could never take all that no matter how much she wanted it, maybe she could take it up her ass hole, there was a thought.

She returned to sucking Zebby marvelling at the silky head on the end pulling it between her lips and making a plopping sound as she pulled it out several times.

“How much cock do you want Amba”, said Amy holding the ring.

“Can’t I just suck on him for a while longer please, I love the feel of his cock in my mouth”.

“Sure you can, suck him as long as you like, just be careful he doesn’t cum in your mouth, they cum very quickly once they’re ready, happened to me, nearly choked me”.

“I don’t want that, I want him to fuck me before he cums”, replied Amba.

“So how much do you want, twelve inches enough”.

Amba said yes that would be fine as Amy fitted the ring on Zebby’s cock with Amba holding it to stop it waving about.

Amba took her place on kneeling down and holding the rails, she heard Zebby rise above her and the clunk of his hooves as he landed on the upper rail. His cock head was against her wet pussy pushing hard before he found her hole.

A loud scream stopped everyone from doing what they were doing as Zebby’s foot long cock disappeared into Amba’a cunt.

Once the initial shock had worn off Amba settled down to enjoy it, this was by far the longest cock, and the thickest she ever had inside her, and she was loving it. Cum was flowing from her as Zebby pushed he r forward with every stroke, she couldn’t stop cumming as Zebby kept fucking.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Amy and Selma were fucking the twins again, Ajay had Jolie on his lap with his cock in her pussy, Rocky was having his cock sucked by Tiffany in preparation for fucking her and Amba was in seventh heaven.

Amba was still cumming, that long cock was driving her crazy, she wasn’t sure how her two sons and her husband would ever satisfy her again after this.

Zebby pushed even harder and a wall of cum went into her belly as Zebby unloaded. He dismounted as Amba gushed cum from her cunt not quite able to stand up yet.

Ajay had cum in Jolie, she was still frustrated, she needed to be fucked again.

“If I suck him hard again can I fuck him please Amy”, she pleaded.

“Be my guest Jolie, I’m sure Zebby wouldn’t mind another pussy to fuck would you Zebby”, she said from her bending position as Scott fucked her ass hole.

Jolie was underneath in a flash stroking his sheath enticing his cock back out. Amba finally straightened up with horse cum leaking from her.

“You guys have got something to live up to now”, she said to the twins who had just finished fucking Amy and Selma.

Rocky was still fucking Tiffany as Amba wiped cum from her legs spreading the towel on the chair. “There’s probably a lot more in there”, as she sat down.

Rocky finally finished fucking Tiffany as they sat and watched Jolie try to get Zebby hard again.

“You may as well stay the night, it’s getting late and we’ve all been drinking, besides, you might want to try Tosca and Zebby tomorrow again”.

“You can bet on it”, said Tiffany and Amba.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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