The First Night or first time girl sucking dog cock

Animal Sex


So, last night was finally the night. I took Axel to my bedroom and stripped down my clothes, starting with my shirt and ending with my panties; which were damp by the time I’d finished. He just sat there patiently, watching me undress, panting as if he knew what kind of treat that he was in for. I sat on the edge of my bed and called him up, so up he jumped.

Almost instantly, and in an excited gesture, he started to dig his maw between my crotch; sniffing inquisitively at my damp folds. It didn’t take him long to start licking up my juices, and while he did, I grabbed my wolf-tail butt plug from the side and slowly inserted it into my rear. I sighed in content. The feeling was heavenly, and what was about to come looped in my mind, over and over again. The way his long, wet tongue lashed against my slit was… wild. It was obvious that he was yearning for more, so more I gave him.

I started to pet him, and before I knew it, he was on his back begging for a belly rub. Following lead, I gave him what he wanted; my eyes not being able to draw away from his furry sheath and two large balls.

My hands slowly edged closer and closer, and when the tips of my soft fingers trailed down the length of his sheathe, the tip of his red husky shaft once again became visible. I licked my lips in anticipation and continued to tease him. He lay there, nice and still for me, letting me take care of my desires. And his, by the looks of things.

So my fingers continued to run down the length of his semi-hard sheathe, until finally… I reached his balls. I rubbed them gently, massaging them with my fingertips. Axel panted, furthering my enthusiasm; and by the time that I was done playing with his two furry balls, his long, hard husky shaft had become fully grown. I was surprised he was still laying there, but I didn’t complain.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

So, I took things further. I gently took a hold of his throbbing shaft and stroked him. He bucked into my hand, probably yearning for something a little more intimate.

Either way, it seemed like we were both enjoying ourselves. I could feel the strength of his bucks, and almost immediately, I had the impression that I was in for quite a rough (and sticky) treat. He was already shooting small bursts of pre-cum, but again, it only fuelled my lust. I stroked him some more, but this time I leaned down and let my tongue do some of the work. I slowly slid my tongue up the length of his throbbing shaft, and then softly suckled and played with his balls again. By then, I could feel my love-juices dripping down my thighs. It was time for my adorable and sexy husky to take care of his… problem.

Eagerly, I crawled to the centre of the bed and remained on all fours, with my rear positioned in a fashion that would allow Axel to see (and sniff) all that he wanted. He immediately followed my lead and began to sniff away at my exposed slit before lapping up the freelance juices that were dripping down my strong thighs. I could hear him panting in excitement.

He continued to tease me, emphasising the fact that he had always been a rather playful dog. Until finally, that wonderfully long tongue of his began to lick, lap and lash at my folds once again. This time it was rougher, and more bestial as if he was preparing me for something big. And by the gods, he was. It happened in an instant, giving me very little time to react. Before I could turn my head over my shoulder to praise him, he’d mounted me and tugged our bodies closer together.

I could feel the tip of his throbbing red shaft pound aimlessly against my rear multiple times. I could feel his paws digging into my sides and my back, and the hot, heated flurries of his breath brushing against the back of my neck. I reached towards him with my hand, took a hold of his throbbing red bulge and guided it to my wet folds. He instantly went to work and started to pound his huge shaft inside of me, all the way to the base.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

With each of his powerful thrusts, I matched his humping with moans and pants of my own. I remember his drool oozing it’s way down the small of my back as he continued to hump me senseless. It was possibly the most sensational feeling I’d ever felt, having a large husky take me like that.

My tight caverns ensured that his warm, throbbing length was welcome and pleasured; and to return the favour, his short, sticky bursts of pre-cum coated my cavern walls nicely. With one last moan, I felt his length tense up. His bulge grew larger and larger as he squirted a seemingly endless amount of sticky husky batter into me. His throbbing became stronger and stronger as he released all of what he’d built up inside of me. I was in heaven, and more-so when I realised he’d knotted me too.

So I remained on the bed, tied to the husky as he filled me up with his thick cum. And there I remained for a whole fifteen minutes before he finally let me go. After a short session of cleaning me up with his tongue, I returned the favour and clean up his shaft; praising him the whole time. I think I’ll be sure to try this again tomorrow night. A wonderful experience with a wonderful dog. My beloved Axel. I think it went well for a first date…

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….


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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Kendra and Alexis, Lesbian fuck Mastiff

Animal Sex

K9 Sex Club Confessions, Kendra and Alexis, Lesbian fuck Mastiff

Note from Jen: The following confession belongs to our youngest K9 Sex Club members, Alexis and Kendra. The two best friends joined our club just 2 weeks ago and Alexis is 18 and Kendra 19. Here are their measurements to get the imagination started. Alexis:: Bust: 32C, narrow waist and small hips, Height: 5”77’, long-raven-black hair, green eyes and voluptuous lips, she is gorgeous. Kendra:: Bust: 32B, narrow waist and small hips, Height: 5”8’, long-blond hair, blue eyes and a tight ass, also gorgeous.

I got their permission to post their ANIMAL SEX story, enjoy!

In July last year (2012), Kendra decided to invite me to her place to continue celebrating the 18th birthday I had during that week. We got our parents permissions and both mine and hers strictly instructed us that there were to be no parties or boys as her parents would be out of town. There was no way around it since her neighbor reported anything out of the ordinary to her father and the neighbor knew Kendra’s parents would be away for the weekend. I was fairly new to LA so Kendra was about my only friend and a party wasn’t really something I wanted. Kendra got some alcohol and we were set for the weekend.

As soon as we arrived at her place, Kendra poured us each a drink and turned up the music. Before long the phone rang and her father told her that their neighbor called him to complain so we had to turn it down. Kendra is always high-spirited, so the neighbor didn’t bother her. We had already worked up a bit of a sweat dancing and finished one drink and two shooters and so our spiral into drunkenness was well underway. Kendra took me by the arm and led me to the in-door swimming pool.

“Did you bring your swim-suit?” she asked

“Yes, but it’s all the way upstairs in your bedroom and I’m not in the mood for those stairs” I replied

“Oh well” said Kendra as she got naked “no one can see us in here”

We had another shooter and I go naked as well and we got into the heated pool, each with a cocktail. We sat on the steps of the pool with our breasts floating at the surface and continued chatting. As I guess all girly conversations go, we got to the topic of boys and sex. Kendra told me about the two boys she’d been with in detail so I shared about the boy I had been with when I still lived in Miami. The combination of alcohol and the topic got us both aroused and so the topic became even more personal. Kendra got out of the pool to pour us each another drink and I couldn’t help but stare at her gorgeous body. As she came back to the pool with our drinks my eyes were fixated on her breasts and pussy. Kendra handed me her drink and sat down again

“Well…. What do you think?” she asked

Blushing I replied “About what?”

“You had a good long stare at me and I’d like your opinion”

By this time I had enough drink in me to not be too embarrassed and so I told her how gorgeous she is

“Stand up, let’s have a look at you”

Without even thinking it through, I stood up on the step we were sitting on and her eyes wondered over every inch of me. As her eyes went down my body I felt a tingle between my legs and then realized that my pussy was practically in her face. She took her time looking at it and then grabbed my hand and made me turn around. When my butt was in front of her she let go of my hand and let it brush my butt on the way down to her side. I sat down as she complimented me.

“Can I touch your breasts?” she asked “ I’ve never felt another woman’s breasts before and I just want to know what it feels like”

I nervously nodded and lifted my chest towards her so that my breasts were completely out of the water. Kendra placed both hands on my breasts with my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers and slowly squeezed them. She looked into my eyes and casually said

“You can feel mine too if you want”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Without hesitation I placed my hands on her breasts and felt her up as if I was an experienced lesbian. After a few moment we had gone from sitting to standing without realizing it while we fondled each other and then Kendra looked into my eyes and squeezed my nipples. A soft moan escaped my lips and Kendra smiled.

”Are you getting as turned on as I am?” she asked

“Oh my god yes” I replied

Kendra slid her hand off my breast and onto my belly, it slowly made its way down to my aching pussy under the water. Kendra paused just before her hand touched me down there and looking into my eyes she lifted an eyebrow. I nodded, giving her permission to go further. Kendra looked down into the water as her hand slowly cupped my pussy. She gently moved her fingers around my pussy lips and squeezed her hands against it. I took my right hand off her breast and did the same to her. We were now both silent, only soft moans being exchanged, and then Kendra slipped her middle finger inside me. I held my breath and then did the same to her. Kendra leaned forward, kissed me and then put her lips right at my ear

“Let’s get out of this water, I wont to explore this further” she whispered

We were both so turned on, we helped each other out of the water and quickly made our way up to her very large bedroom. We dried ourselves as quick as we could and then grabbed each other and started kissing passionately. We flopped onto the bed and continued kissing while we fingered each other.

“Are we going to take this any further?” I asked, hoping she’d say yes

Kendra didn’t say a word, she rolled me onto my back and started kissing my chin, my neck, she kissed and sucked on my nipples, kissed my belly and finally she had my pussy in front of her. She spread my pussy lips apart with her thumbs, closed her eyes and with a smile on her face, mouth wide open and her tongue out as far as it would go, she licked the full length of my pussy, starting at the bottom, up through my slit, and ending with my clit. This was my first muff dive and I was tingling all over. Kendra continued to lick me and suck on my clit, my body could not be controlled as I shook and squirmed from the pleasure. Finally, an inevitable orgasm hit me like waves of ecstasy washing through my body, I grabbed Kendra’s head and uncontrollably pushed her face into my snatch as it happened. It took me a few minutes to recover and when I was ready, I looked at Kendra and said

“Your turn”

Kendra could not hide the excitement on her face as I made my way down to her pussy. I went down on her the same way she did me but also inserted two fingers into her cunt and pumped them in and out while I ate her cute little pussy. I couldn’t believe how much I enjoyed doing it but I decided that this would not be the last time. Kendra’s orgasm matched my own and I felt a great sense of achievement watching and feeling her body convulse from my efforts. We then lay side-by-side in the afterglow of what just occurred and giggled and chatted about it for quite a while after until we both fell asleep.

The following morning I was first to awaken. I decided to make Kendra and I a cup of coffee each and wake her up with it. When I returned to the room, Kendra was still asleep on her back, so I decided to give her an awesome wake-up call. I got between her legs and woke her up by sucking on her clit and didn’t stop until she orgasmed again.

“Now that’s how I should be woken up every day” she said with a huge smile

“Now you owe me one” I replied

We finished our coffee, took a shower together and I got the orgasm she owed me before getting dressed. We were both not willing to let go of what we started and so Kendra got onto the internet and we watched many hardcore videos and discussed if we would do the things we were seeing with each other, or a guy and so on. Sometimes the internet can be tricky, it can show you things you aren’t really looking for. We found a social video sharing site where people sign up to share their amateur sex videos. We were both shocked at some of the posts but agreed to watch them out of curiosity and just for a laugh. We both gasped when we watched a woman use the biggest dildo we had ever seen, we felt sick when we opened a video of people using their shit as part of their sex games and couldn’t finish watching it, we laughed at a guy all dressed up in leather and chains who played with his limp dick, but we were both quiet when we saw a video of a woman letting her dog lick her pussy.

After seeing that last video, Kendra and I looked at each other but didn’t say anything. It was around lunch time by now so Kendra went to the kitchen to make us a snake and I went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom, the last video I saw was still on my mind. I realized that it had kinda turned me on

“What the hell is wrong with me?” I asked myself

When I was done, I made my way back to the kitchen to join Kendra. On my way I found Kendra looking at that video again but she didn’t realize I was watching her. Kendra suddenly stood up and said

“Hell no!”

Shaking her head, she closed the internet browser and went back to the kitchen. I waited a few seconds and then joined her. We then spoke about other things, had our snacks and eventually were back to having a great time together with that video no longer in the forefront of our thoughts. At about 5 pm, we started with the alcohol again.

Before we had even finished our first drink, our conversation was abruptly interrupted by our sudden silence the moment we saw Maximus (Max for short, Kendra’s huge Mastiff) walk past the glass door leading to the patio. We were obviously thinking about the same thing.

“Can you imagine, letting your dog lick your pussy? That must be so wired.” I said

“That video was just crazy, I don’t know if I could ever be drunk enough to do that” she replied

Suddenly the topic of conversation was all about sex with animals.

“ I’ve heard about women who even let their dogs fuck them” she told me

“That’s insane. That must be a myth”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

The conversation had lasted long enough for us to be two drinks and two shooters down, so we were feeling adventurous enough to find out. Moments later we were back in front of the computer searching the topic. We were amazed at the amount of hits displayed and clicked on one to see what it might contain. There were a series of pictures of a skinny chick touching a big dog’s dick, sucking it, her being licked and the dog fucking her doggy style. We also found some videos which we both watched with our mouths open. Eventually we found a site with stories and took turns reading them to each other. By now we were as drunk as the night before and weren’t shy about sharing our feelings and thoughts.

“That was a hot story. Can you imagine being so carnal with a dog? Holy shit!” was Kendra’s comment

“I know, I’m completely wet down there. We should fuck each other before we invite Max in and do something we will regret in the morning”

Kendra agreed and we made our way to the living room, lay on the soft rug and started making out. I could tell that Kendra was distracted

“What’s up? I can see you’re distant” I asked

“I can’t stop thinking about it, you know”

I nodded and thought that would be the end of that

“Maybe we should just get dog to lick us to get it out of our system and then we can carry on with us”

“I don’t know. We’re completely wasted here. What if we take it too far?” was my reply

“I need to get it out of my system. I’m gonna get Max”

With that, Kendra got up and opened the patio door. Max was close by so he immediately came over. Kendra invited him in and closed the door behind him.

“I’m gonna do this like in those pictures we saw”

Kendra sat on the sofa, placed her feet up on the edge to her sides and called to Max to go to her. Max went over without hesitation, expecting to be petted as usual, but the moment he was between her legs, he picked up her sent and started sniffing at her pussy. My heart started pounding, I couldn’t imagine how Kendra must have been feeling at that moment. Kendra nervously petted Max and calmly spoke to him until he finally did what she was hoping for. His tongue flicked out and rasped up her pussy, from her butt hole right up to her clit. She moaned the way she did when I did that to her and dog continued to lick.

“Oh my god… You gotta try this”

I watched as she battled to breathe, as she squirmed and moaned and told Max what a good boy he was. In less time than it took me, Max got her to climax in what looked to be earth-shattering. Max didn’t stop so she had to close her legs to get a moment to recover. She was breathing heavily, sweat beads on her skin and a big, satisfied look on her face.

“That looks like it was brilliant. I am so turned on right now”

“Please, you have to do this just once. You won’t be sorry”

I was drunk enough and so turned on that I immediately sat down on the sofa next to her and positioned my feet and legs like she did before. Max moved in between my legs and sniffed a few times. This time it felt as if my heart was in my throat, I could feel it pulsing through my entire body. When Dog licked my pussy for the first time I thought I was going to scream at the top of my lungs, but I managed to keep it down to a load moan. His tongue was so thick, long and rough that it was able to go inside my cunt and stimulate my clit like I never thought was possible. Even when he licked my butt hole it was amazing. I think my orgasm irrupted even quicker than Kendra’s and it was the biggest I had ever experienced. This time Max took a step back because I did eventually scream from the pleasure. While I caught my breath, I looked at Kendra and we both giggled like naughty little girls, please with ourselves knowing we wouldn’t get caught out and we now had another little secret we shared. We told each other how we each experienced it and agreed on what we liked most about it and then Kendra looked at Max.

“Look! He’s got a hard-on”

“Oh my god it’s huge!” I said in shock

Kendra got down next to Max to inspect it more closely. I got down on his other side and did the same.

“I dare you to touch it” I told her

She was quite quick to reach out and grab it.

“It’s not slimy like it looks. Go ahead, see for yourself”

I took dog cock in my hand and Kendra and I started giggling again. Kendra got up and left the room for a moment and returned with more shooters.

“Here, have another one”

I knew she had naughty thoughts on her mind, but so did I. I drank my shot as quick as possible so that she wouldn’t have time to suggest the next dare first.

“I dare you to suck it”

“Shit! I was gonna dare you to do that… OK, I’ll do it if you do it after me.”

I agreed and Kendra lowered her head below Max’s belly and pointed dog dick at her mouth. She looked at me again for just a second and then looked back at his enormous dog cock. She moved her face slowly towards it, opened her mouth and finally, it went in. She moved her head back and forth a few times but stopped when Dog started humping. We both looked at each other a little surprised, but when Max stopped humping she said

“Your turn”

Again, my heart was pounding but I couldn’t wait to do it. I slid that dog cock into my mouth and started giving dog my first blowjob. When dog started humping again I was expecting it and I let him hump my mouth until he blew his load.

“Holy shit he’s coming, don’t stop till he’s done” Kendra instructed

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I did as I was told and was surprised with myself for enjoying it so much. When Max was done he lifted his leg and almost hit me in the face with it, so I pulled away and opened my mouth to show Kendra the come inside it. Kendra surprised me again when she leaned in and frenched me to get a taste. We let his come swirl between our mouths and over our tongues and when we separated, we each had quite a bit in our mouths and swallowed at the same time.

“We are so fucked up” Kendra said with a smile “We might as well just let him fuck us both”

In the moment she said it she was joking and I laughed, but a few seconds later I said

“If you do it first then I will do it too”

Kendra’s eyes went wide open when I said that, then they relaxed and she said

“You’re on”

Max was not ready to fuck us yet, so we decided to get a little schooling about the deed from the all-knowing internet. We spent about the next three hours online researching in preparation for the final act of pure carnal desire. By the time we were done and Max was ready for action, we were starting to feel quite sober.

“You know, I’m sobering up and I still wanna do this” I told Kendra

“Me too.”

We spoke about how and where we would do it and Kendra prepared herself. She had chosen to go doggy style, so she got onto her hands and knees and we called Max closer. I was at her rear and shoved my fingers inside her already soaked cunt, gave her a couple of licks while Max watched and sniffed the air. As soon as I got out of the way, Max moved in and started licking again. From our research I remembered to jerk him off a little to get the ball rolling, it worked like a charm. Dog mounted her but missed his target and came down again. It took about four attempts before we got it right. Kendra was like a well-paid whore the way she was moaning and shouting “YES, YES… OH MY GOD… FUCK YES!” Max rocked her body with his furious humping, her breast were juggling below her and it was amazing to watch. She got to climax twice from Max’s impressive efforts and finally he finished her off with a solid tie. Max just stood over her while dig cock continued to fill her cunt.

“This is the most amazing sex I ever had”

Finally dog’s cock plopped out and Kendra collapsed onto the floor with come pouring out of her.

She turned onto her back and told me she would definitely do it again, and soon. We obviously had to give Max a break, so Kendra explained how it felt and how she couldn’t wait to do it again. She took a shower and we both marveled at how much come came out of her cunt. By the time Max was sniffing around us again, we were completely sober. I thought that if I sobered up enough that I wouldn’t want to do it but I was wrong, I couldn’t wait.

I had decided to do it missionary style, so I perched myself at the edge of the sofa and spread my legs as wide as possible. By now Max was confident about interacting with us sexually, so he moved between my legs immediately and started licking. Kendra kept a close eye on dog cock and told me when he was ready.

“Jerk him a little to get things going” I instructed

Kendra decided to suck his dick instead but it worked just as well. Max jumped up and placed his paws on either side of me and Kendra took dog cock in her hand and helped it find my pussy. When it went in, Max didn’t hold back and immediately started humping me at a furious pace. For a few seconds it hurt but before too long my eyes were rolling back into my head from the pleasure of it.

Dog cock was much longer and thicker than the guy I fucked in Miami, it reached places inside me that made me aware of more pleasure than an average cock can provide. My first orgasm ripped through me less than two minute after we got started. When dog’s knot lodged itself inside my cunt and we tied, I had another almighty orgasm. Max turned away from me while we waited for dog cock to shrink, but I found myself grinding my hips for just a little more pleasure. Kendra wanted to lick my clit with dog’s cock still inside me but that proved to be impossible. When his cock finally slid out of me, Kendra got between my legs and gave me a messy licking which I had to stop as I was far too sensitive down there.

Kendra and I were very pleased with what happened and still had one more day alone at her house to do it all again. We didn’t get much sleep, but we each got to fuck dog two more times and each other of coarse.

Since then, Kendra and I have taken every opportunity to re-live that experience and eventually I convinced my parents to get us a well-trained, two and a half year old Great Dane named Henry. I started taking Henry to Jen and Emma’s school and got invited to their club a little over two weeks ago. I immediately told Kendra and she joined me for the first meeting where we got to hear all about other women and their encounters and at our second meeting we shared this story with the group and then watched some of the other members fuck their dogs.

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Animal Sex-Summer Pet

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-Summer Pet As I said in the last post I was Jack and Carol’s pet and my mom was involved as well. Around the middle of June I was woken up and my mom was there and Jack and Carol said come on we have to get you ready because we are going to go see some friends.
They gave me a bath and made sure I was shaved and clean. They regulary bathed me in a big metal tub outside with the water hose and would keep my teeth brushed. I also had to keep my hands and knees and feet clean with wet wipes and wash cloths and they kept my legs, pubic hair, underarms smooth and shaved with razor and the hair removal lotions. They kept great care of me.

I was suprised when they put a shirt on me and some jeans and booties on my feet. My collar ws still on of course, but it was weird to have cloths on again after so many days without wearing anything. Jack and Carol and my mom put me into the minivan in the back and they all got in and we were off. I was very curious as to where we were going but all I could do was lie in the back while we went down the road.
As we drove I heard all of them talking about how great this was going to be and they were happy to finally be able to do this and stuff like that. I was very curious and was getting a little nervous. My mom said that she hoped I would do what I was supposed to do and Jack and Carol said they thought it would be fine.
We drove for at least an hour or so and we got to a house and drove to the back of it by a nice size polebarn type garage. Two middle age, like around late forties, people came out and met mom, Jack, and Carol. They were a man and a woman, husband and wife, and everyone but me got out of the minivan and said hello and glad you made it and all that.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Jack then came and got me out of the minivan and by the collar walked me over toward the barn. The man said she is a real beauty and the lady yes, and there are going to be some lucky boys today. I was lead into the barn and inside there was lights and a camera set up and a mat in the middle of the floor and two of the biggest dogs I had ever seen. I thought Duke was big but these two dogs were large.
One looked like the dog from the Marmaduke comic but was black and white and the other was just as big but was all black and had a different type of face. Right then I knew what was going on and I started to get a little scared and nervous. Of course, I could have stopped this at anytime but I didn’t want to. I was their pet and I was a good girl.

I was also nervous because I had only been with Duke and before that, as I said in the last post, I was 18 at this time and only had sex a couple of times with my boyfriend in High School so I was anxious.

I noticed that the two dogs had sock wrap type things on their front legs and they were chained up off to the side. The lady got the camera and the man said are we ready and Jack said yes and then Carol and my mom came to me and took of my shirt and undid my pants and took them and my booties off. All I had on was my collar. This was the first time I was naked in front of other people beside mom, Jack, and Carol so that was a bit unnerving but was also kind of exciting at the same time.

They then took me over to the mat and I was on my hands and knees but laying down on them. I was getting really nervous and was shaking a little and breathing fast. Then the man, whose name was Paul, came over to me and said up! and smacked me on my butt hard. I was so startled and I kind of jumped up all the way onto my hands and knees and then he said stay!

He walked over and got the Marmaduke dog and said are you ready slut? He brought the dog over and the dog was excited and Paul had to really hold him. Then he said someone should hold me so my mom came over and took my collar and said realx Julie relax. Then the dog bitch started to mount me and the Paul helped to get the penus into me and then that was it.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
There was no just put a little in and go softly or anything, this is a dog afterall and he wanted it in. The dog pushed in very fast and hard, it felt so big and it hurt and I immediatly stiffened up as it went into me and I screamed out a little and as the dog was going to pump Paul grabbed his backside and stopped. Then my mom said Julie breath and be a good girl, let him take you.

She then said bend down and I bent at the elbows somewhat and mom said spread your legs give your pussy to him. I spread my legs and lifted my butt and my mom stroked my head and said that’s it baby give it to him.

Paul let slut go and the dog started to hump me. It was so big and it hurt but very fast started to feel good. Especially when he started to swell inside me and cum inside me. As he pumped and slammed into me I came. I couldn’t help it, it was amazing and as I was cumming he kept fucking me. It felt to me like he went forever but it was probably about five minutes or so then he stopped and was knotted in me. It felt like it had swollen super huge.

But these dogs were obvioulsy trained well as he stayed on me and my mom said keep fucking him Julie. So I moved my vagina around on him and best as I could and I wanted him to stay in me. It was so great and as I moved around I came again and was shaking and breathing hard. After about fifteen minutes or so he got off of me and I went over to me side.

The guy, Paul and his wife Jenny both said wow! that was intense and amazing and stuff like that. Jack asked if they got it on tape and Jenny said oh yeah. They went to my mom and said you got yourself a nice daughter there and mom said yes, she is a good girl and she just needs to be coaxed a little but will be good to go.

Then Jenny said we’ll give her a minute and we’ll get Boyo in.
They went and talked and Carol gave me some water to drink and said I did a good job and to keep it up and how she was proud of me. That really made me feel so good.

Then they said ok and my mom came over and said get up Julie. I went up to my hands and knees and I started to breath fast again and my mom could see I was getting nervous. She took ahold of my collar and said calm down. you want this, just breath and be a good girl. So I almost automatically stopped shaking and I was looking at my mom. She said alright, bend down. I bent at my elbows again and I could feel the other dog, whose name was Boyo, by me.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Then Paul said is she ready and mom said yes. Then mom said spread your legs baby. I didn’t hesitate I spread my legs and lifted my butt and Boyo mounted me and Paul helped his penus into me and once again the dog rammed it into me and started pumping. There was no stopping this time, mom let go of me and Boyo started fucking the hell out of me. Really slamming into me. It hurt but felt so wonderful at the same time. Along the way I came and he kept pumping me and I wanted him to keep doing it forever.

Eventually he stopped and was knotted on me. Just like the other dog, I moved my pussy around and around and made my self cum again. After a time he got off of me and I pretty much was out. I laid down on my side and just stayed that way. I had just been fucked by two big dogs. I never thought I could feel this way or have this happen to me but I was so happy and glad that it did.
Then they said we’ll let her rest and we can come back. They chained the two dogs up and left me to rest on the mat. I had dog cum in me, on me, and on the mat. It was nice.

I must have fell alseep because I then felt Jack wake me up and said come Julie get up. They brought me to the outside and let me go to the bathroom and let me have a drink of water. Jack took me back inside and put me back on the mat. They brought slut over and made his penus come out by rubbing him. Like I said these dogs must have been well trained and use to this because it did not take long for the penus to come out and they made me perform oral sex on him.

I was using my hands but they said no so I had to suck him without holding him. I was in sort of laying down half up position and I was sucking away. His hot cum was just pouring into my mouth and I choked here and there but I kept sucking and swallowing. After awhile they brought Boyo over and I did the same to him.

This time after sucking him for a few minutes they said lay back and I went down and they put the dick over my mouth and stroked it so his cum went into my mouth. They said don’t swallow until we say so. The cum kept going until I had a good amount in my mouth. Then they brought the camera real close and told me to show them and I did then they said swallow and I did. It was so hot and warm and I loved the taste of it. I could feel it go down inside me. They told me good girl and then left me on the mat.

Then we all went inside and the rest of the day and night sort of went on as usual. They let Carol and mom give me a bath and let me eat and go to the bathroom outside and all of that. I did hear them say that tomorrow will be just as good and she is in for a real treat. I was really curious as to what was going to happen.
The next day we all got up and we ate and they let me out for the bathroom and the let the two dogs go out and then we all went into the barn.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
There was a strange feeling in the air but I went with it as I knew my place. They brought me to the mat and my mom held my collar as Carol started to put some jelly feeling type stuff on my butthole. I know now it was a lubricant of some sort and she worked it into my butthole with her finger and and around my butthole.
I had never had anal sex before but that was about to change and I don’t think i realized it until it actually happened.

Paul brought slut over and the dog was excited and hard to hang onto. Paul said hold her to me mom and he let slut mount me but this time he helped him by putting his penus into my butt. As soon as it touch my butt I tensed up but mom grabbed me and said Julie! Stay! and I did it and the dog with the help from Paul pushed it into me and then started to pump and Paul had to help push it in.
My mom said Julie, take it, take it, and eventually the dog was fucking my butt and I was jerking along with the pumps. It really hurt but again it started to feel better and better and I loved the feeling of the dog on me. He pumped me and pumped me and I couldn’t believe it but I came from this.

When he was done they instantly brought Boyo over and got him into me and he fucked my butt. Again, it was hurting but was feeling better and better as it went on and I came from this as well. I really can’t belive to this day how easily I cum when a dog is taking me, especially when a dog is really giving it to me and I give myself to it.

After that I rested for awhile and they had me do oral sex with both dogs again. After that they put my clothes back on me and we went home. On the way home they told me how proud they all were of me and how I was such a good girl.

This was one of the best experiences I ever had and was another thing that happen to me in the Summer of 2011. As I said in the last post and here, this is what happend to me. It is true and is the way I remember it. I am so glad, just so glad I get to tell people about this and share what happened to me.

If anyone wants to talk about this stuff PM me and maybe we can talk through emails or something and like I said as soon as I can get the time I will upload some pictures of what I look like and me with some dogs. Thanks for reading,

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My First Encounter, With My Dog He Lick My Pussy

Animal Sex

Dog Lick My PussyI was 16 when I had my first real sexual encounter. Ever since then, I’ve always had a high need for sexual pleasure. Whenever I am home alone I always find the time to satisfy my sexual needs. The thought of having my boyfriend’s dick inside my wet, warm, pussy turned me on so bad.

I achieved multiple orgasms every time I masturbate. The feeling is so great, I love the tingly sensation I get as my body tingles for more, and my pussy juices cannot control themselves. I am not afraid to admit that yes, I LOVE sex. But being that my boyfriend had recently moved to New York and I’m here stuck in Connecticut, he wasn’t able to satisfy me sexually.

I also, have a Beagle named Sammy. We had gotten him from a shelter so of course he had been neutered already. He would try to hump our guests once and a while and has had his fair share of stuffed teddy bears and blankets.

Watching him thrust against those innocent stuffed bears over and over again started to turn me on. I was so wet that I needed to satisfy myself right then and there. I got in to my room, shut the door, and started undressing myself. I hurried to my bed and laid back. I then opened my legs, and went to work. I couldn’t believe what happened next…

Sammy came walking into my room sniffing the air. I asked, “what’s wrong boy?” He then jumped on my bed, and out of nowhere, he stuck his cold we nose in between my legs.

I quickly pushed him away as I didn’t really think anything of it. I went back to work. This time I had closed my eyes, and I had started rubbing my clit a lot faster which made me cum hard.
I had then felt this rough, warm tongue, dog lick my already swollen pussy lips. I quickly opened my eyes and pushed Sammy away from me saying,
“NO! Bad dog! Get down!”
He jumped off of my bed and went to lay in his own. I had then thought about what just happened and thought, that kind of felt good. But then I had thought to myself, “No, this isn’t right, he is a he and It would just be wrong.” But I just couldn’t stop thinking about it, his rough, warm tongue licking the outside of my pussy was just so great.

My sexual desires had gotten the best of me. I called Sammy back up on the bed, and gently guided his head towards my pussy, and then he began. Dog was licking me inside and out, like I had never been licked before. At first, I thought that I might regret this decision, but it had just felt so gooood. I had to let him continue. I started rubbing my clit hard and fast while dog was licking away.

My tight, swollen pussy was creating more juice which made Sammy lick me a lot harder. I had opened my legs and then, his sweet, rough tongue penetrated my pussy opening, dog’s started licking deeper and deeper inside me. “Good boyy” I moaned “Good boy”. I had this tingling sensation that was stronger than any before and it was making me wetter by the minute.

I couldn’t believe it, my dog was giving me more sexual pleasure than any man has ever done. Dog’s started to lick my clit and this made my legs start to shake and my pussy tingling with pleasure, I had finally reached an orgasm. After dog’s was finished licking my juices, I patted him on the head and said,
”Good boy, you made mommy very happy.”

He seemed pleased with himself too and went back to his bed and fell asleep.

Let me know what you think of this one 🙂

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Sara’s First Experience or Dog Licks My Pussy


dog pussy lickThere I was sitting on the bed in just an old tee shirt with nothing on underneath. Feeling a mix of emotions from scared, nervous, guilt to intrigued, curious, excited…..far too many to list here.

I called JJ (my current bf’s dog) up onto the bed with me. Talking innocently enough with him as I scratched his ears and petted his head and ran my hands along his sides. I open my legs a little and slip a finger down to my pussy which I found to be quite wet already.

Dipping a finger in as I was petting JJ then I pulled it out and brought it up to him to see his reaction. Tentatively he sniffed it a couple of times while I told him it was alright.

Dog licked at it with his tongue hesitantly at first but then more aggressively as I continued to encourage him that it was alright. I repeated this process several times before asking JJ if he wanted more than just a taste on my finger.

He wagged his tail excitedly as I lean back on one arm and open my legs farther. With my other hand I rub my pussy some more and encouraged dog’s to come have a taste. He was cautious doing so but with a little time he came close enough to first sniff my scent and then get dog first lick of my wetness.

I let out a deep moan when I felt his rough tongue lick the entire length of my wet slit and when it brazed over my clit I gasped sharply as it sent sensations like none other I’d felt before rippling through my body. Upon that exciting first lick I continued to encourage my dog’s to lick me more and more, as much as he wanted.

The more he licked the more aggressive he became and I could feel his tongue exploring my sex like had never been done before. It wasn’t long before he had me orgasming from his tongue lashing.

He wasn’t happy with just giving me one great orgasm he kept on licking finishing me off with 3 wonderful climaxes. When I couldnt satnd it any longer and luckily he was growing tired of licking my wetness I clinched my legs together causing yet one more climax for me .
S I layed there in a wonderful afterglow I petted JJ’s head as he came up to give me a doggie kiss. When he stepped up closer I couldn’t help but see his cock hanging down between his hind legs.
I was shocked and in awe to his size and girth. He was several inches bigger than my bf was. I just had to touch it so I reached out and held it in my hand as wild thoughts ran through my mind at light speed.
Next time big boy I will help you out with that……..

Just a short insight about my first actual contact sexually with a dog, my dog licks my pussy. Let me know what you think. I may add more experiences later if I get any interest from others in doing so.

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Pet Fucked Wife or Becoming Bitch For Dog -II

Animal sex

Wife or Becoming Bitch For DogWife or Becoming Bitch For Dog

It started to become risky to have that activities with Soni and having the kids in the house, so after two days i called my mom, had a mother daughter discussion and i also told her that i want some time for myself to go out with friends and if she could take the kids for one week until my husband came back. She said she missed them and accepted to come that day at us.

Until then i cooked a soup to have at lunch, played a lil with the kids and Soni, time passing fast. My mom came at 2 pm and had a nice afternoon all together. When she saw our boxer she said that he grew into a handsome dog.

It flushed me a little and as i looked at him i said “yeah he is quite a character”. We started to play with him petting him on his back on his belly. I became so unpatient to have him that when my mom didnt look at us i massaged his sheat. Dog‚Äôs cock started to appear, my mom also noticing and she said that he became aroused around us and maybe i should think of getting him a female. Pictures with dog’s fucking me merciless flooded my head and i told her that i think of that even now.

He darted for my crotch right there, my mom telling me that he may think that i am his female being around him so often. I blushed and told her that i will think seriously of getting dog a bitch. She stayed a little longer after that and when she left with the kids i watched her car leave and then i called Soni and oferred him dog bitch. I was so wet and unpatient that i wanted him deeply in me. He licked a few times and then he took me.

He knew that i was his and we made actually love with slow and deep thrusts, me telling him that for a week we are alone and he can have me whenever he wants.

I took a shower after we finished, we ate some snacks and spend some time watching tv. My husband called me that evening asking how we were and he missed me a lot, but i sincerely i was a little cold with him. He asked about Soni also and i told him that he takes care of me and after a 5 minutes conversation we closed the phone.

Alex sensed that i was colder than usual, some thoughts of my infidelity crossed his mind but he dismissed them because we loved truly and i couldnt do that to him. But anyway he planned to come home earlier and see if he could catch me with something.

That night i took Soni in park but later than usual, around 11 pm cause i thought that we may become excited. I took also a large dress with no bra and panties and when we arrived he did his things first sniffing and went to his place to check. The park was empty so i was more relaxed. At his spot he barked a few times as if he asked me to come there so i did thinking what he may try.

I looked in his eyes and i saw the spark inside, we went in that secluded bushes, dog’s cock protruding and i knew that he wanted me there. It was so wild but i needed some adventure in my life so i took off my dress and went to all fours. He licked me good to get me wet and then mounted me digging himself deep in me. In the middle of our act a girl with a dog entered the park walking in our direction. I started to panick but dog managed to get his knot in me and i really was stuck there. I thought that she may not detect me so i went on with my pleasures but more silent.

She approched us, my heart started to beat faster and her dog started to sniff around sensing something. She was five meters from us and she was clueless but her dog sensed movement in the bushes and started to pull hard in our direction. She asked whats the matter and started to listen and in the silence of the night our noises were detectable. She moved towards us and there we were, dog on my back shooting his load and me in pure pleasure. I didnt care for the girl anymore so much, living the moment. Her eyes popped out and she remained stunned.

Her dog tried to get near me to sniff me but Soni growled and he kept his distance. I felt like he was protecting me and didnt want another male to get to close.
After 10 minutes he got off and our juices flooded the grass. She looked amazed at the size of dog’s dick who was at least 7 inches and dripping. He licked me clean after that and the girl asked me ” OMG What was that all about?” I started to blush and made a little laugh asking her how did we looked.

She told me that we looked really hot but she never thought of this things never in her life. Her dog and she never tried this things and she doesnt think that it will ever happen to her. I told her that it feels awesome and that i wont change that with anything in the world. Happiness was the feeling she could read my face. We exchanged our numbers and off we went.

At our house i started to be naked all the time being so horny and knowing that dog’s will fuck me any moment he wants. 🙂

In the meantime Laura, the girl in park who was 28 and being single started to think of what she saw. That image of us in pure pleasure stucked in her brain but she tried to dismiss it.

The next day for Laura started normal with her morning routine but when she fed her male dog she couldnt help but look at his sheath. Thoughts started to appear again, she couldnt believe that she thought about that. Each moment with her dog Rocky became a troment of thoughts.

When she walked him in the park she looked for that spot where we were minute after minute. Being single and having only her dog he was her nearest living thing so she thought what if.

Two days passed and she couldnt hold it any longer so she took her phone and dialed Carla’s number. They talked for 20 good minutes, Laura telling her feelings and that she needed to meet each other soon maybe at Carla’s house. They set the meeting that evening and told Laura to get her dog too. Excitement was in both girls soul and body.

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Becoming A Total Bitch For My Dog, or Pet Fucked Wife

Animal sex

Husband Watch How His Wife Fucked by DogHusband Watch How His Wife Fucked by Dog

Pet Fucked Wife or Becoming Bitch For Dog -II
Hi my name is Carla, i’m 36 married with Alex from 15 years. We have 2 girls and a boy, Sonia is 14, Marta is 12 and our little boy Robert of 9. We are a pretty happy family, my husband working hard and providing for the family. Sometimes he needs to go on business trips on other cities and even countries.

We met in highschool and have been sweethearts from then, little by little we managed to put things together, we moved to our house and started both working to maintain a good stability.After we have Robert i started to look more for the house, cleaning it and raising the kids, my husband supporting me and telling me that he thought i could stay home to look more for the family and we will be just fine.

After a couple of months of staying home i started to get visits from my friends, one of them having 6 Boxer puppies. She proposed me that i would take one as it would bring a new colour to our family and for the kids.
I said that i will ask my husband and next time she will come she could bring one if its ok. In the evening we had dinner and i asked Alex if we could have a puppy, he thought a little and said ok, it will keep me and the kids company when he is not around.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

After 3 days my friend Rebecca came to have a coffee and brought one puppy. He was 2 months, a brown boxer which seem playfull as he run a little around our table. We chit chat there for 1 hour talking about our new member, what i should do raise him nice, about his parents which were of pure breed etc.

The kids were happy to see him and they played with him..sometimes they feed him. We became his world and he our new kid. As the time passed i had a routine of walking him in the morning and evening, the kids and my husband playing with him when they were around.

My sex with Alex was ok, we did it 4-5 times a week but he always finished first and didn’t like to completely satisfy me. So we went for normal sex, no blowjobs, only different positions. But we loved each other very much and we maintained it like that.

One year later, in one morning he told me that he has to go on a business trip 2 months in France. We were from Romania so it was a little dificult for me as i told him i will miss him very much. He said that time will pass fast and all will be ok.

After he left the first week was hard for me, being lonely at night and feeling left alone. But i moved on with my life and tried to occupy my time with the kids and the dog we named Soni.

One day i took him in the park to play and socialize with others. I set him free as i stood on a bench watching him. He started running around and chase some birds. After 5 minutes appeared a female dog and he went at her sniffing at her tail. She was letting him and they reached a secluded place where he mounted her. I was in shock and ran after him telling him to get down.

As i reached him he poked that bitch with dog’s cock but didn’t find his target yet. I managed to grab his collar and i pulled him hard aside getting him down. He went crazy trying to get back at the female but i chased her away and finally managed to calm him down. But i was startled to see dog’s cock and his desire to mate that bitch, then it rememberd me that he has needs also.

In that evening i was aroused thinking about my husband and the previous things witn dog in the park. I began to undress me feeling naughty and getting only a robe, and i went to see how my kids were, they were ready to sleep, i wished them goodnight and i went to get a glass of water.

I started to feel restless and i turned on the tv and i settled on a romantic movie. This reminded me of my husband again and i started to get aroused thinking he was here. I wanted him to be here and make love.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

After a couple of minutes dog came in the living rome where i was, he wagged his tail and came by my side. I started petting him and playing a little with him wrestling. As we did this i saw his tip starting to emerge and i remembered about the scene in the park. I told him that i was sorry that i didnt let him have that bitch and that i know he wants a female to satisfy his neeeds.

Than he licked my face, this surprised me as i got on my back. This made my robe get a little open and he moved forward to sniff my crotch. As i tried to get up he darted his toungue and licked one leg.

I didnt know what to do, i was aroused and as i looked to him i saw that he was 2-3 inches out of his sheath. I lay on the sofa tring to relax but he wanted to sniff me again. He went to my legs ang began to get his head between them. I understood he was aroused too and i spread my legs to see what happens, my dog  licked my pussy a couple of times as i was stunned.

I remembered that he wanted a female and i thought that i should give him access to one and see what happens. I let my robe off as i stood naked before him. He resumed licking my cunt and it felt wonderful. I stood there mesmerized spreading my legs for more. After 3-4 minutes of licking i saw dog’s cock getting out and i understood that he wanted more. He than looked me in the eyes and i surprised myself getting on all fours and giving myself to him. He then licked my pussy a little more and then mounted me trying to find my cunt.

I was confused but i knew that we both need a partner to release our needs.He found his mark and i felt dog’s cock getting deeper and deeper, he swallowed inside getting bigger and i felt his jaw catching my neck as he fucked me hard. Something round as a ball was inside me now as he released jet after jet of cum inside. I think it passed 15 minutes but for me it was like an hour.

After he popped out some of our juices fell on the ground as he licked my pussy again to clean it. It was fantastic. I never thought that i would do that but in the heat of the moment we did it. I thought about my husband then and i felt bad because i never cheated on him. I went to take a shower and after that i went to sleep. I hardly managed to relax myself thinking about dog but finally i sleeped.

The next day went normally until evening when we were alone again. I saw that he wanted me again but i didnt know what to do. I didnt want this to became a regular thing. I started to move to the kitchen to have a snack but he followed me and i was surprised that dog’s cock started to appear again. He managed to get me to a corner and he barked lowly sending me a shiver.

I knew that i don’t want to wake the kids so i started to get my cloths down. There i was naaked again for him and he wasted no time and started to licking my cunt. I started to feel that he dominates me and that he starts to think that i am his bitch now. After a couple of minutes he barked again and i knew that he wants to fuck me and i started to get on all fours. He fucked me hard this time as if trying to say me that i was his from now on.

I was surprised by his behavior and that night i thought of what should i do. The first impulse was to call my husband and tell him about it, but he could say that it was my fault, that i cheat on him.

After some time of thinking i realised that it may pass and that i should do nothing about it. We realy loved Soni as it was our baby and i couldnt do something to disturb the family.

In the next morning walk we head it to the park to relax ourselfs. It was quite hot and i wore a nice dress with sandals, i took his collar and off we went. He started to be aroused on the road, sniffing things. Being just 8 in the morning the park was pretty empty with just 2 persons who were walking on an alley.

I stood on one bench and let him free to go around. He started roaming and sniffing again. After a couple of minutes he went to that secluded space where he almost had that bitch and maybe he remembered that cause he became agitated and marking that spot with some urine.

Soni came to me soon after and wanted to put his head in my crotch but i moved a little to deny it but he was persistent and after one minute of back and forward i looked around having enough, took my panties off and in my purse and let him have a lick. Then he became happy wagging his tail and started to licking my cunt up and down. I was scared of someone seing me but after some licks i became aroused. What was wrong with me i thought, i cannot feel that especially from my baby. I started moaning easily opening more and soon i was really wet there. He was eager and eager as i felt my own orgasm starting inside.

I was so dizzy i said “goood booy Soniii…lick ….lick my cunt mommyyy”.

I soon exploded into one big orgasm gripping his head to hold him there. I looked at him and dog’s cock emerged and then i stood up and called him quickly to put his collar. He wanted more and started to drag me to his spot near the bushes but i was afraid of doing sex with him out there. I dragged him fast to our house being very horny and all the way he tried to get his head under my dress and lick my pussy. He managed to do that a couple of times as i shivered and it took all my strengh to not fall on all fours there.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Before i leaved the house i fed the kids and now they were in Roberts room giggling there. I opened the door and walked to my room as silently as i could with Soni pushing his head in my crotch all the way. As soon as i entered the room i climbed the bed and raised my dress exposing my pussy and my lover now mounted me instantly being so aroused himself.

He missed the target being so eager and i took his hard dog’s cock and guided him in feeling the greatest pleasure as he filled me. I felt exactly like a bitch in heat now wanting him desperatly pushing hard back to meet his thrusts.

I managed to take a pillow and started to scream and moan hard. His knot entered me and as he locked me he started to slow down his pace and shooted me with load after load of his essence. I surprised me telling him that i want to be his bitch from now on and he could fuck and fill me when he wants. I loved my baby so much, now he was my male and i was his female.

That day we mated twice more. We understood each other only by looking in the eyes. He only made a little sign from his head to get down and i submited being a faithful bitch.

This was the first part. Hope u enjoyed it and let me see if u want more. 🙂

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Another Friday Night, She gives herself over to her desires.

Animal Sex

Another Friday Night, She gives herself over to her desires. Fuck … that’s all I can say, fuck. How the hell did I find myself in this position at 24. I am a successful law graduate, but no body would know it looking at me now. Everything I have worked for, everything I have achieved in my short life can be ruined because of my itch.

A basement flat in Kings Cross, my ex boyfriends place. Yeah he is an ex, but I can’t resist coming back, pleading to return. I have told myself time and again that this was the last time, told him never again, and then less than a week later I’m on the phone again.

“Please, one more time, just this once”
“You said no more”
“I know, but that itch, I can’t get rid of it any other way”

And each time he says yes, I have to degrade myself more and here I am today, again on all fours ready and waiting, not moist, not wet, but gushing, flowing. Only this time it’s not one, it’s not just being watched. It’s a Friday, it had to be a Friday because this is going to be all weekend, that’s why you gave me stuff that will keep me high, give me energy I won’t need to sleep, just fuck, just relieve my itch, my pussy, oh no its not called that, that’s another new humiliation, he knows I hate the word cunt, but tonight I am cunt and my girly parts are my cunt. I am called cunt , I am cunt nothing more, nothing less just a cunt.

You told your cunt to turn up on her work clothes, straight from work, looking professional and her I am in my work clothes as requested, a black jacket and skirt, hold ups, a silk blouse and white underwear.

I stand here, one of your friends uses scissors to cut though my clothes, each item falling to the floor, just standing in my bra and knickers, he smiles as the scissors cut through the straps and my tits tumble out, he sneers and tweeks my nipple, I have to accept this humiliation if the itch in my cunt is to be scratched. Two more snips of the scissors and my body is naked and exposed and then I look up and see there are five middle aged naked men looking at me.

He reaches down, hold the strip of pubes on my otherwise smooth cunt and snips a trophy. There are two things I am craving for .. one is dog cock and the other … well now you give me “the stuff”, and as I take it you tell me that the five were the start, its open house and open cunt tonight.

Every man had his dog, six in all a mastiff, a rotty, two Labradors and a shepherd and rocky his boxer. Rocky knew me, had sampled me before the others were strangers, but then I’m not averse to strange dogs, my one night stands I called them, but never together never more than one. I am told they are all experienced, I realise I don’t care, I’ll train them if they are not.

The owners, well that’s one of the costs, each man will have dog cock in my throat, his cum in my tummy, mixing with the cum I have craved, the dog sperm I so desire. But that will be later when the dogs are fulfilled, the other cost well for the first time there are cameras around and I will be posted on world wide bestiality sites, stills and video, but at this point in the proceedings I don’t care, I – The Cunt – just want one thing … dog cock, that’s what I want for my face cunt (mouth) and my natural cunt, I need it and will accept any humiliation for it.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I look around the room, no one is clothed, they are not the finest specimens of men, but I have no say about that and the dogs well the dogs they are, my god they are.
So here I am, a dog collar is placed on my neck, I allow it, someone has taken my lipstick and dog slut is written across my tits, the tits of a cunt, someone else feels between my legs they shout that I am engorged and wet … gushing. Naked, collared and marked and then the rotty is brought in, they can see from my face, its what I want, its what I need, I don’t care how degrading this is, it’s a drug … dog is my drug and I’ll do anything for it.

I get on my knees and call him too me, he’s trained well, he licks my face I open my mouth his long sloppy tongue frenches me, as I take his tongue, I feel under him, he is still flaccid (?) as we kiss as my mouth fills with his tongue, his spit, I stroke him, make him harden, oh I feel him in my hands growing hardening.

The cameras are close they get my face my hands everything, I am going to be an online star, I don’t care in this moment, I just want my face cunt and my cunt to be filled with bestial animal dog, as he hardens and grows I lay on my back keeping him hard, my knees bent my legs spread, I am open and exposed and dripping to the crowd, but I don’t care any more I am a bitch in heat. Dog cock sprays my tits, my neck and my face, now I can lick his shaft ..

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

There is applause, I open my mouth I take him in, I work that cock oh god I eat that dog cock, dog cum, dog meat, its going to be a long weekend and as I lie in my rightful position under a dog I know I am going to enjoy it and forever live it ……


To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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K9 Sex Club Confessions, Paige’s love to suck a dog cock

Animal Sex

K9 Sex Club Confessions, Paige's love to suck a dog cock

Note from Jen: I recently realized that I have only posted stories of our member’s first times who have had sex with medium to large dogs, so I asked Paige if I could post her story. Paige is 32, has visible muscle tone, flexible enough to do the splits, gravity deifying – wonderfully rounded B-cup breasts, perfectly sculpted butt, dark-brown hair to her shoulders and brown eyes. Her first time was with a smaller dog and while she was eating me out on the weekend is when I realized I had to post her story. Enjoy this ANIMAL SEX STORY.

When I was 21 years old, I went to visit the folks for a little more than a week in the house I grew up in. The neighbors knew me well as I used to baby-sit for them up to the year before when I left home to become my own woman. My visit was during the school summer vacation and the kids were all pleased to see me. My parents were so pleased to have me there since we hadn’t seen each other for almost 3 months, so I got spoiled from the moment I arrived.

After the weekend of my arrival, my parents had to still go to work so I was left alone during the day which suited me fine (a little parenting can go a long way), so I took the opportunity to re-connect with some old friends.

We had a good time together for two days and then I was on my own again while my parents worked. By the end of the week my mother was very unhappy that I was going to leave again but I also had a job to get back to. The day before I had planned to leave I got a call from Arnold (my boss – the man who took my virginity).

He told me to take another week off “on him” since he decided to go on his own vacation that day with his new girlfriend and since I was his PA, I’d be wasting my time going to the office if he wasn’t there. This was great, a free week of leave – HELL YEAH! My parents were also thrilled.

I tried to make plans with my girlfriends but they were unavailable so I told the neighbors I was available for baby-sitting to keep myself busy during the day. I immediately got requests and that Monday I went to the Parker’s house to look after their son Luke. Luke was only 4 years old and he slept a lot due to some weird condition he had and the medication he was on to treat it, this meant I was board anyway.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

The Parkers had a Jack-Russell named Maverick, he was extremely intelligent, energetic and naughty. I ended up playing with him for a while until that got boring too. I went to check on Luke and made sure he was okay, by that time he would still be sleeping for another 3 hours according to his parents as his medication was very powerful.

I looked around the house for a magazine and came across Mr Parker’s Playboy collection. I grabbed a few copies and went and sat down on the rug in the living room.
As I paged through the first mag, I became aroused and could feel the wetness in my pussy. I knew I’d be alone for quite a while, so I took off my clothes and started touching myself as I continued to page through the mag. I found a pic that peaked my interest and started masturbating to the image, rubbing my clit with my middle finger and squeezing my breast with my other hand.

Before too long I had an orgasm but I was not satisfied. I took a phallic-shaped ornament from the coffee table and used it as a dildo, but it was not getting the job done. I so badly wanted the feeling of a man’s cock inside me and started thinking about who I might know well enough to call for a quick fuck.

That is when I noticed Maverick sitting there with his head turned to one side as if he was trying to understand what the hell I was doing. Without a moment’s thought, I called him over and tapped the rug between my legs. The only thought in my mind at that moment was wondering how it would feel if he licked my pussy.

Maverick slowly made his way over to me, uncertain about what was going on. When he got close enough, he could smell my pussy and started sniffing the air. I tapped my pussy and calmly reassured him until he was close enough to lick me. With two fingers I spread my pussy lips apart and Maverick leaned in, with his snout making contact and his breath on my clit, it sent shivers up my spine.

Finally his tongue came out and he swiped it from the bottom of my pussy right up to my clit. It was electrifying, the most amazing feeling rippled through me as he continued to repeat that first lick. Moments later I realized that I was moaning like a whore but it felt so good I didn’t care. The orgasm I got from dog’s amazing tongue was much better than my first one but I wanted more.

Hopeful, I peered under his belly and was pleased to find that dog cock was erect and ready for action. I reached out and touched it and dog immediately lay down and lifted one leg as if he wanted that kind of attention. After familiarizing myself with his unusual penis, I decided to have a taste. Lying next to him, head-to-toe, I started sucking dog cock while rubbing my pussy.

I was very surprised at how big a little dog’s dick can get which made me realize that I could get some satisfaction from this handsome dog. I picked him up, lay flat on my back and put him between my legs. I slowly inserted dog cock into my cunt and planned to use it like a dildo to get myself off.
To my wonderful surprise, dog started humping and gave me a wonderful fuck. When I looked at his face, he looked very pleased with himself and as if he was enjoying it as much as I was. The moment dog came inside me it sent me over the edge with the type of orgasm I was after all along. That little dog made me come once with his tongue and twice with doggy cock, it was amazing.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

When we were done, I still had time to clean up and get rid of any evidence of what happened before the Parkers came home and wanted to pay me for the trouble. I insisted that payment wasn’t necessary and made my way back to my parents’ house with a silly grin on my face.

As I walked home, Mr McGregor asked me to look after his 10-year old son Matt the next day, I just agreed and went home. That night my mind was filled with thoughts and ideas to have another day with Maverick. Later I realized that most of the neighbors had small dogs and two in the neighborhood were huge, but there were no kids to baby-sit where the big dogs were.

Everything worked out beautifully, I got to fuck an American Eskimo Dog (Miniature), a Beagle and Maverick one more time before the week was over. The American Eskimo Dog (Nuka) and the Beagle (Barkley) were at the same house, the owners asked me to feed them the morning after the night they left on a flight for some business thing, so I spent the entire day at their home fucking Nuka and Barkley for hours. Dog was still my favorite though, we fucked 4 times the last time I saw him.

After going back to the real world it took another 4 months before I got to fuck a dog again (a Dalmatian this time). Since then I found a man (Finn) who owns a Pit and he loves to watch us fuck and we eventually got married. I became a housewife, so I get doggy cock whenever I want and Finn often arranges for me to fuck other dogs every now and then. We moved to LA about 6 months ago and when I met Jen and Emma, we immediately hit it off and now I have fucked countless dogs and it is still a huge turn-on for Finn. Finn eventually convinced me to eat pussy and so on the weekend that just passed, Jen and Emma came to our house where we gave Finn a K9 and lesbian sex show ending in a three-woman tag-team blowjob where he came in Emma’s mouth.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Neighbour, Carey and Charlie make my Day-Part -III

Animal Sex

 Animal Sex-Neighbour-Carey-and-Charlie-make-my-Day-Part-III

Carey and I lifted ourselves out of the pond as Jenny and Lease dove in over our heads. Incredible view to watch two beautiful naked sweaty magnificent bodies glide through the air just inches from your eyes. I do mean beautiful too, I bet Playboy would pay either one of them thousands of bucks for a centerfold. Well OK maybe Lease is lacking a little in Centerfold tits, but to me, now, she was as beautiful as Jenny and Carey.

Carey went for a bag they brought with Food and a huge blanket which she spread out on the level sandy ground under the Willow tree surrounded by smaller trees, me I had to take a piss. I walked away a bit to the edge of the clearing we were in and heard voices from behind me, hey Cowboy is that the outhouse?

I laughed and said guess it will have to do, then the three girls showed up about 8 feet in front of me squatted, Jenny to the left facing me with her butt cheeks resting on her heels and her legs spread wide open, Lease in the middle facing away on her hands and knees with her legs spread wide looking over her left shoulder at me and Carey facing me with her butt cheeks resting on her heels and her legs wide open.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Dang that made my dick harden a bit and then it took effort to start the stream, with some cat calls, come on Eddy you can do it, hey baby drain it, you can do it boy, they all laughed, finally the piss stream they were waiting for sprayed out of my dick.
They all made funny jeers and cackling noises as I pissed and watched there pussies start to do the same. Jenny and Carey almost simultaneously started to empty out on the ground with little laughing jerks and squirts at first. Lease was laughing so hard she was having trouble getting started and then it happened, Lease farted, dribbled a little pee and the other two were laughing and giggling and Lease was laughing harder and then started an awesome stream!

Why are farts so funny! But they are! This was an incredible view watching these girls pee. Wow! What a crazy fucking day! I’ll never forget this evening as long as I live.

We got back to the blanket and Carey said look over there pointing to where we had all just pissed and there were all four dogs trying to piss on every blade of grass that had female piss on it and every blade the last dog pissed on. It was actually funny watching them and we had a good laugh.

Carey and Lease knew how to supply a picnic feast, fried chicken, potato salads, meat slices and home made bread and buns. They had even thought to bring to large Coffee Thermoses but only 3 cups. But I chose a Thermos lid which worked out great.
While we were eating, Jenny asked, so, you two are obviously a couple how did you meet. I’m not going to bore you with the entire story but it seems Lease was beaten to with in an inch of her life in a male gay bar and hospitalized. Carey was a nurse in the same hospital and was assigned to Leases room, one thing lead to another and they fell in love.
Lease shared that her mother was a single parent and a drunk, and when she was 8 she lost her ovaries to child cancer. Her mother would only spend money on the drink and didn’t have insurance or money for hormone treatments. Lease actually grew up as a boy with a pussy and no breasts.

But this made life pretty tough and she had been sexually confused for a long time. Not welcomed by women or men gay or not, until she fell in love with Carey and then it didn’t matter. Eddy and Jenny you need to know that from now on in public my name is Lea, no one in this area actually knows I am female I dress male all the time. As you can see with these tits that is no problem. Tonight was special, in more ways then you know.

Jenny was sitting on the end of the blanked cross legged and patted her left thigh for me to lay down on my right side and put my head there. I did as she beckoned, my hair line on her right thigh and my neck and chin on her left thigh with her left breast just millimeters from my cheek.

That put my right ear in her muff, and my nose now close to her pussy. Her breasts are like a foot ball cut in the middle with the two halves pasted to her chest, her dark large aureola’ are like missile cones with half inch by half inch nipples on the end.

Jenny told our 15 year story right through to showing up in the woods this evening. Jenny and Lease were in awe. You are a Doctor Carey said? Yes said Jenny a full State licensed Vet! Awesome said Carey, that is so wonderful.

Lease asked, when did you decide you wanted to be a pet doc Jenny? Jenny glanced at me and said almost as a whisper, the first time Fucked Jesse. When was that Lease prodded. Jenny looked at me and her face flushed just a little, well, I went to my high school graduation Prom with the top foot ball player in our school with the intention of loosing my virginity that night.

This guy, Jason, was a hunk. I had not dated, didn’t care, I loved this man here but he didn’t know it. Eddy had bought me this beautiful pink gown for the occasion. It had to be perfect for his little girl. Anyway it turned out that Jason couldn’t dance and I sat on the sidelines while he disappeared with his buddies drinking whiskey and every time he came back he was drunker.

When the Prom was over we went to his pickup and I still wanted to fuck, I wanted this cherry business over with but dummy Jason was loaded now and when he tried to kiss me beside his truck he grabbed my boobs and ripped my dress which really pissed me off, then he tried again with a slobbering kiss and threw up on me all over the front of my beautiful gown, down between my tits, my belly, my hair, fuck I get made thinking about it now, what a jerk. What did you do I said totally involved? I slugged him, cold cocked him and laid him out cold on the ground beside his pickup truck and got a ride home with one of the parent chaperones.

I made them drop me off at the end of our drive and figured I’d walk the lane and maybe Eddy wouldn’t see me. Jesse was there in a minute walking with me as I cried with every step.
Part way to the house I couldn’t stand the vomit stink anymore so I slipped out of the dress and walked in my Pink Bra and G-string Panties which I had purchased special for dumb dumb Jason, bastard. I slipped out of my high heels and took my stockings off as well to walk easier.

Seeing this Jesse stuck his cold nose in my crotch and with G-string panties it was a direct hit on my pussy lips, I giggled and pushed him away, but while walking that made me think, I wish boys could be like Jesse. He never disappoints me, loves me, protects me, you know, I just wished he could be my boyfriend instead of high school idiots.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

We slipped quietly into the house and right up stairs, Eddy was sleeping in front of the TV so he didn’t hear us. We went up to my bedroom and I slipped out of the Bra and Panties and into the shower.
After scrubbing myself pink I dried off and wrapped a towel around my head and threw myself onto my bed face down into the pillow, crying, arms out stretched to the sides and my legs parted to each side of the bed.

I cried and cried and Jesse licked my hand then he tried to lick my toes to comfort me so I never gave it a second thought when he jumped onto the bed between my legs and one lick to the back of my knee and then the next lick was right on my pussy! He is good! They all laughed but I had another rock hard on. He licked my pussy and I wanted to get away but I also liked what was happening to me.

So whats a little lick between friends huh? Laughing again she said, I told myself its OK, it just feels good and maybe I could give him a little better angle to lick my pussy, so I lifted my ass up a little with my knees and his tongue went inside my cunt, wow! That was hot! He didn’t stop either he kept licking and licking my hole, by now jenny noticed my stiff cock standing straight up but kept talking while slowly sliding her hand to massage my stiff rod.

Jenny continued, It felt so good I leaned back more on my knees with my face still in the pillow, big mistake, he stop licking, then shit, he was on top of me so quick and his cock was instantly ramming my cunt. Awesome, like I told you earlier Eddy, Jesse never misses! But it scarred me, he is big and damn it I had left the bedroom door open.
But that all made it even more taboo and exciting. I couldn’t get out from underneath him, he just pounded my pussy harder and harder and then I felt it happening inside me, you know, his cock knotting right up inside me, it hurt like hell and I screamed into my pillow afraid Eddy would hear me. He pounded and pounded my cunt and soon he had me filled right up, blood and cum running down my legs.

Jesse slowed down and was into little jerks as he pumped more and more hot puppy juice in my womb. I thought, Jesse you deserved my cunt, that ass-hole Jason sure didn’t, better you should be my first rather then that jerk. He pulled out and I was amazed at his cock.
The size and shape, that pink purple shaft was still squiring and that knot was huge, no wonder my cunt was aching , well a little anyway, but it sure felt good too. I decided then and there I was going to be a pet doctor, and Jesse and I would take our relationship to the next level, and so here I am today. Awesome Jenny and fucking hot. Lease turned to Carey and kissed her deeply, her hands caressing Carey’s breasts and pinched her nipples.

I was hard and I could smell a hint of pussy right under me, she was wet, I could tell by her breathing which was somewhat faster after telling her story and the sweet cunt smell over powering me.

I rolled my top torso over part way onto my chest to lick her mound Jenny parted her legs a little to give me access but did not take her hand off my cock rather she squeezed it harder. I run my tongue over her swollen clit flicking it back and forth then sucked it into my mouth and stroked it with my tongue and lips. Her breathing was picking up speed.

My cock was throbbing under her stroking, balls to head, head to balls slowly driving me crazy. Her pussy was so wet it had a shine to it, I swear! Her left hand came down between my head and her belly and she rubbed her fingers in her cunt juice and then put it right back on my cock now slippery with her cunt lube and began stroking me again.

I rolled over onto my back and there it was, a nipple right there waiting for my mouth. I sucked it into the side of my mouth as Jenny leaned forward a little to give me more and her right hand went to my hair, totally awesome. She stroked my head hair and my cock at the same time while I sucked and flicked her nipple. There were noises come from very close by but I was enchanted with this goddess next to me. I paid no attention to Carey, Lease and the boys. I was headed for heaven and knew it was mine for the taking.

I sat up and laid Jenny down on the blanket and slid in between her long gorgeous legs, with my arms stretched out holding myself off of her, looking right into those mesmerizing green eyes I said Jenny I love you. She started to cry, this confused me, Jenny are you OK?

Yes shut up you big fool and fuck me! But, I tried to say, oh shut up Eddy don’t you know happy horny crying, and with a laugh she bucked up nailing my cock between her legs and stroking her cunt lips up and down my aching shaft. I drew back, found her wet spot and drove my cock in deep! She gasped loudly, your my first! Huh I said? OK she said, my first man cock! Wow! I said and started banging into her hard and fast.

She continued crying and sobbing and buck fucking me like she was insane. She met every thrust with equal power banging harder and harder. Her ass was lifting off the ground to make her cunt meet my cock on its way in. Fucking noises were all around us. The girls were screwing the dogs again right beside us. HOT YOU SAY!!!!! Geez, I tried to continue to look into those eyes as I fucked her but the noises beside me I had to look. Jenny was saying I’m coming Eddy, really cumming hard fuck me. I did, but I made a quick glance and back into her eyes.

That glance gave me the most awesome view! Only a few feet away, both girls were broadside to me and that was incredible. Lease had Jesse’s cock locked into her cunt with Jesse’s left leg part way over her back and Jesse standing on the opposite side of her to me.

I could see about an inch of red cock from his sheath to her cunt, he was totally knotted in her cunt. He was panting and his tail was flicking a little in rhythm to his cum squirts, that was awesome.
But it gets better. Bruno seemed to have gotten over his sedative as he was in her mouth. His front feet were on the opposite side of Lease away from me also, his right back leg was on the back of her head so the two dogs were almost head to head. Lease had his cock down her throat, she had to have, her cheeks looked like a squirrel with a mouth full of acorns, really!

She had her right hand wrapped around the base of his knot so I could see about an inch of cock to the sheath, but her mouth was partly open unable to completely close around that huge cock knot. She wasn’t letting go either and he was jerking his spunk down her throat, maybe right into her stomach, although I had not seen his cock fully engorged Bruno is about 125 lb dog! That was little Lease!

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Now Carey was to her left with her ass slightly in my direction. She had Sandy locked into her cunt! Sandy had his right leg up on her right cheek giving me a clear view of about an inch of red cock buried out of sight in her cunt. Again knotted and locked in her cunt. Awesome yes! But she had Charlie on his back and had been sucking his monster cock and was now cock spraying her face and neck and tits like a fire hose with his cum! She was soaked and he kept on cum spraying!

Back to Jenny, cum with me Eddy she moaned humping me harder. I felt it start way down deep, my orgasm was coming from somewhere never before felt because I thought I’d explode like a volcano.

She pulled her face up into my neck and I held her there and continued pumping in and out, in and out to the tip and she’d gasp in my ear, drive it back to my balls and she’d gasp, oh, oh oh awe cum baby cum baby cum with me now! I’m with you baby and i pounded harder, she screamed in my ear ahh! Ahh! and we exploded together, me pounding cum into her, and her cunt was meeting each stroke with an orgasm rush!
Oh my gawd! I never thought sex could be done like this. Or, this fantastic. Oh my gawd!

I lifted my sweaty body up off her and panted hard trying to catch my breath. Jenny reached up with one hand and wiped the sweat out of my eyes and then wiped that hand on her tits.
She was wringing wet just like me. We both looked over at the girls and started to laugh, Jesse and Sandy were gone as just then Bruno pulled out of Leases mouth, Jenny gasp oh my god! It’s bigger then Jesse and maybe bigger then Charlie.

How the hell can you do that Lease Jenny said? There had to be at least 10” of dick slid out of her throat. Lease was smiling from ear to ear, I think Bruno will do better for you now Jenny! He has the feeling now of what is expected. His cock is bigger then Charlie if you can believe that, wow she said! Awesome dick! I can teach you how sometime to suck him and Eddy just like that if you want. It is actually quite easy if you know how. With a huge white smile she said, you know something I think I have a G-Spot about 2” down my throat and laughed out loud.

Carey had released Sandy from her cunt muscles and was sitting up smiling and shining from her forehead to belly button with doggy cum literally all over her. Her pussy hair was soaked and sparkling in the fading light of the evening, her thighs were covered in cum. She looked awesome! She looked like a greased up sun bather! Fucking awesome!!

We gathered strength and all sat on the blanket. Lease was sitting just off the blanket on a small round stone. Jenny said, Lease, look under that stone, I left a bag there last August. Lets see if it’s any good. Lease pulled out a zipp lock baggy of Pot complete with papers and lighter.
Awesome said Lease and set about opening and checking to see if it was still good. She opened it and started rolling joints, passing them to Carey already lighted and then rolling another one. She quit rolling when we each hand one in our hands. She had lighted everyone and you could tell she was really buzzing.

We each puffed a bit and Lease said hey Eddy want to do something really kinky? Really Kinky? I said what the fuck could be more kinky then fucking three hot bitches with one guy and four horny dogs, I mean really I thought I’d heard and done it all. Well are you up for it? What I said, you’ll see.

Damn I need a beer that pot makes me thirsty, and Carey passed out 3 beers and one for herself. I sat there drinking and puffing wondering what they were up to, Lease whispered something into Carey’s ear and she laughed, nodded and said OK sure! Then she went to Jenny and leaned down and whispered something into Jenny’s ear that I wouldn’t hear. Jenny smiled and said you sure say that again so I got it right and of course Lease whispered again, and Jenny said , that is what I thought you said, OK but your sure you want me to do that? Yes said Lease, I am high enough I want to do this before I chicken out. Lease said hows your beer Eddy?

I finished the one I had and caught another from Lease. Jenny was still laying on the ground leaning on one elbow when Bruno came trotting up between her legs and started cleaning my cum from her cunt. I noticed Jenny instinctively opened her legs to give him cleaning access, instead of closing them like most people would do. You want another beer Eddy?
I said with a grin what are you up to, my dick is finished, I hate to admit it but five times today has done me in. They all laughed at that and Lease said no I don’t want to fuck anymore either, but I do want your help.

Ok I said I’ll just go have a quick piss and we can get started. No she blurted loudly, no don’t piss yet OK? You girls need another beer, No I’m ready said Carey, me too said Jenny. With that Lease laid down in front of me and spread her legs wide, clamped her swollen 2” clit between her fingers so about an inch was showing through and start masturbating, flicking her hand around and jamming three fingers in and out of her cunt, building tempo, murmuring awes and ohs and getting louder, then said now girls, please! Jenny got to her knees and knee walked right over leases face, Carey stepped over Leases body facing me and with two hands pulling up on her cunt lips started to piss on Lease clit and cunt, Eddy join in Cary said, piss right on her clit do it now honey.

So I let my bladder empty and directed my stream onto her swollen clit. I moved slightly to one side to see better and there was Jenny pissing in Leases mouth and she was trying to drink it as fast as it was coming out of Jenny.

Lease was in a frenzy now, her hand was moving so fast on her cunt you could barely see her fingers, piss or cum or what ever was flying all over, splashing on Leases legs, pussy hair, belly and tits face, there was piss coming up in an arc from her own pussy and she was screaming ohh and awes and geezz and you name it she was in an orgasmic frenzy for sure.

I was almost empty when Bruno showed up trying to catch Carey’s piss in the air with his tongue, then Leases stream in the air, lapping at the piss and getting his head all wet from everyone pissing everywhere, gezz that was crazy.

Bruno moved right in on Lease and started lapping up her cunt while she was pissing or squirting and she went into orbit! Sort of screaming without a voice if that makes sense, she had her hands pulling on her cunt with her body resting on her shoulder and feet only driving her cunt into Bruno’s wet and sticky face. Bruno was going crazy too, he must have liked it, because he just kept on licking her slit from ass hole to clit until she screamed no more no more please, please no more with tears in her eyes she was breathing shit no more, please stop Bruno, please stop and tried to wiggle away on her back. I reached to pull Bruno back but Carey grabbed my hand and said, shes OK Eddy pay her no mind she needs a fucking good licking so let Bruno have his way with her and she laughed a devious laugh and kissed me on the mouth. Lease was still moaning but not moving and Bruno was licking her cunt deep with slow licks now which seemed to calm Lease down and she relaxed and laid flat out. Bruno kept sniffing and the odd lick but lost interest and there was a huge sigh from Lease.
Wholly shit that was intense. Thank you Eddy, Carey, bitch , and with a big smile, and Jenny thank you wow!

We all jumped into the pond again to wash the cum and piss off and cool down. Carey lighted a joint at the edge of the pond and passed it around.

After a few pulls on the weed we all relaxed more and more and then it hit me, oh my gawd! Ladies, tell me you are on the pill? Oh shit, Oh shit I should have thought to bring condoms, it’s to late now but I am so sorry. Hold on Cowboy said Carey we are all adults here, as a matter of fact I brought a pack with a dozen in it. So it is as much my fault as yours, besides we didn’t use one this morning either so the deed was done anyway big boy.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Umm oh shit uhh you know I’ll, I stammered.

Look said Lease, Carey and I have talked about adopting a baby for over six months now. But that is nearly impossible in this state since we are a same sex couple. Maybe you just took care of that problem for us, and on second thought if you didn’t today would you um do that for us, I mean, knock Carey up?

There would be no obligation to the child on your part not financially or other wise, unless of course you want to be an uncle or something she laughed. We don’t need money, nobody will sue you, we can even put that on paper if you want. We should have asked earlier but when I saw you in the pool my brain went into fuck mode and I forgot everything else. Will you forgive us Eddy?

I was stunned, and couldn’t say anything, babies and babies were flashing in my mind, lawyers, courts, shit. Twelve years no pussy and look what happens, I O.D’d or something, Fuck now what?

Then Jenny said, Eddy what if I’m knocked up I don’t use pills either, I had no need, sorry, Eddy are you angry with me? Eddy talk to me please?

I was breathing heavy wondering, what now, what if, what, and then I came to my senses. I slid down onto one knee in front of Jenny and took both her hands into mine. I looked right into those beautiful eyes and said Jenny, marry me?

She gasped and started to cry again. Jenny, Jenny are you, is all I got out before Jenny said shut up you big fool, cant you tell tears of joy and leaped at me throwing her arms around my neck and kissing my neck then pulled back and looked into my eyes and said you mean it?

I mean we really don’t know if I’m pregnant, I’m probably not with all that doggy cum in me. With all the swimming and dog fucking I’m not likely to be… Jenny my love I want you to say yes before we know so as never to look back and say we had to get married, I want you for you for the rest of my life.

Oh Eddy, then she got a funny quirky look on her face and said but what about Jesse and Bruno do I have to give them up, stop fucking them I mean? You don’t have to honey, no problem, only while your pregnant OK? Yes yes that would really make sense, there damn huge cocks go a long way in.

Hey Jenny said Carey, does this mean I can’t fuck Eddy anymore since your going to marry him, with a little giggle? Eddy has a job to do, said Jenny with matter of fact conviction, he will fuck you and get you knocked up I insist. Lease had a questioning look on her face, Yes Lease, we are all going to fuck Eddy, he is yours and mine personnel stud! Just so you know that for sure, are you girls free for and engagement Dinner tomorrow evening, Eddy cooks excellent stakes and I’m sure we can find a fun way to celebrate our friendship and wedding engagement after dinner. Oh and bring the boys with you, they get along with Jesse and Bruno just fine, shall we say 7 pm she said with a wink.

This is the end of the first day we met our new neighbors.

Hope you enjoyed this story I had fun with the memories writing it.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Neighbour, Carey and Charlie make my Day-Part -II

Animal Sex

 Animal Sex-Neighbour-Carey and Charlie make my Day-Part -II
Animal Sex-Neighbour, Carey and Charlie make my Day-Part -II……It is long but it gets better I promise

I watched Carey wave and drive off towards her home and then turned and jogged back the half mile to the ranch house. My house is a Century old two story log and stone home with 4 large bedrooms all with on-suite baths upstairs and a large kitchen, living, dining and family room plus one large bedroom with private on-suite bath and patio door to a cedar deck which faces south west looking out over the fields and forests. I never get tired of this view.

I had to take a quick shower and jump into clean cloths and get ready to go as I had a 2 hour drive to the city. Jenny was flying in this afternoon and I had to pick her up at the airport. This incredible morning encounter with my new neighbor was still clearly flashing in my mind but had set my Friday plans back a bit.

I pulled out on the highway thinking of the morning fun, wow, did that really happen? Ya it sure did because even now an hour later I could still smell her body, feel her soft breasts feel and taste her hot pussy in my mind. Incredible pussy, wow, me not having been laid in 12 years just made love with a horny hot gorgeous blonde bomb shell I had only just met at my mail box! To think she is my neighbor my incredibly fucking horny neighbor, fantastic!!

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I shook my head and tried to concentrate on the road. My mind drifted to Jenny, pretty little Jenny all grown up and now a Veterinarian! The last time I had seen her was Easter holiday when she had come home for the weekend. She was excited and totally hyper when she had arrived. She had brought a lovely young lady friend with her and they seemed to have a lot of fun on the ranch that weekend. They had gone riding horses around the ranch. I could not help notice that Beth was a young beauty too, maybe 2 inches shorter then Jenny but bigger breasts which she seemed always have 3 or 4 buttons undone and she also like to lean over my way every time we met. She had big brown eyes a slender waist and wide hips which made her figure very hour glass like. I caught my self many times getting a hard on day dreaming what it would be like to see her naked.

When I think back about it now I think Jenny had been flashing her cleavage in front of my eyes as well, with more buttons undone each time. I was feeling a bit funny about getting erect from her body as well. I wonder if they were doing that to me on purpose? I wonder if they noticed my boner? They giggled after every encounter now that I think of it. No, I had to put that out of my mind, damn I had a hard on again, shit after all Jenny is my little girl no we were not blood but I raised her as my daughter after her mother passed away.

I turned into the airport right on time and found parking right away. I found the baggage area which wasn’t hard in a little airport like this. There she was already pulling her bags off the trolly and she turned and spotted me. Eddy! Eddy over here she said waving and yelling loud enough for everyone in the area to hear and then ran and jumped into my arms kissing me on the cheek and a quick smooch to my lips and hugging me so tight I could hardly breath. Jenny had never called me Daddy from the time she moved in, she always said she was a big girl and since I wasn’t really her Dad I had no problem with that, she was always trying to grow up to fast I thought.

Jenny looks just like her mother did, the resemblance is uncanny. Sometimes I have to shake my head when I look at her to believe it isn’t Katie, wow she is a beauty. Light Olive colored skin 5′ 10” 125 lbs 34C-28-36 with amazon legs and a tight body. Long blue black straight hair down to her round ass. Black manicured eye-brows and high cheek bones, she reminds me very much of Cher the singer from TV when Cher was about 20, and of course those striking hypnotic green eyes just like her mother.

Jenny was wearing a white cotton blouse unbuttoned down to just where there was a hint of red bra underneath showing off those beautiful big tits which seemed to be straining to to bust out of there bondage, a red belt and red and white striped shorts that came down half way to her knees and white and red stripped sneakers. Her make up and eye shadow made me catch my breath, it seemed to make here eyes even more hypnotic, and her lips, well her lips just seemed to scream kiss me if that makes sense. They were a shade darker then her natural color, just right. I had never paid this much attention to her figure, Jenny was a woman, of course she was, after all she was 25, and gorgeous, although I had not thought much about it, I am only 10 years older then her.

Are we ready to go I said? No said Jenny we have to pick up Bruno. Who is Bruno I found myself saying hoping Jenny would not detect a hint of jealousy in my voice. Oh didn’t I tell you, Bruno is a big male Australian Shepard about 2 year old and very well mannered. I saved his life at the University Pet Hospital so they gave him to me. I had to sedate him and put him in a cage, airline rules, anyway we can pick him up over there. We walked over to the pet area to claim Bruno and there he was in his cage on a trolly sleeping. After checking him out we went to the SUV and together we lifted his cage into the back, dang he had to weigh 125 lbs and he never woke up.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

On the drive home Jenny said do you think Jesse will get along with Bruno? I guess we’ll see I said, but Jesse is getting old now and is pretty laid back I’m sure he’ll be OK. Jesse is a Rottweiler, King Shepard cross. Black and Tan but a little heavier then most Rotties about 145lbs. I thought for a moment and yes he was 14 years old now. Jesse has missed you Jenny, when you left at Easter he didn’t eat for two days and wouldn’t come out of your room. Awe that is so sweet and actually sad, he has been my dog since I came here she said. Jesse had always been by her side no matter where she went if he could go he was there, he even slept in her room upstairs since I could remember,

We pulled into the driveway and on up to the big house and were met by Jesse going crazy. Jenny stepped out and bent down on one knee and Jesse almost knocked her over. Jenny continued to hug and ruff up his neck fur as he did circles and little throaty happy growls. She stood up and Jesse jumped up at her and she caught him by the front legs and he kiss her, I noticed his big tongue kissed her right into her mouth, um wow she was letting him and kissing him right back. I didn’t say anything but it seemed a little unusual, nawh it is me, after this morning I keep thinking ever woman I see with a dog is fucking him. I put that thought out of my head. We opened the back hatch and Bruno was barely awake and not very responsive so we carried him into the family room by the sofa opened his cage but he just laid there not eager to move.

I just then realized it 6:15 pm. And I had a date with a couple of hot women back at the swimming hole. I didn’t want to explain to much to Jenny so I said, honey I met our new neighbors from the old Twin Fork Ranch. They asked me to drop over for a bit around 7pm but I can call and cancel? No you don’t Eddy that would be rude. I’m bushed anyway and we talked all the way home, so you go ahead. I don’t want to leave Bruno right now and I need a shower and sleep it’s been a long day so you go ahead have fun I’m home for good now so can catch up tomorrow. That was easy I thought. Now the fun will begin.

I quickly got changed into my jeans and a T-shirt, loaded my ice cooler full of beer on the back of our ATV. This morning I told Carey I’d bring the Beer if she’d bring sandwiches. So it was time to go to the old swimming hole for a good time tonight, oh ya !!

I pulled up and parked the ATV in the shade under the old Willow tree which covered most of the spring fed pool from the hot sun. It was about 96 F and the water looked invitingly cool. Mmmm it seems I was there first. I popped a beer, drank it while I undressed and now totally naked I dove into that cool liquid, nice, just what I needed. I splashed around a bit then heard Charlie bouncing through the woods and when he saw me he ran up to the side bank of the pond whimpering and making little crying sounds showing he was happy to see me. Then another slightly smaller Grey Hound, Sandy showed up and circled the pond very timidly. A minute later Carey and Lease came out of the woods right up to the edge of the pond near the Willow trunk maybe a foot higher then the water.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Lease was a bit smaller then Carey about 5′ 5” maybe 110 lbs. She had short boyish auburn hair cut and a slim but attractive body. Small but pretty face. I could not see any tits but a real nice ass. She was dressed in a yellow tube top no bra and denim cutoffs so short that standing on the edge of the bank right above me I could see right up the inside of her legs and could clearly see not only no panties but no hair on that pinkish cunt either. Oh ya.

Carey was dressed the same as Lease. A tube top and denim cutoffs and was standing right beside Lease giving me the same view, no panties and a very familiar smooth clean shaved cunt.

Want a beer I said, there in the cooler. Carey opened the cooler and handed a beer to Lease and one to me, I was treading water so I moved over to an under water ledge and sat down in about belly button deep water. Carey you weren’t kidding he is a hunk Lease said, hey cowboy, stand up for a minute and let me have a look at that body. Al right I said feeling the beer a bit and stood up to reveal a semi hard on. A combination of cool water and a naked pussy effect. Lease whistled loudly and said let the party begin. Both ladies stripped off naked in a few seconds and then lingered standing there naked finishing there beer on the edge of the bank letting me take in the erotic view of these two awesome beauties just a few feet away. My semi was now ridged. Nice cock Eddy It looks like your glad to see us Carey giggled as I sat back onto the ledge. With that they both dove into the deep middle of the pond. I watched them swim around in the crystal clear spring water enjoying the coolness on there naked bodies, laughing and splashing each other and then me.

Both dove under at the same time but it was Lease that came up between my legs and placed one hand on each of my knees and hoisted herself right up to my lips for a kiss which I of course met with a long passionate kiss right back. It was then I really notice Lease had very little breasts just barely a mound but she had huge brown hard nipples sticking straight out and were now pressing into my chest. I tweaked her left nipple then the right one between my thumb and fore finger as she cooed with pleasure. I like that she said with a white teeth grin and you know what else I like, this and went down on my cock. She easily deep throat-ed me till my balls hit her chin. I’m not bragging but I’m not a small guy, with at least 8 inches she had no hesitation in pulling me toward her so she could get it all in her mouth. But my cock was under water which meant she had to come up for air and when she did I grabbed her under the arm pits and threw her up and backwards into the pond. She laughed loudly and splashed in to the pond beside Carey and then I dove down deep watching them from under the water kick there legs to stay afloat. I rolled onto my back and came up between Leases legs and drove my tongue up into her cunt. Lease spread her legs and grabbed the back of my head inviting me to lick and suck her cunt. She had the biggest clit I had ever encountered at least a full 2 inches with the hood pulled back. I sucked it in and out of my lips for as long as I could making her buck and wiggle and then finally she me let go so I came up for air.

I came up in front of her and kissed her full on the mouth with passion and she responded in kind. She was humping my cock between her legs against her cunt lips. Wow that was feeling fine. When we pulled apart I said lets get out of the water before we drown as we moved over to a grassy area near the side of the pond I laid her down gently and she parted her legs. I couldn’t wait any long I laid down beside her and kissed her huge nipples just as Sandy showed up and licked the other nipple and then his nose went right to her crotch, Lease giggled and pushed him away. Eddy meet Sandy, our horny and impatient little boy, as she pushed him away she said not now Sandy I get Eddy first then you can have me. I rolled over onto Lease keeping my weight on my elbows and knees and slipped my cock in her hot wet pussy in one motion. Wow was she hot, as I stroked my cock in and out of her I happened to look up and saw Carey’s ass a mere 2 feet away on her hands and knees with Charlie licking her cunt right there in front of my eyes. Man it is hot to fuck one and watch the other. Lease was picking up the tempo and was reaching a climax with a lot of vocal enthusiasm, she was almost yelling fuck me fuck me harder Eddy oh shit Carey he can fuck oh fuck come on cum in me Eddy I want your juice harder big boy harder come on do me I’m cuming, ahhh I’m cuming . Mean while Charlie had mounted Carey and she was screaming Charlies got me Lease, the knot oh fuck he is knotting gawd damn he is big it hurts so fuck’n good oh come Charlie fuck me, hump me boy, take me take me breed your bitch boy. I couldn’t help it I let out a loud moan and shot my spunk into Lease as she and Carey both screamed out in pure orgasmic pleasure.

I rolled off Lease panting hard and Sandy was right there to lick Leases pussy and she spread her legs to let him in. His long tongue was going deep in her cunt and she came again as he licked and licked. Carey too was cooing beside me with Charlie cleaning her cunt from the hot spunk he had filled that hot little pussy with. But there was something else, another sound I could barely hear. It was very low but it was a woman’s moans I was sure. Carey and Lease were slowing down and both raise up on elbows and looked to the woods. The sound had stopped and I needed to cool off anyway. I stood up and dove into the pond, then there was another splash and Lease was in the water, then Carey dove deep. I went under and swam to the Willow tree coming up right by the bank and looked up at the most beautiful completely naked Jenny standing right there above me with a flashing perfect white smile, Hi Eddy, can I joint the party?

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Jenny’s legs were parted and her body was breath taking. Her pussy area skin was a darker shade then the rest of her body making her swollen and reddish cunt catch my eyes. I could see a flat belly and large perky stand up straight tits with big dark areola and erect dark nipples. Smooth neck line and perfect chin.

Jenny! I, uh, I thought you were you know taking a nap, tired uh. How long have you been standing here? Oh right here only a minute, but in the woods were I could see the party oh about the same time you stood up out of the water when the red head asked to see your body.

Jenny squatted down in front of me resting her buttocks on her heels and her hands on her knees with her legs parted wide giving me a clear and horny view of her puffy cunt, her Clit was swollen out of her pussy slit with large pussy lips spread open and her cunt hole was open just a bit. Her thick black pussy hair was cropped at the panties lines and seemed to point at her clit.

I really wasn’t tired when we got home I just needed to hump Jesse without you there. It has been awhile and he really missed me. I didn’t know how I could tell you about him, but now!

Eddy, I got so Hot watching you I just had was fucking Jesse again, so I stripped off and let Jesse fuck me in the woods where I could see you. I didn’t think you’d mine honey since the blonde was fucking that Grey Hound under your nose. Just then I noticed a string drop of cum or pussy lube seep from her cunt hole glistening in the sun light and almost immediately a long pink tongue slurped it up and licked her pussy from behind. Jenny giggled loudly ooh ahh um and Bruno knocked her forward toward me on her hands and knees. We were nose to nose as I had my elbows on the bank and was floating with my legs out backwards in the water. Bruno’s head showed up right beside Jenny’s left ear with his tongue hanging out and panting and bobbing up and down as he tried to fuck her. I slid down a bit almost loosing my grip and saw down through past Jenny’s big tits a red dick a poking all over then disappeared and awe, ohh from Jenny then it was back poking around her pussy bush squiring cum on her belly, hair and legs. Bruno has a little trouble with his aim she cooed and then I could see his knot forming inside his cock sheath. He was still humping but slid off Jenny’s back to one side. She had lust in her eyes as she said Eddy fuck me, I’m hot. I want you to fuck me. But before I could say or do anything Jesse’s head showed up along side Jenny’s ear a bobbin and a humping. Jenny had a huge smile and tried to speak as Jesse was drilling her burning hot little cunt from behind, awww, umm you knoww Eddy wwhat I lovvvve about Jesssse, awee oohhhh heeeee nevverr missessss my cunnnt awwwe shit he is in, damn he has a huge cock, oh boy fuck your bitch baby, come on Jesse fuck me hard, oh shit Eddy he is knotting me filling my cunt with his huge cock! I looked past her tits and I could see about an inch of red cock between the sheath and Jenny’s cunt. I reached down and rubbed circles on her clit with my left hand and squeezed and played with her right breast with my right hand still floating in the water. I kissed her hard and she kissed me back.

Just then Lease was beside Jenny shoulder to shoulder with Charlie on her back humping and panting, awhhh ohhh, ya baby oh ya Eddy he’s in me he’s in my cunt fucking me, oh fucking me with his monster cock, then Lease turn to Jenny and kissed her on the mouth. I could see tongue between them and it made me hard, the whole damn seen was driving me wild. My cock was aching hard. I heard a splash somewhere in the pond, but didn’t care and kissed both girls as they came up for air and between groans and moans as they got fucked hard.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Then to my surprise my cock was deep down Carey’s throat. She had come up from under me and took my cock by surprise deep in her mouth stroking me from head to balls. Wholly fuck was this fucking hot. Carey released my cock and shot up between my arms for air and to my surprise facing Jenny. Jesse was still pounding Jenny’s ass as Carey kissed her on the mouth deep and hard. They pulled back for air and Carey turned around into my arms with her arms around my neck. I felt her heels digging into my ass as she pulled me hard with her strong legs towards her open cunt. Perfect aim too, I slide right into her cunt no stopping no poking just right into that her hot cunt hole right to my balls. I cried out with hot pleasure as her pussy burned and so did Carey. She humped my cock as I held the bank for support. Cary arched her back and fucked me crazy, stroking fast and hitting my pelvic bone hard every time screaming in pleasure. Shit this was wild, Jenny moaning and almost crying I’m coming so fucking hard, Lease moaning and panting fuck he is big I can’t cum no more but oh shit I am and then Carey screamed cum Eddy, cum Eddy with me I’m cumming I’m cumming! I’m right there with you baby awhhh fuck as I shot my wad into her sucking cunt!

Everyone panted hard for a few minutes as the dogs had stopped and were unloading there spunk into Lease and Jenny with little jerks, Carey and I just held each other till my cock withered inside her and slipped out. Still panting jenny looked around as Carey turned to wards her still between my arms and the bank, and said Eddy, introduce me to our neighbors. We all laughed at that and when the laughter settled and before I could find my voice she said I’m Jenny and I love your dogs they are beautiful. Then, I’m Carey and, I’m Lease. Then I said I’m hungry and we laughed again.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-How Slut Katy Becomes A Bitch for Dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-How Slut Katy Becomes A Bitch for DogHow Slut Katy Becomes A Dog Bitch

Katy awoke early in the morning, feeling the sun cascading onto her skin. She slowly stretched, letting her body awake. She looked around a bit, and sighed. Slowly she sat up in bed and then got up to go to use the restroom.

After she brushed her teeth, she looked down at her body, pleased with her workouts in maintaining her body. Her fair skin, her red hair, and a body that made men drool. She went back to her room and thru on some shorts and a thin strapped top.

She went to the kitchen and got herself some cereal to eat. Sitting down she happened to see her cell phone blinking that she had a text. She grabbed her phone and looked at it.

It was not a number she recognized, and then opened the message. Her eyes were transfixed to her phone. Her lips mouthed the words before her. The text read, “Listen you slut, I have your dirty and explicit emails you sent to your friend. Respond or I send them to everyone you know. ”

Katy’s mouth went dry. She reread it a few times. She looked around as though someone was watching her and she would see them. Looking back at her phone, she slowly responded with. “Who is this?”

She looked at the phone expecting an instant response. After a few minutes, she put the phone down, thinking it was maybe sent to her by accident. She continued eating, feeling better as the minutes went by.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Her phone started to vibrate and almost scared her to death. She looked at the new text, seeing it was from the same number. Her eyes fixed on the message. “Katy, get out of your house, go to Camden and Regal streets. Blue house down Camden a bit, go to building behind it.”

Her mouth was dry again. She was shaking slightly. Again she looked around and then the phone went off again. She read the new text, “Get moving, walk here quickly. Do as you are told or I will send the emails.”

She put her bowl in the sink and grabbed her phone and keys. She was thinking about who it may be. Were here friends pranking her? She finally made it down to Camden and walked down it, seeing a blue house in the distance.

She was getting more nervous as she got closer. Who was there? Her mind was flying. She was starting to breathe heavier as she got closer. She walked down the driveway. She could see a smaller building and could hear some barking from that direction.
She walked up to the door, taking a deep breath, and then she knocked on the door.
The sound of her knocking was almost deafening her. Her mind was searching desperately for who this was. Was it the guy from her cam show? God why did she drink so much? She looked at the door, was this a joke, was her friends messing with her?

The door swung open quickly, catching her off guard. A lady stood there, a stern look on her face. “Get in here Katy!”

Katy was stuck looking at her. Who was she? What was going on? “Get your ass in here you stupid slut! NOW!”

Katy came to life, not sure what to do but went inside. The lady shut the door behind her loudly causing her to jump. “Shit in that chair you disgusting slut.” Katy saw a chair in front of her, breathing, allowing her mind to gain a hold of what was going on.

She took a seat and was looking at the lady in front of her. The lady sat at the desk. She moved some papers around on the desk and then placed two in front of Katy. “Read these you slut.” Katy was tired of this regal bitch. “Screw you, and get that prune out of your” “SHUT UP YOU STUPID SLUT! I DID NOT TELL YOU TO TALK!”

Katy was stunned; tears welled up in her eyes. The snarled at her again. “Read the papers I set in front of you!” Katy lowered her gaze to the papers she had in front of her. She almost gasped aloud. They were her personal naughty emails to her friend.

She tried to play it off. “Whatever. Send them off, I don’t know where you found them, but they are erotic!” Smile on her face at the end, feeling she just called her bluff, and she would be rid of this crazy woman shortly.

“Oh, so you admit you are a slut! Too bad, you think this is all I have on you?! Nooo! Sorry! So maybe this will help you out!” The lady turned her monitor towards Katy. Katy turned red and then went flush. On the screen was her naked. Katy became angry, “How dare you take pictures of me! You crazy bitch!”

Katy got up to leave and then the lady hit a key. Katy almost died. “Nooo. How in the hell did you get that?!” The screen showed her doing herself with a spray can. Katy was in dismay.

The lady calmly told her to sit, then in the same steady voice “Listen you degenerate, you are not even smart enough to use something that can’t hurt you. So this is how this will work. You will do as I say. You decide to not do as I say and I send the video to your parents.” Katy began to tear up. “And don’t be vulgar with me anymore you slut. Now strip!” Katy was frozen. She looked at the lady, eyes begging to not do as she said.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

The lady hit some more keys and an email screen came up on the computer. Quickly, she saw the lady type in her Mom’s email address. Then she typed a short, quick message. ‘Your daughter at work, think you might like to see this.’ Then she attached a file to the email. The lady put the cursor over send, then looked at her, and said “Strip or your Mom gets all 40 minutes of your drunken fun.”

Katy’s mouth went dry and she slowly pulled her top off as she looked at the lady. Her hands set her top on the desk, as she was hoping this lady would tell her to stop. The lady still maintained her calm voice, “Continue.” Katy was lost in her mind. Her hands grasped the clasp of her bra and slowly removed it, then set it on her top.

Katy stood and blindly continued at what she was doing. “Shoes too.” The lady said with her cold tone. Katy began to remove her shorts, slipping them down, removing them, and removing her shoes also. Standing up, she still had her lacy panties on. “Those too. Figures a slut would wear slutty panties.” Katy looked at her, and slipped them down.

“Good, you can listen. Now stand still.” The lady stood, and walked over to her, slowly walking around her, examining her body with her eyes.

Katy felt hot. The lady was starting a fire in her loins. “Now get on your hands and knees, BITCH! I am going to make you exactly what you called me.” Katy knelt down, slowly getting on her knees and then leaning over and putting her hands on the floor.

“Good. Now you are going to be a bitch and you will see what it is like.” Katy’s nerves were on edge. She looked to the lady, “What do you mean you are going to make me a bitch?” Her breathing was steadily increasing. “Well, Bitch, you will take the place of a bitch for dog.”

Skipper, Katy thought that was a stupid name for a guy. The Lady whistled suddenly, and quickly the noise of a dog came down the hall towards them. Katy was uncertain as to what was going to happen. She heard the dog trot up, and then come into the room.

The Lady chuckled, “Isn’t Skipper a beautiful Golden Retriever?” Katy was silent for a second, nervous as hell, but something was exciting her about this. “The dog is Skipper?” The Lady was petting him, and responded, “Yep and you’re going to get licked to heaven, and then he is going to fuck you hard and fill you with his cum.”

Katy was silent again, her face went red, something in her wanted it, needed it. She was about to respond when the Lady cut her off. “You slut! You want him don’t you? It is all over your slutty face.” Katy looked down at the floor and she was beyond embarrassed and ashamed to feel this way. “Okay slut, just stay like you are, and dog will take your puppy cherry. LICK SKIPPER!” she said, pointing to Katy’s rear.

Dog went straight for Katy. He sniffed her a bit and smelled her odor. He could pick up on her beginning to get wet. He licked her once, and Katy shuddered, having never felt a sensation like that before. A small moan escaped her lips. “You slut, you want this bad don’t you?” Katy wanted to disappear but her body needed this. Her head still hanging down and she nodded in affirmation.

Dog began to lick her in earnest. His tongue was engaging her from her clit to her ass. He focused on her kitty after a bit. Katy began to openly moan, as she fell into a trance of the way the tongue licked her. So content and lost in the feelings. She almost jumped when his tongue suddenly entered her and then snaked inside her pussy.

The Lady watched as dog continued to lick her deeply. She liked to watch this, a new person getting taken into a new world of pleasure. dog was licking faster, his tongue searching, and retrieving her delectable nectar.

Katy was falling into heaven, as she felt her body taking her towards an orgasm. Her moans growing louder, breathing faster, and her body beginning to twitch a bit as the orgasm began the hit her. She gasped for air in between her now loud moans.

The Lady watched, keeping silent, and wishing that was her, knowing how good dog was at taking care of his bitches. He left her pussy and began working around her ass. Her orgasm spiked when that happened and she felt light headed. dog tongued her ass good, as Katy was slammed with the full hit of the orgasm.

The Lady grinned, knowing Katy was hers and soon she would beg to do as told. She pulled back on Skippers collar after noting his readiness to take Katy. “Okay, now you will become a bitch, and from what I have been watching, dog likes you a lot. So get ready for the fucking of your life.”

Katy needed it, but kept her head down and prepared for dog to take her. She had just come off her orgasm and was getting her breathing back down when she heard the Lady command to Skipper, “MOUNT!” Katy froze.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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ANIMAL SEX-Gang Raped & Dog Fucked


ANIMAL SEX-Gang Raped & Dog Fucked
One recent hot, summer evening, I was sitting around the outdoor table by the pool after enjoying a great BBQ with my hubby & a group of his mates from work.

The fellas were all having a laugh & a few drinks. I was drinking a bottle of Bundaburg mixed with ginger beer, otherwise called a “Dark & Stormy” My favourite & only alcohol beverage. I had had a ‘few’ drinks, it was a hot evening & the pool was looking inviting again.

The guys were having a laugh & passing around a few jokes back and fourth mostly about women of course & then the subject got onto their wives, girlfriends or having neither & not getting enough.

As I often get from hubby’s mates, comments began starting up about my ‘nice titties’ & how big they are & how my husband must enjoy rubbing his face amongst them.

I rolled my eyes at them, smiled & decided to leave them to their sexual banter & go hop in the pool. (Secretly I like my large breasts & enjoy showing a bit of cleavage, but I don’t let them know that…. gotta act innocent! lol)

It was just on dark by this stage, I was the only one in there & suddenly Hubby was behind me with his hands on my shoulders. He whispers quietly in my ear, “Why don’t you remove your top & swim topless? Give the boys something to look at?”

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I thought about this for a moment & I normally would have said no, but after having about 6 glasses of Bundy & drinking them down like lolley-water, (that’s the prob with Bundies…) I dunno, I was feeling a bit cheeky & it was darn hot & I haven’t swam topless in years, so what the hell, I nodded & said OK.

I turned around to face the guys sitting at the table, with my back facing hubby & he reached up & untied my top, removing it. He slowly played & tweaked my nipples making them stand up on end & then said, “Hey guys, you wanted to see my wifey’s titties, so here they are, she’s decided to share them with you.”

They turned & all looked suddenly, gawking & oohing & ahhing…. My face must have gone bright red. Hubby just pressed himself up close behind me & continued to play with my breasts, “Don’t look at them, just concentrate on what I’m doing.” He said.

So I closed my eyes, relaxed & wrapped my arms up around the back of his neck as he continued to fondle me. It did feel good as he slowly teased my nipples & squeezed my breasts.

I heard movement in front & beside me & then I felt lips sucking & a tongue flicking across my nipples. I felt hands running over my body. Hang on…. more than just two hands! I opened my eyes slowly to see the guys were no longer at the table, but now in the pool with me, hubby had actually moved aside & let his friends take over. I looked at him warily & he nodded his approval & mouthed “you need it” at me.

They were fondling me everywhere, hands were running through my long hair, pulling my head back so they had full access to my neck & throat, hands were fondling my breasts, mouths were nibbling & teasing at my nipples, hands were floating slowly over my back, arms, thighs & then between my legs.

Although I wasn’t sure I should be doing this, it felt so good & I was highly turned on by it & getting wet between my thighs. I watched as my husband got out of the pool & sat in front of me watching as his seven workmates continued to fondle me everywhere.

After a little while, common sense & morals began to kick in again I think because I suddenly sat up & said “Err… this is going a bit too far, I think that might be enough now…”

” It’s ok hunny, you’re enjoying yourself & I am enjoying watching. Just relax & enjoy it.”

“I dunno about this..”

“Shhh…” said a voice in my ear & then he was nibbling on it. Ohh it all felt soo good & hot!

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

I felt hands running down my thighs & then around my ankles as they were lifted & spread apart. Then I felt someone’s fingers sliding the inner part of my bikini bottoms to one side so he could probe what hid inside. Fingers rubbed against my clit & while this continued more fingers came to slip slowly into my pussy.

By this stage I was floating on my back in the swimming pool leaning against someone behind me who was supporting me under my arms while someone else played with my breasts & others fondled my stomach, thighs & pussy. I had never felt so turned on & I let myself relax & go & moaned loudly at all the unbelievable sensations I was feeling as fingers rubbed at my clit & twisted & pushed deeper & deeper into my pussy & pinched & tugged at my nipples & ran all over my body all at once. I had never felt so desired or wanted as much as this. It was unbelievable.

Whore gets orgasm from dog cock

Hubby continued to sit on the edge of the pool watching, with a huge chubby in his pants. His eyes borred into mine. It was such a huge turn on.

“Let me suck that huge cock of yours hunny.” I moaned, licking my lips. I watched him slowly untie his swimming shorts & remove his stiff, cock from his shorts. I moved toward him, taking his cock into my mouth & licking the very tip of it, making it twitch & tasting the salt water upon it’s tip & then I dived my mouth upon it & sucked it all down to the back of my throat as his friends continued to grope at me everywhere. Now I was floating on my stomach & two guys had hold of my legs, spreading them wide as I felt fingers entering me again & I moaned loudly, delving deep onto my husband’s cock as he watched intently everything that his friends were doing to me. Suddenly my legs were pulled wide apart & it was a whole hand twisting & pushing into me, making a fist & pushing into me, twisting & sliding in & out. I gasped & opened my eyes wide, looking at my husband & he was smiling and said “I told them you liked it.”

They held me in position as I was fisted, slowly at first. I could feel every bumpy, rough knuckle sliding in & out of me as he thrusted & twisted & I was writhing about in the pool, moaning loudly with my husband’s cock forced deep into my throat & the tempo deep in my pussy began to speed up, bit by bit until I was panting & groaning & gasping for any bit of air I could get with my mouth forced upon hubby’s cock & suddenly I was lifted out of the pool & onto the side & told to continue what I was doing, only this time it was someone else’s cock I was told to suck.

So I did & I felt that fist in me again until I was writhing about & moaning loudly & grunting with a huge cock forced into my throat as strong hands pushed my head down & held me there while his thighs bucked his cock hard into my mouth.

I glimpsed my husband standing to one side watching as his friends did all this to me. I exploded suddenly & cum squirted out of my pussy & all over someone’s fist & up their arm. “WOAH!!!” They all exclaimed, laughing & chuckling, amazed & then there was a “Let me try that” From someone else…

Another hand prodded & rubbed at my clit, smothering my own cum from my pussy up & around my ass & slit. He slid a thumb into my asshole & then a finger & then two fingers, twisting them about inside my ass as another hand probed at my pussy. Suddenly a hand slid deep into my pussy. Only it was much bigger than the first. I guessed this to be Jaxon’s because he had bigger hands than the others. He made a fist & I felt like my pussy was going to tear apart & I tried to call out, but my head was buried on someone’s cock & I was being forced down, so I couldn’t move at all.

Slowly Jaxon’s hand twisted into me & out & I relaxed my muscles or at least tried to because his hand was so big & it hurt, but the feeling soon was replaced with uttmost ecstasy as I could feel my insides egin to tighten & quiver again as I my body betrayed me & exploded again he pushed hard into me & I squirted once more all up his arm. “That was so cool!” He exclaimed.

Suddenly there was a loud “Ahhh!” and an explosion in my mouth as someone hot cum squirted deep into my throt & I was forced to swallow the thick, creamy juices. He finally pulled out of my mouth & I took a much appreciated lungfull of air before someone else took his place.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Jaxon leaned over me before removing his hand from my pussy & whispered “I am going to fill your gorgeous tiny ass with my big cock soon.” & then he pulled out of me & let someone else have a turn.

Soon I was back in the position of mouth full & probing fingers & hand to then be replaced by someone’s hard cock slipping deep into me. It was long & hard & he rammed roughly into me, making me gasp & almost scream in trying to take the full length of it all in me. With each hard thrust I was forced deep onto someone elsescock & the tempo sped up, which I was greatful for because whoever’s cock I was sucking was holding my head down hard & tight & I couldn’t breathe & he quickly exploded into my throat with a loud goan & then pulled out, allowing me to take a breath again. Then hubby’s cock was in front of me again. I’d knoew that cock anywhere… So off we went again. me delving deep with every thrust of someone’s cock into my pussy. Soon he blew deep into me & it was someone else’s turn.

“Turn her over & sit her on me” I heard Jaxon say, so they flipped me over, lifting me up & then impaling me onto Jaxon’s massive cock & I screamed loudly because I wasn’t used to it in the ass. So there I was sitting on Jaxon’s lap facing away from him with his huge girth up my ass & I couldn’t believe he got it up there. He began to thrust & the feeling was unbelievable & then there were fingers sliding into my pussy again & then a fist. Not as big this time, thank god, but I was stretched to the limit & forced to come over & over uncontrollably & screaming loudly….. God know what the neighbours were thinking….. blink.gif

With one almighty grunt & thrust, Jaxon blew his load into my ass.

They all continued to take turns abusing my mouth, ass, titties & pussy, over & over & this went on for hours & hours & even though I was well & truly exhausted, they still continued taking turns, two or three or four times or more each. Those who weren’t gettng any were well & truly making up for lost time. I was covered in sweat, panting like a dog in heat & my legs were complete jelly. I was forced to come so many times I had lost count. My hairs was a tangled mess & I was covered in come. It was dripping everywhere. My jaw ached & my throat hurt from all the head.

I was totally spent.

Jaxon’s dog Butch & my dog were whimpering & barking at the pool gate. “Let them in” Said my husband.

I was lying on the ground beside the pool, feeling completely sated & too exhausted to move. I heard the pool gate open & the dogs barged in & the next thing I know they were running around me & sniffing & then licking. Jaxon’s dog was between my legs licking me there & it felt so good I spread my thighs wider & allowed him to clean me up.

My dog was panting & whinging but Butch wouldn’t let him near me.

“Get on your hands & knees & let Butch lick you from behind. I bet his tongue will go in deep” Said Jaxon.

So I staggered up & rolled over onto my hands & knees & allowed Butch to lick me deeper & I could feel his tongue inside me licking at me deeply & I began maoning again. Someone brought my dog over toward me. His cock was hanging out & he was panting. “Suck it.” They instructed.

So I took his cock into my mouth & the nI felt Butch, a large Bull Mastiff x Pitbull trying to mount me & with help from the guys he was suddenly in me & pounding away, his claws digging fiercley into my thighs as he pounded & his cock grew bigger inside me. I sucked harder on my dog’s cock & he blew in my mouth, only I spat it out this time & didn’t swallow & then Butch came in me & jaxon pushed him tightly against me so he couldn’t pull out & his cock just seemed to swell enormously & I continued to thrust on against him, feeling that huge knot in me until I came once more. I don’t know where I found the energy.

Still it wasn’t over yet. The boys picked me up & carried me into the bedroom & continued to fuck me all nights taking turns over & over & sleeping & waking up & doing it again.

I have never been so fucked, so sore & yet so utterly & completely satisfied & eventually begging them for no more & then they still continued to get their fill. I dunno where they found the energy! The thing is they were resting & I wasn’t! I was sooooo tired & exhausted & my pussy & ass were dripping wet with come.

They left at 1 pm the next day & we had fucked all night & all the morning. I felt totally & utterly used & abuse. IT WAS GREAT! I look forward to it again!!

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-My Dog Fucks My Ass

Animal Sex

[flash f={image=}]To-night, 8:30 pm, my neighbours wife, Andrea, asked if I would look after their golden retriever Riley, so she could pick up her husband that was in fender-bender accident 300 miles from home.

Riley was lying on the floor beside my chair while I was looking at the site “Male and Animals”,on my laptop, when I came across a guy sucking off a golden and I started getting a woody and a quick idea. I reached down to rub dog’s belly and he turned onto his back very fast, with his legs spread wide making me think that he’s done this before. In any case as I rubbed his tummy I went closer to his sheath, and cupped his balls wile rubbing his cock.

The “Red Bullet” poked out as I peeled back his sheath and dog’s rear legs started to cycle as I jerked his cock. I watched the video of the guy sucking the dog cock and knew I would not be disturbed, so I got down on the floor and knelt in front of dog’s spread legs, and worked his cock so everything was out of the sheath including the knot.

Damn, his cock was hard and very dry when I put my lips over the tip, and slowly lowered my open mouth down the length of his cock, to the knot, I had to use lots of saliva to lube his cock so I could suck him easier. I was jerking my own cock while sucking his, and getting myself worked up.

Sucking and jerking him for a while, I was ready to dump my sperm and covered hhis cock and balls with a thin layer of my seed. His cock began squirting, and I lowered my mouth to the tip and I wasn’t sure of the taste so I let it fall onto Rileys belly, mixing with my sperm. I took another squirt of dog’s cum and swallowed to find it not unpleasant. I sat back in my chair as dog licked up the two loads of sperm from is belly. He also licked the tip of my cock cleaning the last few traces of cum.

It is now 2:05 a.m. and it’s been 4 1/2 hours since I sucked his cock and plan to go at it again as soon as I finish this paragraph. I think I’ll give Riley a mouthful this time.

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Whore gets orgasm from dog cock


Whore gets orgasm from dog cock

My ferst ANIMAL SEX STORY! In about two weeks i will have my home to myself so i am seeking a human male ages 18-28 might doffer a little.
in shape disease free thats dominant and has a male dog that’s ready to breed my virgin pussy, i fantasize Bout him walking in the human and starting slow kissing on my neck running his hands on my body.

Slowly undressing me, sucking my nipples while pinning my arms then he foes and teases my pussy with his tongue till i tell him to lick back and forth over my clit.
He does and i cum all over his face he licks it up, then he says i want u too be tight for the dog now get on your knees bitch.

He ties me down and outs me in position then brings the dog in, he lets the dog lick then helps the dog to mount and fuck my tight pussy loving me scream(im very tight and im a screamer) as the knot goes in the man takes his hard cock and shoves it down my throat maken me suck while the dog fucks me then he goes under and licks my clit while the dog is cuming in me tasting me and the dog mixed

When the dog pulles out the man licks and cleans my pussy ignoring my protests then shoves his cock deep into me pounding away then depending on if i trust him shoots his load deep in me but he doesnt get soft yet he then pulls me to the bed and ties me on my bac.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

Pushes my knees forward and sits up like if he was on his knees and pounds my pussy then starts choken me a little tellen me im his slave, whwn he has cum aggain he calls the dog in and lets him fuck me again.

Then by the time the dog is out he is hard he turns me to my knees and says now be a good bitch and dont run away and ties my arms down he then tounges my asshole while fingering me then pushes some lube into my ass and slowly pushes his cock in while i scream.

He starts slow then builds up speed till he is fucking my ass good and shoots his load deep in me thats what i want

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