K9 Sex Club Confessions, Snowed in with only a dog for company

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Wild doggy fucking teen wet pussyWhen I was 25 years old I was at a point in my life where everything was starting to become easier and my life was on track with my ambitions. Being a single mom meant that if I wasn’t busy at work then I was busy at home but I was managing just fine and my son and I were very happy. Thankfully, my parents lived close by so they would often look after my son if I needed a break or made plans with some friends, this happened about once a month. I still lived my life and enjoyed going out or doing adventurous things like skydiving, hiking, skiing, etc.

That winter my friends (Amber, Melissa and Vanessa) and I got invited to a ski resort for a week. The resort wouldn’t officially be open for the season but the owners invited special guests every year before opening and this year Melissa got the invite after getting to know them the year before and keeping in touch with them.


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K9 Sex Club Confessions – 18 girls & their dogs on a 4 day getaway

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Two amateur sluts suck big dog dickBefore the end of last summer, we arranged a 4-day getaway for our club members. Not everyone could attend but we had a good size group and every member who went along brought their faithful companion with them. Emma and Jade made the arrangements for the getaway to be held at a little private secluded lake resort.

The resort has 8 cabins at and the owners, two ladies who are also best friends, are also K9 enthusiast the same way we are which Jade found out when she went there earlier that summer. We booked all 8 cabins for the 4 days (Thursday to Sunday) and set off in a convoy early on the Thursday morning. After a long drive to get there, we all unpacked our things into the cabins which we shared 2 per cabin and then gathered at the main gathering area where we had a welcome drink and light snacks.

There was no formal program so we began discussing the available activities the resort offered, which was a bit less than usual as the owners had to send their staff away, and finally agreed that all members would do as they pleased every day up until 3pm and then gather for the rest of the afternoon and evening to spend it together as a group.


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First Time But Not Last, Slut Blowjob Dog Cock

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Hot girl fucking with big dogs cockIve always been a loner and knew something was different. I liked animals from a young age a lot more than most people I knew.

I always had secret desires and wanted to play. Never did I think I would have the opportunity to do so. I found myself searching the web over and over playing with myself as I dreamed of it and want it more and more. I have to have it.

I finally found a site and found local members on it who were willing to meet others. I find a guy whom is dark and mysterious, willing to help me fufill my every desire. He tells me what to wear and get down here tomorrow.

So here I am sitting in my car saying this is crazy in a white button up blouse that is low cut showing off my lushious breats a short black skirt and nice high boots with thigh highs just as requested.


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Splash-Nice girl suck dog dick for cum

Animal Sex Story

Teen ass fucked by huge red dogcockOmg it was so hot, August in Texas three AM the red in the thermometer still touching 99f. Sprawled out in bed nude, covers kicked to the floor little beads of perspiration lightly streaming down my skin increasing the irritation, of feelings for Daddy. Starting with cheap, tossing in a few colorful words, maybe later have remorse, now though there fitting.

The cause of my discomfort, a dis-functioning air-conditioner for the last few days, his sound reasoning was; they’ll get here, when they get here. Pleading my case earlier fell on deaf ears, and a lecture. I’m sure you all heard the same thing a time or two; “Why when I was a young, we didn’t have air, and walked ten miles up hill both ways to, and from school” with his hands on hips, and that faraway look, almost as if trying to convince himself of the truth.

Good thing it doesn’t snow here or he would of added, “waist deep in snow”. I know not sounding very charitable at this time, but when you’re sweating like a pig it’s very difficult to give. I’m proud to say, kept my mouth from overriding good judgment, keeping the snide remarks to myself.

This Animal sex story as young girls having sex with dogs  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com


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Morgan’s First, Dog cums inside woman

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videos of women having sex with dogsMorgan’s introduction and Part 1 of her adventure with Hector her Great Dane.
Hi, My name is Morgan Adrianna Lockhart. I am 28 years old. I am born of July 26 1984. I am a Leo. I love animals. Especially my dog Hector. I am form Columbus Ohio and am in my second year at the University of California, Davis campus for Zoological Veterinarian Medicine. I work as an intern at the Sacramento Zoo. One other thing I am a zoophile.

I am still kind of new to it, but I am willing to try anything at least once. My first experience was two years ago, with my Great Dane. Hector and I were on a road trip to my grandparents who lived in northeast Ohio. This was the first time I had driven up to my grandparents with out my mom with me.

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K9 Sex Club Girl Sucks Dog Cock, Shelly’s Confession

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Sexy girl fucking her big horny dog

Note from Jen: this next confession was given to me by Lisa. It was emailed to by Shelly after the reunited at their high school reunion and eventually shared their K9 encounters with each other. Shelly is not in our K9 Sex Club, but she gave us permission to post her story.

Shelly is 5’8”, 135 lbs, has blonde hair, green eyes and 34B breasts. She’s a cutie, I’ve seen pics from Lisa’s high school reunion.

I was 19 and studying a distance learning diploma hard at home, so I was in my room most of the time. My father converted the attic into a bedroom for me with its own entrance so I had a lot of space and freedom.

There was no way I could spend an entire day studying so I would take a 30 minute break every 2 or 3 hours, I was very dedicated and quite far ahead of schedule with my studies so I didn’t have too much pressure and the marks I had achieved so far were very good for the assignments I had already handed in.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

My father insisted that I take a day off once a week and leave the studies on the weekend as he was concerned I would burn myself out, this meant I had enough free time to do what I please, get bored or get up to mischief. I was quite content and excited about the future.

On one of my scheduled off days, I was in no mood to leave my room but I was incredibly bored. I lay on my bed, switched on the TV and started flipping through channels. I could find nothing to watch that I was in the mood for so I switched the TV off and logged onto my PC. After browsing the net aimlessly, I came across a few chat rooms and decided to try one.

I found a discussion that peaked my interest and entered, there were about 30 people chatting. As I read and added opinions, myself and a girl who called herself Meg57 began to chat directly with each other and eventually entered a private chat. We discussed quite a few different topics and then started getting more personal.

After that, Meg57 and I would chat regularly, usually in the evenings, then she asked if we could video chat over Skype and she sent me her Skype name. We had become comfortable enough with each other by now that I had no problem with her idea.

Within minutes we were finally face-to-face. I was surprised to see her, I was expecting a nerd on the other side but she was really beautiful and she laughed when I told her. We had regular video chats after that, it got to a point where we chatted every day this way.

As time went by, I learned that she was a cheerleader, dated the jock and had superficial friends like you see in the movies. She started chatting online to try build a real friendship with someone who couldn’t judge her for her looks and get to know the real her before they saw her. Her IQ was very high so her friendships had huge gaps in them that was completely unsatisfying. She told me I was the first real friend she had.

One evening I Skyped her as usual. She had set her software to automatically answer when I call and when her video stream came up, she wasn’t in her room. Just as I was about to end the call, she came in wearing only a towel

“Hey Meg, it’s me”

She didn’t respond. I called out to her a few times but she obviously couldn’t hear me. I checked my equipment, tested my mic and all was working fine. When I looked at her video stream again, she had dropped he towel. For a moment I froze and just stared at her amazing body.

She told me that she was also 5’8” but what I was looking at showed me a lot more. She had the most stunning body, perfect C-cup breasts and a clean shaven pussy. I decided to end the call to give her privacy and wait a few minutes. After 10 minutes, she was calling me, so I answered

“Hi, Meg. What’s up?”

“I see you called a few minutes ago, sorry I missed it, I had my speakers turned off”

“That’s okay, but I think you should change that setting to answer my calls automatically, I caught you just after your shower”

“No biggie, you’ve got the same equipment as I do, unless it made you uncomfortable”

“I’m okay thanks. You have an amazing body you know”

“Thanks Shelly, I work really hard to keep it this way. Do you work out?”

“Yip, I cycle every day and go to the gym twice a week”

Our conversation carried on like that for a while until we got to speaking about sex. At first it was quite general stuff but it progressed into very detailed descriptions of what, who and how we’ve done it. At this point I was quite turned on by her stories, she was quite a naughty girl. Meg went quiet for a sec then said

“I am so turned on right now, we need to end this conversation so I can get myself off. I hope you don’t mind?”

“That’s okay, I feel the same. Talk to you later”

Before I could end the call she added

“You know, we could keep the call going and do it together if you like”

I wasn’t expecting that at all but it was an intriguing idea.

“I don’t know if I could do that”

“Okay, I’ll start and if it makes you uncomfortable just end the call and we’ll talk again tomorrow”

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I didn’t say anything, I just sat there and watched for her next move. She rolled her chair back and put her hands in her pants and started rubbing her clit slowly with her eyes for the first few moments. She then looked back at her screen and said

“Still there I see. So you gonna join in or what?”

My heart started pounding, I had already decided I wanted to but actually doing it is entirely different. I pushed my chair back, slowly slid my hand into my shorts and started masturbating while she watched and continued to rub herself. For about a minute we only watched each other and soft moans were being exchanged.

“This is so much better than doing it alone” she confessed “I wanna see more, take off your clothes”

With that, she stood up and got completely naked, raised her chair and sat down again. With her chair raised I had a full view of her pussy and she continued to rub her clit.

“Come on, get naked, don’t leave me hanging here”

I stood up, held my breath and then took of my clothes with my back to her. Nervously I turned around slowly and adjusted my chair as she did. I sat down and looked at the screen again. She had her feet up on the desk on either side of her keyboard which spread her legs open completely, so I positioned myself in the same way and started masturbating again.

“Perfect Shelly, you have a beautiful pussy”

We watched each other masturbate and when I could see her orgasm building up I climaxed immediately and she followed directly after. When she stopped touching herself, I watched her body spasm and twitch with aftershocks, as did mine, and we finally put our legs down and looked at each other’s faces again.

“Thanks Shelly, I really enjoyed that”

“I must admit, so did I”

We spoke for a few more minutes about it and then she added

“So, what are we going to do to top this next time?”

“Top this? How far do you want to take it?”

We discussed it a little further and she finally decided that when one of us is about to start something again that we would Skype the other to watch or join. She also implied that this would be somewhat of a competition to see who could outdo or shock the other the most. After that we felt closer than ever, we continued to talk every day and became best cyber buds to the point that we discussed a meet up.

Before we finalised any arrangements though, I got a Skype call from her in the middle of my study session one afternoon. I answered as I usually do but saw that she was opening her door to let someone in. A guy came in and they stood and chatted for a few minutes, still standing so all I saw was from their waists down to their feet, then they put their arms around each other and must have been kissing.

A minute or so later they flopped onto her bed together and she started undoing his buckle and eventually pulled his pants down to his ankles. He was already hard and I had butterflies in my stomach and I was really enjoying the show.

Meg kneeled in front of him while he sat on her bed and she proceeded to give him a very skilful blowjob. It only lasted 3 or 4 minutes before he blew his load and as he did she took his cock out of her mouth so I could see his cum spray up and all over his legs. Meg had obviously muted her computer speakers but I could hear them clearly. She told him to get cleaned up and “Get the fuck out of here, I have urgent things to get done”. He got cleaned up, gave her a kiss and left.

As soon as he left Meg sat in front of her computer and turned on her speakers and screen.

“Oh good, you are there. Wasn’t sure you were watching”

“Holy shit Meg, I can’t believe you, dirty whore. Who was he?”

Meg told me a little about him and he was basically a friend with benefits (fuck-buddy), nothing serious, it was his birthday and she forgot to get him a gift so she invited him over to get a special present from her.

We masturbated together again and then she told me I had to start the next one. The rest of the day was a loss where studying was concerned as my mind was on what I should do to give her a show.

The following day I went into town and bought a huge, vibrating, double penetration dildo and lubrication from an adult store. I hurried home and prepared myself to give Meg a show. Before I even got started I was completely turned on at the idea of bearing myself to her in that way. I lubed up the monstrous dildo and shoved it into my cunt a few time to make sure it would fit properly and when I was ready, I called Meg. As usual, here software automatically accepted my call. She was on her bed but I made sure she was alone.

“Oh hi Shelly”

I said nothing, I made my way to my bed and sat down with my legs wide open so she could clearly see my pussy.

“Okay, I’ve seen that before” she said

I took the huge dildo out from beneath the blanket, to which she responded


I slowly inserted that monstrosity into my cunt and began to increase the pumping rhythm until I achieved a comfortable pace.

“You go girl” she added

Then I turned on the vibration and almost lost it from shock at the intensity it produced. Meg was very pleased. When I could feel an orgasm approaching I removed the dildo and changed position so that I was on my hands and knees with my rear facing the camera. I had to lay my chest on the bed so I could use both hands to guide the dildo into my cunt again and get the other, smaller part into my ass.

I was loving every moment of it, knowing she was watching. This time I set the dildo to vibrate and rotate so it moved on its own in my holes and I just had to hold on. Within a couple of minutes I was moaning like a well-paid whore from the orgasm I had while Meg cheered me on. When it was all over, I slid the device out of my holes and sat down in front of my computer, still weak from the experience.

“Now that was a good show Shelly, great job”

We chatted for another half hour and giggled about what we had started and then Meg said she’d find a way to top that. Over the next few days we watched each other masturbate and fuck guys but Meg was obsessed with outdoing me.

“I’m willing to bet that you won’t be able to top the next time I call” she told me

The next time Meg contacted me was on my mid-week off day.

“So, are you ready to be blown away?” she asked

“Okay, let’s see what you got”

Meg did a sultry strip tease for me then headed for her door. She called out to someone but the way she did it was weird

“Here boy, come on. Here boy”

The first thought in my mind was that she planned some sort of domination session with some poor guy and that she was going to be freaky with him. I was totally stunned when a Border-Collie entered the room.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“Ha, you got me. You totally freaked me out for a second. For a moment I thought you were actually going to do something with him”

Meg said nothing as she sat on the edge of her bed with her legs wide-spread. She began to masturbate and then called the dog over to between her legs. I sat in stunned silence as I watched in anticipation, my heart beating so hard and my stomach feeling very nervous. That dog began to lick her pussy, they had clearly done this before.

Meg tilted her head back while her dog licked every inch of her pussy and she was clearly enjoying it. I thought this was so wrong but I couldn’t take my eyes of the screen and I was soaked between my legs.

Meg rubbed her clit with determination while her dog continued to lick her, her dog was relentless and didn’t stop licking her for a second for the next 10 minutes until she orgasmed. By this time I was also naked, masturbating while I watched and had my own orgasm only moments later. When we both finally calmed down and caught our breath, we spoke again.

“You are the most fucked up bitch I know… I love it” I told her “What the hell possessed you to ever try such a thin?”

She reminded me of the shallow relationships she had in the past and how she got to a point where she cut almost every one out of her life, but that left her with no one to fuck and masturbating was becoming boring, so she decided to get her faithful pet to go down on her one day and masturbated that way ever since until she met me. I asked if she had ever taken it any further with the dog and she replied

“I’ll show you”

With that she hopped back onto the bed and got her dog up there with her. She got him to lay down and started playing with dog’s cock until it came out in all its red glory. She looked at the camera, gave me a wicked smile and then lowered her head and started giving him a blowjob. She sucked doggy cock until she received his love seed in her mouth and, to my surprise, swallowed it.

“I can’t believe you Meg, you just sucked a dog’s cock”

“I told you I’ve been creative when it comes to sex. He’s male, he has a cock so he’s just like any guy accept he’s more loyal and will never brag to his friends”

“I suppose… but have you ever let him fuck you?”

“No… but I have considered it more than once”

“Go for it Meg, I’d love to see that… Well, I guess I’m also fucked up then”

“I tell you what, if you can go as far as I have gone with your dog, I’ll take it to the next level with mine”

We discussed it further for a few more minutes but she finally convinced me and I went downstairs to find Hoover (Siberian Husky – we named him Hoover because he hangs around the dinner table and sucks up anything that we give him or if there is a mess since he was just a pup). When I returned to my room with Hoover Meg was very excited

“What a stunning animal, he’s so cute”

I was more nervous at this point than I’ve ever been, I took off my clothes again and sat on the bed’s edge the way Meg did before. My pussy was soaked in anticipation, as fucked up as it was I couldn’t wait to feel Hoover’s tongue on my pussy. Hoover already had a bad habit of shoving his snout between my legs when he greets me, so getting him there again proved to be easy. He wasted no time at all to start licking my pussy which made me squeal the moment I felt his tongue for the first time.

“OH MY GOD! This is amazing”

I was amazed at the roughness of his tongue and how he liked every inch of my ass, pussy and clit, but most of all I was amazed at how awesome it felt. Hoover licked me to orgasm within just a few minutes and it was brilliant.

“You’re not done Shelly, you still gotta suck dog’s cock you know”

I was in seventh heaven so it was the least I could do to repay him for his efforts. His cock was all the way out already but he wouldn’t lay down so I decided to get my head in under him and suck his cock that way.

This was the first time I ever saw a dog’s cock let alone touched one, but it was the most natural feeling at that moment to take it in my hand and slide it into my mouth. The moment his salty cock was inside the warmth of my mouth, he started humping. All I had to do was keep my head still and make sure doggy cock didn’t slip out. This went on for about 10 minute, which according to Meg was quite a while for a dog, and then he came and unbelievable amount in my mouth.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“Don’t let go till he’s done” Meg added

I kept dog’s cock in my mouth until he was done and Meg congratulated me

“You’re still not done, I swallowed”

With my mouth filled to its limits with semen I looked at Meg and swallowed every drop and then gave her a smile.

We were both excited about what had happened, Meg for finally having someone to share this with and me for discovering this wonderful way of getting off without a guy.

“Now it’s time for you to do as promised. Get your dog’s cock inside you right now bitch”

Meg laughed and got onto her bed again where her boy was still laying down after their previous session. She rolled him onto his back again and got him hard, she then kneeled over him and aimed doggy cock at her pussy entrance and looked at me again.

“If I do this are you going to?”

“Hell yes, but you have to go first”

Meg looked at the rather large red dog’s cock in her hand again and slowly lowered herself onto it until it was all the way in.

“Fuck… this feels soooo good”

Meg started rocking back and forth, riding dog cock so deep inside her, she appeared to get lost in the sensation and zoned out, giving in to the feeling. What I saw convinced me that I would definitely be doing it after she was done. Meg was rubbing her breasts when her orgasm started building until she let out a long, load, satisfied moan and collapsed onto the bed with the cock still in her cunt. She slowly slid it out and rolled onto her back.

She lay there for a while to collect herself and recover. I couldn’t wait so I got thing started with Hoover. Just as before, he wouldn’t lay down, so I sat on the edge of my bed with him between my legs. I had to play with dog’s cock a little to convince him to jump up and start humping at my pussy. I took his cock in my hand and eagerly shoved it into my cunt, it knocked the breath right out of me. Hoover fucked me harder, faster and with a bigger cock than I had before and brought me to my best orgasm ever.

Evan after that he didn’t stop fucking me until he shoved his huge knot inside me and tied with me. Normally I would have been concerned to be stuck to a dog like this but all I could experience was pure pleasure and another great orgasm. Hoover turned around with his cock still firmly wedged in my cunt.

“That was incredible” said Meg and then she quickly explained what she had read about the tie so I wouldn’t start worrying.

We waited for 20 minute before dog’s cock came out and we both marvelled at the amount of semen that poured out of me. Hoover tried to lick me clean but my pussy was far too sensitive for that.

Since then Meg and I explore Beastiality over Skype and eventually face to face in reality. We fucked each other’s dogs and each, other of course. Since then K9 lovin has always been a part of my life.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young teen sucking deeply dog dick

Animal Sex

Girls Sucking Dog Cock

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock Part I

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock Part II

Stephanie’s pussy ached from the size of the dogs cock. She had never been penetrated by something so large, and had only been truly fucked once. She smiled leaning back and closing her eyes.

She still saw small shots of fluid shooting from the dogs cock. She leaned foward and took the smooth skin in her mouth; drinking the fluid like she would lemonade on a hot day. Licking her lips once. she pulled back she decided to clean up a little bit for Sarah.

Skipping to the bathroom she leaned her ass over the side and pushed the muscles in her pussy watching all of the cum run out. As she sat there and watched the cum wash down the drain she felt her clit begin to swell with the thoughts of how much the two girls could do together. Turning on the water she splashed warm water onto her pussy cleaning it a little before tugging her clothing back on.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Just then she heard the door-bell. Walking to the door she didn’t attempt to hide how sweaty she was. Answering the door she saw a smirk on her friends face. “You rang?” She asked.

Stephanie looked at the full lips she fully intended on devouring. “There is something I desperately need from you Sarah…” She whispered and spun the girl against the wall roughly closing the door with her foot. She began to kiss her, pressing their lips together so hard they were bruised. Sarah struggled slightly her eyes widening until they were huge. When the small blonde pulled back the brunette was panting and beet red.

“You should have told me about the dog.” Stephanie said leaning her sweaty face against her friends, their lips only a breath apart. “I-I’m sorry…” Despite the size difference the small blonde had always been the seme when they were dating. Stephanie looked at the curves of the girls body biting her lower lip. “K-Kyle’s waiting in the car…”

Sarah muttered blushing and looking away. “Well, good things come to those who wait.” Stephanie smirked and bit the girls lip roughly. Sarah moaned softly her voice turning heated. Stephanie pulled the girl to her bedroom and tackled her to the bed.

“Someone missed this, didn’t they?” Stephanie asked looking at the girl with a heated gaze. Her submissive partner blushed heavily and avoided eye contact. Stephanie only let out a small giggle as she slid her hand under her skirt and rubbed against the fabric of her panties.

Sarah moaned, “Y-You always new just what spot to hit.” Her plump lips were open in excasty. Stephanie watched her and slid one finger under her panties rubbing her large clit with one finger. She reached down with her middle finger and began to tease her entrance as well.

Sarah let out several moans of pleasure. Max sat at the bottom of the bed, and once again Stephanie felt a weight on the bed. She was too sore to be knotted again, but she knew someone would would be just fine taking the knot. “Looks like it’s your tun to be the bitch.” Stephanie whispered and crawled off of her friend. Dog sniffed at the girls pussy and began to lick it making the brunette squirm.

“Mmmm… you kinky little slut.” Stephanie muttered and chuckled slightly before turning and putting her pussy right above Sarah’s face. “Lick.” She said, it wasn’t a question at all. She felt the females careful tongue begin to lick the folds of her pussy teasing her clit.

She knew exactly where doggy got his talent from. “Mmm…” Stephanie bent down and began to lick her clit moving out of the way as the Sheppard mix slid dogs cock into her. “Does he ever get tired?” Stephanie asked panting slightly. She felt the tongue burried in her pussy wiggle slightly. Stephanie began to lick her friends clit. She pulled the swollen skin into her mouth and began to suck on it, nibbling ever so lightly.

She could feel moans against her own pussy, and smirked as Max pounded the girl. She noticed that Sarah was a little bit looser than she had been, no doubt because of Kyle. “Hows that dog cock feel?” Stephanie smirked as she felt vibrations against her pussy. She then began to lick her clit again nibbling it like she knew her friend loved.

Her soft tongue worked around the inside of her friends lips as she could feel the dog knot. The outside of her pussy was pressed and she could feel her clit move slightly from the sheer size of the knott. Once again she could feel large moans against her pussy and her eyes watched as the dogs veins struggled to pump all of his cum into her.

“S-Sorry I took te cream of the crop~” She moaned as she reached out and touched the dogs cock. She could feel it pulsing just beneathe her tongue.

‘What’s taking them so long?’ Kyle thought his green eyes darting around. He got bored easily, and at this point even the beatles weren’t helping. He heard a loud thump from inside of the house and glanced in that direction. “Come on…” He growled his low voice sounding deep and sexy as usual.

This Animal sex story  was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“What the hell are they doing?” He muttered as he got out of the car and walked to the door. Then he heard something he couldn’t mistake, his girlfriends moans. He busted through the door expecting to find his girl-friend with another male, but the scene he saw was much much more surprising.

His eyes widened as he felt his member begin to throb in his pants. The handjob he had recieved on the way there was making him painfully hard. There in all her glory was his girlfriend being fucked by a massive dog. Above the dog was the tight blonde school girl, Stephanie Loveless.

“What the fuck?” He asked and just then he saw Sarah glance up and her eyes widened in shock. His erection was painfully obvious. “Kyle!” Sarah said shoving the dog back as best she could, and pulling it’s knott painfully from her entrance. Her soaked pussy was shining.

“Holy shit babe… you look amazing…” he muttered. The girls eyes widened. “W-What?” He looked at her smirking and grabbed her making out with her. Stephanie watched from the bed smirking slightly. “You didn’t think I was going to let you have all the fun did you?” he whispered against her lips.

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock

Animal Sex

dog fuck girl

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock Part I

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young Girls Sucking Dog Cock Part II

Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Young teen sucking deeply dog dick Part III

Stephanie screamed out as she was entered, it had been so long. The mutts cock was the largest she had ever had and she could feel it’s thick member swelling inside of her.

It slammed into her as it’s claws dug slightly into her flesh. She loved the feeling of the claws against her skin as it fucked her sensless. Her entire body seemed to be heating up from the hot dog’s cock inside of her. Shaking slightly from the feeling she let out several moans and whimpers.

What was she doing?! Her mind screamed at her, but her body had other ideas. She began to move with the dog moaning as her pussy contracted from pleasure. Then without warning she felt the panting dog slam as hard as it could in her and she felt it’s knot begin to swell. Her body jerked and her legs began to shake like a leaf as it continued to swell and pull her up.

She felt hot squirts of liquid enter her and as the pressure built she couldn’t hold back anymore. “Oh fuck Doggy! Your cock feels so good, i-it’s filling me up!!!” She screamed out in complete excasty as she came as well. The pressure built as the dog turned around and finally slipped out.

Cum dripped on he bed her’s mixed with the dogs. She slowly touched her swollen clitoris and closed her eyes before looking back at the dog who was finally flacid. “Well I hope you’re happy, apparently you have a new bitch.” She shook her head panting.

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Her entire body was shaking slighly and she was covered in sweat. Trails of sweat ran down her back and into her ass crack, she blushed. Her asshole was wet as well. She finally stood her pussy and inner thighs sore. She slid the other pants leg on her and walked on all fours to the edge of the bed. Seeing a tank-top in her friends drawer she grabbed it and slid it on.

Just then a thought came to her mind, what had her friend meant when she said, “You two have fun.” Just then her eyes widened and she pulled out her cellphone. Her friend answered in a cherry voice, “Hello?” Stephanie didn’t even pause. “Are you fucking your dog?” There was a long pause and then a small giggle. “So I guess you two did have fun?” Stephanie blushed.

“No way!” Her friend was smirking she could tell my her tone. “He eats pussy really good doesn’t he? He watched us do it when we were younger I think.” Stephanie’s eyes widened. “Does Kyle know?” She asked. Her friend laughed, “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, now I have to go I skipped into the bathroom for you! So feel special~” Stephanies mouth hung open for a moment before the automated voice snapped her out of it and she shut the phone.

“What a slut~” She smirked. Sarah and Stephanie had a running joke, and always called each other sluts for fun. She then moved walking to the kitchen grabbing a glass of grape juice and drinking it.

She put her knee up just in case the dog decided to jump on her again. He laid at her feet wagging his tail. “Yeah yeah, quit the cute act.” She said and he stood up rubbing his black and brown coat against her leg. He was only a few years old, and was obviously in his prime. “Who’s a good fuck…” She said petting him and smirking. “But this stays between you and me, got it?” The dog let a bark go and she couldn’t help but smile.

Finishing the drink she walked over to the couch sitting down. The dog curled itself onto her lap, despite his massive size he could curl up quite well. She flipped the channel watching one of her favorite shows, ‘cribz’. Just then she felt a wet tongue lapping at her chin and then her lips.

She opened her mouth a little flicking her tongue against the large one of the dogs. He pressed closer and so did she tasting her pussy on his breath. She then pulled back blushing and laid her head on his side. She could feel his heart beat and him panting.

“Wore you out huh? Servers you right.” She smirked but then noticed something. The dogs red cock was poking out once again. She blushed and reached foward with her hand rubbing dog’s cock and watching it slide further up from it’s sheathe. She could feel him sliding closer and doggy cock pressed against her lips. She smirked and teased the mutt by running her tongue over the very end of it but not allowing access to her mouth.

The dog growled, but it was a horny sound, not one of malice of aggresion. She smirked and slowly took a lilttle bit more into her mouth, each time he tried to thrust she would slide back a little. Finally defeated the dog stayed still as dog’s cock grew.

She could feel the base swelling as he prepared to knot and she pulled back all together. “Nope.” She smirked and turned back to the television. Just then she felt a nip at her ass and she jumped. “Hey! No fair.” She smirked a little bit as she got on her hands and knees. She felt the dog mount her and begin to dry hump her.

She moaned loving the feeling of it’s cock, but she could tell he wasn’t satisfied. She undid the button on her pants and slipped her pants down as well as her underwear. She felt the dog poke her asshole and it slid in. The pointed tip was so intense inside of her.

She moaned spreading her ass cheeks slightly as it began to pound in and out of her. Her eyes watered with pleasure as it fucked her sensless. Feeling her entire body tense she felt it swell even more. “A-Ahn~ Yes good boy, good Dog.” She moaned out incredibly horny. As it continued to fuck her it grew more and more intense as the cock continued to swell.

She felt him begin to knot and screamed as he shoved the baseball sized knot inside of her, and it was still swelling. She felt like her ass was about to explode as it pumped more and more fluid inside of her. She hadn’t had her asshole stretched this much ever. “M-Max!!” She screamed out as it’s dog’s cock slipped out of her asshole along with a ton of cum.

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She heard the dog howl in pleasure as it came. Then she felt a warm large tongue probing her asshole as it cleaned her up. More and more cum continued to leak out of her ass. Then it’s tongue moved to her pussy and she moaned even more her clit throbbing. “P-Please fuck my pussy…” She pulled her pussy lips open and she heard the dog lick it’s chops.

Just then she felt the dog mount her and rest it’s paws on the arm of the couch. She felt him begin to pound harder than he had before doggy pointed cock splitting her womb. She screamed out in both pain and pleasure as he continued to fuck her. “G-Good boy.  fuck my pussy. Doggy Please fuck my pussy” She moaned.

Her entire body grew very hot as dog cock inflated in her now stretched pussy. The dog began to girate it’s hips and it’s cock wiggled inside of her. She screamed out in pleasure as she climaxed over and over her pussy contracting around the mutt’s cock. The dog let out howls as it knotted her pussy and thrusted it all inside of her before cumming again.

She couldn’t help but wonder how many times Sarah had been Knotted, and her mouth began to water as she opened up her phone. She sent Sarah a text message, “Come home, I need you here.” She got a text message back almost immediately. “Alright, on my way.” She smirked and closed her phone as the knott slipped out of her.

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Don’t Worry, She’s Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog Cock

Animal Sex

Don't Worry, She's Out Of Town, Girl Sucks Dog CockThe morning air was cold and damp as Stephanie walked out of her home. The roar of the yellow school bus startled her. Was today a monday?! This was a disaster, the busty blonde usually took at least an hour to get ready. She placed her hair into a pony-tail and brushed on some makeup before driving herself to school. Stephanie Loveless, the name that would last in the halls of Montague Christian Academy throughout the ages.

She was famous for her plump ass and firey temper. Her first class was gym, at least she would see her best friend. She walked into the locker room seeing her best friend Sarah.

Sarah was a dark brunette with an hourglass figure and green eyes. “Hey!” She called waving her hand. “Damn bus snuck up on me this morning.” Stephanie said shaking her head. “I like you without makeup anyways, I have a favor to ask.” She poubted her full round lips that Stephanie loved.

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During her bi phase in middle school the two had dated, and her lips had been one feature that remained unforgetable. “Yeah, what is it?” Stephanie asked still distracted by the girls lips. “My parents are going out of town this weeked and i’m going to be staying with Kyle, would you mind watching Max for me?” She asked. Max was Sarah’s german sheppard mix.

No one was really sure what else max was mixed with, but Stephanie had always suspected a wolf. Stephanie sucked in a breath and sighed after a moment, “You owe me.” She muttered and Sarah hopped her breasts bouncing free of her bra. Her nipples showed slightly through the white tank-top. “Put those away girl.” Stephanie muttered and closed her eyes smirking.

“Nmmmph!!” Sarah said and she stuck her tongue out. Stephanie only laughed at her friends zeal and walked out to gym. Gym was the same as always, not very challenging, and a gawking show for the boys.

Stephanie was increibly flexible and had always been able to stirr up the boys with her signature full split. You could practically see them salavating as she went further down. She could only smirk and mutter something about no flash photography.

The rest of the day was mundane and boring, as school usually was. Stephanie boarded the same yellow monster that had scared her that morning and took a seat near the front. Thankfully her house was very close and Sarah lived right next door. “Just head to my house after school alright?” Stephanie remembered the girls words and they got off the bus together. “Alright, I’ll head to Kyles now. You too have fun.” She giggled and winked.

Stephanie arched an eyebrow as the girl hopped into the car with mr. tall dark and handsome. A pang of envy ran through the blonde, sure she had a boyfriend but she wasn’t that into him. Matthew was a sweet guy, but horrible in bed.

Stephanie walked up to the door opening it with the spare key she kept. She was greated by two enormus paws on her stomach she staggered back slightly. “Hey there Max.” She greeted the dog smiling in slight discomfort. He finally got off of her and she walked to the kitchen opening the fridge and grabbing some flavored water. Pulling the cap off she began to drink it leaning against the counter. Once again she felt large Paws on her stomach.

This time the liquid from her mouth spewed out as she gasped for breath and coated her and the mutt in water. Stephanie doubled over trying to catch her breath. This was just great, now she was going to have to change. She felt a warm tongue lap and her lips and she wiped her mouth. “Bad dog.” She scolded but only recieved happy eyes and a wagging tail.

She walked through the hall way heading to her best friends room. Max followed easily behind her. She smirked as she entered her friends room. It was famillair. Her favorite bands had posters hung everywhere. Taking a moment to drink in the nostalgia she finally pulled her shirt off and bent over to grab a silk tank-top. She slid her bra off and just then she felt a wet nose probing between her legs. She jumped slightly blushing. “No, no.

Down boy.” She shook her head laughing slightly. “Gym class all over again.” She smirked. She slipped the top over her head and this time slid down her skirt. A thin teal thong barely covered her pussy as she bent again this time to grab a pair of jeans. They were turned inside out and as she went to right them, she felt a warm tongue lapping at her pussy. Her eyes widened as she let out a small moan and her legs began to shake. “Stop.” She said and pushed the dog away, though this time she wasn’t as rough.

She slipped one leg into the pants and laid on the bed adjusting her panties. Just then she felt another weight land on the bed. She sighed as she saw Max. He bent sniffing her pussy and wasting no time she felt her thong snap. “E-Ehh?!” She squeaked as she felt a tongue lapping at her pussy. “N-No Max. Stop.” She whimpered but made no attempt to push the dog back. Her clit was throbbing and it had been so long since she had been penetrated.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Just then she noticed the dog’s red cock slipping from it’s sheathe. She blushed scooting back slightly but the tongue followed her pussy. It was large and warm, and she had to admit it felt better than any human. “A-Ahn…” She moaned softly as she saw the dog’s hard cock slide out further. The taste and smell of her pussy had gotten the big boy very aroused.

“No, d-down…” she said again as she pushed the dog back weakly, but nothing could press it back now. Looking at her pussy the dog came closer, and then it’s eyes switched to her face. It walked past her pussy and pressed dog’s cock against her cheek.

“No way am I gonn–” She felt the warm dog’s cock slide past her lips. The texture was different then that of what she had been used to. It was slick and much warm. She moaned softly and didn’t move her head as the dog thrusted it’s pointed tip into her mouth. This wasn’t like a human at all, there was no concept of stop. She pulled back only to have he cock thrusted back between her lips.

She could feel it’s cock swelling in her mouth and the knott forming at the base. Her eyes widened as the knot invaded her mouth and she struggled not to gag as the dog came into her mouth. She swallowed it, not wanting to make a mess. Her pussy was throbbing as the dog pulled back. Dog’s cock was still hard! Her eyes widened as she muttered, “Oh hell no!” Though her body disagreed with her. Her clit was swollen and throbbing.

She closed her eyes and felt a tongue probing her clit and pussy once again. She moaned becoming more and more wet, and the dog continued to lick. She shrank back once again feeling her self control slipping as her back met the headboard. Just then she felt the dogs penis probing against her swollen clit and she blushed squirming, but it was no use as she felt the swollen cock enter her tight pussy

To be continued ANIMAL-SEX STORY….

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Animal Sex-Sara Meets Henry or Girl Sucks Dog Cock

Animal Sex

girl getting fucked by her dog

I was asked to do a favor of house sitting for some friends of my boss’s at the time while they were out of town for a few days. The couple had some property outside of town and raised their own cows for beef and a couple of pigs and some chickens.

They also had a dog named Henry. I had never been to their place before but agreed to watch over it while they were gone. I got to stay in the spare bedroom and the fridge and liquor cabinet were well stocked and I was to make myself at home in exchange of feeding and watering the animals for the time.

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I arrived out at their place after work on a friday and let myself in with the key they had given me. Ont he kitchen table I found the note left for me explaining my chores. Having read thru them I deposited my bag in my room and went back out to take care of the chores before calling it a night.

Having fed and watered the livestock I had one task left and that was to feed/water Henry and allow him to come into the house. I hadn’t seen him since I arrived so I didn’t know what kinda dog he was. I was expecting a lab or shepard since those are the most common dogs.

When I got out to the back yard to where the kennel was I called Henry’s name a couple of times. Out of the dog house comes the biggest dog I had ever seen. Later of which I learned he was a bull mastiff.
Now Henry was BIG. He was past my waist when he was standing and he was a stocky dog. His muscles were clearly defined under his dark coat of fur. I looked him over slowly noting that he was waggin his tail which I knew meant he was friendly anyways.

As my eyes looked on and took in his entire body I couldnt help but notice his very large sheath and large balls still attached.
Now I had been into K9 fun for awhile now and had been lucky enough to have been with 3 different dogs by this point but none of them were any where close to the size of Henry.

I honestly wasnt thinking about any sexual fun while I was house sitting, that is until I seen Henry. I was extremely curious now.

Anyways I called him to follow me into the house so that I could feed and water him. Once that was done I went to grab a shower after a long day. Slipping on a tee coming out of the shower (no panties as I usually didnt wear any while I was at home) I went back out to the kitchen and made myself some dinner and sat on the couch to watch some tv.

Henry had finished eating and came into the living room and laid on his bed on one side of the room. Watching tv I couldn’t help but have thoughts of what doggy was like as in the rest of him and was stealing glances in his direction. Finally I couldnt take it anymore and wanted to see for myself what his sheath was hiding so I got up and went over to him.

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As I approached he started wagging his tail. I knelt down beside him and started petting him and rubbing his ears.
My petting worked down his back and down his sides and which point he rolled over onto his back begging for a belly rub. More than happy to oblige him I began on his chest and slowly worked my way down his belly eventually finding my hand down around his sheath and balls.

I gently began to play with his sheath which I found to be bigger thaan any of the other dogs I had played with to that point. It didn’t take long until doggy started to respond to my rubbing and dog cock began to grown out of his sheath. I knew quickly he was very big.

It just kept growing and growing. By this point I was more than a lil excited and had become moist. Henry got whiff of that fact and moved to get better access to my scent. I automatically opened my legs a lil giving him more room while I still played with his growing doggy cock which by now was larger than any other I had been with .

Not only was it longer than my 2 hands together but it was also thicker than I had ever played with. His knot still had not swollen. I was excited but also nervous because of his size. I didnt know if I could play with anything that large. Doggy snapped me out of my trance like thoughts when he licked my pussy. MMMMM oh god his tongue felt amazing.

He seemed to enjoy my flavor and wanted more so I reluctantly let go of dog cock and moved to the couch and leaned back, spreading my legs for him. He didnt need much encouragement for he went to licking me intensely. I closed my eyes picturing doggy big cock while he pleasured me with his wide strong tongueI quickly was brought to a couple of delightful orgasm from his talented tongue. While enjoying the afterglow of the second orgasm dog stopped licking and jumped up onto the couch with his front paws on either side of me.

Walking forward with his hind legs he pushed my legs wide as he searched for what he desire with his engorged cock. I felt his hot member brush against me several times a he drew closer to me. I wanted this but at the same time I was slightly unsure of this because of Henry’s size.

Before I could think twice though dog’s cock had found its mark and he lunged forward. OH FUCK!!!!!!! I moaned as he drilled a large portion of dog’s cock into me. He was definitely thick….. drawing back a lil he slammed forward again and again. each thrust pushed him deeper into my sex.

He was by far the biggest for me. I tried to push against him to keep him from going any deeper but he had other ideas and grabbed me harder by my hips with his paws and I couldnt push away as he humped still deeper. With fast and powerful thrusts he opened me like I had never been before. Then I felt the beginning of his knot slipping in and out of my wet pussy.

It felt like he was going to pop out of my mouth he was so deep. With a final hard thrust he buried himself into me and I could feel his knot swelling with each heartbeat in his chest.

MY god he was huge Dog Cock !!!!!! Moving very lil I began to feel his squirts become more powerful as he started to cum so deep inside me. I could do nothing but let him finish and enjoy the time together. What felt like an eternity he pumped me full of his doggie cum.

During the same time I had several orgasm being tied with him.
doggy finally began to shrink and when his knot had gone down enough he began to tug for his release. With a mixture of pain and pleaasure he finally pulled out with a loud squishy pop.

I felt his cum flow from me onto the floor creating a huge puddle. I reached down with my hand and felt my now very open pussy, easily sinking 4 fingers in it. With that I looked to dog as he was licking his still very large cock and was both shocked and amazed by his size.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

I couldnt believe I had taken him. Exhausted from my adventure with Henry I fell asleep on the couch without moving……..

maybe another part or two to this episode from my life to follow. I got to be with Henry many more times over the course of about a year and half, all while house sitting for his owners. Hope everyone enjoys it and lets me know yay or nay

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY…. As Girl Sucking Off Dog

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Animal Sex-Housewife fucking roommate’s dog

Animal Sex

Animal Sex-Housewife fucking roommate's dog

bzzz bzzz bzzz my alarm went off. I look over and it has those flashing bright blue lights that read 6:00. I hit the button to snooze not wanting to start my day just yet and lay there drifting off to sleep again for a couple more minutes. My mind starts to wander and all I can think is how long it has been since I have gotten any. I think of the men I have been with and the ones that have wanted to be with me and quickly start to fantasize about them. My hand moves down to my waxed mound and I start to play with myself when suddenly bzzz bzzz bzzz. GAH! my hand hits the snooze again but I know it is time for me to get up.

There are a lot of perks to doing high fashion modeling, but the schedule I need to keep can really annoy me sometimes. Waking up same time each day ensured that my body would keep consistently thin and would be burning calories all day long. Grabbing my robe I run across the hall to the bathroom. The water in the sink was left on again, damn it, my stupid roommate forgot to turn it off again. Good thing he is nice to look at or we would have some real problems.

Turning on the water, I jump in the shower before the hot water got through and instantly my nipples got hard. Whether it was from just the cold water or from me playing with myself earlier, jumping in the shower had really turned me on.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Thinking about my most recent hook up, I touched myself some more as the water warmed up. It had been over a year since I had anyone touch me intimately, not because no one wanted to but I just didn’t have the constant urge to fuck like the rest of humanity. Idk call me weird if you want but I was content with playing with myself and fantasizing about bigger cocks than what I had actually encountered.

With the water running over me I began to zone out. My mind wandered about the sex I wanted but didn’t want at the same time. I let the water run over me as it slowly got warmer and warmer. I move my hands to my head and run my fingers through my long blonde hair.

My hands move slowly to my neck and shoulders then over my chest where I stop and rub my breasts. I squeeze them gently at first and look down at them admiring them. Not the biggest in the world but acceptable for what I do. Damn, I wish they were bigger though, I cant wait for the hormone therapy pills to start working.

My b cup breasts though small, were very sensitive and thus very fun to play with. I quickly became even more turned on as I thought about my roommate carressing them.

I left my left hand on my left breast to my with my nipple while my right hand moved slowly down my flat toned stomache to my bald pubic mound. I touched my nether region slightly as it sent chills through my spine, “Damn I’m wet!” I exclaimed.

My fingers touched my clit slightly and I knew it was time for me to get off but how? I slowly slid 2 fingers into my wet hole and pushed them as far as they would go into me. I let out a loud moan on the first penetration and pinched my left nipple hard making my head fly back, putting my face in the water. Water ran over my naked body as I masturbated to the thought of my roommate taking me from behind.

Suddenly the dirtiest thought cross my mind. Something I had never done with any guy before but something I fantasized about a lot. I wanted to have my ass fucked hard with dog. My hands worked their way down between my legs.

My right hand was below my sopping wet slit and my left hand was reaching underneath me trying to tease my ass hole. This was way too awkward so I move my left hand to my butt cheek and squeeze it.

I grab the left cheek in my hand spread my cheeks apart and with my right hand I grab the soap and lather up my hole so much i felt like the bar of soap might slip in, which wouldn’t be too bad I thought to myself.

I drop the soap and bend a little at the waist giving myself easier access. Slowly I play with my tight little hole with my index finger. Damn it felt good and before long I was slowly sliding my finger in little by little then pulling it out again. Oh my god I needed more inside me.

My soapy fingers were lubing my up as I used my left hand to search for anything that could fuck me better than my fingers. Finally I found the shampoo bottle I stole from the hotel I stayed at a few weeks ago. I slathered that thing up with some of the left over shampoo inside and made it all slippery. I bent over fully resting my hands on the wall and grabbed the bottle. Aiming the bottom end of the bottle at my lubed ass I plunged it towards my pucker. It hurt a little as my butt didnt want to accept the intrusion but the lube did its job and soon that little shampoo bottle was 3 inches deep in my virgin ass.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

With the bottle firmly placed I moved my hands back to my now engorged clit and rubbed it to an immense orgasm. It felt amazing but there was no satisfaction in just getting off that one time. I needed more. In my still horny state I came up with a dirty thought, what if I leave the bottle (or something else) in my ass all day? ooooh I shivered at the thought of perpetual pleasure.

I finished my shower and left the bottle up my butt as I dried off and admired my body in the mirror. A 20 year old 5’10” blue eyed natural blonde weighing barely 110 lbs, I was a sight.

I love looking at me naked, I look good! I took my hormone therapy pill as I looked around for my hair brush. The pill I was taking was to help me fill out a little more by pumping full of estregen and other strange things, I could tell it was slowly working because my breasts had been more full recently and my bras were fitting better. I was extatic about this but also knew that since I was taking this pill I couldnt take birth control. It was a minor trade off since I wasnt really having sex anyways.

Finally finding my brush I began to do my hair. Working the brush over in my hands I quickly realized that my brush handle, although thinner, was longer than the shampoo bottle I had currently left inside my rear end. Having those kinky thoughts go through my head I decided that I would take out the shampoo bottle, which felt amazing by the way, and insert my brush when I was not using it. “Ha! My body has become so useful!” I giggled to myself.

5 minutes went by, shoving the 6 inch brush handle up my ass then taking it out again. It was great but I needed more. I shoved the handle up there one more time and then wrapped myself up in my towel getting one last look at my toned, fit body and perky breasts. God I’m so horny! The towel rubbed against the brush as it put it on and walked into my room. Each step sent shivers through my body. Being home alone, I didnt worry about closing my door, unless I heard someone come home. I called out to be safe and just as I thought, no response.

I took off my towel, grabbed the brush a few times pushing it deeper in my and fucking myself with dog it before grabbing my white tank top from the closet. No one home meant no need for a bra! I love lazy days. Now was the tough part, how was I going to put clothes on without taking the brush out.

I thought for a second as i fucked myself with dog some more and came to the conclusion that I’ll take it out and put on some dance shorts. The stretchiness of the shorts would allow me to shove the brush back up my ass and let it stick out til i found something better to shove up there.

After I put on the shorts I looked down my front and saw that my wet slit was soaking my shorts. I giggled to myself and went downstairs completely carefree. Looking for more things to fuck myself with I completely forgot about my roommates dog that he puts outside when he leaves in the morning. Since I was home I felt like letting the dog back inside and stay with me for the day. I went to the back door and let in the beautiful animal. Bif, the 80 pound boxer bounded inside excited to see me. I bent over a little and gave him a big scratch behind his ears. He loved it, and I loved being bent over and moving just a little as the brush moved around inside of me.

I watch as Bif ran to his waterbowl by the door to get a drink before coming back to sniff me. Clearly he could tell I was horny or something cause he wouldnt leave me alone. But I love the big lug so it didnt bother me. I walked into the kitchen looking for something fun to fuck but nothing. Since I couldnt sit down with this brush sticking out of me, I kept walking around looking for something when finally Bif decided to go investigate the rest of the house and do what ever it is that dogs do. My search continued for a good 5 minutes before I just gave up. Maybe I wasn’t meant to play around the way I wanted to.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

To hell with that I thought! I am going to find something to fuck and fuck with dog it soon! I walked back into my room and was shocked at what I saw. Bif had his butt facing me with all of my blankets bunched up into a ball and was humping away at them. On any other day I would have scolded him for this but what shocked me wasn’t the act of him doing this, but the fact that his giant balls were slapping so hard against the blankets and quilts. With each reverse thrust I could see some of his doggy prick, then he would slam his hips forward again and his balls would hit the blankets hard.

My body froze and my eyes stared at what I was watching. The only part of my that was moving was my pussy which was getting wetter and wetter by the second as I watched this before me. I dont know how long I stayed there watching this ordeal before I snapped back into reality. Without realizing it my hands had moved, my right hand was working its way into my shorts to play with my pussy and my left hand was pulling my left breast out the sleeve of the tank top. Oh god this is hot! i thought to myself. Knowing I was alone, I didnt care what was happening because no one would see it.

Thats when I made my decision, I would fuck my roommates dog. I couldnt stand not finding anything to fuck with dog in the house so I settled with the next best thing, a cock. Quietly, not to disturb Bif in his humping action, I took off my tank and exposed my breasts, pinch each nipple a little making me squirm. God it felt good and I couldnt wait to see that doggy cock. I put the shirt on the ground and brought my hands to my shorts. Pulling down on the shorts to take them off I completely forgot about the Brush shoved up my ass and as I pulled off the shorts the brush was pulled out of me at an angle I had yet to experience. A loud moan escaped my mouth as the brush hit the ground on top of my dance shorts. Bif jumped slightly and looked behind him to see me naked slightly bent over facing him.

I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when he caught me doing what I was doing. He quickly jumped off the bed and tried to hide a little behind my bed but I could still easily see him. It was then that I almost lost control of what I was doing. I had finally seen doggy cock, and to say it was amazing doesnt do it justice at all. I almost came just thinking about having that cock. It was beautiful! From what I could tell, it had to have been almost a foot long if not more and 3.5 inches thick. My mouth watered. I tried to call out to him to out from behind the bed a little more but I choked on my words.

I slowly worked my way down to his level, getting on my hands and knees crawling towards him. I reached out to him and exclaimed “come here boy, who’s a good boy? come let Kayla see that throbbing hard doggy cock.” I must have been a sight I thought, crawling naked with my breasts hanging down jiggling with each step I took towards this dog with a raging erection. My mouth watering and my pussy dripping I made my way to the doggy dog who upon arrival gave me a giant lick on my face. It didnt faze me at all though, I couldnt take my eyes off of his amazing member swinging with amazing girth between his legs. His balls looked like 2 apples hanging there shaking and moving with each breath he took. The veiny rigid serpent between his legs was shining with what I think is precum and dear god did I want to taste that.

I crawled towards my prize, putting my hand out I pet his side and he stayed where he was. Working my hand down his side and to his belly and then working to his prick, I was able to smell his musk. Moving closer i leaned underneath him and slowly grabbed doggy cock in my soft hands. It was so hard and hot my mind went blank. His prick throbbed in my fingers, I moved my face closer and finally licked the head of Bif’s massive penis. I knew then and there that there was no way I would back out now. Any doubt was gone. I was going to fuck this dog.

The rigid doggy cock in my hand squirted a little precum as i licked it from the base to tip. The rigid veiny member felt so good on my tongue. I knew it was time for this dog dog to take me. I wiggled my hips and turned around to present myself to the animal. He sniffed my cooch and gave it a big sloppy wet lick from my clit to my lubed asshole.

I dont care how he takes me I just need him inside me. WIthout much delay Bif wrapped his paws around my waist and was humping away trying to find a hole to fuck. He kept poking and proding me with his member, occasionally hitting his mark but moving too quick to stay in one spot long enough for me to push back against him. I looked down between my legs and beyond my flailing breasts I could see the giant red squirting phallus hit its mark and plunge deep into my pussy.

It slid into me so fast I couldnt catch my breath and laid there on my hands and knees trying to catch my breath as Bif pounded so hard into me. He gripped my hips pulling me hard backwards onto his thrusting member. Moans of exctasy escaped my mouth as i could feel his precum hit the back of my cervix and his prods against the entrance to my womb.

I have never been so full of anything before in my life, and his thrusts were forcing more and more of his meat into me. His veins caused ripples through my soaked vagina and the feeling was exquisit, each thrust pulled me ever closer to an amazing orgasm.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com
The thrusts seemed to slow down a little and I worried that he would be finishing before I wanted him to. Suddenly my moans grew louder and more pained as i felt a large object trying to force its way into me. My breasts were bouncing all over the place, precum was leaking from my pussy as i looked back and saw the knot trying to force its way into me. I was horrified as I watched an grapefruit sized bulb try to make its way into me, Bif’s mate.

With a sudden hard thrust the air escaped my lungs and my body convulsed and Bif and penetrated into my womb further than ever before. HIs knot had lodged its way into me and it hurt so good. My toes curled and I grabbed the carpet afraid I would be knocked to the ground.

His knot swelled inside me and as it swelled the hard tip of his penis forced its way further inside of me. When he was done swelling i could feel doggy cock throb inside me. My eyes rolled into the back of my head and the first explosion of cum burst into my waiting womb. His tight grip around my waist forced me to stay exactly where I was as the steaming hot seed was poured into me.

The amount of cum inside me was astonishing and it just kept coming, I must have looked an amazing sight: me on my knees, my breasts flailing with each hump of the dog tied into me, my eyes rolled back into my head with a big smile on my face.

This was heaven and I dont care if anyone saw me like this. My orgasm was building as his cum poured into me non stop. Stream after stream shot through Bif’s member and I could feel every jet of cum shoot from his large balls run up his shaft and explode into me. The thought was enough to make me orgasm but the act of looking down between my legs past my flopping breasts to see his balls surge as it shot more and more into me is what really set me over the top.

I have been here in this position for what seems like an eternity and I never want it to stop. I panic when Bif turns around, making me think he is going to leave me empty. To my surprise my the knot kept him in me and now I just lay there with him occasionally pulling on doggy cock to try and free himself from me. I can feel the cum sloshing around inside of me as my heavy breathing slows a little. WIth sweat dripping my face and the amount of cum that I know is going to come out of me when Bif finally pulls free I knew I was going to need another shower. But that was going to have to wait! I loved the cum inside me, I wanted it there forever and when I finally feel Bif start to pull free, my eyes widden with anticipation of what I was going to do next.

The instant that bif was free of me, his entire member slid out of me so slow and it felt so good. Trickle after trickle of cum began to escape my womb and out my abused slit. Making a sudden decision to keep as much cum in me as possible, I rolled over onto my back and put my butt up in the air resting it on my arms keeping it as high as possible. Each movement made me realize just how much cum was inside me. I look at my stomach and realize my flat tummy is all squishy and inflated with the torrents of cum in me. Pleased I am able to keep so much inside me, I put my legs over my head and breath in the smell of BIf’s and my cum. The stench was intoxicating and it made me want more right then and there.

With me laying on the carpet of my bedroom naked with my legs touching the floor above my head and my butt so far in the air I felt like I could eat out my own cunt. WIth labored attempts I sadly was not able to even get my tongue to touch my swollen mound. Frustrated I lay there and let the cum absorb into my womb, loving the feel of hot warm cum filling my body. I wanted more, I need more, I must have more now! i thought to myself. SUddenly I hear panting behind me and move my head and see Bif standing above me. Erection and all I could tell he wanted more too…. to be continued.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY…. As Housewife Fuck  Roommates Dog

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K9 Sex Club Confessions – Trish, Housewife has to look after big dog

Animal Sex

2 years ago, while I was becoming used to being a housewife and realizing that there is a lot more to it than most people think. At that stage, we weren’t very wealthy so all the chores had to be done by me and me alone. It didn’t bother me at all, I was just surprised at the amount of work involved and how much we took for granted when we had a housekeeper for the first 2 years of marriage.

The reason for my decision to leave modelling was to spend more time with my husband and his 10 year old son, who I started seeing as my own son. We were a very happy family and even though I had a major modelling contract, I was tired of that life and missed my family more each time I had to travel for a shoot or show.

Being the housewife seems to mean that certain chores automatically become yours even though they shouldn’t, like taking care of the dog. Swiss (Greater Swiss Mountain Dog) was already big, and it was rather cumbersome taking care of him. He took me for walks, he ate and messed a lot, and it was quite a task giving him a bath.

One day I noticed that Swiss was quite on edge and tried to calm him down and give him attention, but he continued to whine and run up and down the house and yard as if there was something urgent he needed to do.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Eventually I saw where his frustration was coming from when he started humping his cushion, rubbing his very large red cock on it, trying to satisfy himself. I told my husband about it and he told me that happened regularly, usually when there was a bitch in heat close by that he could smell. For the next four days I saw him do this over and over, to the point where I was starting to feel really sorry for him.

It was a Tuesday at about 10am when I finally decided to try help Swiss with his frustration. He was humping his cushion again and I walked over to him. I spoke to him, but at first he didn’t even notice me until I touched his side and continued talking to him

“Oh Swiss, are you frustrated my boy? Maybe I can help you”

Swiss looked up at me with desperation in his eyes which only strengthened my resolve to help him. I crouched down next to him and slowly reached for massive dog cock. The moment I touched it, he started humping again, I retracted my hand from fright but quickly took hold of it again and he continued to fuck my hand.

I didn’t have to do much, I just held my hand still with my fingers wrapped around his cock and let him slide it back and forth until he finally ejaculated. It was a strange experience for me but I could see that Swiss was relieved so I thought at least it wasn’t for nothing. For the rest of the day, Swiss was his old self again and I was pleased that I could help him.

I decided not to tell my husband what I had done, I wasn’t sure how I would tell him or if he would think I was weird or something, so when my husband and son came home, it was life as usual.

That night as I lay in my bed and tried to fall asleep, I found myself thinking quite a bit about Swiss and dog cock, but I shrugged it off thinking that those thoughts were only the result of a very unusual experience and I finally fell asleep.

The following morning went the way it usually did without any thought of Swiss or his cock until my husband opened the door to leave and let Swiss in at the same time. As I kissed my husband goodbye and Swiss came bounding over to get his breakfast, my heart skipped a beat and then started beating a little harder than usual.

“What the hell is going on with me” I thought to myself

I fed Swiss, got my chores started and before long, things were back to normal. Just before noon, I heard Swiss whining again so I went to investigate and found him humping his cushion again.

The moment he saw me he let go of his cushion and came over to me hastily. Again my heart beat a little harder than usual and I could see that Swiss was hoping I would help him again. He looked as desperate as he did the day before so I had to help him and we repeated what happened the previous day.

This continued for about 2 weeks, eventually I found myself looking forward to helping Swiss and even started doing it twice a day (to help him of course). The image of that cock and dog humping so fast was constantly on my mind and I was starting to wonder if a hand job was satisfaction enough for him.

I also finally admitted to myself that I got turned on every time I touched that wonderful dog cock and started imagining doing more than just jerking him off. I finally decided, for Swiss’ benefit, that he needed more than just a hand job.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

This time I didn’t wait for doggy to start humping his cushion, I went to him as soon as I was sure that we were alone and stared at him with excitement. My heart was in my throat, I began to sweat and my breathing became heavy. I reached for doggy cock, still not sure what I was going to do, and I let him fuck my hand for a few seconds as I watched closely, crouched on my knees at his side. That is when I stopped thinking and my desire took over.

He was still humping fast in my hand, so I leaned in under him and let doggy cock slide into my mouth, still keeping control of his rapidly thrusting cock with my hand to make sure he didn’t shove it through the back of my throat. I was surprised at how pleased I was with myself as his pre-cum drizzled onto my tongue. I loved the taste, but it was the act itself that I was most pleased about. I didn’t stop until dog had stopped humping and was done cumming. I slid his cock out of my mouth and sat up next to him, for some reason I felt the need to show him what was in my moth so I opened it and leaned close to him.

Dog licked my mouth and his tongue went inside, at that moment my pussy ached and twitched. I swallowed his cum and opened my mouth again to let him lick inside it again while I slowly stroked his shrinking cock. As soon as Swiss was satisfied and outside again, I removed my clothes and furiously masturbated until I orgasmed.

As I lay there on the rug, beads of sweat rolling off my skin, out of breath and a huge smile on my face, I decided I would definitely do it again. For the rest of the day I was in a weird place in my mind, I giggled when I spoke to Swiss and found myself talking to him as if he were a lover and not just a pet. I masturbated three time that day with thoughts of what I might do with Swiss.

About an hour before my husband and son were due to arrive, I stood in the kitchen, naked from the waist down and worked my clit again for one last orgasm before I had to be normal again. Moments after I started, dog cock walked in and I gasped. He approached me confidently and started sniffing my pussy. I stopped rubbing my clit, leaned against the backrest of a chair and spread my pussy open with my fingers. Swiss leaned forward and started licking me as if it were something he was used to doing.

My body shook uncontrollably as his tongue explored my pussy, stimulating my clit and even going inside my cunt a little. It only took seconds before I had the best orgasm of the day. The moment it was over I crouched to the ground, my legs too weak to support me and I hugged dog.

“Good boy… you’re such a good boy” was all I could say as I caught my breath.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Swiss and I didn’t do anything for the next two days, it was weekend and my husband and son were home and we also went to visit some friends. Even while we visited with good friends, I couldn’t help thinking about Swiss and being alone with him. The following week, Swiss and I had more of the same fun, this time I got completely naked and let him lick me all over, even my ass and I sucked his cock sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. By Friday, I found myself wanting more, so I did some online research and was astonished at the amount of material I found. It was decided, I was going to fuck Swiss as soon as I could. After enduring another weekend that seemed to take forever, Swiss and I were finally alone again.

I was very nervous at the thought of such a massive dog cock penetrating my cunt and so rough and hard as Swiss does it. My husband’s cock is average in size but Swiss has a huge one, bigger than I have ever had inside me. This wasn’t about to change my mind though, I was determined to go through with it. I decided to loosen up with the big dildo my husband got me as a gag gift. I inserted it slow and careful, I didn’t want to make myself cum, I wanted Swiss to do that to me. When I finally felt ready, I opened the bedroom door and dog was already there waiting for me. Nervously I called him into the bedroom and shut the door behind him.


I sat down at the edge of the bed with my legs spread and Swiss immediately started licking me. I let him do this until I could feel an orgasm was close and then leaned forward over him and grabbed his erect cock. He started humping and within seconds mounted between my legs. I lay back to give him room and looked down at his thrusting cock. I hesitated for a moment but then grabbed doggy cock and pulled it towards me. As soon as his meat felt the warmth of my cunt, he thrust it all the way in and started humping me hard and fast. There was no pain, no more nervousness, only pure pleasure and excitement as I felt his large cock penetrate and move in and out of my cunt. It was hard to breathe but the pure ecstasy I was feeling made every moment more than worth it.

Dog fucked me to the greatest orgasm I have ever experienced and then kept on going. Finally it was his turn to cum, he unloaded so much hot cum inside me and I had another, extremely satisfying orgasm. I was not able to take his knot, so I placed my fingers behind it so he could have the full experience and eventually we were both very still. Swiss lay on my chest as dog cock spasmed and spewed, my body shook with aftershocks from this wonderful encounter. When I could feel doggy cock starting to deflate, I let it go and he climbed off me.

I lay on the bed in the same position for at least another 15 minute before I sat up, weak from the encounter and I examined my body. I had scratched on my sides and even my breasts, my pussy was leaking so much cum I would have to change the bedding. Swiss lay on the floor at me feet and just looked up at me with a look of complete satisfaction on his face. I looked back at him and felt stupid about the feeling I was having for this dog.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

“We have to work on getting that knot inside me boy. What do you think?”

Swiss wagged his tail as if he understood and pleased with what I said.

That week I fucked dog countless times, making sure I finished the chores in between. Eventually I did my chores in the nude, I was changing clothes too regularly after each session and it was so much easier when Swiss or I wanted to fuck again. It took 4 more sessions before I finally got dog’ big knot inside my cunt, we were tied for about 45 minute before he released me.

As time passed, my husband and divorced (nothing to do with Swiss and I) and he and his son moved far away. I was lucky enough that my ex had to leave Swiss behind when he moved, so I always had someone to fuck that appreciated me. I met Jen and Emma last year at their K9 School and joined their club as soon as I was made aware of its existence. Before joining the K9 Sex Club, I had only fucked Swiss, now I have fucked many other breeds but Swiss remains my favorite.

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Summer Pet or Sexy teen girl fucking by her dog

Animal Sex

Hot girl fucking with big dogs cock

The people that owned Duke were going away for the weekend so they asked Jack to look after him. Jack and Carol took advatange of the situation. This was in August and after haveing my mom come over Jack said that they were going to make an insemination video. By this time they had taken the mittens off of me as I was getting better at not using my hands for normal things.

They held on to Duke while I was made to jerk him off and to lick and suck on his dick. My mom had a beaker type glass cup that she held up to dog’s cock so the cum could go into it. I had to lick and suck the side of his penus to get as much doggy cum to come out as I could.

It was really turning me on and I wanted to put the end in my mouth and taste the cum and swallow it but they wouldn’t let me. This went on until there was a lot of cum in the glass. It was in between the 1/4 and 1/2 cup marks on the beaker.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Then they got a big couch pillow and put it under my back and had me raise my pussy up in the air. Carol held my legs apart and my mom opened my vagina up and put her finger into my vagina so she could pour the dog come into me. She told me not to move and then poured the dog cum into me. I felt it go in and she emptied the whole thing into my pussy.

I then had to stay in the upright position. As I said before my mom is a nurse and she has said that a female orgasm not only makes the woman feel good it also helps the sperm to move toward the prorper postion. Letting it get deeper into the female to increase the chances of pregnancy.

My mom then laid next to me and started to rub my vagina. Her arm and hand was around my head and neck and her other hand was jerking off my pussy. This was the first time my mom had touched me in this way and it felt so great. She was saying, feel it, love it, cum for mom, you’re mommy’s good girl, and things like that. I was so turned on and horny from this. It was not long before I came and came. She kept rubbing my clit and pussy until I stopped cumming.

Then my mom stood up and took her pants off and grabbed my head and got me up on my hands and knees. She took me by my collar and she sat down on the couch, spread her legs and forced my face into her vagina. She told me to eat it and I did. I sucked and licked my mother’s vagina. It tasted so good and I couldn’t believe I was getting to do this. I ate her out and after a while she had a orgasm. It felt so good to me to be able to make my mother cum.

Then Carol got me and brought me over to dog and had him mount me and fuck me. I gave him my pussy without resistance and fucked him just as much as he fucked me. I came and he shot cum into me. It was a wild and amazing experience.
After dog was done my mom came and brought me over to the couch and held me and told me she wanted to do this for a while but had to wait until I was old enough and was willing.

She stroked my head and we kissed and kissed, Frenching and really kissing. She then brought me over to the floor and took the rest of her clothes off and she made love to me on the floor. She ate me out and I ate her out and we rubbed each other. It was so wonderful.

Carol brought dog over and let me perform oral sex on him again. This time I got to suck on the dick and swallow. It was so great and amazing.

This turned out to be one of Jack and Carol’s favorite videos and my mom liked it as well as it was the first time that we were together. My mom sort of looks like Elizabeth Perkins, if you know who she is, and has a good body for a woman of her age.

That and the fact that it was my mom really lets you know how horney she makes me.
Some people may not understand this but it is how it is. I was Jack and Carol’s pet and now my mother got to have me as well. I had dog cum deep inside of me and in my mouth and my mother’s scent on me. It was one of the best times I had with them.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for http://www.animalsexfun.com

Thanks for reading and send me a PM if you want to talk. When I get the time I will try to answer,

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Little Toy, For the dog

Animal Sex

Little Toy, For the dog
Jess looked around the darkened room, not seeing a way out–not that she was searching for one. There was no light, not even a yellow line sneaking from beneath a door. Her eyes had adjusted to the darkness enough to reveal the faint outline of her crate and the dirty blankets balled up beside its thin metal bars.

She had slept inside the cramped thing last night, just as her master had ordered. It had been a tight squeeze to fit her five foot frame inside the kennel, but there was something comforting to the sweat and fluid stained sheets he had provided.
She prowled around the corners of her room, sniffing at her discarded clothes. She wasn’t to wear them while she was collared. So, she crawled about naked, her bared breasts pointing to the floor.

Jess made her way to the far corner and noticed that the back wall was partially smooth glass. She cupped her hands around her eyes as she peered in. A two-way mirror, two red electronic lights barely visible on the other side.

A smile crept in. Master was filming ANIMAL SEX vids today.

A panel slid open from across the room, spinning her attention toward its sound. Still no light, but she could make out the new arrival.
It was Ross, her master’s faithful hound. Ross was a hulking mastiff, all muscle and mass. The old boy sniffed the air, turning straight for her.

Jess grinned wolfishly as she bounded over to her playmate. The two pawed and leapt at each other, excitedly. She loved this pet, knowing that she was his toy little dog slut.

After the initial energy was spent, Jess sat there panting. That familiar warmth in her chest already making her head swim. Playing with Ross always had this affect. She smiled as she watched his large tongue hang to the side. She reached under him and found his full sheathe.

Ross reacted immediately, lapping at her face as he stood. She licked him back, tongues scraping against each other, as she gripped his swelling manhood.

His hindquarters began humping on instinct, pushing his remarkably solid dog knot from his sheathe. She gripped him tighter and forced her way beneath him.
It found her open lips, her throat welcoming his fully erect shaft. As she guided him in and out, her own sex was dripping from arousal.

“I’m a slut. I’m such a filthy whore to be doing this!” “I’m a dog slut. I let dogs have sex with me and I enjoy it!”

The words raced through her mind as she continued sucking the animal. “Master better be getting this on tape.”
Ross overpowered her, breaking free from her hold. She instinctively got to all fours, grinning as she arched her back and spread her legs.

Ross wasn’t the awkward mount. He was trained, just as she was. His front legs gripped her sides with iron strength, putting his lower half in-line with her offered cunt. He hit home on the first thrust.

Jess coughed the scream of painful pleasure as his mass slammed into her. Her lubricated corridor gave way willingly, flooding with intense sensation.
Again he rammed into her, again she lurched forward from the impact. Her tits smacked together as her responsive nipples scratched the bald carpet flooring.
Ross huffed directly into her ear with each exertion. She watched him from the corner of her eye, tongue stretching to meet his.

The orgasm ripped through her as his hot spray shot into her. Her knees gave out and Ross’s weight shoved her shoulders to the ground. He filled her with his cum, every searing ounce. It absorbed into her fleshly folds, shocking her with tremendous ecstasy, a salacious wink for her master.

“I’m ready for take two.”

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The Officer-Horny bitch fucking that dog cock

Animal Sex

Whore gets orgasm from dog cock
I woke up when I heard the footsteps. Time was difficult to keep track of in the poorly-lit cell, but I figured I’d been there maybe two days, alone for most of that time. Twice, a canteen of water and a peanut butter sandwich had been handed to me by a silent guard through the cell bars. Other than that, I’d seen no one. I’d heard absolutely nothing. I wasn’t even sure why I was here. “Kafkaesque,” I laughed bitterly to myself, though it wasn’t really funny, as I replayed my arrest in my mind for the thousandth time.

The Occupation had been going on for about eight months- long enough to get sort-of used to the soldiers’ presence throughout the town, often accompanied by their large, well-trained dogs. I say I was sort-of used to seeing them, but I still felt a knot form in my stomach as I saw I’d have to pass by a cluster of three soldiers and their German Shepherd on my way home from work (hotel maid, graveyard shift). I knew I shouldn’t be worried, since I had a work permit to be out at this hour, so long as I went straight home, and I carried no contraband for the dog’s sharp nose to catch.

I was stopped, as I knew I would be, and presented my identification and permit papers to the man who, I could tell by his bearing and nicer uniform, was in command. The alert German Shepherd sat obediently by his side, the officer holding his chain. The air was chilly, and the more powerful men made me nervous by their proximity, and by the looks they were giving me while examining my papers. I shivered, feeling the nipples of my small, pert breasts turn into tiny pink pebbled that strained against the fabric of my work blouse. And I knew they could see. I felt a rush of shame, accompanied by something unexpected- a rush of heat between my thighs. Intimidated as I was, my body was already intimating how it would betray me by responding to their desire, despite what my more rational mind might say.

The officer in charge laughed at my evident embarrassment (or could he have known…?) and said something to the two soldiers in their own language, who laughed in return. Their merriment sounded cruel, and I wanted to run home, where I could take care of the fire building deep inside me, then forget all my fears in my self-induced afterglow.

“May I go now, please? Sir?” I asked the officer, holding out a hand to take back my information. He made no move to return anything, but stared at me a moment before giving a command I could not comprehend. Immediately, I felt myself restrained by one soldier and searched by the other. He patted me down, quickly, roughly, and of course found nothing. He stepped back, but the other soldier continued to pin my arms behind my back. The officer gave another command, then dropped the dog’s leash. The Shepherd immediately bounded toward me, his nose already twitching. My search wasn’t over yet, but I knew there was nothing for them to find…

The large dog sniffed me perfunctorily all over, then suddenly darted beneath the skirt of my work uniform. I felt my face flush again, wondering if the dog could smell my arousal. As if he understood my unasked question, the large animal stuck his snout into my quim, pressing the fabric of my panties up inside me, leaving my outer lips partially exposed. I started with surprise at the touch as the beast began whimpering and nuzzling against my cotton-clad mound. I started to close my eyes…

I was so absorbed in what was happening under my skirt that I forgot for a second about my “audience,” but I was reminded quickly by the officer pulling the German Shepherd back by the leash he’d picked up again, and giving one last order to the two soldiers. One last cruel laugh, and one look at me so icy I felt goosebumps rise all over and my nipples became painfully erect, then he took the dog, got into a nearby car, and left, all with the attitude of a man who has many more important places to be.

One of the two remaining soldiers stayed at their post on the sidewalk: the other put me in cuffs and brought me to the jail, where I was locked in this cell with no windows, no cot- just a toilet, thin mattress, and a blanket. The cell is at the end of the block, and usually quiet, so hearing any noise was cause for curiosity. Will they charge me today? Will they ever? What could the dog have smelled on me? Or was it in me? His explorations down there didn’t make you any less wet, you know… My internal monologue was interrupted as I realized footsteps were not the only thing I heard….there was also heavy breathing, like panting, like…

Oh, no.

In another couple of seconds, sneering down at me through the bars just like he had a few days ago, was the officer. Again by his side was the German Shepherd, who looked like he was using all his canine willpower to suppress his obvious excitement and sit obediently til his master’s command. He let out a short, eager whine as the officer opened the cell door to let them both in, before locking it shut again. He said something that must have been, “Stay!” because the dog remained waiting by the cell door while the man approached me, wrapped in the blanket I’d been given as if it was some sort of defense.

“Stand up,” he ordered me in my own language. I remember being surprised by how clearly and well he spoke it. Under different circumstances, I may have been impressed. He tore the blanket away from me and scrutinized my form in the too-small prison shift I’d been given. My shoes, socks, uniform, and even underwear had been confiscated upon my arrival. Again, I felt my body turn traitor and begin responding to his gaze. The short garment barely covered all of me…now as my nervous arousal grew, the lips of my cunt became fatter, opened wider. My hard nipples tented the thin fabric. I was exposed, and we both knew it.

“You know why we have Rex here, yes?” He asked me, indicating the dog. Without waiting for a reply, he continued to speak to me in my language while walking around behind me, still staring at my barely-concealed form.

“Dogs are known for having good noses, and our dogs are bred and trained to be exceptional. Rex has enough power in that snout to find anything he wants…but something tells me you already know that…” The officer let his words trail off as he stood directly behind me. I felt his hot breath on my neck, felt the tip of his stiffening cock inside his pants press against my bare ass, felt his powerful arms suddenly wrap around my waist and throat, pinning me to his body.

His mouth was right up against my ear, and he practically hissed at me, “Usually they find contraband- drugs, poison, explosives. Sometimes-” The hand at her throat was gently but firmly moving down her chest, and the officer indulged himself by tweaking one of her already excited nipples, causing her to let out an involuntary gasp, and him to imagine just how sweet it would be to nibble those rosy little buds later. “Sometimes they come across another scent, just as distinctive…BITCH!”

As he said the last word, both his hands moved like lightening to grip my inner thighs, which his strong arms held apart easily. The word must also have served as a command, because Rex the German Shepherd responded eagerly, following his nose again to that same scent he’d been drawn to before, but this time with full access- no panties, no crossed legs, no modesty, just cunt and dog tongue and saliva and juices and OH GOD… I fell back against my captor, weak-kneed by the intense orgasm that had just ambushed my body. My mind was swirling as the officer slowly
laid me back on the mattress. I was too weak to fight him…and I would have to stop feeling this…this mind-blowing feeling…the hardest I’ve ever cum…from a dog? I was in too much ecstatic pleasure to question or judge myself any further as Rex tongued my asshole, sending crazy waves of pleasure through me as I was rimmed for the first time.

I could feel my juices squirting, gushing out of me as I came. Dog licked from my pussy like it was a fountain, eagerly tasting my cum and urging me to give him more, more….

My reverie was interrupted by the officer pulling Rex back from my gushing quim and ordering me on my knees to face him. He had undone the pants of his uniform and taken out dog cock, which stood out, looking proud and commanding. In my aroused state, I couldn’t help but notice it was a nice-looking, thick organ, though I barely had time to appraise it before I felt the man’s fingers tangle in my hair to bring my mouth down onto as much of him as I could take. He stood before me, fucking my face for a few minutes, while Rex tried to again access the treat he had been enjoying just moments ago. Glancing at the dog out of the corner of my eye at the dog, I noticed he had an erection, and felt a mingling of shame and pride that it was for me.

The officer gave one last deep thrust into my mouth, then roughly pulled me off by the hair and threw me down face-first onto the mattress. Rex dove for my exposed ass, but the officer pushed him aside with a surprisingly kind chuckle, before placing his turgid cock at my wet entrance and pushing. He was big, and while no virgin, I am rather small “down there,” so it took a few strokes to work in his entire organ. He’s fucking his way into me, I thought, delirious with pleasure. My shoulders sank down to the mattress as I wantonly pushed my pussy back, up, against this marvelous intruder.

I was a quivering, moaning idiot, aware only that I NEEDED these incredible sensations I’d been having to continue. I whimpered slightly in disappointment when I felt the officer’s swollen member pull all the way out of me. It almost hurt to be so empty after just having been so deliciously full. I immediately felt Rex behind me again, and was relieved that I’d get to cum on his amazing tongue again…but I was wrong.

Rex gave me a couple of swipes with his tongue, then the officer gave another command in his own language. The large German Shepherd instantly sprang forward and wrapped his forelegs around my waist. I could feel the erection I’d glimpsed earlier, thrusting, searching; could feel the officer reach between us to guide the dog. And I didn’t move. My whole body was on fire, and the taboo nature of this act I’m about to let myself be “forced” into only fanned the flames. I could feel dog’s member squirting already, and my pussy was wetter than it’s ever been.

With a little help, dog found and eagerly took possession of my cunt. I was grateful that the officer had fucked my tight little hole open some already, because Rex was even thicker, and had no intention of being gentle. That was part of what made it so amazingly hot. Being fucked like a beast, by a beast. I closed my eyes, threw back my head, and gave myself over to it entirely.

I was brought (somewhat) back to reality by the officer’s still-rigid cock slapping me in the face and being dragged across my parted lips. I looked up at his face, my own a mask of ecstasy, and saw his gaze fixed on where Rex and I were united. He came quickly in my mouth, aroused by the display. I had been able to feel Rex squirting in me the whole time, and when the officer shot his load into my mouth, the knowledge that I was being filled completely with cum, from both ends, by man and beast, made me cum so hard I thought I’d died, but didn’t care.

After only a few minutes of his indescribable, animalistic humping, dog’s turgid member came out of me, still squirting. I turned to look; it had definitely grown since my first glance! I could tell right away that whole monster hadn’t been all the way in me, and that probably caused him to fall out. I had no more time to think, as the officer grabbed my hair again and forced my head down onto dog’s veiny, engorged member. I recalled how he had lapped up my juices so eagerly, and did my best to return the favor.

The officer held me in place until the dog had had enough, then brusquely stood up and tucked his now-satisfied dog cock back into his pants. I lied back on the mattress, dazed, as I heard keys in the door. The officer went into the hallway and returned quickly. He dropped a small bundle at my feet, called to Rex, who was cleaning his “equipment,” and left the cell. Without locking the door. I examined the bundle- inside were my clothes, shoes, I.D. papers, and a medical excuse for the work I’d missed. I used the prison shift to try and wipe myself clean before dressing and going home.

Like it never happened…But it most definitely did. I still felt the salty tang of cum, both human and animal, in my mouth. Was I so delerious from not enough food that I found it delicious? Or maybe… I thought about the groups of soldiers I’d pass on my way home. I wondered what time it was, wondered if they would stop me again. Wondered if I’d be searched again. Wondered if maybe that wasn’t exactly what I’d be hoping for…

ANIMAL SEX STORY II (second day)

It was early morning when I again approached the corner where I’d been arrested. Two soldiers, neither of which looked familiar, kept watch. There was no dog this time. The two men barely glanced at me as I scurried by them towards home, and towards the bath and soft bed my spent body craved more with every step.

I made myself a large sandwich (not peanut butter!) while waiting for my tub to fill with warm water. I sighed contentedly, both for the meal and for the anticipation of how the steaming bathwater would feel on my skin. The tub was ready, and I quickly shed my (surprisingly clean) work clothes from my dirty, aching form.

The moment I slid into the water was nearly orgasmic- not the type that makes you scream and thrash with mad lust, but the quieter pleasure that rolls in soft waves across your body while flooding your nethers with warm release. I laid my head back, relaxing and soaking in bliss for a few moments before picking up a washcloth and bar of soap and beginning to cleanse myself.

My pussy ached, and I washed it gently in the warm water to soothe it. The soft, yet slightly rough texture of the cloth as it passed over my lips reminded me of something… “Rex…” I moaned in a low whisper, the word involuntarily slipping out as my cunt lips opened for more. Oh my God, did I just say that? I paused my hand, despite the protest I felt from my horny pussy.

As my lust was aroused, I couldn’t get Rex out of my mind. The sensations he’d given me clouded any questions of morality or propriety- right or wrong of me, I wanted to keep feeling that way. I couldn’t go the rest of my life without being taken like that again. I’d described a couple of particularly talented former partners as being “animalistic,” but nothing could compare to the hard, frenzied thrusting of an actual animal consumed by lust.

One hand had resumed dragging the washcloth between my eager pussy lips, trying to replicate the feel of that superlative dog tongue, while the other trailed across my pert breasts, teasing my nipples into hard little rosebuds.

My hips undulated against the fabric, urging it to rub against my swollen clit. I pinched one nipple as hard as I could when I felt my climax begin to hit, my other hand frantically stirring the water as I thrashed my wanting nub.

“Oh, God…..uhh, uh, yes, dog, yes, oh! Rex! Fuck me!” Fuck me my dog!” I screamed, as the whirlwind of my pleasure crashed down around me.

I lay in the tub, panting, exhausted, but still feeling my quim on fire to be used again by a beast. A delightfully wicked idea came into my head as I drained the tub and towelled off. I smiled as I thought to myself that I’d better get some sleep soon to be rested for tonight’s shift. And for whatever comes after. Hope I don’t do something silly like forget to wear panties under my skirt? What if I get searched again?

I giggled to myself in mock embarrassment as I crawled, still naked, into bed. Hot as I was with excitement, my body needed rest, and I quickly drifted into a deep sleep.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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