Animal Sex-Three Days, Three Different Partners, Dog Included Of Course!

Animal Sex Stories

 Three Days, Three Different Partners, Dog Included Of Course!

Animal Sex-Three Days, Three Different Partners, Dog Included
I recognize that it’s been a while since I’ve shared anything with you all but honestly, my sex life has been pretty routine. Not a whole lot to write about that you already haven’t heard about me and Duke. Until last weekend.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for

To make sure there’s no trace of Duke’s prowess with me, I’d let him fuck me before I shower, so I can shower, then call up a friend nice and clean and get down to business with them.

I wake up and have some breakfast and some sort of caffeinated drink so I can be nice and energized. As some of you may know, I tend not to have sex with Dog on the weekends to somewhat deprive ourselves of each other so Monday can be more exciting and so we don’t get bored. So this morning he’s not expecting anything.

I go through most of my normal routine minus the shower, but I still go back to my bedroom, get undressed and choose my outfit for the rest of the day. Satisfied with my choice, still naked, I call Dog to the bedroom, sex towel having been placed on the bed already.

He lazily trots over to the bedroom and is greeted with his bitch on the bed, legs spread, pussy generously available for the licking. He apparently is very much in the mood to have a taste of hairless human pussy this Friday morning because he digs right in.

I use my fingers to hold my lips more open and to expose my clit for him to incidentally stimulate in the course of his vigorous licking. I must not have fed him enough breakfast or something or he’s just taking advantage of this gift he doesn’t get on Fridays. Either way, his tongue is all over my pussy and I’m loving it. I feel his tongue more easily sliding along my lips from being really wet now and I can’t help it, I have to start rubbing my clit a little. After a fair number of small orgasms he and I both want something else.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I want his dick to part my lips and get as far into my vagina as he can get. He wants this too, because as soon as I turn around onto my knees, he’s hopping up on me and getting his front paws in position to hold his bitch right where he wants her. I feel the tip of his sheath quickly thrusting back and forth into my ass cheeks and thighs as he tries to find the sweet spot. A lend him a quick hand and we have penetration! Holy shit do we have penetration! His dick comes out from hiding very quickly and he does indeed try to get his dick as far into my vagina as he can get.

Whether or not he’s in as deep as he can be he’s thrusting away like no tomorrow. If I wasn’t laying on a pillow, my boobs would be totally swaying back and forth with the rest of my body as his hips dictate. And trust me, his hips are dictating my body do a lot of back and forth rocking.

Because I’ve already experienced a few orgasms, however small, it only makes my pussy more sensitive and his dick is doing a lot more stimulating than his tongue did and I’m in heaven for it.

My eyes are closed, my head turned and laying on the pillow with my hands cluching it in pleasure, mouth open for easier heavy breathing and light moaning, ass high in the air for him to have a good angle, legs spread for easier access. Duke is standing on his back feet, placed between my legs. Front paws are on my hips, holding his bitch in place. His protruding dick is at the perfect angle to enter my pussy, which it is doing, repeatedly. His balls, like my body, are swaying back and forth quickly, ever so slightly tapping my clit as the base of his dick keeps pounding the outer lips of my pussy and as his dick keeps sliding in and out of my vagina. This is what you’d see if you were to be able to see through my bedroom window. A young girl letting herself be thoroughly fucked by her German Shepherd dog and enjoying it.

Duke’s knot swells up and ties the alpha male with his bitch as his dick shoots sperm into her vagina for 15 minutes, give or take. That bitch is me, that vagina is mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The knot only lasts about 10 minutes today since we’ve been tying all week. So only about 10 minutes worth of sperm are inside me, but that’s enough to turn the small, slow streams of semen running down my thighs and stomach into small, fast rivers.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
As mentioned above, I have been thoroughly fucked and the accompanying orgasms have left me breathless. Normally I’d lay on my back, legs held to my chest to keep his sperm in me for as long as possible but not today. I get the sex towel situated and stand up and I notice an increase in semen that comes out of my pussy. I put the towel to use and clean up a bit. After that, still naked, I wrestle with Dog and a chew toy all around the apartment for 15 minutes or so until I’m tired. I let him win and he claims victory over the chew toy. I lay out the outfit I pulled out earlier, jump in the shower and get clean before I start texting Jessica.

Since I had come up with this plan earlier in the week, I made sure to reserve some time with everyone that’s going to be involved. Jessica didn’t have any plans for the middle of the day anyway so this works out.

We go out to lunch with a few of her friends, people I’ve met before at lunches and stuff like this but don’t hang out with unless I’m with Jessica. During the lunch, us girls plan to hit up a mall together and the guys decide they’ll go to something I wasn’t paying attention to. tongue.gif

We finish up lunch, parting hugs are had between the guys and girls and Jessica, me, and two other girls go to the mall. We’re the typical group of four girls in their early 20s, wearing our shorts, skirts, dresses, tank tops, t-shirts and sandals that you’d see at a mall in the middle of a Friday in the Summer.

We spend a few hours at the mall together laughing and having a good time and after we’ve hit every clothing store we decide what we’re going to do afterwards. Jessica and I already know what we’ll be doing. We subtley take the conversation to the direction that we should all go our separate ways. This is agreed upon and we break up. I follow behind Jessica as she drives to her apartment.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
We’re both really horny because we had been sending each other dirty text messages throughout the time at the mall. I even managed to sneak a quick pinch of Jess’s ass when the other two girls had gone into a store’s dressing room section. She got me back later at a different store. biggrin.gif

We go into her apartment, close the door behind us and immediately beging kissing each other. Our tongues smoothly rubbing on each other’s as our hands run up down each other’s body. She doesn’t waist any time and unbuttons my shorts. Before she can get to my zipper though, I stop her and pull of her shirt, then let her back to my shorts. She unzips the zipper and undo her bra and my shorts fall to the floor and are soon joined by her bra.

At this point, we move to the couch. Her just in her shorts, B cup breasts exposed for me to lust after, nipples pointing sky high. I’m just in my shirt, bra and underwear. She’s laying on the couch and we both finish what the other started, we get naked for each other. She sits up, moves her now exposed pussy to the edge of the couch. I know what this means and get on my knees in front of her and start kissing and gently licking the inside of her knees and thighs. Moving slowly close up her legs and to her pussy, the smell of wet pussy is very strong to me from my position. I can even just look at her pussy and see that her lips are naturally opening up from being so damn aroused. I can’t take it anymore and move my mouth to her pussy.

I use the tip of my tongue to part her lips a little more and slide it into her pussy as much as one can get their tongue in there. Slide my tongue in her pussy and lick upwards, with my fingers gently rubbing her outer lips between licks. Judging from her enthusiastic moaning, she was enjoying herself. Well, enjoying what I was doing to her.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
I continue only licking her inner and outer lips, with some assistance from my fingers, intentionally ignoring her clit throughout. I use my fingers to get a better look at her clit and it’s dying for some attention. Reminds me of a dog actually, it will love me forever if I just pay positive attention to it. So it begins. I keep her clit exposed with my fingers holding the hood back and start giving it lots of quick flicks with the tip of my tongue. Now and then I’ll take it between my lips and use the tip of my tongue on whatever slight part of it is in my mouth.

She eventually starts cumming from just me licking her but I know her orgasms could be stronger if I used my fingers to stimulate her g-spot. So I keep licking her clit for the first few orgasms but quickly switch to my middle and ring finger and slide them inside her vagina. Curl them up a little and vigorously rub her g-spot for about ten minutes straight. She has about one orgasm every 20-30 seconds during that 10 minute period.

After I stop she just lays on the couch, exhausted. Eyes closed, chest noticeably expanding and contracting from her breathing. As she recovers from her orgasms I gently start trailing my lips up her stomach and to her breasts. I just gently kiss and suck on her nipples as she regains her composure.

After she regains said composure and gets her breathing back to normal, she stops me fromg playing with her breasts and begins kissing me on my lips. Then, as she’s kissing my neck, we’re both switching positions. Her lips go down my chest and she kisses and sucks all around my right boob, but not my nipple.

She finally stops teasing me and starts sucking and even gently biting my nipples and I beg her to use her mouth on my pussy. She knows I’ve been dying for it since we got to her apartment, so she goes down and starts licking my pussy.

Before she gets too into it, I tell her that I want to squirt in her mouth. She says okay and goes back to licking me. Not much more needs to be said between us, because we’ve both built up good experience getting each other to squirt, so we both know what needs to be done once the time comes (hehe).

Fast forward a little bit and I’m starting to cum. I use my fingers on my clit and she uses her fingers on my g-spot and each orgasm hits me like I hadn’t had an orgasm in a long time.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
She feels me starting to contract certain muscles and removes her fingers from my pussy but gets her mouth in position and once I feel she’s right where she needs to be, I let loose with my female ejaculate directly into her mouth. Now, as far as I can tell, a woman that can squirt more than a couple of inches is really rare and possibly just a product of fake squirting porn videos. So it’s not like Jessica is taking a stream of fluid that had the pressure to go five feet across the room. It probably gets shot right into the back of her throat and that’s it.

I can only give about three squirts or so before I’m just way too spent. Jessica, the good host that she is, helps clean up the mess her guest made and keeps licking all around that area except for my clit, knowing it’s too sensitive for much more right now.

Once I regain some energy Jessica and I decide to take a quick shower together. We clean each other up and I promise that tomorrow I’ll let her squirt in my mouth and she’s excited for it.

We finish up the shower, get dressed and hang out in her living room, cuddling and watching TV for a bit before I take off. I still have more plans for the day.

Once I get to my apartment I start sending some texts to my secondary male friend with benefits. It’d been a while since we had done anything and considering he’d been asking me when we were going to have some fun again, I know he was still interested. Today is his lucky day.

I tell him to come over around 7:30 and we’ll have some fun for an hour or so and he can still hit up whatever parties he had plans for.

Close to 7:30 he sends me some text messages asking if our plans are still on and I confirm that they are. Shortly after that, he’s knocking on my door. I let him in and then put Dog into the kitchen and put up one of those baby gate thingies. Yes Duke is a large enough dog that he could just walk forward and through it but he’s obediant and I tell him to stay. He’s got his old, undersized doggy bed in there and his food and water dishes, so he’s set.

After I get Duke situated in the kitchen, I go over to my friend who’s sitting on my couch. I stand in front of him and take off my shorts and shirt and stand in front of him in just my underwear. I lean down and we start kissing. As we’re kissing I start undoing his shorts and he doesn’t stop me. I open up his shorts and see that he’s really damn hard and figure it’s been a while since he’s had some fun which would be why he’s been asking me for some lol.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Put yourself in his shoes and maybe you can tell me why he was so hard. He’s sitting there, shorts and boxers pulled down, dick out and ready. I use my pointer finger and thumb to make a ring around his dick, right in the middle of the shaft. I put my lips on the head and together with my fingers start moving up down his dick. I feel him get even harder just a few seconds after I start sucking on him.

Like most guys, he’s not moaning or even saying much of anything, but his body language shows he’s really enjoying the feeling of my mouth and fingers on his dick. I can already taste his precum and now I’m sure it’s been a while since he’s had any fun. Since I never really have Dog ever cum in my mouth, I really do enjoy sucking off guys and letting them cum in my mouth and my friend knows this and definitely does not stop me as my hand moves faster up and down his dick and my mouth more tightly sucks on the head.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
Despite his hard breathing he manages to whisper, “I’m close” and that’s my cue to get my mouth ready for him to cum. I take his dick further into my mouth so when he starts coming it’ll shoot as far back into my throat as possible and keep using my hand to stroke him faster. I think he was trying to prolong it but he couldn’t do it any longer and he start cumming, right into my mouth. I give a quick swallow to the first shot but keep rubbing his shaft and keep my lips working the top end and take another one or two shots, both of which I swallow. I can feel him losing the hardness indicating he’s done. But before I stand up or do anything else I see there’s still a little extra that’s late to the party, so down I go again and lick that up for him.

I take off his shoes and slide his boxers and shorts off and pull off his shirt as he’s still sitting on the couch. He stands up and we start making out just right there in the middle of the living room. He inconspicuously pushes the edge of my underwear down and they eventually slip off and to my feet. We keep kissing and now he undoes my bra and we’re both naked in my living room, kissing.

I stop us and lead him to the bedroom. I lay on the bed and spread my legs for him. He climbs in bed with me and we start making out again. This time one of my hands his gently and slowly stroking his dick and one of his hands his rubbing my outer pussy lips. We stop kissing and I spread my legs for him and he starts fingering me. Uses his fingers to rub my clit and brings me to a few orgasms all while my hand is still rubbing his dick, which I notice started getting hard again as I started moaning and cumming.

This Animal sex story was exclusively written for
After he’s done fingering me, I look down at his dick, still in my hand and he’s ready to go again. I lay him on his back and he looks down, sees me spreading my legs and getting on top of him. I use a hand to guide him into the tip of my pussy as I lower my body down on top of him. I make sure to spread my legs wide so I can take him in as deeply as possible. Once I feel like he’s as far in me as possible I get right to business and quickly move my hips and pussy back and forth, with one hand keeping my balance and the other gently rubbing my clit some more.

Faster and faster I thrust my pussy back and forth over his dick and I feel him just get harder and harder. When he tells me he’s close again, having gotten my fill of orgasms, I use both hands to steady myself as I now start moving my pussy up and down his dick quickly. Once he gets really close to cumming he uses his hands to hold my thighs and now I know to keep his dick fully inside me and go back to the back and forth thrusts. I do so and very soon afterwards I feel his dick get its most rigid and feel it start pulsing as he once again starts to cum. This time he’s shooting up and into my vagina. I keep moving my pussy forward and backwards along his dick to help make sure he gets it all out and in me.

I lay down next to him and we catch our breath together. It might sound like it went kind of quickly but it’s been about an hour. Once we’ve got some of our energy back we hang out in the living room and play with Duke and just catch up on each other’s lives. He eventually takes off and I’m too exhausted from my day to go with him to any parties or to any of the ones I know about. He leaves and I chill at home and that was my Friday.

To be continued ANIMAL SEX STORY….

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