Animal Sex Stories My First Experience

Animal Sex Stories

Animal Sex Stories My First Experience

My First Experience Animal Sex

When I was !censor!    years old, our family had a German Shepherd mixed mutt for a pet. Strange thing though, he was always sniffing my crotch whenever we were alone. And even more strange, it really made me horny!

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So one day when my parents were away, I took him to the basement with me. I lifted my skirt, so he could smell my pussy better. To my delight, he started licking me!!! The more he licked, the wetter I got. And the wetter I got, the more excited HE got. He started humping, and I could see his big, bright red/purple cock coming out. In his excitement, he often pawed and nipped at my wet cunt, as if he could get more of my pussy juice by doing so. Sometimes it really hurt, but that just turned me on more!!! It just felt so great!!!

After that, I never did more than let him lick, paw and nip my soggy cunt. I did not even have pubic hair yet. I regret not knowing enough then, to return the pleasure by sucking his cock. At the very least, I would love to remember him fucking me.

Ever since then, I have wanted to suck a dog’s cock. I just cannot wait to taste that cum!!! I daydream about sucking and fucking dogs, horses, goats, pigs, even bulls! I would really LIKE to be an animal whore. I mean, really…how many people out there would pay me to see me suck and fuck their animals…?

This Animal story was exclusively written for

My other fantasy/interests include black guys with HUGE cocks…I ENJOY VERY rough fucking!!! I have fantasies of being tied down and raped by as many dogs and people as I could fit in a room!!!

I am now a young and sexy blond woman and I live in Queens. If there’s anyone who are living near there, please let me know. I also like older guys…Daddies…Having a dog lick a young girl’s cunt is a GREAT way to introduce her to having Daddy and/or Mommy giving her “special” treatment!

This Animal story was exclusively written for

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