Animal Sex Stories -Les And The Black Dobie, A Girl and Her Dog

Animal Sex Stories

Animal Sex Stories -Les And The Black Dobie, A Girl and Her Dog

Animal Sex Stories -Les And The Black Dobie, A Girl and Her Dog

We were lying on the bed necking when Seth, Leslaine’s male doberman, jumped up on it with us. She patted him on the head and rubbed his tummy. He loved that. The tip of his cock peeked out of its sheath. “Good boy, Seth” she purred in his ear. He licked her face in appreciation. He gets a little insecure when he is not getting all the attention tee hee!

“He is really affectionate to you, isn’t he?”

“Yes and that’s not all, either,” she said with a mischievous smile on her face. “Wanna see?”

“Sure,” I said having no idea what she was talking about.

With that, she opened her blouse and offered a boob to the dog. He knew just what to do and started licking her nipple sending chills down her spine. Her eyes closed and she lay back against her pillows. The other tit came out and he started licking one and then the other. Les was in heaven.

“Wow, that feels good. Why don’t you let him lick your breasts?” she asked.

I was not too sure about that. Yes my nipples are very sensitive but letting her dog lick them seemed a little too racy for me. Nonetheless, I opened my blouse, unfastened my bra and showed him my tits. He didn’t hesitate a minute and was licking both sets of our tits as we moved closer together.

I felt what she was talking about. It was wonderful and I said so to Les.

“Oh, we have only begun my dear,” she told me. I could see that his cock was about halfway out. “Let him lick your pussy.”

“Oh no, I said. I couldn’t do that. A dog???”

She just smiled and just raised her nightie revealing her hairless, pantiless pussy. As soon as Seth detected pussy, he responded to it moving his head down between her legs. One lap with that tongue and Les was moaning again.

He really went to work on her pussy lips and I felt myself getting very wet. After just a few minutes, Les came with buckets of cum squirting into the big dogs snout. She came over and over as he kept licking her. I was about to go crazy! Finally, she had to push him away and he picked up my scent. I was all too happy to oblige after seeing what he did to my friend.

Up with the nightie, down with the panties and he dug in –literally. He put his tongue deep inside my pussy with the first lick. I couldn’t believe the feeling. it was so warm and wet and he was not tired at all from his work on Les. What energy a young dog has! Very soon I began cumming and cumming and cumming. It was like a waterfall of cum flooding from my pussy. And he lapped up every drop!

By now, his cock was totally out of his sheath. I was totally cummed out but Les was reviving.

“Let me show you what else he can do!” Her voice was purring as she got up on all fours and guided him over to her. As she grabbed his cock he mounted her and she directed him to her pussy. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. He entered her deep and started thrusting into her. His huge cock was pounding her so hard she had trouble staying on her hands and knees. It was awessome.

I knew that soon, I would take her place. And I did!!

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