3D animal comic

Dear users of Animal Sex Fun,

in Monday we will launch a new project on our site. This will be an unique 3d content – a story about a pervert family, whose sexual games take perverted forms – animal sex, incest, bdsm and so on.

In that regard, we would like to know your wishes about the comics – please tell us in the comments what plots you would like to play out in them.

Sample of the first 3D animal comic !

click image

3D animal comic

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12 thoughts on “3D animal comic

  1. I can’t wait to see the final project! Incest+bestiality is a perfect combination. I hope the doggie do the whole family anally… ❓

  2. well first of all I am big fan of 3d zoo and I commend the moderator of the site by this proyecto.me agree that each time I like them leave a comment.
    advance a kiss to everyone.

    paty 🙁

  3. ultralord by three d they mean it will be computer generated not 3d effects and as for the story it looks good already besides the unnatural positions the dog is in

  4. here we go again
    stuff that you can’t download
    but you have to buy

    instead of adding why don’t you fix
    how can we download these videos
    there is a button that say’s download
    but is does’nt

    don’t add – just fix fix fix
    i don’t know why you Write a comment
    in the first place
    you don’t listen to us anyway

  5. I’d like other female models or faces in those picures. They always have these awful blocky, edged, overstretched and dollish facial expressions. Or those of a psycho serial killer about to murder everything. Total turnoff. The little girl looks okay though.

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